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May 20, 2018 ------------
- Traded ReneeTwist: my aristocratic17, aristocratic18, ashcat03, ashikabi03, ashikabi05, ashikabi06, ashikabi08, ashikabi09, ashikabi10, ashikabi11, ashikabi12, ashikabi14, ashikabi15, ashikabi16, ashikabi17, ashikabi18, ashikabi19, ashikabi20, awaken06, awaken12, 8-bit03, circus08, circus11, circus12, circus13, circus15, circus16, circus17, hats06, hats07, hats10, hats16, hats18, hats20, hylia18, kinkan10, kinkan20, restoration01, restoration05, restoration06 for filler00

May 19, 2018 ------------
- Traded Kiri: my basement02, basement04, blackkeys02, blackkeys04, blackkeys11, blackkeys12, blackkeys17, blackkeys18, homicide02, homicide06, homicide07, homicide10, homicide13, homicide16, homicide20, maguskiller03, maguskiller20, worms04, worms06, worms07, worms11, worms13, worms17, worms18, worms19, worms20 for filler00
- Traded Tanna: my granny09, grumbly02, halftone05, halftone16, heartereki03, hellafire01, huladance01, hustle05, hustle08, hustle20, ignite03, ignite09, ignite10, jewelry01, jewelry02, jewelry03, jewelry06, jupiter20, deku13, distance16, distance17, distance18, eclipse01, evenbetter01, exactly01, exactly02, exactly18, feast03, feast04, feast07, flashcard04, freestyle12, futari16, futari17, adaptations01, adaptations05, fflove10, fflove16, fflove17, splat02 for filler00

May 18, 2018 ------------
- Traded Tree: my cafe01, cafe05, cafe06, cafe08, cafe09, cafe10, cafe12, cafe14, cafe19, demonking01, demonking07, demonking08, demonking14, demonking16, demonking19, heroking01, heroking05, heroking06, heroking09, heroking11, heroking12, heroking14, heroking15, heroking16, heroking18, heroking19, heroking20, stigma02, stigma10, stigma11, stigma14, stigma19, taichou03, taichou05, taichou08, taichou09, taichou15, taichou17, taichou19, terpsichora17 for filler00
- Traded youji: my notequal03, notequal06, notequal08, notequal12, notequal13, notequal19, eternity03, eternity06, eternity12, eternity14, eternity17, specialduty01, specialduty04, specialduty05, specialduty06, specialduty09, specialduty11, specialduty12, specialduty14, specialduty16, specialduty17, specialduty18, millenia01, millenia04, millenia09, millenia17, millenia19, blackwhite02, blackwhite03, blackwhite05, blackwhite06, blackwhite07, blackwhite08, blackwhite11, blackwhite12, blackwhite13, blackwhite14, blackwhite17, blackwhite18, blackwhite20 for filler00

May 17, 2018 ------------
- Traded Katy: my realist13, realist18, redcomet02, redcomet08, seeking05, seeking07, seeking09, seeking12, seeking18, change05, change06, change07, change08, change11, change14, change17, change19, cute03, cute05, cute10, cute17, deliver07, deliver14, demonchild02, demonchild07, demonchild14, demonchild18, demonchild20, dragon02, dragon03, dragon05, dragon07, dragon08, dragon09, dragon12, dragon13, dragon15, dragon16, dragon17 for filler00

May 16, 2018 ------------
- Traded Celi: my apathetic16, break13, break15, broke01, broke02, broke08, broke11, broke18, broke20, copying05, copying11, devilstrill04, devilstrill05, devilstrill07, eleventh11, eleventh16, enjoy17, enjoy20, hostess01, hostess06, hostess09, hostess13, hostess17, icefairy04, icefairy05, icefairy07, icefairy11, kaijou11, kiyoubinbou04, left04, logout02, logout04, logout05, logout19, mayonnaise04, mayonnaise06, mayonnaise09, mayonnaise12, mayonnaise13, ponta05 for filler00

May 15, 2018 ------------
- Traded Kat: my aesthetic06, awakening08, captivate01, captivate05, captivate07, captivate12, captivate16, cardians11, cardians12, cardians14, chess13, cranes06, cranes07, darkpower20, deceiving02, deceiving03, deceiving04, deceiving05, deceiving09, deceiving11, deceiving13, deceiving14, deceiving15, deceiving16, deceiving17, deceiving19, eros06, eros18, favoring01, favoring02, favoring08, favoring10, favoring19, flamenblue05, flamenco10, flamenco12, flamenpink09, opening08, raw14, raw17 for filler00

May 14, 2018 ------------
- Traded Quirk: my 15101, 15103, 15107, 15111, 15118, boilerroom04, boilerroom11, broadway02, broadway13, burgers12, cardtricks04, chancellor04, ghoul01, ghoul05, ghoul06, icy05, icy14, icy19, mentor18, overpower02, overpower07, overpower15, pug10, pug16, pug17, reptile19, soscary11, soscary13, tragedies01, tragedies02, tragedies09, tragedies10, tragedies13, tragedies14, tragedies18, demon05, demon08, demon13, demon17, demon20 for filler00

May 13, 2018 ------------
- Traded Moeru: my shining02, shining03, shining05, shining07, shining09, shining10, shining12, shining14, shining15, shining18, shining19, phecda01, phecda02, phecda04, phecda07, phecda08, phecda09, phecda10, phecda13, phecda14, phecda15, phecda18, phecda20, saga02, saga03, saga04, saga07, saga10, saga11, saga12, saga13, saga14, saga16, saga18, saga19, millenia16, cloudshrine12, cloudshrine18, yamainu03, yamainu17 for filler00

May 12, 2018 ------------
- Traded Lenga: my hosoyan13, hosoyan17, hosoyan20, dancers15, musicians02, musicians12, musicians19, valentines04, valentines07, remaining14, respected02, shovel01, shovel02, shovel04, scavenger17, scavenger18, soothsayer03, soothsayer16, soothsayer18, southpaw04, selfish18, tarotrei03, tarotrei12, tarotrei15, tarotrei16, tarotrei18, tarotrei19, taller06, taller14, taller20, touou13, touou14, toon10, toon11, toon15, uu09, uu13, absolute07, absolute19, aptx486908 for filler00
- Traded ReneeTwist: my agriculture04, agriculture05, agriculture11, agriculture16, alexandria10, alexandria20, allsunday09, allsunday10, androgynous03, androgynous14, archadia03, archadia04, archadia05, archadia16, archadia17, aristocratic02, aristocratic03, aristocratic06, aristocratic15, aristocratic16, 8-bit04, 8-bit05, 8-bit07, 8-bit08, 8-bit09, 8-bit13, 8-bit16, 8-bit18, 8-bit20, adepts02, adepts05, adepts11, adepts17, circus02, circus03, labyrinthia04, labyrinthia07, labyrinthia08, labyrinthia20 for filler00
- Traded Sabine: my uranohoshi12, uranohoshi14, uranohoshi17, musicstart01, mist13, overpower16, overpower19, norway09, tragedy19, cheater19 for filler00

May 11, 2018 ------------
- Traded Aletha: my assistant02, amphilyon07, amphilyon15, antivirus02, chef16, doujinshi01, doujinshi15, dranzer02, driger17, deva06, fullest14, fullest15, falborg08, falborg20, fuerza03, hahi15, idols20, katana16, mjolnir19, parfait16, pay02, pay10, protagonist02, protagonist18, gaiadragoon04, valiente14, wolborg02, wolborg08, witchelny04, witchelny05, witchelny19, beastking01, eighth04, lighter03, longing05, longing08, nolife01, nolife05, nolife11, tottori12 for filler00
- Traded youji: my hamha01, hamha03, hamha05, hamha08, hamha11, hamha15, hamha18, danes01, danes02, danes05, danes06, danes09, danes10, danes12, danes13, danes15, danes16, danes18, danes19, danes20, viking06, viking07, viking10, viking12, viking13, viking14, viking15, viking16, viking17, viking18, avalon01, avalon07, avalon11, avalon14, avalon19, netnavi09, netnavi12, netnavi13, netnavi14, netnavi20 for filler00

May 10, 2018 ------------
- Traded Lita: my irides07, irides08, visualnovel13, 315pro01, 315pro05, 315pro06, 315pro08, 315pro09, 315pro10, 315pro11, 315pro12, 315pro15, 315pro17, 315pro19, 315pro20 for filler00
- Traded Kiri: my adoration10, agape11, b-rabbit11, dates06, hairloss04, honeybuddha17, kayo-chin03, lovewing16, lucoa12, moonside14, nekoma10, nolonger06, orpheus20, parallel16, presence08, responsible13, returns08, revenant19, tainted01, toilette07, yohane04, yousei20 for filler00
- Traded Katy: my action06, action10, action11, action12, action13, action14, action15, action16, action17, acepilot01, acepilot04, acepilot06, acepilot07, acepilot13, adoration06, adoration07, adoration10, adoration18, agape11, agape17, agape20, android02, android03, android04, android09, android10, android11, android12, android14, android17, android18, android19, android20, awkward01, awkward08, awkward16, beastman02, beastman03, beastman05, beastman15 for filler00
- Traded Celi: my yewbow06, yewbow07, yewbow16, zura01, zura02, zura05, zura10, zura11, zura13, zura14, zura18, zura19, supports02, supports04, supports05, supports06, supports08, supports10, supports11, supports12, supports13, supports14, supports15, supports16, supports18, supports19, brave01, brave02, brave03, brave10, brave12, chomechome01, chomechome03, chomechome05, chomechome07, chomechome12, chomechome17, chomechome18, chomechome19, chomechome20 for filler00

May 09, 2018 ------------
- Traded Tree: my ayakashi18, balbadd19, bishoujo01, bishoujo02, bishoujo04, bishoujo11, bishoujo12, bishoujo14, bishoujo15, bishoujo17, chat17, g-8904, g-8906, g-8907, g-8908, g-8919, g-8920, homunculus20, identity01, identity03, identity04, identity05, identity07, identity08, identity09, identity11, identity12, identity14, identity15, identity16, identity17, identity18, identity20, jokes12, jokes14, jokes17, kyotouryuu15, parasite10, griefseed04, griefseed17 for filler00

