The Colors Universe

Colors characters in Pokemon

Characters: Mikan-tan, Kou-kun, Aoi-sama, Murasaki-dono, Tobi-han, Gin-sensei
Word Count: 1438 words
Theme: Seven days in a week
Author Notes: I hope this is fine asdfghjkl;' if it is more parts are sure, I kinda tried to match Colors universe characters with Pokemon from 5th generation. They kinda... resemble them? Arrgh, maybe it's just me being just a too big fan of Pokemon? Recently started to play nuzlocke naming Pokemon with Colors players... Please tell me if it's horrible and I shouldn't write anything more, I wouldn't be surprised...

- What a dilemma! Which one should stay? I love all of them and yet need to leave one behind… Looking at their types… it should probably be Tobi-han or Gin-sensei… Urrrgh... Okay, I guess Klinklang won’t be as useful as Excadrill… Bye, Gin-sensei…
And so there were six of them. The final challenge was right before them. Together they entered giant ancient-looking building. Now they had to choose. Four rooms, four opponents and four deadly battles.
- Alright. I choose nr. 3 for the first battle!
The room looked as if it was in the outer space. As they stepped forward an invisible power grabbed them and pulled up. In a matter of seconds they were on a levitating platform above. In front of them there was a bed. A marvelous bed. It seemed it belonged to a royal family. Then they heard a yawn. It was a person getting up from the bed. A girl with very long blonde hair. The girl slowly approached them and finally introduced herself. Her name was… Caitlin. Someone her age could be so powerful? That seemed rather impossible. But still they had to be cautious.
- This is it, guys… After looking at this place I already decided which one of you shall go first.
The girl seemed untouched, even arrogant a little. After few words of introduction the long-awaited battle began.

- I hope you’re not going to bore me. – said Caitlin – go, Reuniclus!
- So as I thought, psychic type. Go, Murasaki-dono!
Reuniclus was an extremely powerful Pokemon. The fact that she was using it was itself a proof of her skills. It was now obvious they had underestimated her. Fortunately dark was super-effective on psychic type.
- Murasaki-dono, use Faint Attack!
The brutal cat Pokemon leaned forward. Reuniclus was about to dodge the attack when suddenly its foe disappeared. Seconds later it was hit from behind. There was nothing it could do. And it was super-effective.
- I see what you did here – said Caitlin still untouched – if you want to play with super-effective moves I shall grant your wish.
- What?! What could possibly be-
- Reuniclus, Focus Blast!
With special attack of Reuniclus Liepard had no chance to withstand that attack. What’s worse if Murasaki-dono were to die, other members of the team could fail to win this battle. There was no need to explain Liepard the situation. The powerful ball was getting closer and closer. However Murasaki-dono didn’t even try to dodge the attack.
- Giving up already?
- I assure you, my Liepard wouldn’t ever give up!
And then it hit. Liepard was pushed to the wall with no chance of resisting. It fell on the floor and was laying still without any move.
- That’s all? Just as I was expecting, you’re not ready for the Elite Four.
The girl turned back and slowly started heading back to bed until… A squeaky growl echoed through the room. When she looked back at the fighting zone she gasped. Reuniclus was laying on the ground clearly not able to battle while Liepard was proudly standing next to it.

