The Colors Universe

Colors Characters in Pokemon part 2 by Naociak

Characters: Akai-san, Mikan-tan, Midori~n, Aoi-sama, Murasaki-dono and Gin-sensei
Word Count: 1562 words
Theme: One time too many
Author Notes: I tried to change the writing style the way I was mentioned :P Hope it's better than the last one

“Okay, the it’s dawn already, time for the second battle!” said Mikan-tan eagerly

All party members were awake by then. After difficult battle the day before they decided to spend the night inside the Pokemon League before taking another challenge. But they couldn’t run away from it now that they entered. Everyone was nervous. Last day proved to them that those battles are much more dangerous than they’re accustomed to. If something went wrong… This could be the end for one of them.

Mikan-tan quickly packed all their stuff and came again upon the four enormous entrances. She already decided yesterday which way should be explored first. It was the second from the left one. It was another luxury-looking room. It was full of all kinds of furniture – gold furniture! A bunch of torches were placed on the way upstairs. The team stepped on a moving stairs that led to the battle arena. Every time they passed a new torch it lit up. “A fire type user?” Mikan-tan was wondering. She didn’t know what to expect. Finally they arrived. On the other side of the arena was a coach and a man sitting on it. The man was rather spooky and somehow mysterious. He introduced himself as… Grimsley.

“I was expecting you” he said “I saw your yesterday’s match, it was intriguing! I loved your battle style”

“Th-thank you…” answered confused Mikan-tan “But that isn’t everything I’m capable of!”

“Oh, I’m sure it’s not! I say, how about you show me then, what IS?”

“That’s why I came here. Aoi-sama… he looks like a fire type person, you’re going first” Samurott appeared on the battlefield. It was determined to crush its enemy.

“Oh my, no, I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint you – I’m not using fire type Pokemon but DARK. Let’s get started, Scrafty!” The Hoodlum Pokemon landed on the arena and gazed its opponents.

“Surely, that’s not as good for me as would a fire type be but I think I can manage that”

“You know that it’s not only about types but also about skills, don’t you?”

“Don’t talk so much and you’ll see it yourself”

“Very well” answered Grimsley quite surprised “Scrafty, Sand-Attack!”

The dark Pokemon threw some sand right in the eyes of the water one. It was so fast that Aoi couldn’t dodge it and so its accuracy fell. Fortunately Aoi’s surf which was about to strike was very accurate. The powerful stream hit Scrafty and damaged it a little.

“Don’t think this is going to be that easy. Scrafty has very high defense”

But Mikan-tan knew it very well and she also knew exactly what to do

“Now Aoi-sama, use your special weapon!”

“Special weapon, huh? Scrafty, Poison Jab!”

Shortly after a poisonous sting powerfully hit Samurott. The water Pokemon seemed to be ready for it even though it got poisoned. It looked as it was gathering energy.

“Now’s the time to strike back! Or maybe… time for revenge!”

“Revenge?!” gasped Grimsley. That definitely wasn’t something he could forsee. He could only watch how a powerful fighting attack hit his dear partner Scrafty. It was impossible for Scrafty to endure that attack. It collapsed and was withdrawn back to its Pokeball.

“Just as I thought, you’re a mighty challenger” admitted Grimsley “I have to say, we don’t get to see that powerful trainers too often nowadays”

“Thank you.”

“Now… let us continue… Liepard, it’s your turn now!”

“Liepard?!” Grimsley’s Liepard was larger than Murasaki-dono. It made Mikan-tan feel a little weird fighting a Pokemon she uses on her own.

“Liepard, Fake Out!”

“Aoi-sama, get back! It’s too dangerous for weakened and poisoned Pokemon to battle more. Akai-san, you’re up!” And now the monkey Pokemon took the attack. However it didn’t look concerned. Simisear was a very laid-back Pokemon.

“A Simisear? I didn’t know you have this Pokemon. You must have used a Fire Stone to evolve it, right?”

“Indeed I have. Beware of it. Akai-san may look like it doesn’t care about anything but it can easily defeat any enemy!”

“Don’t worry about us. Liepard can be dangerous too. Night Slash!”

“But it has a low defense… Akai-san, Brick Break!” Two Pokemon jumped towards each other and stroke with all their strength. Akai-san wasn’t hurt badly, but Liepard was. It was unable to battle.