May 06, 2018 ------------
- Traded Quirk: my bionis05, bionis06, bionis08, clow05, clow06, clow07, clow13, gramarye01, gramarye07, gramarye08, gramarye11, gramarye17, gramarye18, gramarye19, ambidex02, ambidex03, ambidex06, ambidex07, ambidex08, ambidex11 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my cage01, cage02, cage04, cage06, cage08, cage13, cage14, cage15, cage17, cage18, cantonese13, cantonese16, conjurer01, conjurer08, conjurer13, conjurer14, convict02, convict04, convict05, convict06, convict07, convict08, convict09, convict11, convict12, convict13, convict14, convict15, convict16, convict20, deathzone02, deathzone04, deathzone05, deathzone09, deathzone12, deathzone15, deathzone18, deathzone19, deathzone20, dreamer20 for filler00

May 04, 2018 ------------
- Traded youji: my natsuo03, natsuo04, natsuo05, natsuo06, natsuo13, natsuo14, natsuo15, natsuo17, opposite01, opposite17, opposite18, opposites09, opposites18, chancellor04, copy09, indifferent17, indifferent20, 198805, breath02, breath05, breath08, breath09, breath10, breath11, breath12, breath14, breath15, breath17, fulcrum09, fulcrum11, fulcrum13, fulcrum14, fulcrum17, fulcrum20, hamha10, judo03, judo04, judo09, pucelle04, pucelle10 for filler00
- Traded ReneeTwist: my withdrawn06, wolf03, wolf04, wolf07, wolf08, wolf10, wolf11, wolf12, wolf13, wolf14, wolf15, wolf16, xiv04, xiv06, xiv07, xiv08, xiv09, xiv14, xiv15, xiv16, eyepatches03, eyepatches08, prophecy05, prophecy09, prophecy17, prophecy19, samurais07, samurais10, tanabata19, tanabata20, thieves02, watermelon06, watermelon12, watermelon14, zanpakuto05, zanpakuto09, zanpakuto14, zanpakuto17, zanpakuto18, zanpakuto19 for filler00
- Traded Moeru: my curefelice08, curefelice11, curefelice14, bodybuilding15, bluebeard03, bluebeard04, bluebeard15, bluebeard16, souls04, souls05, souls07, souls11, souls12, souls14, souls16, souls18, souls20, underworld05, underworld06, underworld08, underworld11, underworld20, umbrellas01, umbrellas05, fanservice03, fanservice08, sanctuary01, sanctuary02, sanctuary04, sanctuary07, sanctuary08, sanctuary11, sanctuary14, sanctuary15, sanctuary18, peony01, peony04, peony07, peony12, peony14 for filler00

May 03, 2018 ------------
- Traded Katy: my righteye05, righteye07, righteye09, righteye11, righteye15, righteye17, righteye18, righteye19, savate03, savate06, savate19, savate20, sillier18, spotted01, spotted05, spotted11, spotted13, spotted17, sukonbu01, sukonbu03, sukonbu05, susanoo02, susanoo03, susanoo06, susanoo08, susanoo09, susanoo10, switch02, switch06, switch15, t-shirt02, t-shirt03, t-shirt04, t-shirt08, t-shirt10, t-shirt11, t-shirt13, t-shirt15, t-shirt16, t-shirt19 for filler00

May 02, 2018 ------------
- Traded Kaz: my cybele08, durandal02, durandal06, fogtroupe01, fogtroupe04, housenka02, housenka19, hunt15, kenjutsu19, kiss08, kiss16, kiss18, lastking02, lastking06, lastking14, lastking17, mainyu08, mainyu10, respect19, restraint12, salvation01, salvation11, salvation15, stress07, stress10, stress13, stress14, stress16, stress20, temple02, tenbuhorin04, tenbuhorin11, tenbuhorin14, tenbuhorin17, tenbuhorin19, worthless06, worthless09, worthless20 for filler00
- Traded Tree: my bounty03, bounty04, bounty08, bounty10, bounty11, bounty12, bounty13, bounty14, bounty15, bounty19, eternity01, eternity02, eternity03, eternity04, eternity05, eternity06, eternity08, eternity10, eternity11, eternity12, eternity14, eternity17, eternity18, eternity19, eternity20, methuselah06, methuselah11, methuselah14, methuselah17, methuselah19, taichou01, yggdrasil01, yggdrasil03, yggdrasil06, yggdrasil07, yggdrasil10, yggdrasil13, yggdrasil14, yggdrasil15, yggdrasil19 for filler00

April 29, 2018 ------------
- Traded Kiri: my agoraphobic20, beginner02, beginner12, creati10, frei07, ganbaruby01, genbushin09, genbushin16, sexyguilty11, slyfox14, spoons18 for filler00
- Traded Celi: my mooncell01, mooncell05, mooncell08, mooncell09, mooncell10, mooncell11, mooncell12, mooncell14, mooncell16, mooncell19, pink01, younger03, younger04, younger05, younger08, younger13, younger14, younger15, younger16, younger20, martillo02, martillo07, martillo09, martillo19, apathetic16, devoured15, devoured17, devoured19, devoured20, respected16, stowaway02, stowaway12, stowaway14, suit04, tattoo16, tortured02, tortured04, tortured05, tortured11, tortured18 for filler00

April 28, 2018 ------------
- Traded Quirk: my collector01, collector03, highentia02, highentia16, kacchan13, kacchan20, monado04, magical08, blueeyes17, reyntime15, ribbonchan07, uravity19, termina02, termina03, termina09, termina11, termina13, termina14, termina17, hylia01, hylia06, hylia07, hylia08, hylia10, hylia11, hylia18 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my black04, black06, black07, black08, black10, blue03, blue06, blue15, blue19, horror03, horror10, horror20, hoshido05, hoshido07, hoshido08, hoshido10, hoshido11, hoshido12, hoshido14, hoshido20, hanagumi14, hanagumi20, babymonster09, gemmy03, gemmy07, gemmy13, gemmy16, gemmy17, gemmy18, naught17, naivete01, naivete13, shard11, shard13, shard14, shard17, seasalt01, seasalt03, seasalt05, seasalt14 for filler00
- Traded Lita: my flat05, frei10, firefighter01, firefighter10, firefighter16, lovewing04, lovewing09, lugnica18, maids07, mezzopiano01, miraizura05, oldlion10, orders19, schoollife02, seize01, seize07, seize20, tv13 for filler00

April 27, 2018 ------------
- Traded Mora: my ability03, ability05, ability12, ability14, ability16, ability17, ability20, alter04, alter05, alter16, bake-danuki14, burmecia03, burn04, burn07, conjurer01, conjurer08, conjurer13, conjurer14, churapa01, cyborgidol05, cyborgidol20, faith01, faith18, faith19, hartmann03, hartmann13, ichii-bal02, ichii-bal07, ichii-bal18, isaac09, kanazuchi16, no701, stands04, purple04, purple06, purple12, purple13, yanderes03, yanderes11, yanderes14 for filler00
- Traded Katy: my augbirthday07, brickbreak02, captains13, cardevolve12, dancers09, dragonrage02, dragonrage08, dragonrage09, ember01, febbirthday18, femaleidols19, flowers11, fukujun05, gainax03, ivalice02, kugimiya12, maleprotags02, shinen05, spring04, sugitan05 for filler00

April 26, 2018 ------------
- Traded ReneeTwist: my dollmaster15, edison05, eight07, eight12, eight19, hebihime03, hebihime08, hebihime09, illness20, momokan14, rosewater07, rosewater20, shinsou11, tactless09, tactless12, weasel09, weasel10, weasel13, weasel15, weasel17, henshin04, henshin13, henshin15, henshin16, intensity14, intensity15, razorleaf01, razorleaf07, razorleaf08, razorleaf11, razorleaf19, region12, rhythmia04, rhythmia10, scientists05, scientists08, scientists10, scientists13, scientists18, watermelon03 for filler00
- Traded Moeru: my bright02, bright03, bright05, bright06, bright11, bright16, bright17, bright18, baptismrite14, chariot03, chariot07, chariot08, chariot14, crusher01, crusher02, crusher03, crusher04, crusher06, crusher10, crusher11, crusher12, crusher14, crusher15, crusher16, crusher17, crusher19, crusher20, headboy06, hatshepsut05, hatshepsut06, hatshepsut14, hatshepsut15, hatshepsut19, nephilim10, prefect14, steward08, 12thpillar08, 12thpillar20, archangel01, archangel10 for filler00

April 25, 2018 ------------
- Traded youji: my minus04, minus06, minus07, minus12, minus18, minus20, prelati02, prelati03, prelati04, prelati05, prelati06, prelati07, prelati08, prelati09, prelati10, prelati12, prelati13, prelati14, prelati16, prelati18, prelati19, prelati20, hakubaiko01, hakubaiko02, hakubaiko03, hakubaiko04, hakubaiko05, hakubaiko06, hakubaiko07, hakubaiko08, hakubaiko09, hakubaiko11, hakubaiko12, hakubaiko13, hakubaiko14, hakubaiko15, hakubaiko16, hakubaiko17, hakubaiko19, hakubaiko20 for filler00
- Traded Tree: my 198802, 198814, 198816, 198820, 1stchild10, camera01, camera02, camera04, camera06, camera07, camera08, camera12, camera13, camera14, camera16, camera17, camera19, camera20, cheshire01, cheshire02, cheshire03, cheshire04, cheshire05, cheshire11, cheshire12, cheshire17, cheshire20, cocteau03, cocteau04, cocteau17, cocteau20, synesthesia02, synesthesia03, synesthesia04, synesthesia05, synesthesia07, synesthesia09, synesthesia11, synesthesia15, synesthesia18 for filler00

April 24, 2018 ------------
- Traded Kaz: my akuma01, akuma02, akuma03, akuma06, akuma07, akuma09, akuma12, akuma13, akuma15, akuma16, akuma17, akuma18, akuma20, athena01, athena02, athena04, athena05, athena06, athena07, athena08, athena10, athena13, athena15, athena17, athena20, bigkitty12, bigkitty14, bracelets01, bracelets05, bracelets12, bracelets13, bracelets19, bracelets20, hades07, hades09, hades13, hades19, revolution02, revolution06, revolution14 for filler00

April 20, 2018 ------------
- Traded Raven: my barehanded20, platitudes04, prefect14, psp17, archer14, codename13, copying05, draculina18, eternia17, flashcard12, hephsin08, hypnotizing09, insensitive07, killyou10, libero09, mainstream07, mainstream12, realist11, retakes20, ridiculed09, robotabuse12, robotabuse18, scissor16, scissor19, seminary13, seminary16, shepherd19, sign08, sign14, sign19, straysheep16, trichronika17, tuna11, wingman04, wingman07 for filler00

