The Colors Universe

Blossom by Relika

Characters: Kou-kun
Word Count: 202 words
Theme: Sakura petals

It was Murasaki-dono who had been the one to convince him to get himself off of the couch ("Those video games don't play themselves, you know!") and out of the house. Kou-kun had never been quite one to stand around and stare at pretty things--especially things he considered in the realm of "girly". Sakura blossoms definitely fit under that category. However, after Murasaki-dono had promised to buy him ice cream after they went out...well. What little boy could resist? He'd get back to what he was doing later.

The older woman flitted in between trees once they reached their destination, a childlike wonder in her own eyes as she took in the sight of the falling petals. She was definitely in her own world, Kou decided, and he did his best to focus on the trees as well. Pink wasn't his color--he preferred the fall, when the trees' leaves would turn bright--but he...supposed that there was something nice about this. Pretty, even, though he didn't like using the word.

Kou caught a petal with his hand as it fluttered down, simply looking at the singular entity for a bit. For now, he supposed, he could manage to appreciate this.

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