“I see… Your Simisear is indeed very powerful…” Said Grimsley withdrawing his partner “But I have just the Pokemon. Go, Krookodile!” The proud-of-itself-looking Pokemon crocodile appeared on the battle zone. “This is a BADASS Pokemon! Think you can stand a match against it? Krookodile, EARTHQUAKE!”

“Well, surely not with Akai-san… Change! You’re in charge Midori~n!” Midori~n stood and took the attack with grace not necessarily afraid of it. It was a not-very effective move. At least on a grass Pokemon like Lilligant.

“A Lilligant?! How I love and yet hate this Pokemon! It’s beautiful but also deadly as an enemy.”

“Couldn’t say it better.”

“Krookodile, be careful and use Crunch!” The powerful jaws bit its target. There was no mistake in Midori~n suffering – it was big.

“Midori~n, my beauty, Giga Drain, please~!” Flowering Pokemon sucked energy from the red crocodile. Thanks to it being super-effective not only the next Pokemon was down but also Lilligant fully healed itself.

“Just like I said… deadly… this is one of the most difficult battles I ever had… I’m sorry Krookodile, it’s my fault…” Grimsley looked extremely sad now “I won’t let you win this battle. I still have one Pokemon left. My toughest one. I never let me down. Be ready for instant defeat”

“I’m sure this is going to be fun.” Replied Mikan-tan still sure of her victory “What is it going to be?”

“Bisharp…” A dangerous steel and dark type Pokemon calmly identified the situation. It knew very well that its trainer is extremely determined to win this battle and so was it. “Now Bisharp, use X-Scissor!”

“Wait a second, Lilligant isn’t the best choice for this battle. Midori~n! Get back, go Akai-san!” The laid-back red Pokemon again appeared on the battlefield and took the attack. Bug moves are not very effective on fire though.

“Don’t underestimate me! I told you before, not only types are important!”

“Of course not only but that still doesn’t mean you’re better than us! Akai-san, show them your Fire Blast!” Giant star-shaped flames hit the foe. It was extremely powerful attack… but still… Bisharp survived it… burned and almost collapsing, but still it survived. “What?! How’s that possible?!”

“I told you… Maybe it’s burned and I have no chance to win but I’ll never lose completely! Bisharp! Night Slash!”


Steel Pokemon leaned forward and hit its enemy putting all its left power for this one attack. It was a critical hit. Both Pokemon collapsed after that attack. Bisharp because of burn and Akai-san because of such a great damage.

“I should thank you for this match” said Grimsley taking his last Pokemon back to its Pokeball “It sure taught me a lot. I wish you luck in your next battles against Elite Four.” He said and left…

“No! Akai-san… So it finally happened… I knew it all along…” All her Pokemon got out of their Pokeballs and gathered next to their friend. “Well, these are the dangers of playing nuzlocke. You were a great partner Akai-san.” The whole team quietly sat and looked at defeated Simisear…

“Oh well… I knew that this could happen from the beginning so… Urgh… I should have switched to Tobi-han. I wanted to give Akai-san another try but I guess it was just one time too many…” Talked Mikan-tan to herself while saving the game and putting away her DS for that day. “So the second day of the crucial week ended, huh? I wonder… How would real Akai-san react if I told him about it… Why not try?”

And so Mikan-tan started looking for Akai-san. She asked Gin-sensei if he saw him but he only made big eyes, said that he didn’t and started avoiding her. Then she found Murasaki-dono and when asked the same question she answered that last time she saw him he was heading to his summer house about a mile away to meet someone. So she headed for it and shortly later found the mentioned by Murasaki-dono house. She knocked and called but nobody answered.

“Maybe he’s not here after all? But the window’s open! This is something just for me!”

She climbed to the window and went inside through it. It was a nice house full of red furniture. She called for Akai-san but still no answer. After a short while she decided to check other rooms and when she got to the living room she gasped…

“Oh my God!”

In front of her there was Akai-san laying on the coach. He looked as if he was asleep. But he couldn’t be because he had opened eyes. Just as if he was… no… that was impossible.

“What have I done?! It has to be somehow connected to my Akai-san… Maybe if I revive it he’ll be back to normal? But I… I’m playing nuzlocke, I can’t… Besides… I threw away all the revives…” Mikan-tan was all shaking now, she understood what naming her Pokemon by names of her friends done “Does that mean that I need to win the Pokemon League or else… OR ELSE?!”


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