The Colors Universe

Coolness by Relika

Characters: Kou-kun
Word Count: 216 words
Theme: Accessories
Author Notes: N/A

His hat was enough. Sure, he didn't have Aoi-sama's zippers, or Murasaki-dono's fan, or Akai-san's cool belt, but Kou-kun adored his little yellow hat. It went perfectly with his hair and even his eyes, he insisted, the perfect addition to his....awesomeness. Yes. Awesomeness. That was the right word. No one was as awesome as him.

Of course.

Kou tugged on his hat as he looked at himself in front of his mirror, the fifth or sixth time he'd done so in the past few minutes. The blond had never been very particular about his appearance before, granted. He never did care about it, preferring to focus more on having fun than how he actually looked. Why was he so concerned, then, with looking as cool--no, as fashionable--no--damnit all. He groaned, resisting the urge to give the mirror a kick as he flopped backwards onto his bed.

It didn't matter what "cool" or "fashionable" or "awesome" accessories he wore. He was awesome enough on his own, he told himself. More awesome than Akai-san or Aoi-sama or Midori~n or everyone combined. The most awesome awesome to ever awesome something.


That was how it was.

Exactly how it was.

Kou chucked his hat to the side, running a hand through his hair. "Definitely the coolest."

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