The Colors Universe

Not Just a Bonding Exercise by WD

Characters: Akai-san, Mikan-tan, Kou-kun, Midorin
Word Count: 539 words
Theme: music
Author Notes: I seem to have decided that Midorin is a music snob... I have no idea where that idea came from.

"All right, troops! We'll go over this one last time, then begin moving into place." Midori paced in front of her dorm-mates, her golden belt jangling with every step she took. She stopped in front of a girl whose orange hair was tied off into four separate ponytails. "Mikan-tan!"

"Yes!" Mikan exclaimed, snapping to attention. "Spill precious, precious soda all over the AV guys and pretend it's an accident so they leave the intercom room in our capable hands."

Midori pulled a bottle filled with brown liquid from her bag. "Actually, I bought cola for you."

"Not-so-precious soda!" Mikan said happily. "Even better!"

"No one's going to believe she's carrying around cola," Akai pointed out.

"Kou-kun!" Midori called, pointing at the boy dressed in yellow and khaki.

"Right," Kou said with a cheerful smile, his gloved hands buried in his pockets. "Pickpocket the key to the room before the AV guys leave so they can't get back in."

"How did you even know Kou could do that?" Akai asked.

Midori stepped in front of Akai and looked up at him. "Akai-san!"

He looked down at her, looking a bit tired. "Why am I listening to a girl half my size?"

Midori's smile twitched at the edges. "Stepping on your feet by accident with my platform shoes would really hurt."

"One second, Midorin!" Mikan said, rushing over to Akai's side and tugging him a few steps away. In a loud whisper, she complained, "Akai-san, come on! I told her you were cool!"

"I'm just not sure-" He faltered in the face of Mikan's large, pleading eyes. "...Okay."

"Yes!" Mikan cheered. "So you'll...?"

Akai looked into the eager faces of the three underclassman he boarded with and gave in. "Distract Kishimoto-sensei, the only other person with a key to the room, on the other side of the school so you have as much time as possible to play the CD."

Midori handed off the bottle of cola to Mikan and pulled a CD case out of her bag. "Guys," she said. "This is not just a bonding exercise - this is about trust and our blooming friendship." She was pacing in front of them again, thrusting the CD case forward at random intervals for emphasis. "This is not just some random CD - it is the best mix that has ever graced the ears of the musically plebeian students at this school. And this is not just the result of some random dare from that idiot in class 2-A."

"No, it totally is," Kou interjected.

Midori opened her mouth, closed it again, then shrugged. "Okay, so it is. But that doesn't make this any less amazing! The four of us will take over the AV room, without getting our perfect senior obviously involved and jeopardizing his grades, and we will be spoken of in awed and reverent tones for as long as this school stands!"

"Or at least until our detentions end," Kou suggested.

"Hands in!" Mikan said eagerly. Every one of them reached a hand toward the center of the group, four palms meeting at their fingertips.

"Ready!" Midori cheered, her eyes sparkling. "And!"

"GO!" they all yelled together.

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