The Colors Universe

Cats and Hats by Harumi

Characters: Kou-kun, Midorin
Word Count: 509 words
Theme: Give it back
Author Notes: Nya ~

Kou-kun wondered how his favorite hat always ended up in some sort of predicament. Last time he almost went crazy because he thought he lost it but it was actually because Mikan-tan accidentally got it dirtied and she took it to get cleaned. Now this time his hat was once again in danger but not because Mikan took it but a cat did. Somehow, a stray cat had made its way into the Color’s house and snatched up the boy’s hat for a play thing. Really now, this was just getting ridiculous.

Kou-kun chased the cat all the way to the living room where he spotted the cat sitting on the sofa playing with his hat. It was gently nibbling and pouncing on it. If it were someone else’s hat it would have been a really cute sight, but the boy wasn’t too amused at the moment.

“Come back here, kitty! Give me back my hat!”


The cat seemed to mock him as it swiftly ran across the living room and made its way to the open glass door that led to the backyard. It carried the young boy’s hat in its mouth, it definitely wasn’t letting go anytime soon.

Kou followed right behind it and somehow managed to corner the cat by a tree.

“Now come on kitty, I don’t know why you took my hat but give it back now please!” ‘I must look so silly trying to negotiate with a cat’ he thought.

“Hey what are you doing out here Kou-kun?”

Kou turned around for a moment and saw Midori~n making her way towards him.

“Oh hey, Mi, this cat stole my hat and I’m trying to get it back!”

“Huh? A cat?”

Just then the cat meowed and ran towards the green-haired girl and leaped into her arms.

“Oh hey there Tama-chan! I’ve been looking for you!” She cooed at the cat, stroking its fur.

“T-Tama-chan??? You mean you know this cat?” Asked the dumbfounded boy.

“Oh, well, I spotted this cat while I was out shopping and it looked lost so I brought it home with me, I’m trying to find its owner, but hey! If I can’t find him or her I was thinking of keeping it!”

“Whaaaaaaat?!” The blonde didn’t seem too enthused at the idea, especially not after his huge ordeal that day.

“Oh! You wanted your hat back, here you go Kou-kun!” The young woman plucked the boy’s hat out from the small cat’s mouth and handed it over to him. “Heh, sorry, its got a bit of kitty drool on it, but I’m sure you can clean it up! Well I gotta go get this guy some food, he must be starving! See you later Kou-kun!” She waved to him and made her way back to the house, with the cat in her arms, leaving the young boy frazzled. His poor hat was dirty once again.

If Midori~n really couldn’t find the cat’s owner, he and his hat were going to have some long days ahead of them.

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