April 18, 2018 ------------
- Traded Lenga: my rosequeen07, icy13, hanafuda03, prodigal01, prodigal02, prodigal07, prodigal11, prodigal12, prodigal15, prodigal16, phantom11, phantom16, daitsuren15, daitsuren16, absolute07, absolute19, aptx486908, 2ndchild08, 2ndchild09, bangs20 for filler00

April 17, 2018 ------------
- Traded Quirk: my antiques02, antiques03, antiques04, antiques05, antiques07, antiques08, antiques11, antiques12, antiques13, antiques14, antiques15, antiques19, antiques20, doppel04, doppel07, doppel10, doppel14, doppel15, etherrifle02, etherrifle03, etherrifle06, etherrifle08, etherrifle09, etherrifle18, pharaoh20, saiyawoman01, saiyawoman03, saiyawoman04, saiyawoman06, saiyawoman10, saiyawoman12, stardust09, stardust17, stardust19, jindujun03, jindujun09, jindujun11, jindujun20, bionis18 for filler00
- Traded Lita: my accidental12, accidental17, altoclef06, altoclef07, altoclef19, bassclef07, harasho17, lying12, lying17, lying18, nailart05, neoaikido02, stern18 for filler00

April 09, 2018 ------------
- Traded Lenga: my nonary13, musicians06, whip16, wizard10, readsflags15, readsflags20, ruthless11, seventh01, seventh03, seventh04, seventh06, seventh08, seventh14, seventh15, seventh16, staying06, staying14, staying17, sacrifice10, shovel05 for filler00

April 08, 2018 ------------
- Traded Quirk: my bionis01, bionis02, bionis03, bionis09, bionis11, bionis12, bionis15, bionis17, bionis19, bionis20, darkening04, darkening07, gramarye06, gramarye12, spellcaster01, ribbonchan01, ribbonchan06, ribbonchan08, ribbonchan18, games02, games12, pharaoh02, pharaoh14 for filler00

April 05, 2018 ------------
- Traded Lee: my rabi09, rabi20, rafflesia04, rafflesia05, rafflesia12, rafflesia14, rafflesia16, rafflesia17, rafflesia19, rafflesia20, runner01, runner03, runner04, runner11, runner12, runner17, runner19, runner20 for filler00

March 24, 2018 ------------
- Traded Jun: my koryuji01, koryuji02, koryuji11, koryuji13, koryuji15, koryuji17, koryuji20, megaten15, megaten18, megaten19, naught11, naught12, naught19, neo-www10, neomu20, neozeon12, newtype03, newtype12, newtype18, newtype20, obnoxious06, obnoxious10, obnoxious12, obnoxious19, ookwee15, ookwee18, ookwee19, paipai04, paipai07, paipai13, pameruku01, pameruku02, passionate04, passionate05, passionate07, passionate09, passionate10, passionate11, passionate19, peacekeeper04 for filler00

March 17, 2018 ------------
- Traded Quirk: my monado02, monado13, monado20, memories01, memories06, memories10, memories11, memories13, redeyes05, redeyes07, redeyes09, redeyes12, redeyes13, redeyes15, reyntime02, reyntime09, reyntime11, reyntime12, reyntime14, reyntime17, twinknives02, twinknives07, twinknives10, twinknives13, twinknives15, twinknives16, twinknives17, twinknives19, saiyaman02, saiyaman11, saiyaman12, saiyaman15, saiyaman17, highentia01, highentia04, highentia05, highjump04, highjump10, highjump12, highjump17 for filler00
- Traded Quirk: my 15102, 15104, 15108, 15109, 15110, 15112, 15114, 15115, 15117, blackmist01, blackmist03, blackmist09, blackmist13, blackmist15, games03, games08, games16, heropon01, heropon02, heropon05, heropon12, heropon14, heropon15, heropon18, heropon20 for filler00

March 03, 2018 ------------
- Traded Jane: my agna12, feminist12, maracas08, permafrost06, permafrost12, permafrost17 for filler00

February 26, 2018 ------------
- Traded Quirk: my 1817, balloon09, blackmist01, blackmist03, blackmist06, blackmist09, blackmist11, blackmist12, blackmist13, blackmist15, blackwave02, blackwave20, howling08, howling12, home07, home11, home12, home13, home15, home16, home18, photon12, photon14, fate04, fate07, fate14, fate04, kbt02, kbt04, kbt13, kbt14, kbt16, kbt20, thing07, thing20, impersonate09, impersonate11, impersonate18 for filler00

February 19, 2018 ------------
- Traded ReneeTwist: my ugly04, ugly05, ugly12, ugly16, umibozu07, umibozu08, umibozu10, uninterested09, veil04, veil02, veil06, veil07, veil10, veil12, veil13, veil16, veil18, veil20, vixen02, vixen01, vixen03, vixen04, vixen06, vixen09, vixen11, vixen13, vixen14, vixen15, vixen17, vixen18, vixen20, wary17, weasel01, weasel02, weasel03, weasel05, weasel04, weasel06, weasel07, weasel08 for filler00

February 17, 2018 ------------
- Traded Aletha: my admiral05, admiral09, aizu05, aizu18, aizu20, akagami01, akagami10, akagami11, akagami12, akagami14, akagami16, bridge03, bridge05, bridge10, bridge15, bridge16, bridge18, clumsy01, clumsy05, clumsy12, conducts04, grip05, grip07, grip11, hakuryou01, hakuryou06, hakuryou07, hakuryou18, pinzu13, ship17, soba06, soba07, soba17, soba18, soba19, soba20, sonic01, sonic18, trapmaker07, trapmaker15 for filler00

February 11, 2018 ------------
- Traded Lenga: my valentines09, tanabata20, matcha04, matcha14, block17, hanafuda09, hanafuda14, hanafuda18, hanafuda19, homicide01, homicide05, homicide07, homicide08, homicide09, homicide11, homicide12, homicide13, homicide14, homicide15, homicide19 for filler00
- Traded Nikita: my abroad04, aerosmith04, aerosmith10, blackdog04, blackdog09, blackdog13, blackdog14, blackdog19, d4c18, dreamseer04, dreamseer08, eternal05, eternal12, eternal16, fangs16, forelock07, forelock10, four-leaf20, magician11, ora08, ora17, ripple08, sadhiporoja02, sailorcap06, sailorcap18, saru08, sexpistols03, signorina10, stonemask15, tearcut14, tearcut19, tusk17, wry15, yatagarasu20, yesiam08, yesiam19, yesiam20, godswill12, godswill14, gourmet09 for filler00
- Traded ReneeTwist: my sohcahtoa06, sohcahtoa08, star18, sunset20, tall16, tall20, teaching14, tenswords03, tenswords06, tenswords07, tenswords09, tenswords13, tenswords15, tenswords17, tenswords16, tenswords18, tenswords19, three11, townandcity10, tobiume18, toyboat06, trapnest01, trapnest10, trapnest11, trapnest12, trapnest15, trapnest16, trapnest17, trapnest19, trapnest20, trusty01, trusty02, trusty05, trusty13, trusty16, typhoon04, typhoon12, typhoon14, tanabata02, termina01 for filler00
- Traded ReneeTwist: my sogeking12, sorcerer09, sorcerer15, sorcerer17, spacepirate01, speed10, spiritwave07, spot-billed10, spot-billed12, spot-billed15, spot-billed19, star01, star02, star06, star07, star08, star18, step-mom11, strategy15, strategy20, sunflower13, sunset19, sunset20, survivor01, swordspirit16, tachikaze02, tachikaze17, tachikaze18, tachikaze19, tactless02, tactless03, tactless04, tactless05, tactless08, tactless10, tactless17, tactless20, taijutsu01, taijutsu20, tails09 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my anaru10, anaru11, anaru12, anaru20, decbirthday19, gakuran04, glasses05, glasses10, paint01, poppo01, poppo03, poppo04, poppo05, poppo06, poppo11, poppo15, poppo18, tsuruko02, tsuruko03, tsuruko12, tsuruko16, tsuruko17, unpopular17, vampire02, wyborg03, yukiatsu01, yukiatsu02, yukiatsu05, yukiatsu08, yukiatsu09, yukiatsu10, yukiatsu12, yukiatsu13, yukiatsu15, yukiatsu19, yukiatsu20, zeref03, zeref07, zeref10, zeref17 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my adam05, adam13, adam14, alice17, alter13, amon01, amon11, amon13, aokiji03, aokiji09, aokiji10, aokiji12, avenger02, avenger12, awa-awa01, awa-awa04, awa-awa10, balbadd01, bandit08, bandit12, bandit14, bandit15, bandit16, bandit18, beastfang01, beastfang02, beastfang03, beastfang06, beastfang09, beastfang20, beats02, beats03, beats04, beats06, beats07, beats13, beats16, beats17, beats18, beats20 for filler00

January 31, 2018 ------------
- Traded Lee: my feel10, feel18, fragarach04, fragarach20, gao02, ulster01, witchcraft13, millenia03, millenia19 for filler00
- Traded Emma: my destined20, dojima11, dojima12, dojima20, freshgreen01, freshgreen07, gero04, gero07, gero12, gero16, impostors01, impostors06, impostors07, impostors08, poor04, poor08, poor09, poor14, poor15, producer08, producer09, producer10, producer11, producer12, producer13, producer14, producer15, producer16, producer17, producer18, producer19, telepathy04, telepathy07, telepathy08, telepathy09, telepathy10, telepathy11, telepathy13, totori06, totori09 for filler00
- Traded ReneeTwist: my sexta20, shard14, shinsou02, shinsou07, shinsou12, shinsou14, shinsou15, shinsou17, sin15, sins05, skeleton01, skeleton14, skeleton17, skeleton20, slave04, slave09, slave10, smile04, smile16, smitten14, shoujo03, shounen13, shounen14, eyepatches09, eyepatches10, eyepatches12, eyepatches13, eyepatches14, eyepatches16, eyepatches19, intensity03, intensity05, intensity06, intensity07, intensity12, intensity18, intensity19, kuuderes13, labyrinthia01, labyrinthia02 for filler00

