The Colors Universe

Best Gifts for Best Friends by Anna

Characters: Akai-san, Mikan-tan, Kou-kun, Midorin
Word Count: 518 words
Theme: umbrellas, umbrellas
Author Notes: N/A

“Hey, has anyone seen my hat?!” Kou-kun said, while rummaging through his belongings without success. He couldn’t find his hat anywhere, even though he could swear that he had seen it that morning. It was just a hat but it was one of his favorite accessories.

“Nope.” Akai-san rolled his eyes. “Your turn.” He said to Midorin. They were playing chess since they had nothing else to do.

“I’ll withdraw. You win.” Midorin stood up and stood by Kou-kun’s side. “I’ll help you look for your hat, since someone also took my coat. Maybe we’ll find both things together, right? But if the three of us are here…then the culprit could only be….”

“Mikan!” Said the three of them in unison. They rushed to Mikan-tan’s room -even Akai-san decided to help- only to find it locked.

“Mikan, open the door.” Akai-san knocked and waited a few seconds until he heard the door being opened and saw Mikan-tan’s innocent face. A totally fake innocence.

“Yes~? Why are the three of you here?”

“My hat and Midorin’s coat. You have them don’t you?” Kou-kun inquired.

“Why would I have them?”

“We already look everywhere and the only place left is your room.”

“Well then you can look here as well!” Mikan-tan opened the door more so the three of them could enter. When they looked on her bed, they saw four umbrellas along with Kou-kun’s hat, Midorin’s coat and even one of Akai-san’s earrings. The umbrellas were respectively green, red, yellow and orange. One for each of them.

“W-What is that?!” Kou-kun asked, getting closer to the umbrellas and examining the yellow one.

“What do you think? Umbrellas of course! I made them for us. Yeah, it was me who took your things, but it was just so I could lure you here and make the surprise.”

“That wasn’t a good behavior, Mikan.” Akai-san looked at her disapprovingly for a moment. “But I liked the surprise, thank you!” He suddenly smiled and ruffled her hair.

“Yes, thank you for the umbrellas.” Midorin agreed. “Now if only we could use them…but it’s not raining so there would be no reason to go outside now .”

And just as she said that, they heard the sound of a thunder and looked through the window to see countless rain drops falling from the sky. The four of them smiled at that.

“It’s like they heard us talking, hahaha!” Kou-kun laughed and almost opened his umbrella but Midorin stopped him in time.

“You shouldn’t open it inside home. Let’s go outside.” She grabbed him by his hand and dragged him outside. The others followed, taking their respective umbrellas with them. They spent the rest of the day walking and playing in the rain. Their umbrellas looked like a festival of colors, all matching with each other.

“Oh before I forget, thank you very much for the gift, Mikan-tan, I really liked it.” Midorin said.

“Yeah, thank you! I’ll always use it now.”

“Thank you for your effot, Mikan.”

“No problem, no problem!” She blushed slightly.

“I don’t mind making gifts for my best friends.”

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