The Colors Universe

Breakfast by Skie

Characters: Midorin (with others)
Word Count: 790 words
Theme: the color of...
Author Notes: Yummm.

“Hollandaise sauce is not, has never, and will never look that color.” Akai commented, gazing upon the handiwork of a certain green-haired woman.

Midorin gave Akai a glare so sharp that could easily have killed him if she had lasers for eyes. She snapped back almost immediately “Shut up already! This sauce is based in my style. Mine!” she jiggled the pot with the sauce for emphasis. “It doesn’t matter what it looks like, so long as it tastes good, right?” She looked not to Akai for confirmation, but instead beyond him to Mikan. “Right?”

“We should add oranges!”

“What? No. No!” Midorin moved between the saucepan and Mikan, preparing to intercept any incoming citrus products that could meddle with her creation.

“Mikan has a point, Midorin.” Akai chimed in. “Oranges would definitely improve the color significantly—“

Without a word, Midorin began pushing both Akai and Mikan from the kitchen. “Go! Leave! Let me finish! This will be my masterpiece!”

“Eggs Benedict should have oranges in it, too! Add oranges!” Mikan managed to add before she, as well as Akai, was silenced by the closing kitchen door. “Lots of oranges!” she yelled at the door, seeming intent to get that point home.

Midorin, now alone in the kitchen, turned around to continue her task; to cook breakfast for not only herself, but for the others. The most unpleasant of surprises faced her as she turned, however, in the form of Kou(-kun) standing over her saucepan with a finger dipped into it.

“What kind of weirdo cooks green bubbly stu—“ Kou’s words dissolved into gurgles as fingers wrapped around both his neck as well as his hand that was invading the Hollandaise. “Gurk—I mean—It’s the color of moss—Let me go!”

Midorin, who had spent hours perfecting the taste without regard to the color of the sauce, was now being criticized by the very people she was cooking for… and she hadn’t even served it yet! Just what were they trying to do, anyway? Were they trying to get out of eating her food because it would taste bad? Did they dislike her style? Her style was great! Absolutely great! That greatness can only lead to one result, then!

“You’re all going to eat my food and you’re going to like it! Out! Let me finish! Out! Out!”

Following several further “Out!”s by Midorin, Kou found himself along with Akai and Mikan just outside of the kitchen door. Mikan looked upon Kou with fascinated eyes, clearly wanting to know if any progress had been made towards a citrusy result; though was disappointed after being told nothing.

Back in the kitchen, Midorin examined every possible place that any other person could be hiding and after determining that no other living soul could be in the kitchen without coming through the door decided to continue. She assembled several English muffins on plates and set a single piece of Canadian bacon atop each of them, and then she went about poaching the eggs. Afterward, she set one poached egg atop each piece of Canadian bacon. With that, all that was needed for the breakfast to truly be Eggs Benedict would be the Hollandaise sauce. She turned to the stovetop to retrieve the saucepan and froze.

It was gone.

“Green.” A deep voice spoke “Must everything you wear and create be green? Can you not try for Blue at least once?” At the same time that the last words were leaving his lips, Midorin was already trying to remove the saucepan from his grasp. “GIMME” Midorin commanded “GIVE ME THAT, AOI!” she pulled and grasped and struggled to no avail; Aoi(-sama) had a firm grasp on it.

“If you expect me to eat this concoction, you should at least be wise enough to address me properly. Especially considering that this may very well be radioacti—“

“SAMA. FINE. AOI-SAAAAAAMAAAAAA. GIVE.” Midorin said loudly and quickly pulled the saucepan free. Determined to not allow anything more to go wrong, Midorin spun around and quickly poured the Hollandaise sauce over each of the muffin/Canadian bacon/egg stacks. Once finished, Midorin forced a plate into Aoi(-sama)’s hands before throwing open the kitchen door and giving a plate to the three waiting there as well.

“Midori~n-sty~le Eggs Benedict! Eat up!” Midorin said exhaustedly, but with a touch of happiness at being done.

“Smells pretty good for being green, actually.” Akai commented.

“No oranges! No oranges!!!” Mikan whined, but ate anyway.

“This is almost too simple for your style.” Kou chuckled.

“I’ll be sure to have you killed if this kills me, you know.” Aoi mentioned.

“You’re cooking tomorrow morning, Akai.” Midorin added before they finally began to eat.

…And it was pretty good (for being green).

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