January 19, 2018 ------------
- Traded Lita: my abroad04, abroad06, betray05, biscuit02, biscuit06, biscuit09, biscuit11, biscuit13, biscuit18, biscuit19, biscuit20, hundred01, hundred19, daru02, daru07, daru14, daru15, daru16 for filler00

January 16, 2018 ------------
- Traded ReneeTwist: my pottery17, pottery20, professional03, promotion04, promotion05, punisher14, punisher16, prophecy20, roseprince16, rosewater01, rosewater02, rosewater03, rosewater08, rosewater09, rosewater12, rosewater14, rosewater15, rosewater17, rosewater19, royalty16, safety07, sakura03, sandrock06, scarydriver03, scientific02, scientific08, scientific12, scientific17, scientific18, scribe06, scribe07, scribe15, scribe17, seductive16, seductive20, sensible03, sew08, sexta01, sexta08, sexta17 for filler00
- Traded Nea: my baumkuchen01, baumkuchen02, baumkuchen04, baumkuchen07, baumkuchen09, baumkuchen13, baumkuchen14, baumkuchen16, bigbear03, bigbear12, bigbear16, gatoya12, monomane11, monomane20, monster11, monster13, riches02, righteous17, ryouran01, ryouran03, ryouran04, ryouran05, ryouran07, ryouran08, ryouran12, ryouran14, ryouran17, ryouran19, ryouran20, tanuki01, tanuki03, tanuki04, tanuki05, tanuki07, tanuki14, tanuki17, tanuki19, tanuki20, tricks04, lolis05 for filler00

January 09, 2018 ------------
- Traded ReneeTwist: my nabradia04, nataku15, oar01, oneesan08, oneesan09, oneesan10, oneesan11, oneesan12, oneesan13, oneesan15, oneesan17, oneesan19, orbit01, orbit11, orbit15, oyajijokes04, oyajijokes06, oyajijokes09, oyajijokes13, oyajijokes15, oyajijokes18, padlock02, padlock09, padlock11, padlock15, padlock16, padlock19, parenting15, parenting20, pet17, pet19, petulant08, phones15, player108, player203, player210, pottery01, pottery05, pottery06, pottery15 for filler00

January 04, 2018 ------------
- Traded Nea: my brising01, brising05, brising14, cares01, cares03, cares07, cat08, cat09, cat11, cat15, curepeace15, date05, date07, diclonius01, diclonius03, diclonius14, diclonius19, dimwitted11, dimwitted20, eyes08, gao02, gao07, homunculus08, homunculus10, homunculus12, homunculus15, homunculus20, janken09, janken14, kailu02, kailu03, kailu11, kailu14, kailu17, luckystar01, luckystar02, luckystar09, luckystar20, outside07, redshoes18 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my cspd02, cspd06, cspd12, cspd13, cspd19, cspd20, careless03, careless04, careless05, careless07, careless10, careless12, careless13, carryon01, carryon03, carryon04, carryon09, carryon10, carpetbomb02, carpetbomb03, carpetbomb04, carpetbomb07, carpetbomb09, carpetbomb10, carpetbomb12, carpetbomb13, carpetbomb15, carpetbomb16, carpetbomb18, carpetbomb20, closest02, closest07, closest08, closest10, closest11, closest13, closest15, closest17, closest19, flameslash17 for filler00
- Traded ReneeTwist: my korobokkuru18, korobokkuru20, lazy01, lazy03, legalwife02, leyline04, leyline16, liaison05, liaison07, liaison16, liaison19, lightning06, lightning07, lightning11, lightning14, lightning15, lightning20, locket09, lovewing18, marimo18, marimo19, maru05, maru08, maru11, maru12, maru16, maru18, maru19, mask05, mask14, mask16, momokan12, momokan13, momokan16, momokan17, momokan19, momokan20, mysticeyes07, mysticeyes12, mysticeyes13 for filler00

December 18, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ana: my caduceus02, caduceus03, caduceus04, caduceus06, caduceus07, caduceus08, caduceus10, caduceus11, caduceus12, caduceus13, caduceus14, caduceus17, caduceus18, caduceus19, caduceus20, unrequited01, unrequited02, unrequited03, unrequited05, unrequited06, unrequited07, unrequited08, unrequited09, unrequited12, unrequited15, unrequited16, unrequited17, unrequited19, unrequited20, viola04, viola11, warrior06, warrior07, warrior08, warrior11, warrior13, warrior14, warrior15, warrior18, whiteclown17 for filler00
- Traded ReneeTwist: my dollmaster19, earphones09, earphones10, earphones15, earphones16, earphones18, edison20, hebihime19, hebihime20, housewife08, housewife20, illness05, illness08, illness10, illness12, illness15, illness16, illness17, impossible04, impossible05, impossible07, impossible08, impossible09, impossible10, impossible11, impossible15, impossible16, impossible18, immature18, janina20, kichou07, kichou17, kichou18, kichou20, kicking13, kicking14, korobokkuru05, korobokkuru12, korobokkuru14 for filler00

December 15, 2017 ------------
- Traded netbug: my danderes12, danderes20, kuuderes02, kuuderes12, kuuderes13, kuuderes19, youngboys04, youngboys08, youngboys09, younger01, younger02, younger03, younger05, younger08, younger14, younger16, younger17, younger20, younggirls10, younggirls20 for filler00

December 11, 2017 ------------
- Traded ReneeTwist: my watermelon02, dollmaster11, dollmaster16, dollmaster17, earphones05, earphones06, earphones08, edison14, edison16, edison17, fisttype18, fisttype20, heavyarms06, heavyarms07, heavyarms10, heavyarms14, hebihime04, hebihime05, hebihime14, hebihime15, heavymetal18, heian12, human12, humble03, humble04, humble06, humble10, illness01, illness03, illness04, immature03, immature09, immature11, immature12, impossible01, impossible02, impossible03, janina03, janina08, janina10 for filler00

December 09, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ana: my sakurait02, sakurait03, sakurait05, sakurait10, sakurait11, sakurait15, sakurait18, sakurait20, swimtrunks12, swimtrunks13, swimtrunks17, watcher02, watcher04, watcher08, watcher10, watcher12, watcher15, watcher16, watcher17, watcher19, western02, western06, western09, western13, western14, western15, western16, western20, wildlion06, windmage12, windmage13, windom13, wingzero01, wingzero06, wingzero18, wisewolf12, xiii03, xiii05, xiii07, xiii10 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my gatekeeper03, gatekeeper05, gatekeeper06, gatekeeper09, gatekeeper10, gatekeeper11, gatekeeper12, gatekeeper13, gatekeeper14, gatekeeper15, gatekeeper16, gatekeeper17, gatekeeper18, gatekeeper19, guide01, guide02, guide05, guide07, guide13, guide14, guide16, guide18, goddess01, goddess03, goddess04, goddess05, goddess07, goddess08, goddess09, goddess10, goddess11, goddess13, goddess14, goddess15, goddess16, goddess17, goddess18, goddess20, gunner16, gunner18 for filler00
- Traded AnnaD: my college01, college02, college03, college04, college05, college06, college07, college08, college09, college10, college11, college12, college13, college14, college15, college16, college17, college18, college19, college20, disinfect01, disinfect02, disinfect03, disinfect04, disinfect05, disinfect06, disinfect07, disinfect08, disinfect09, disinfect10, disinfect12, disinfect13, disinfect14, disinfect15, disinfect16, disinfect17, disinfect18, disinfect20 for filler00
- Traded ReneeTwist: my dattebayo13, dattebayo17, eight15, eight20, flowery05, flowery06, flowery09, flowery10, flowery14, flowery16, flowery18, flowery20, obscenity12, obscenity13, obscenity16, obscenity18, obscenity19, ronin14, ronin15, ronin19, 3-e02, circus01, detectives16, fisticuffs04, fisticuffs09, gransys04, gransys06, hirarin15, hylia08, kawasumia06, kawasumia08, kinkan06, ninjas08, scientists03, silhouettes16, tanabata07, tanabata14, tanabata15, tanabata16 for filler00
- Traded Catie: my acewitches19, acrobat01, acrobat08, acrobat09, acrobat19, carrot13, cindy19, corpse20, diamonddogs14, diamonddogs19, diamonddogs20, former06, former20, gadgets06, gadgets08, gadgets20, gamegear04, hamster15, hats07, kanegasaki09, kanegasaki10, kazoku03, lapistier01, lapistier02, lapistier03, lapistier16, napa05, newyears06, nowhere04, rafflesia13, regina04, rinrin03, rocker14, rocker18, slapjack09, slapjack19, unknown09, valvrave03, vasavi20, voile15 for filler00

November 29, 2017 ------------
- Traded Harris: my anima01, anima04, anima14, anima15, anima16, anima19, anima20, greythorne02, greythorne04, greythorne05, greythorne06, greythorne07, greythorne08, greythorne09, greythorne10, greythorne11, greythorne15, greythorne19, ahoge03, ahoge19, gastark05, gastark06, gastark07, gastark09, gastark15, gastark16, gastark20, harmonixer01, harmonixer02, harmonixer04, harmonixer05, harmonixer06, harmonixer09, harmonixer11, harmonixer12, harmonixer13, harmonixer14, harmonixer17, harmonixer18, harmonixer20 for filler00
- Traded ReneeTwist: my nataku03, nataku05, nyu15, obscenity07, obscenity08, obscenity10, okashira03, okashira13, okashira20, oneesan03, oneesan05, personality20, pms04, preventer16, promiscuous01, promiscuous07, promiscuous11, pyo08, pyo10, pyo16, acewitches02, bionis17, caelin04, crimea14, escaped17, fairies03, gigacity01, graffiti08, hirarin05, intensity02, ironfist07, labyrinthia10, magnus18, non-human04, ostia02, portalstone10, retro17, sanctuary01, seitokai10, sports01 for filler00

November 22, 2017 ------------
- Traded Emma: my cranes03, cranes10, dojima06, dojima08, dojima09, dojima10, greatwitch15, greatwitch16, greatwitch17, greatwitch18, greatwitch19, hanamaru03, hanamaru09, hanamaru12, hanamaru18, hephsin02, hephsin04, hephsin08, imitation10, iwant14, iwant15, iwant16, iwant17, iwant20, lightblue20, poor01, poor03, poor06, poor07, poor10, poor11, poor12, producer02, producer03, producer04, producer05, producer06, producer07, thiers04, tutorial15 for filler00

