The Colors Universe

Amusement Partk Day by Naociak

Characters: Akai-san, Mikan-tan, Kou-kun, Tobi-han, Gin-sensei
Word Count: 654 words
Theme: One time too many
Author Notes: I thought I'm gonna try something different and here's the outcome

“I assure you, it’ll be fun!”

“Yeah, you said that thousands of times already, I get it”

“Because it will!” – Kou tried to make Akai a little more enthusiastic “I mean, has anyone of you ever tried it before?”

“Not really”

“Nope! And that’s why it interests me so much!” - answered Tobi eagerly

“I’m still wondering how does it work... All those mechanisms – they require further investigation” – added Gin

“You guys never stop talking about adventures and science, huh?” – Mikan joined the conversation

“Hey, what’s wrong in being adventurous!?”

“You know how the world would look like without sci--”

“Alright! We’re here!” – interrupted Kou-kun

“Wow… it looks… amazing…” – Mikan couldn’t close her mouth of excitement. The feeling of tiredness after the long trip now seemed unimportant. In front of them there was a giant amusement park. Roller-coasters looked like skyscrapers from the ground.

“It… does indeed…” – agreed Akai-san

“Guys, are we going to rot here and just stare or maybe try it out?” – encouraged them Tobi

“Of course I need to check it out myself as soon as possible” – answered Gin. The five of them quickly exited the bus and rushed towards the entrance. They were already extremely excited. Each of them couldn’t stop smiling. Soon they were at the first attraction – a medium-size roller-coaster.

“Oh gosh, why am I so excited even though I haven’t tried this before?” – Mikan couldn’t hide her surprise

“This is just how amusement parks work” – answered Kou “Get ready – here it goes…” The ride has started. Soon, when they reached high speed everyone was shouting. But that was that particular kind of shout which expresses happiness

“That was amazing!” – Tobi-han exclaimed right after the ride finished

“I have to agree” – answered Akai

“I told you so! And you were the one that was skeptical, Akai.”

“Yeah, but hey, there’s no time to lose, let’s hurry to another one!” The whole group was enjoying all kinds of attraction for the rest of the day. They made only little breaks for something to eat. Together they forgot about all the problems and simply had a great time. Even Gin-sensei stopped thinking about scientific stuff and let himself have a little fun. After a long day dusk finally came. The park was about to close.

“What an awesome day! Too bad it’s about to end.” – said Kou-kun

“We still have time for one more ride” – Tobi noticed

“Yeah, let’s go on the biggest roller-coaster there is!” – shouted Gin-sensei enthusiastically

“I dunno, I think I got enough for today” – answered Akai

“Oh, c’mon! One last ride!” – encouraged him Mikan

“Yeah! I mean, we don’t get to come here often!”

“I’m seriously not so sure about it… I don’t think I feel too good”

“One last ride, Akai… What’s the worst it could happen?” – asked Mikan, and without even waiting for him to react they all ran towards the biggest attraction. Soon they were inside waiting for it to start.

“I’m really not so sure about--” He didn’t get to finish as it already started. They slowly got higher and higher. Finally they reached the top and began to ride down. The speed was enormous. And along with it there came loops and corkscrews. Everyone screamed with joy except for…

“Bluuuaaaaaaarghhh” Akai-san vomited

“EWWWWWW!!!” and thus the screams of joy turned into screams of disgust. The whole group exited as soon as the ride was over and glared at Akai

“Urgh… I told you I wasn’t feeling too good…” said Akai-san while he was trying to clean him shirt “It’s not like it’s my fault, right?”

“Yeah, I guess…” agreed Kou-kun “We should have listened to you… I guess it was one time too many…”

“Guys, cheer up! Nothing happened, alright? What’s most important is that we had a great time!” – said Mikan

“Yeah… Yeah, I guess you’re right!” – everyone nodded with smirk at the end of that amazing day

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