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Kou-kun's Closet and How It Gets Emptied of Its Contents by Mara

Characters: Akai-san, Mikan-tan, Kou-kun
Word Count: 1,035 words
Theme: Vests are cool, right?
Author Notes: Pure crack. I dunno what else to say. Also, there's Akai/Kou that's rather blink-and-miss. Or not. Who knows.

“Kou-nii-tan! You need to get less boring clothing!” said Mikan suddenly one day. “All you wear ever are sweater vests. That’s not cute! Well, it’s not ugly either, but you need more cute clothes!”

“Huh? Mikan, I dunno about you, but I think my wardrobe is perfectly fine! Vests are the in thing right now. Right, Akai-san? Vests are cool, right?” He looked over to the older man, seeking some sort of back-up or advice.

“Vests like mine, yeah. Your sweater vests, however…” Akai shook his head disappointedly. “Mikan-chan is right. We need to get you new clothes soon or else. But first things first- we’re going to your house.”

“…Why?” Kou looked worried.

“To survey your closet. We need to see if you have some sort of good fashion sense. Mikan-chan, come with us. We’ll need your help.” Akai picked up the young blonde and threw him over his right shoulder. “Tch… you’re heavier than I expected. Have you been eating a lot lately, Kou-kun?”

“I have not! And put me down! I can walk by myself!” Kou protested. “I have legs you know!”

Mikan frowned. “But if Akai-nii-tan doesn’t carry you, you’d run away…” She almost started to cry.

“I’ll make sure he doesn’t. Now, to Kou-kun’s house!”

The trio arrived at Kou’s house, and ran straight to his bedroom. At first, Kou would not reveal where the several doors in his room led, but after threats of hair-dying and other blackmail, he opened the door that led to his closet.

“Wow, this is a big closet, Kou-nii-tan!” Mikan said in a sort of admiration. “But… it’s full of sweater vests. And all the other parts of your same outfit… ARE WE IN AN ANIME OR SOMETHING? KOU-NII-TAN!” She stamped her feet in disapproval, puffing her face out angrily.

“I’ve always had them! What’s wrong with having the same outfit anyway?” Kou turned to Akai. “Well? What now, Akai-san?”

“We’re taking all these things out of your closet. We need to make room for your new clothes.” There was a knock at the door. “Mikan-chan, can you go get the door? I think it’s the clothes I asked to be brought here.”

“Yes sir, Akai-nii-tan!” The orange-clad girl hurriedly ran to the door. While she left, Akai took and threw all of the clothing in Kou’s closet into a pile next to his bed.

Akai smiled, being satisfied with getting rid of all those clothes. “All right, now since that’s taken care of…” As he was talking, Mikan returned with a box full of clothing from friends of both hers and Akai’s. “Kou-kun. Put this on.” It was a yellow basketball jersey for some amateur team from somewhere he didn’t know.

“Now?!” Kou glared at both Mikan and him. “What, do you want me to take off my shirt and vest or something?”

“That would be convenient. But if not,” Akai said, grabbing hold of Kou’s arm and raising it above his head, “I can take them both off for you.”

“…Please don’t turn this into something that Mikan shouldn’t see, Akai-san.” Kou yanked his arm away from the older man’s grip and grabbed the jersey from him as well. “I’ll take them off myself.”

“Only joking, Kou-kun; don’t worry,” the redhead reassured him. “Here are the shorts that go along with that.” After he finished changing, Kou looked to his two friends and waited for their reactions.


“I think it looks good!” Mikan said happily. “It suits you, Kou-nii-tan!”

“I would have to agree, if it weren’t for that stupid little hat that you’re wearing right now.” Akai stared at the hat, scrutinizing it. “Doesn’t go with this outfit at all.”

“Of course it doesn’t! Nobody plays basketball with a hat on…” Akai continued to stare at the hat, which prompted Kou to say, “No, I am not taking it off.”

Akai took a palm to his face. “Fine. Mikan-chan. Get another one.”

“Yes sir!”

Kou was forced through a myriad of outfits and tons of costume changes, all of which, naturally, were yellow. He went from business suit to punk rocker clothes, a school uniform, a maid outfit- at the menacingly innocent suggestion of Mikan- and many more. Akai even tried to put him into a yellow version of his own outfit. This was one of the suggestions that Kou didn’t mind, but Mikan almost confused him for the older man.

The young man couldn’t help but laugh. “We don’t look that much alike, do we, Mikan? For one thing, I’m blonde…”

Mikan pouted. “It’s the clothes! Kou-nii-tan and Akai-nii-tan have the same eye color, too! Even your hair style looks the same right now…”

“And whose fault is the hair style, Mikan-chan?” Akai said in an almost accusing way. “You can’t blame Kou-kun for that at all.” He sighed and ruffled Kou’s hair back to its normal style, handing the boy back his newsboy cap. “What do you think?”

“It’s a nice outfit, but… I don’t want to copy you, Akai-san. I mean, I know that people say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I do admire you…” Kou looked forlornly to the floor.

“I get it, I get it. Don’t worry; I’m sure we’ll find an outfit you like.” Akai offered him a smile, which the blonde hesitantly returned.

He stood up straight to make a point. “…I like my normal outfit. Why do we need to go through all of this? My outfit is what I am. Just like you and your clothes, Akai-san. You too, Mikan. If you changed your outfit out of the blue some day, it wouldn’t be the same. So can I just put my clothes back on?”

Mikan was a bit surprised by Kou’s reaction, but smiled as well. “Okay! I’m sorry that we made you do this, Kou-nii-tan… I was just trying to help.”

“It’s okay, Mikan. Maybe next time we can just find an accessory or something?” Kou offered.

“Or you could just not wear that sweater vest ever again,” Akai said offhandedly.

“…That’s a horrible joke, Akai-san.”

“Who said I was joking?” the elder replied, smirking. “But anyway… let’s put your clothes back where they belong.”

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