November 21, 2017 ------------
- Traded AnnaD: my rice02, bananas09, bookeater01, bookeater02, bookeater03, bookeater04, bookeater05, bookeater06, bookeater07, bookeater08, bookeater09, bookeater10, bookeater11, bookeater13, bookeater14, bookeater15, bookeater16, bookeater17, bookeater18, bookeater19, bookeater20, bunny01, bunny02, bunny03, bunny04, bunny05, bunny06, bunny07, bunny09, bunny11, bunny12, bunny13, bunny14, bunny15, bunny16, bunny17, bunny18, bunny19, bunny20, analyze19 for filler00
- Traded ReneeTwist: my caster05, cowbell08, cuarta01, dattebayo02, dattebayo11, dollmaster01, dollmaster03, earphones01, earphones04, edison01, edison09, eight03, eight05, eight10, engetsu01, engetsu05, fisttype04, fisttype07, flowery01, flowery07, adaptations04, adepts04, adepts08, adepts09, arrows17, fathers03, hylia08, hylia19, manatree01, manatree08, ninjas16, polearms02, r-traps10, scars02, scars11, shounen19, silhouettes16, tanabata05, zanpakuto01, zanpakuto03 for filler00

November 17, 2017 ------------
- Traded Jun: my care02, care03, care08, care17, cha12, cha17, chasing05, chasing09, cyber2918, chozo17, cardtricks04, cardtricks06, cardtricks16, cherry07, cointoss16, candles10, collision05, collision10, collision19, cola04, cola07, cola16, candid01, chemist19, childish01, childish02, childish06, childish08, childish09, childish10, childish11, childish14, childish16, childish17, childish18, chips01, cocteau04, cocteau05, cocteau15, cocteau16 for filler00

November 15, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ouji: my afro01, afro02, afro04, afro05, afro06, afro07, afro08, afro09, afro10, afro13, afro16, afro17, afro19, afro20, actor01, actor02, badluck19, tabris05, writer01, writer03, writer04, writer08, writer09, writer10, writer13, violence01, geek01, geek15, lacytanga01, lacytanga04, lacytanga09, lacytanga10, lacytanga11, lacytanga13, lacytanga18, lacytanga19, spandex08, spandex10, spandex14, spandex19 for filler00

November 12, 2017 ------------
- Traded ReneeTwist: my kichou02, kichou06, kicking02, kicking07, knights16, korobokkuru02, korobokkuru03, kinkan16, liaison02, liaison03, lightning04, lightning05, littleevil07, littleevil10, loveme11, marimo01, marimo10, maru02, maru03, momokan05, mysticeyes01, circus01, gransys13, gransys14, gransys15, gransys16, gransys18, gransys19, gransys20, kawasumia06, kawasumia10, kawasumia12, kawasumia14, kawasumia15, kawasumia16, kinkan06, prophecy18, samurais17, samurais20, shades05 for filler00
- Traded Mercy: my dense01, dense02, dense03, dense04, dense05, dense06, dense07, dense08, dense09, dense10, dense11, dense12, dense14, dense15, dense19, dense20, telepath03, telepath08, sweets17 for filler00
- Traded Charlotte: my academia14, concealing06, corratec13, gross10, kaijou06, nickel07, overexcited03, paisleypark16, raidraptors19, ramble18, reckon08, smell11, smell14, smell16, speedroid05, speedroid20, stonefree06, tarundoru10, touou05, tsuki01 for filler00

November 08, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ouji: my blackmail02, blackmail06, blackmail10, blackmail12, chui01, chui02, chui04, chui05, chui07, chui09, chui10, chui13, chui14, chui16, chui19, complex06, engaged09, engaged12, engaged14, engaged18, nadeshiko14, nadeshiko17, nadeshiko20, okonomiyaki20, p-chan07, p-chan16, p-chan17, petshop05, petshop09, petshop10, petshop11, petshop14, petshop15, points05, points19, ruthless03, ruthless07, ruthless11, uncute17, knightmare08 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my bubbly01, bubbly02, bubbly03, bubbly04, bubbly05, bubbly06, bubbly07, bubbly08, bubbly09, bubbly10, bubbly11, bubbly12, bubbly13, bubbly15, bubbly17, bubbly18, bubbly19, bubbly20, bishi01, bishi03, bishi07, bishi08, bishi10, bishi12, bishi13, bishi14, bishi15, bishi16, bishi18, baths05, baths06, baths07, baths11, baths16, baths17, berrybell03, berrybell06, berrybell12, betrayer09, betrayer20 for filler00

November 05, 2017 ------------
- Traded ReneeTwist: my bow06, bow07, bow08, bow09, bow11, bow13, bow14, bow15, bow16, bow18, bow20, rascal11, rascal14, revival06, revival16, ring02, ronin01, ronin03, ronin05, ronin06, gransys05, gransys06, gransys07, kawasumia04, kawasumia08, kawasumia09, ousaka12, prophecy03, prophecy06, prophecy15, restoration14, samurais03, samurais14, samurais16, scientists09, scientists14, scientists16, scientists19, watermelon07, watermelon19 for filler00

November 04, 2017 ------------
- Traded Miro: my chu-hi01, chu-hi03, chu-hi09, chu-hi10, chu-hi15, chu-hi18, cold11, doll03, doll13, doll15, doll20, dtr12, dtr13, exorcist09, fabricated10, faust04, faust08, faust11, faust14, faust15, faust20, fiancee09, funeral09, broccoli01, broccoli03, broccoli06, broccoli09, broccoli12, broccoli13, broccoli16, broccoli17, byakko02, krik15, lieutenant16, nonexistent05, nonexistent09, nonexistent15, nonexistent16, nonexistent18, nonexistent19 for filler00

November 03, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my actionhero03, actionhero11, baka07, baka19, baka20, calamityhawk09, capitalism08, cardinal06, cardinal16, cardinal20, cartology01, cartology15, cartology18, cartology20, charms01, charms02, charms13, charms17, cheater02, cheerio11, close01, close02, close03, close05, close07, close08, close09, close11, close16, close17, close19, collar06, collar07, collar18, concern01, concern02, concern03, concern04, concern05, scorch18 for filler00

October 31, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ouji: my horned10, granny04 for filler00
- Traded Ouji: my badge02, jiangshi02, loveless02, luxury02, luxury03, luxury14, yamato02, yamato08, yamato19, trigger07, trinisette05, trinisette08, kalina15, rifle01, rifle04, rifle06, rifle15, rifle18, page12, page14, page17, punk08, punk18, polytechnic16, plane10, panda11, iga05, iga14, zaibatsu07, zaibatsu12, zaibatsu16, wildlife02, wildlife17 for filler00

October 30, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ouji: my balut01, balut03, balut11, balut19, balut20 for filler00
- Traded ReneeTwist: my bow01, bow02, bow04, bow05, brokenrose06, brokenrose18, clothespeg04, clothespeg17, clothespeg20, clumsy01, clumsy04, clumsy05, clumsy09, clumsy11, clumsy12, clumsy17, clumsy18, corn04, corn09, corn19, gransys02, gransys04, hats12, hats19, kawasumia05, kawasumia19, ousaka01, ousaka18, prophecy01, prophecy02, restoration03, restoration16, rins05, rins12, samurais01, samurais04, scientists01, scientists03, watermelon02, watermelon04 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my alias18, coach10, coach16, coach17, eddiecall15, elemia01, elemia02, elemia03, elemia05, elemia06, elemia09, elemia11, elemia12, elemia17, elemia19, elemia20, holyknight08, horoscope13, kissme12, kissme17, lightside09, lightside17, nekomimi12, newyears20, oriental01, oriental10, oriental17, ponytail18, sailorfuku05, sailorfuku06, sailorfuku17, sailorfuku19, swimtrunks12, swimtrunks13, swimtrunks17, swimtrunks18, swimtrunks20, swords03, swords05, swords06 for filler00

October 28, 2017 ------------
- Traded Jun: my netnavi01, nonomori03, nonomori16, nonomori18, nonomori19, nonomori20, nyu04, nyu05, nyu08, nyu09, nyu11, nyu13, nyu15, nyu18, nyu20, odinsword01, odinsword02, odinsword04, odinsword05, odinsword08, odinsword09, odinsword10, odinsword11, odinsword13, odinsword14, ojamajo03, ojamajo07, ojamajo17, olderwomen04, omega02, omega04, omega10, omega13, omega18, omega19, overclock05, overclock06, overclock12, overclock13, overclock14 for filler00

October 27, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my afternoons05, afternoons06, afternoons08, afternoons09, afternoons11, afternoons16, afternoons18, artemis02, artemis03, artemis04, artemis12, bloodyrose16, caduceus07, call10, shades02, shades03, shades04, shades05, shades12, shades18, tsubasa16, tsubasa17, tsubasa18, tsubasa19, caelin09, coexistence05, electric13, ethics01, ethics04, ethics05, ethics11, ethics12, ethics15, ethics19, scorch17, shotgun05, shotgun06, shotgun20, spiderqueen18, verycute04 for filler00
- Traded Emma: my 765pro17, 765pro18, 765pro19, aoitori02, aoitori03, aoitori08, aoitori10, aoitori16, aoitori17, aoitori19, corseit01, corseit13, futuring01, futuring03, futuring14, greatwitch08, iwant01, iwant02, iwant03, iwant05, iwant06, iwant07, iwant08, iwant09, iwant10, iwant11, iwant12, iwant13, kosmos08, kosmos18, lotte02, lotte05, lotte07, lotte11, lotte12, secondson17, tutorial05, tutorial10, tutorial13, vividkiss05 for filler00

October 25, 2017 ------------
- Traded Jane: my blues01, blues02, blues03, blues04, blues05, blues06, blues08, blues09, blues12, blues16, blues17, blues19, golems02, golems18, horse07, horse09, lizard02, lizard03, lizard04, lizard07, lizard09, lizard11, lizard14, lizard15, lizard16, lizard18, lizard19, lizard20, mantis20, mouse01, mouse04, mouse06, mouse15, pandora02, pandora07, pandora10, rooster01, rooster02, rooster06, rooster08 for filler00

