The Colors Universe

Adventure Time by Zags

Characters: Tobi-han
Word Count: 942 words
Theme: Adventure
Author Notes: Mostly I think I wanted to show what I feel Tobi's philosophy of life is. Mikan's in there because it was probably easier to do than just Tobi wandering along by himself. And also I got to make an awesome reference *hit* Plus, I imagine Tobi being fond of younger kids.

Tobi meandered down the hallway, hands in his pockets, whistling cheerily to himself. He passed by each of the other rooms on the way as usual, but then stopped a moment and back-pedaled as he went by Mikan’s doorway. The orange-haired girl was lying on her bed, hugging her favorite pillow in the shape of a giant orange, and… overall looking very dejected.

“Why so glum, chum?” Tobi said, leaning on the door frame.

Mikan sighed. “I’m boooooored. None of my toys seem fun today…”

Tobi smiled knowingly. “Case of the doldrums, eh. Tell ya what, I was about to head off on a little daily adventure myself. Why don’t you come with me; we’ll make that frown hit the road.”

Mikan’s face lit up at the prospect. She tossed aside the pillow and leapt off the bed. “Really?! Let’s go!”

“Alllllrighty then, we’re off!” Tobi offered an arm to his younger companion and the two adventurers marched down the stairs and out the front door, chanting “Adventure~ Adventure~ Adventure~”

Back down the hallway, Aoi poked his head out as the duo’s chanting faded out of the house and down the street, looking none too happy about the extra noise. “Childish…” he muttered, withdrawing back to his room.

Not even a minute out of the house, Mikan seemed disinterested in continuing the chant and turned to questioning her compatriot. “So where are we going on this adventure?” she asked, looking rather hopeful for the answer. It was clear her mind was already racing with possibilities.

“Oh, well, Aoi asked me to pick something up for at the store since I didn’t seem to be doing anything,” Tobi answered off-handedly, but looked down at Mikan smiling a bit, anticipating what her reaction would be. Needless to say, she looked rather disappointed. “Oh come on, at least you’re not just lying around on your bed on a lovely day like this,” Tobi said, gesturing to their surroundings with one hand and gently nudging Mikan with his elbow.

“Yea, but…” Mikan started, still not sounding entirely convinced this was a good thing. “I thought we were going to fight a dragon or rescue a princes or something…” she mumbled, looking even more pouty about the whole thing now that she was thinking about what could have been again.

“Oh really?” Tobi laughed. “What do you think I do with my free time anyway? If I was off rescuing princesses from dragons, I’d think I’d have quite a few more bruises to show for it,” he said, grinning. “But only just a few.”

“Now then, Mikan, let me ask you a question.” The girl nodded, looking a bit curious now about what Tobi might ask her. “Why do you think people get bored?”

Mikan stopped walking for a moment, slightly taken by surprise and confused by the question. It wasn’t something she had thought about before. “Well I guess because…” she started slowly. “They run out of things to do?”

“Three points.” Mikan found Tobi’s hand showing three fingers shoved in her face.

“…Out of how many?” Mikan asked, not entirely sure why she was being given a score in the first place. Tobi however, didn’t answer and began walking again, forcing Mikan to catch up quickly.

“There’s always something to do,” Tobi began, seeming to have ignored the points altogether now. “The real question is whether or not it’s something you have an interest in doing. For example, today you were bored because you weren’t interested in playing with your toys. So then the solution is simple: Find something you are interested in!”

“But… what if you can’t think of anything?” Mikan wondered. “Or what if the only options are more boring things…” she added, thinking on her current situation.

“Then it’s all about enjoyment!” Tobi said, whirling around and stopping in front of Mikan with a finger pointed at her, causing the girl to pull up short. “Life is all about the attitude you have while doing things! So if you approach a task with the attitude that it’s an adventure, it will be one!”

Mikan thought this over. “So then… even boring shopping…?”

“Can be an adventure,” Tobi finished, grinning at Mikan now that she seemed to understand it. “Heck, with that attitude, life is just one series of constant adventures. Life itself is just one big adventure even!” Tobi turned back around, looking up toward the sky with his arms crossed, smiling to himself.

“Is that why you seem to be having fun all the time, Tobi-han?” Mikan prodded, looking up curiously at him.

Tobi just glanced back at her and grinned. “Now then, what say you and me get to that shopping huh? It’ll be a treacherous journey, navigating the labyrinth of aisles and displays, where many have gotten lost for hours, just to find the single treasure we need. And hey,” he said, bending down to get face to face with Mikan. “Whoever finds it first, gets a special treat,” he added, winking.

That was all Mikan needed. “What are we waiting for? Let’s go find the treasure!” She took off, leaving Tobi behind.

He stood for a moment watching her, smiled and nodded to himself as if to say “Good job, buddy” and then took off running after her. “Hey you’re not getting their first that easily! You’ve got a giant killer hawk bearing down on you that’ll eat you up at the first sign of an opening!” The street rang with the orange-haired girl’s squealing and the brown-haired boy’s laughter as they ran toward the main part of town.

Just another average day in the adventure of life.

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