The Colors Universe

The Adolescence of Kou-kun

Characters: Kou-kun centered, all other characters mentioned or making appearances
Word Count: 830 words
Theme: Jealousy
Author Notes: Gin-sensei is such a troll.

Kou-kun felt like he had nothing compared to the other boys in the group. He was the shortest, the youngest and the girls babied him a lot because of that. He really didn't want that, he wanted to be seen as a man more than a boy. Even Akai-san who collected teddy bears was pinned as being more masculine than him, Kou-kun really couldn't stand that. It was time to prove everyone that he could be as mature and masculine as the rest.

The next morning, the blonde boy decided that instead of his usual chocolate cereal he would grab a coffee. He heard before from Murasaki-dono that coffee was really a mature drink even though she was more of a tea person. Still, Kou-kun had seen both Aoi-sama and Gin-sensei have coffee for breakfast and even Tobi-han had it when being in a rush. He went to the coffee machine and served himself some. The smell wasn't bad at first but when it came to tasting it, it was very bitter. He could feel his tears wanting to come out, he was also tempted to add milk and sugar but he also heard from Aoi-sama that real men take their coffee black. After a few long minutes, he managed to drink all of the mug even if he felt sick from drinking it. Mikan, who was passing by, wondered why did he have such a bad face.

-Kou-kun, why the funny face? You don't look so well...

-I just had coffee, it was terrible. How do the other guys can drink this?

-Well, I know Midorin has it sometimes but with sugar and milk!

-But that's what girls do...

-Well, good luck with your coffee! I'm having some sweet orange juice with toast!

The blonde could only envy how girls could take things like that so easily. Mikan was the youngest but she never rivalized with the other girls. Still, the girl and boy ratio was quite different.

Kou-kun's next stop was the bathroom. He opened the counter to find a razor and wondered how could he use it. He knew that the rest of guys grew facial here, even Tobi-han showed some sort of stuble sometimes when he forgot to shave. The blonde didn't grow any hair yet but he wanted to at least act masculine so the other guys wouldn't look down on him. He applied the shaving foam and started shaving his already smooth face. Still, he was interrupted by a loud scream.


Because of that shout, Kou-kun shouted as well as he ended up cutting his cheek with the razor. He quickly grabbed some toilet paper to cover his bleeding cheek and tried his best not to cry.

-W-What was that for, Midorin?! I was shaving!

-Yeah, you idiot... WITH MY RAZOR!

-Y-Your razor?! Do you grow a mustache or something?

-I'm going to kick you between the legs...

-No seriously, why would a girl need a razor?!

-To shave her legs, perhaps?!

As she said that, the blonde dropped the razor and run away from the bathroom almost in tears. Especially at the thought that Midorin's legs and his face had indirect contact. He ended up at the porch of the household with a bandage at his cheek and looking down. Akai-san spotted him and decided to talk to him.

-Hey Kou, 'sup!

-Hi Akai-san...

-Woah, what happened to your cheek?

-I tried to shave and I cut my face...

-But you don't have any facial hair yet...

-I know but... I don't want to be looked like a little boy anymore! I want to be a man like the rest of you, guys!

-You know, what makes the man is what's inside... Not the outside!

-Tell that to the girls, they baby me a lot...

-I get babied a lot too and sometimes they baby Aoi-sama too even if he doesn't like it... Girls do that with everything!


-Of course! Right now just be yourself and take it easy on growing. Soon you'll have hair on your face, be a lot taller and be a grown up! But for now, enjoy what you have because soon you will not be able to get that time back! I should be jealous of you because you're young and can do a lot more than any of us!

Akai-san was right. How could he be jealous of the other guys? They used to be young like him after al.

-You're right, Akai-san! I will enjoy my youth!

-That's the spirit!

-And I'll grow a stuble like Tobi-han!

As he said that, Gin-sensei came from behind them.

-You will have to wait a few more years for that, I actually put a drug inside your food once. It was a pill for puberty to arrive later!


The blonde's scream was so loud that it almost broke glass yet even if the glass didn't break, his self-esteem did.

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