October 23, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ouji: my sociable03, shogi02, shogi04, shogi11, solomon05, solomon17, presence12, wedding02, wedding06, werewolf10, whiteclown16, whiteclown17, womanizer02, womanizer14, womanizer16, womanizer18, yo-yo04, kusanagi19, kaminokoe06, kaminome10, murakumo02, murakumo11, nine04, nirvana02, nirvana06, zero-type09, zero-type11, hallowwoe19, hollywood03, hollywood04, hollywood10, hollywood12, hollywood14, hollywood17, raziel01, raziel07, raziel12, german13, tragedy03, tragedy09 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my uberhero02, uberhero04, uberhero05, uberhero08, uberhero13, uberhero16, uberhero20, centurio01, centurio02, centurio03, centurio04, centurio05, centurio06, centurio07, centurio08, centurio11, centurio12, centurio13, centurio15, centurio16, lavaorb04, lavaorb05, lavaorb08, lavaorb09, lavaorb14, lavaorb20, laevatein02, laevatein04, laevatein05, laevatein06, laevatein09, laevatein10, laevatein13, laevatein14, laevatein15, laevatein16, laevatein18, kasshin04, kasshin17, kasshin18 for filler00
- Traded Raie: my mariposa01, mariposa05, mariposa07, mariposa08, mariposa09, mariposa10, mariposa13, mariposa14, mariposa15, mariposa16, matriarch01, matriarch04, matriarch08, matriarch10, matriarch11, matriarch16, matriarch19, matriarch20, maxter05, maxter12, maxter14, maxter17, merge07, merge17, understand02, understand04, understand05, understand07, understand11, understand12, understand15, universe604, worthy01, worthy07, worthy08, worthy09, worthy15, worthy16, worthy18, xrosheart02, yami13, yami15, yami16, yondaime07, yondaime10, yondaime16, namekian06, perfection02, perfection04, perfection05, perfection13, perfection15, perfection20 for filler00

October 20, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my attentive20, beguile11, bloodwhip01, bloodyrose06, bloodyrose08, bloodyrose10, bloodyrose13, changshan06, changshan09, changshan11, changshan12, changshan13, changshan14, changshan17, changshan19, fisticuffs03, fisticuffs04, fisticuffs09, mascots04, qipao02, qipao17, qipao19, remakes08, tsubasa03, tsubasa05, tsubasa09, tsubasa15, denied03, denied04, freeze09, freeze10, freeze12, freeze15, freeze16, freeze18, freeze19, freeze20, gerudo03, gerudo04, gerudo06 for filler00

October 17, 2017 ------------
- Traded Jun: my black13, portalstone01, portalstone05, portalstone10, portalstone12, portalstone13, portalstone15, rift02, rift03, rift04, rift05, rift06, rift07, rift08, rift09, rift14, rift18, rift19, rift20, koryuji16, mythical15, mythical07, meridiana12, magickey07, magickey18, magickey19, manynames11, kenpo01, kenpo02, kenpo03, kenpo04, kenpo06, kenpo07, kenpo09, kenpo10, kenpo11, kenpo12, kenpo16, kenpo18, kenpo19 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my aristocratic03, aristocratic06, ally03, ally04, ally05, ally06, ally07, ally08, ally09, ally10, ally11, ally12, ally13, ally14, ally15, ally16, ally17, ally19, ally20, queen13, queen16, tomboyish04, warfare04, warfare09, biscuit02, biscuit03, biscuit05, biscuit06, biscuit07, biscuit08, biscuit09, biscuit10, biscuit11, biscuit12, biscuit13, biscuit14, biscuit15, biscuit18, biscuit19, biscuit20 for filler00

October 15, 2017 ------------
- Traded Harris: my pilots02, pilots03, pilots04, pilots05, pilots07, pilots08, pilots09, pilots10, pilots11, pilots14, pilots16, pilots18, pilots19, pilots20, yellow06, yellow16, guns11, guns12, guns14, allies05, nurse02, nurse03, nurse04, nurse05, nurse07, nurse08, nurse09, nurse10, nurse11, nurse12, nurse13, nurse14, nurse16, nurse17, nurse18, nurse19, nyanyaya02, nyanyaya06, nyanyaya10, nyanyaya11 for filler00
- Traded Charlotte: my 198802, 198815, 198816, abu08, abu14, abu20, blackshadow02, blackshadow12, blackshadow14, blackshadow20, bodyswap16, coupdetat20, melonpan02, performage02, performage06, performage09, predatory06, predatory11, predatory13, predatory14, predatory20, seeing12, spices01, starvevenom05, swimmer09, swindler04, swindler06, swindler18, thavas06, thavas08, thavas14, thavas20, thehand03, topidol01, trashy10, wrestler02, wrestler12, wrestler20, yakisobapan05, spellcaster01 for filler00

October 13, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my against07, androgynous07, apologize19, asapin04, blackharu20, boulder19, captive01, captive17, dhampir04, dhampir08, dhampir20, dreaming12, dreaming14, ecure01, ecure02, ecure08, ecure11, kunst10, kunst12, kunst14, kunst16, kunst17, kusarigama02, littlegirl15, miasma03, miasma05, perfect05, perfect13, perfect15, perfect18, unchanging10, world01, world02, world04, world10, world15, world16, world03, world09, world14 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my cheri02, cheri04, cheri07, cheri12, cheri17, cheri18, healer01, healer05, healer06, healer07, healer08, healer11, healer14, healer16, healer17, healer18, healer19, healer20, refined02, refined03, refined04, refined05, refined06, refined08, refined09, refined10, refined12, refined13, refined14, refined16, refined18, refined19, refined20, regulus02, regulus06, regulus13, regulus14, regulus15, regulus17, onmyoji07 for filler00

October 12, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ouji: my hakoniwa15, harbors04, kutanagi17, kweh17, ladle01, ladle07, ladle11, ladle14, mako-chan07, mako-chan19, mjolnir09, napping16, punches06, punches08, punches10, punches15, rank04, rank11, rank13, rank14, rank15, rank18, rank20, rep05, rep07, rep11, sungod08, sungod20, swimclub05, teasing06, teasing08, teasing14, trips18, tsukuyomi08, watchers14, wickedeye05, wickedeye09, yewbow20, youmu14, yuusha11 for filler00

October 09, 2017 ------------
- Traded Jun: my affection17, actress18, better12, buttercup01, buttercup02, buttercup03, buttercup05, buttercup06, buttercup07, buttercup08, buttercup09, buttercup10, buttercup13, buttercup15, buttercup16, buttercup17, buttercup20, dhampir01, dhampir07, dhampir08, dhampir11, dhampir15, dhampir17, diabolist05, diabolist08, diabolist09, diabolist11, diabolist13, diabolist17, giroexpress16, giroexpress17, holybell11, honeyflash14, idiocy01, idiocy03, idiocy07, idiocy08, infatuated19, interaction10, interaction11 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my aristocratic01, aristocratic03, aristocratic06, aristocratic07, aristocratic09, aristocratic10, aristocratic11, aristocratic13, aristocratic14, epyon01, epyon08, epyon18, epyon19, preventer03, preventer04, preventer09, preventer10, preventer11, preventer12, preventer13, preventer14, preventer15, preventer16, preventer18, performer01, performer08, performer09, performer13, personality01, personality04, personality14, personality15, personality20, queen02, queen03, queen08, queen11, queen13, queen16, queen17 for filler00

October 08, 2017 ------------
- Traded Harris: my tarot02, tarot03, tarot04, tarot05, tarot06, tarot07, tarot08, tarot10, tarot12, tarot13, tarot16, tarot17, tarot18, redeyed12, rougeschool08, whipsmack19, whitesilver08, bluesea15, giganto04, giganto14, jadedragon10, jadedragon14, engagement03, engagement04, engagement05, engagement12, engagement14, engagement15, engagement18, engagement20, gnosis10, gnosis18, precure15, younggirls02, pc-9807, pc-9812, pc-9813, pc-9814, pc-9816, pc-9820, underwater08 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my abusive03, abusive05, abusive06, abusive07, abusive08, abusive09, abusive10, abusive11, abusive12, abusive13, abusive17, abusive18, abusive19, apologize16, apologize19, apostle11, apostle12, apostle14, apostle17, archadia10, older02, older04, older05, older06, older08, older09, older14, older17, older18, shades07, shades11, shades12, shades13, shades15, shades16, shades17, shades18, shades19, shades20, zanpakuto06 for filler00
- Traded AnnaD: my wolf03, achoo01, abh01, abh02, abh03, abh04, abh05, abh06, abh07, abh08, abh09, abh10, abh12, abh13, abh14, abh15, abh17, abh18, abh19, abh20, analyze01, analyze02, analyze03, analyze04, analyze05, analyze06, analyze07, analyze08, analyze09, analyze10, analyze11, analyze12, analyze13, analyze15, analyze16, analyze17, analyze18, tekigousha01, earth02, rain07 for filler00

October 07, 2017 ------------
- Traded Mercy: my sekigahara01, sekigahara04, sekigahara08, sekigahara12, sekigahara13, maleprotags04, maleprotags16, maleprotags18, miyanom05, miyanom19, nekomimi05, nekomimi12, nekomimi19, nao15, stupidcat11, stupidcat16, shrine15, condiments14, thehero03, thehero04, thehero05, thehero07, thehero08, thehero10, thehero11, thehero12, thehero14, thehero15, thehero17, thehero20, terran20, demonking02, demonking07, demonking11, demonking12, demonking14, raison17, wolf14, analyze20, eyelashes02 for filler00
- Traded miro: my ossan08, meganes06, fine09, himegimi03, inspector20, kijin03, kijin08, kijin10, kijin15, kijin19, massacre20, nidaime20, nonaginta11, nonaginta14, nonaginta16, origami02, separate08, spiderwebs06, spiderwebs07, torule12 for filler00

October 06, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my directions12, directions17, directions20, grandetoile02, grandetoile03, grandetoile04, grandetoile05, grandetoile06, idiotson12, idiotson18, idolfan19, menoris02, menoris03, menoris04, menoris06, menoris08, schwarzwelt18, schwarzwelt20, tharsis04, tharsis06, tharsis15, possible03, possible06, possible07, possible10, possible11, practice03, practice09, puppets04, puppets09, scrambled01, scrambled06, scrambled07, scrambled10, scrambled13, tent02, tent05, tent07, tent09, tent11 for filler00