- What?! How that possi- she silenced. Caitlin noticed it just now. Liepard had something like a ribbon around its neck. It was Focus Sash.
- I believe you have underestimated us. I thought members of Elite Four know that you should never turn back to your enemy, though.
Caitlin was furious. She angrily withdrew Reuniclus and sent out her next Pokemon.
- I guess you’re right. I should have looked out for you more. But still - you’re no match to me. I‘d like to see your face when my Sigilyph finishes with you!
The flying-totem Pokemon appeared in front of them. Murasaki-dono had no chance with it. It could do some damage to it since it’s faster but it wouldn’t be enough and it wouldn’t survive another attack. Fortunately they were ready for such situation.
- Sigilyph, use Air Slash!
- Murasaki-dono, get back! Now’s your turn, Tobi-han!
The new-in-battle Excadrill didn’t resist. Flying attacks were not very effective on him. It also was very strong and quite fast.
- Tobi-han, time for Rock Slide!
A second later an avalanche of sturdy rocks fell on Sigilyph. It somehow survived the attack, but one rock held it to the floor and it flinched.
- Now Metal Claw!
Sharp, steel talons hit still struggling with rocks Sigilyph. The Pokemon was about to fall off the platform just when its trainer took it back to its Pokeball.
- Good job, Tobi-han! And I see your attack just rose!
- I guess you’re quite a trainer. Excuse me for underestimating you yet again. I think this match is going to be quite fun. Go, Musharna!
Musharna was a defensive Pokemon. And it was very slow. Fortunately its defense was weaker than its special defense.
- Alright, Tobi-han, Earthquake!
The whole platform started to shake. It was almost impossible not to fell on the floor, even for the trainers. However Musharna still was full of energy.
- Musharna! – called Caitlin trying to get up – Hypnosis!
Excadrill almost immediately fell asleep. And so the earthquake stopped.
- Tobi-han, hang in there just a second!
While looking for something in the bag, it was the foe’s Musharna turn again.
- Dream Eater, Musharna!
Even though Excadrill was sleeping it was still visible that it was suffering…
- Dream Eater again, Musharna!
- Not so fast! Tobi-han, get back! You’re in charge, Aoi-sama!
It was a fully evolved starter Pokemon. Samurott was its other name. Dream Eater did absolutely nothing to it because it was quite awake.
- Nice move, I have to admit. But that’s not enough! Musharna, use Psychic!
But Musharna was a very slow Pokemon.
- Aoi-sama, show them your U-Turn!
The water Pokemon made a ball of itself and while spinning hit the enemy. It was super effective. But that wasn’t the end of the move. After bouncing at the enemy it returned to its Pokeball and in its place there appeared… Murasaki-dono. Musharna’s Psychic had no effect on it.

- So that’s what you’ve done while your Excadrill was asleep. You healed your Liepard…
- Glad you noticed. Let’s finish it, Murasaki-dono, use Faint Attack!
After being hit by U-Turn Musharna had no chance to withstand another super effective attack. Three out of four Pokemon were defeated.
- This match’s not finished yet! Time for my last Pokemon! Gothitelle!
- I should have expected this… Well then… Faint Attack, again!
No matter how much it tried Gothitelle couldn’t evade that attack. But it could counterattack.
- Gothitelle, Shadow Ball!
It was hard, but Liepard withstood the attack.
- Keep it that way, Gothitelle!
- Liepard, switch out! It’s your turn, Aoi-sama!
While being hit with Shadow Ball Samurott did the same trick again. Stroke the enemy with U-Turn and then returned to its Pokeball. But this time instead of Liepard the Pokemon replacing it was Kou-kun.
- A Galvantula, huh? You’re full of surprises.
Galvantula got hit with Shadow Ball firstly shot at Samurott and prepared to strike back.
- Bug bite, Kou-kun!
Amazingly fast Galvantula bit its enemy eating Sitrus Berry it held. That way it also healed itself. Being hit again with Shadow Ball still wasn’t enough to do an important damage to it while the enemy was very weak by now.
- Kou-kun! Finish it with Electro Ball!
- Not so fast! Gothitelle, take this!
By the time electric ball hit its target Gothitelle was energetic again thanks to Full Restore.
- You haven’t thought that was the end, have you?
- No, I knew you were going to do it. That’s why I used electric attack instead of bug one.
Caitlin looked at her last Pokemon and discovered that… it was paralyzed…
- You! How you… Why do… no! Gothitelle, Psychic! – she shouted furiously
- Kou-kun, Bug Bite!
The psychic Pokemon suffered from the bug move and when it was just about to put all its energy into next attack… paralysis stopped it.
- No… Gothitelle…
- I guess this match is about to end. Kou-kun! You know what to do.
The spider Pokemon yet again bit the enemy with extreme speed. This time Gothitelle did not stand up. The battle was over. First of the Elite Four was defeated. The winner exited the room leaving past opponent too stunned to react, and used medicines to fully heal everyone. That’s how the first of the seven days in that crucial week ended.
- Okay… which door next? – asked Mikan-tan playing on her DS…

To be continued…

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