The Colors Universe

Be Prepared by John

Characters: Gin-sensei, Tobi-han
Word Count: 269 words
Theme: Adventure
Author Notes: None~

Tobi-han was leaving on Monday for his next great adventure. He couldn’t wait. After his birthday party ended, he began planning for the big day that he would leave. For the next two months, he began planning every route and every trail he would hike. He studied the environments that he would be in, and quite frankly, the level of preparation he had was insane. Gin-sensei knew a bit about where Tobi-han was going. He’d told Gin about the adventure last week, and Gin-sensei began looking at the wildlife in the area. He concluded that there was going to be too many violent and wild animals living around for Tobi-han to be completely safe in his trip, even with his extended experience of these types of adventures. He began making a series of small and portable weapons – a boomerang, a knife, and a spear. All of these had a little extra kick to them, and Tobi-han would love them. Gin-sensei just had to put a few little finishing touches on the weapons he was making and they would be perfect. A boomerang that had a small optical remote control, a knife with a diamond-coated blade (don’t ask Gin-sensei how he got the money to coat a blade in diamonds – he will deny any sort of underhanded techniques), and the spear was able to extend to five times its normal length. They were perfect. As soon as they are finished, Gin-sensei would give them to Tobi-han, and he could be off on his adventure, while Gin-sensei is in his lab, confident that his friend will be back the following month.

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