October 05, 2017 ------------
- Traded Cassie: my dattebayo02, dattebayo05, dattebayo11, dattebayo13, dattebayo15, dattebayo16, dattebayo17, forehead10, orbit01, orbit04, orbit05, orbit06, orbit08, orbit11, orbit12, orbit15, orbit19, poland07, toyboat04, toyboat06, toyboat12, toyboat13, toyboat15, toyboat18, toyboat20 for filler00
- Traded Ouji: my aizu04, aizu18, allmate03, block01, blonddevil03, cointoss07, cointoss15, cointoss16, compulsive13, create16, cryogenic09, cryogenic11, deargho16, deceptively02, delve13, dojo08, domination01, domination04, domination12, drives20, dryjuice09, dummy06, duras04, duras14, duras17, enthusiastic02, enthusiastic14, eon08, epsilon17, excellent15, flamenpink09, flirtatious06, force02, force04, force07, force11, force20, frog12, geisha03, geisha16 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my asakawa01, asakawa02, asakawa08, asakawa14, asakawa18, asakawa20, fraternal04, fraternal05, fraternal10, fraternal12, fraternal18, garden01, garden03, garden06, garden11, garden15, garden16, lawyer01, lawyer02, lawyer03, lawyer04, lawyer05, lawyer06, lawyer07, lawyer14, lawyer19, pediatrician02, pediatrician03, pediatrician10, pediatrician11, tenacity19, buddhist01, buddhist02, buddhist11, buddhist18, echigoya01, echigoya17, onmyoji02, onmyoji06 for filler00

October 03, 2017 ------------
- Traded Lacie: my sleighbeggy04, sleighbeggy06, sleighbeggy12, sleighbeggy16, sleighbeggy18 for filler00
- Traded IvoryandHorn: my youcopy01, youcopy02, youcopy03, youcopy05, youcopy06, youcopy08, youcopy12, youcopy13, youcopy14, youcopy16, youcopy17, youcopy18, youcopy19 for filler00

October 02, 2017 ------------
- Traded Netbug: my 5stars01, 5stars02, 5stars04, 5stars09, 3-a01, 3-a02, 3-a05, 3-a09, 3-a10, 3-a14, 3-a16, 3-a17, 3-a19, 3-a20, 2-a02, 2-a07, 2-a08, 2-a10, 2-a13, 2-a15, revenge11, revenge12, revenge14, revenge18, revenge19, unchanging10, unchanging20, uncle18, whistle04, whistle06, whistle09, whistle11, whistle13, whistle16, widowed11, witchtrial01, witchtrial05, witchtrial06, witchtrial07, witchtrial11 for filler00

October 01, 2017 ------------
- Traded Harris: my 5stars01, 5stars02, 5stars04, 5stars06, 5stars09, 5stars10, 5stars12, 5stars13, 5stars14, 5stars16, 5stars17, 5stars18, 5stars19, 5stars20, dogtags03, dogtags07, dogtags08, dogtags11, dogtags12, dogtags19, hair01, hair02, hair04, hair05, hair08, hair10, harvard02, harvard04, harvard05, harvard15, harvard18, grandcross03, grandcross06, grandcross11, grandcross15, grandcross16, grandcross19, grandcross20 for filler00
- Traded Charlotte: my breaktime03, favoring03, favoring04, favoring05, favoring09, favoring12, favoring13, favoring17, favoring18, favoring20, frozen04, frozen06, frozen16, frozen17, hugging19, komoicorps09, lazying06, lazying17, lazying18, loyalty02, loyalty16, malamute15, ninjaclub02, ninjaclub20, oshi-san06, pachinko02, pachinko10, pachinko14, pal05, pal09, pal17, prankdevil01, twisted01, twisted03, twisted06, twisted07, twisted10, twisted12, twisted13, twisted18 for filler00

September 29, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my 12thpillar19, allegiance03, amour12, barrettes19, binbougami17, biometals04, black08, blazingyato03, boxweapons10, caelin09, caged01, caged05, caged07, cameraman01, cameraman09, cameraman13, cameraman18, center18, charismatic15, charismatic18, charismatic19, cherish08, cherish12, cherish16, cherish17, chessboard01, dandelion05, dandelion06, dandelion09, dandelion11, dandelion15, danderes08, darling14, nekomimi14, neshitteru06, nia09, nia10, nia12, nia13, nia14 for filler00

September 28, 2017 ------------
- Traded Aletha: my astral07, astral14, astral15, astral17, easygoing02, easygoing08, easygoing12, easygoing14, easygoing16, meiji03, meiji04, meiji06, meiji07, meiji08, meiji09, meiji10, meiji11, meiji13, meiji15, meiji16, meiji20, minister14, stylist01, stylist02, stylist03, stylist04, stylist06, stylist07, stylist08, stylist09, stylist10, stylist12, stylist14, stylist15, stylist17, stylist18, stylist19, stylist20, tenacity08, tenacity14 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my supporting17, takeover11, takeover12, woman03, maleantags09, maleantags14, maleprotags01, maleprotags04, maleprotags08, maleprotags11, maleprotags13, maleprotags16, maleprotags18, villains02, villains05, villains07, villains09, villains15, villains19 for filler00

September 26, 2017 ------------
- Traded Lacie: my binbougami03, binbougami04, binbougami05, binbougami07, binbougami08, binbougami13, binbougami16, binbougami17, happiness02, happiness06, happiness08, happiness10, happiness13, happiness15, happiness18, happiness19, honeyboy03, honeyboy05, honeyboy07, honeyboy12, honeyboy14, honeyboy17, honeyboy19, honeyboy20, masochism17, masochism18, neesan02, neesan05, neesan07, neesan10, neesan12, neesan19, twig01, twig02, twig09, twig10, twig13, twig19, upbringing05, kokuryu02 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my rabi02, rabi04, rabi06, rabi09, rabi16, rabi20, redjewels10, redjewels11, ridiculous02, ridiculous05, ridiculous10, ridiculous12, ridiculous13, ridiculous14, ridiculous16, ridiculous17, ridiculous18, ridiculous19, ridiculous20, seduction15, selfless11, sacchin02, sacchin03, sacchin05, sacchin06, sacchin08, sacchin09, sacchin10, sacchin11, sacchin12, sacchin13, sacchin14, sacchin15, sacchin17, sacchin20, scar02, scar06, scar07, scar10, scar13 for filler00

September 25, 2017 ------------
- Traded Cassie: my kaleidostar02, kaleidostar03, kaleidostar04, kaleidostar05, kaleidostar06, kaleidostar07, kaleidostar10, kaleidostar11, kaleidostar12, kaleidostar15, kaleidostar16, kaleidostar19, kaleidostar20, origami17, orenji02, orenji08, orenji10, orenji12, orenji16, parties03, parties04, parties13, parties14, parties16 for filler00

September 23, 2017 ------------
- Traded Harris: my biker11, biker17, biker19, recessive01, recessive02, recessive05, recessive08, recessive10, recessive11, recessive17, recessive19, recessive20, hair06, hair07, hair08, hair09, hair10, hair11, hair14, hair19, illegal01, illegal02, illegal04, illegal05, illegal07, illegal08, illegal09, illegal10, illegal11, illegal13, illegal14, illegal16, illegal18, illegal19, illegal20, 315pro06, 315pro08, 315pro09, 315pro11, 315pro16 for filler00

September 22, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my cakes16, ceo09, charismatic02, charismatic09, charismatic10, cherish02, cherish03, cherish04, magitek06, secondlife04, shades19, swimtrunks04, swimtrunks06, swimtrunks07, swimtrunks09, swimtrunks11, younger15, naive12, naive18, russia06, sagittarius03, sariassong10, sextuplet01, shadowless06, sheeh01, sheeh12, silpelit17, snakesword09, snakesword11, snakesword13, snakesword15, snakesword16, snakesword17, snakesword20, submit08, submit14, submit18, subordinate01, uaa08, voice11 for filler00

September 20, 2017 ------------
- Traded Aletha: my entrails12, entrails13, entrails14, entrails15, entrails17, entrails18, entrails19, entrails20, flirting05, flirting07, flirting08, flirting12, flirting19, imitating16, paint02, paint03, paint04, paint05, paint07, paint09, paint10, paint11, paint12, paint13, paint14, paint15, paint17, paint19, paint20, vines01, vines04, vines07, vines08, vines10, vines11, vines14, vines15, vines16, vines19, vines20 for filler00

September 19, 2017 ------------
- Traded Charlotte: my absolute16, ahsha08, altmile14, altmile18, arrogance19, attorney10, attorney17, beautymark19, beelzebub11, borealis04, borealis13, brainwasher06, brainwasher19, clairvoyant13, copying16, darts10, dates08, dinosaur14, dln-00304, dln-00706, dln-00803, doubt18, dwn-02306, godstongue01, godswill08, godswill10, jello05, jello17, lightspeed09, loveletter18, melodious01, popnbeat19, presence05, presence06, psychology18, purewhite02, sirens17, gensokyo18, psi08, sevenstars17 for filler00

September 17, 2017 ------------
- Traded Harris: my pact04, pact10, pact18, bel12, bel19, bel01, bel05, bel06, at-low01, at-low03, at-low04, at-low05, at-low06, at-low11, at-low12, at-low14, at-low17, sequencer02, sequencer03, sequencer05, sequencer06, sequencer07, sequencer09, sequencer12, sequencer13, sequencer15, sequencer16, sequencer17, sequencer18, saints01, saints05, saints09, saints15, saints17, right02, judgment01, judgment03, judgment05, judgment13, judgment19 for filler00

September 15, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my colossi17, controlled13, crossfire13, darkdjinn10, detective04, devotion02, isshu17, keyhole05, keyhole16, police14, samurais04, sinnoh20, leylines11, redchild09, redchild16, restoration12, royalty16, ruin09, ruin13, ruin14, rush16, sailorfuku12, scientists18, seconds18, serenade16, shard14, shard15, silenthero04, silenthero08, silenthero11, sisters19, sleep04, sleep13, split16, split20, squad42206, stench08, west20, wetsuit01, yanderes09 for filler00
- Traded Lacie: my powder08, playboy11, playboy14, playboy16, playboy19, presidente03, presidente12, presidente15, pms01, pms02, pms03, pms06, pms07, pms18, composer15, centurion18, blackharu10, blackharu20, kimono14, seahorse07, seahorse08, sorry02, sorry03, sorry12, determined04, determined05, determined07, determined14, lovestruck04, lovestruck07, lovestruck13, lovestruck20, lumberjack15, lumberjack16, renegade03, renegade10, renegade13, renegade17, renegade20, ruinmode14 for filler00
- Traded Netbug: my balloon04, basketball07, basketball09, basketball12, basketball13, basketball15, bellossom16, crimson02, crimson12, determined05, determined09, determined12, determined18, determined20, fitness07, flyingpress15, fuhrer02, fuhrer03, fuhrer09, hadouken03, hadouken05, hadouken09, hadouken13, hadouken14, hero06, hero12, icequeen14, idol12, idol19, idol20, junes16, junes18, kid15, kimono03, kimono11, kimono19, labyrinthia18, legal04, legal13, loveshower01 for filler00

