The Colors Universe

30 Minutes by John

Characters: Gin-sensei
Word Count: 594 words
Theme: Just in Time, Joy, Jumbo size
Author Notes: I hope I got the characters right. I went off of the Colors site for their personalities, so I hope I made them nicely.

While the others were getting dressed and ready for the beach, Gin-sensei was down in his lab trying to think of what he could do to increase the level of fun for everyone. They had all sorts of toys, like shovels, beach balls, sponge balls, and water tubes, but Gin-sensei wanted to invent something new – something to revolutionize his and his friends’ experiences at the beach for maximum summer fun. He didn’t have much time though. In thirty minutes, Akai-san would give the command, and everyone would be leaving then and there. If he didn’t finish the invention before then, he would miss out on the fun he would have with everyone else. He scribbled some blueprints on a piece of paper before crumpling it up and throwing it in the stack of crumpled papers behind him.

“This one isn’t any good either…”

He grabbed his head, desperate to think of anything. Suddenly, he heard a voice from behind him.

“Are you making something fun, Gin-sensei?”

It was the always energetic Kou-kun.

“What are you going to make in a half hour? Akai-san wants to go then…WAH! IS IT A SURPRISE? I cannot wait to play on it!!!”

Kou-kun obviously had no idea that Gin-sensei was utterly lost as to what to make. He continued thinking and thinking. He knew that whatever he made, he would only need ten minutes to do so, since he was quick at inventing things, but he just needed an idea – a small spark to get started.

Suddenly, it came to him! Kou-kun’s obliviousness had saved him from certainly missing the beach, especially since his idea would take a good portion of twenty-five minutes to build. He quickly got to work in assembling his toughest invention yet.

=============25 minutes later============

Gin-sensei finally emerged from the basement, and the house was empty. He had, in his hand, a heavy item covered in a black cloth – the invention he worked so hard on. He grew disappointed that his inability to leave an invention unfinished made him miss the beach. He walked outside to sit on the porch.

“Awwwww, he made it…”

The innocent, yet mischievous voice of Mikan-tan rang in the ears of everyone around.

“Hurry up and get in the van, Gin-sensei. We’re going to leave now!”

Akai-san had a comforting tone in his voice, despite it being a direct command. Gin-sensei was excited that he hadn’t missed everyone. He had finished his invention just in time!

Soon after, they arrived at the beach. While everyone ran into the water, Gin-sensei started getting to work in getting his big reveal ready. Kou-kun saw Gin-sensei and ran over to him.

“What is it? What is it? What is it?”

He asked impatiently. Gin-sensei turned to him and smiled.


He took off the cloth.

“…is a Sand Castle Builder! Unlike your normal sand castles, though, this one makes them life sized for playing in yourself! It can withstand any weight, and is perfectly safe! Using this monitor here, you can even customize the rooms in the castle! Plus, it is solar powered, so you don’t have to worry about short circuiting the machinery!”

Kou-kun’s eyes beamed with joy as he began setting up his first castle on the new invention. After the castle started being built, their other friends walked over one by one and started having fun in the all new life sized sand castle. One thing was for sure – nobody was ever going to forget this day, and Gin-sensei was forever thankful that he made it on time.

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