The Colors Universe

April Showers by Harumi

Characters: Tobi-han
Word Count: 205 words
Theme: April Showers
Author Notes: Ah, it was actually raining today while I wrote this, I love the rain and I figured Tobi-han being the adventurist type that he is would love it too.

Tobi-han loved the outdoors. He was meant to be out in nature exploring all the great wonders of the world. If he stayed in too long he would become restless. Not even rain or snow could keep him inside.

And speaking of rain, it was the first week of April, and with it the first April shower. It wasn’t raining too softly nor too hard. The water came steadily pouring down, puddles collecting here and there over patches of grass which were cooling off the earth. Tobi loved the rain. He loved watching it just pour, the droplets dancing down the glass of his bedside window.

But what he loved more was going outside and letting the rain soak through his body. Though don’t be alarmed, Tobi hardly gets sick, so he takes that to his advantage as he takes an afternoon walk down the woods. He preferred the quiet of the forest than being in the city watching passerbys run and duck for shelter. He didn’t need to hide from the rain, he treated it like it was an old friend stopping by to say hello. Call him an odd kid or whatever you’d like, but that’s just the type of person Tobi is.

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