September 14, 2017 ------------
- Traded Jun: my hoshido01, hoshido11, hoshido17, millennia10, ninjaclub07, secretrealm03, secretrealm12, secretrealm13, secretrealm16, secretrealm18, secretrealm20, silverstar01, silverstar07, silverstar09, silverstar11, silverstar12, silverstar15, silverstar19, silverstar20, chemist17, chessboard04, chessboard06, chessboard13, chores01, chores02, chores03, chores04, chores06, chores07, chores09, chores09, chores10, chores12, chores13, chores14, chores16, chores17, chores18, chores19, chores20 for filler00

September 13, 2017 ------------
- Traded Lahariel: my eyepatches03, fisticuffs06, zealous20, throatfly08, throatfly20, trinisette03, wolfsbane07, wolfsbane19, magma01, magma05, magma06, magma13, magma18, vassal08, vassal18, solemnvow08, solemnvow10, symbologist01, symbologist04, symbologist08, symbologist13, symbologist15, symbologist16, symbologist17, inugami01, inugami03, inugami04, inugami05, inugami06, inugami11, inugami15, inugami20, jr03, punisher03, punisher07, punisher08, punisher10, punisher14, punisher15, punisher16 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my aura20, dreamworld01, dreamworld02, dreamworld03, dreamworld06, dreamworld07, dreamworld09, dreamworld10, dreamworld11, dreamworld13, dreamworld14, dreamworld15, dreamworld16, dreamworld18, dreamworld20, entrails02, entrails05, entrails06, entrails07, entrails09, entrails11, masou01, masou02, masou03, masou04, masou05, masou06, masou07, masou08, masou09, masou10, masou11, masou12, masou13, masou14, masou15, masou16, masou17, masou18, masou20 for filler00

September 11, 2017 ------------
- Traded IvoryandHorn: my 4-dpocket01, 4-dpocket05, 4-dpocket08, 4-dpocket11, 4-dpocket14, 4-dpocket19, elegant19, friend17, gnaw03, gnaw04, gnaw14, gnaw19, gnaw20, india20, precise01, precise07, precise16, tercera08, tercera09, tercera12, tercera16, tercera20, tianzi11, territory05, territory17, suit19, sensei10, sensei18, rare13, unlimited02, unlimited07, unlimited12 for filler00

September 09, 2017 ------------
- Traded Harris: my gamevil01, gamevil02, gamevil03, gamevil05, gamevil06, gamevil07, gamevil08, gamevil09, gamevil10, gamevil11, gamevil12, gamevil13, gamevil14, gamevil15, gamevil16, gamevil17, gamevil18, gamevil19, gamevil20, house07, pediatrician01, pediatrician02, pediatrician03, pediatrician04, pediatrician05, pediatrician07, pediatrician08, pediatrician09, pediatrician10, pediatrician11, pediatrician12, pediatrician15, pediatrician18, operator05, operator06, operator07, operator08, operator09, operator14, operator15 for filler00
- Traded Anna D: my background11, background12, blame01, blame02, blame03, blame05, blame07, blame08, blame09, blame10, blame11, blame13, blame14, blame15, blame18, blame19, blame20, mindofgod07, mindofgod17, novelist11, novelist13, novelist14, novelist16, novelist18, youthful20, austria15, austria19, austria20, eroge01, eroge06, eroge08, eroge09, eroge13, eroge14, eroge15, eroge18, eroge19, exorcist02, exorcist05, exorcist06 for filler00

September 06, 2017 ------------
- Traded Lahariel: my bellflower03, bellflower08, bellflower20, drain06, frog01, frog05, frog12, frog16, frog18, frog19, gravity04, gravity05, gravity09, gravity10, gravity11, gravity15, gravity20, hahi08, hahi13, hahi17, hahi18, inherit05, inherit08, inherit09, inherit10, inherit15, inherit20, inventions01, inventions12, inventions17, righthand02, righthand05, righthand14, rod10, rod12, rod17, knives17, voi12, zealous04, zealous15 for filler00
- Traded Nikita: my necktie15, novel01, samekh02, samekh03, samekh07, samekh08, samekh10, samekh11, samekh12, samekh13, samekh14, samekh18, samekh20, sunlight02, sunlight03, sunlight04, sunlight05, sunlight06, sunlight10, sunlight12, sunlight14, sunlight15, sunlight20, shrine16, soccer04, soccer07, soccer19, tonedeaf16, traveler10, traveler16, trophy17, twirl01, twirl02, twirl03, twirl05, twirl08, twirl12, twirl14, typhoon14 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my aura01, aura02, aura03, aura07, aura08, aura09, aura10, aura12, aura14, aura15, aura16, aura19, necromancer01, necromancer02, necromancer05, necromancer06, necromancer08, necromancer09, necromancer10, necromancer13, necromancer14, necromancer16, necromancer17, necromancer18, necromancer20, vampire01, vampire03, vampire04, vampire05, vampire06, vampire07, vampire09, vampire10, vampire11, vampire14, vampire16, vampire17, vampire18, vampire19, vampire20 for filler00

September 05, 2017 ------------
- Traded Cassie: my lovewing18, tsunderes08, tsunderes11, tsunderes14, tsunderes19, musicians06, musicians07, musicians11, musicians17, nanodesu02, nanodesu03, godstongue01, godstongue02, godstongue15, godstongue20, scold20 for filler00

September 04, 2017 ------------
- Traded Jun: my apocrypha12, apocrypha13, apocrypha14, apocrypha15, apocrypha16, apocrypha17, apocrypha19, atlas02, atlas04, atlas06, atlas07, atlas09, atlas13, atlas14, atlas19, cybele02, cybele13, cybele16, cybele20, feel20, forklift04, forklift05, forklift17, forklift19, fragarach02, fragarach04, fragarach05, fragarach07, fragarach08, fragarach09, fragarach10, fragarach11, fragarach12, fragarach13, fragarach14, fragarach16, fragarach17, fragarach18, fragarach19, fragarach20 for filler00

September 03, 2017 ------------
- Traded Lacie: my apocalypse12, apologize09, apologize10, apologize16, apologize19, betrayed01, betrayed03, betrayed06, betrayed07, betrayed09, betrayed14, betrayed20, denpa17, clones02, clones04, clones07, clones10, clones14, clones15, greenthumb06, greenthumb11, nullify06, nullify07, nullify08, nullify09, nullify11, nullify14, nullify15, nullify16, nullify20, seahorse10, unchanging06, unchanging07, unchanging08, unchanging10, unchanging12, unchanging14, unchanging15, unchanging16, unchanging20 for filler00
- Traded Aru: my 2-a02, 2-a07, 2-a08, 2-a10, 2-a12, 2-a13, 2-a14, 2-a15, 2-a20, 3-a02, 3-a03, 3-a04, 3-a05, 3-a09, 3-a10, 3-a14, 3-a16, 3-a17, 3-a19, 3-a20, flamenco02, flashing02, flashing20, garrote02, garrote04, garrote06, garrote08, garrote10, garrote12, garrote13, garrote14, garrote15, garrote19, pluviose03, pluviose04, pluviose05, pluviose07, pluviose17, pluviose18, pluviose20 for filler00

September 02, 2017 ------------
- Traded Anna: my 75th01, acchan07, amber11, amber15, beasts02, blackberry06, dearj01, diclonius03, diclonius04, effortless03, effortless10, haikei08, haikei11, hebirote04, houdai09, houdai13, idolfangirl01, idolfangirl02, linda16, magic19, mainyu11, monomi11, normal19, position014, shonichi08, shonichi10, raijin15, yuihan01, yuihan18, danderes14, decbirthday02, gensokyo18, janbirthday02, octbirthday04, silhouettes11, silhouettes17, seinen15, irides03, clergy20, sawashirom11 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my capitalism18, boxweapon02, lucavi10, lucavi18, gravekeeper12, gravekeeper13, gravekeeper18, gravekeeper20, judgement02, judgement07, judgement10, judgement14, judgement17, judgement18, judgement19, patriot10, patriot17, nyaa02, nyaa05, nyaa08, nyaa10, nyaa11, nyaa13, nyaa15, nyaa16, nyaa18, nishi01, nishi02, nishi03, nishi04, nishi05, nishi06, nishi07, nishi10, nishi12, nishi13, nishi14, nishi15, nishi17, nishi18 for filler00

September 01, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my 001, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 008, 009, 012, 013, 014, 017, 018, 019, 1814, bolverk07, bolverk08, bolverk11, bolverk12, bolverk14, escaped02, escaped03, escaped04, escaped05, escaped06, escaped08, escaped09, escaped10, escaped13, escaped14, escaped16, escaped17, escaped18, escaped19, escaped20, gamevil01, gamevil02, gamevil03, gamevil05, gamevil06 for filler00

August 30, 2017 ------------
- Traded Lahariel: my trinisette04, trinisette05, trinisette16, trinisette18, trinisette19, boxweapon02, boxweapon09, boxweapon10, boxweapon13, boxweapon18, cedef09, cedef19, dynamite07, dynamite17, outdated01, outdated03, outdated07, outdated09, outdated11, outdated13, outdated15, oolong06, nagi15, mechanic13, mechanic14, mechanic16, mechanic19, kora04, kora13, illusions05, illusions15, wrath07, wrath13, pinzu01, pinzu02, pinzu06, pinzu10, pinzu13, pinzu15, pinzu16 for filler00
- Traded Netbug: my alabasta03, alabasta11, bigeater08, bigeater12, bigeater14, chao07, chao12, chromacamo02, chromacamo13, dandy08, elocution17, gastanets01, gastanets06, gastanets10, gastanets13, gastanets17, gastanets20, giraffe03, hyena17, hyena20, modo-modo01, modo-modo07, modo-modo10, modo-modo16, modo-modo19, modo-modo20, mysticruins18, tornado08, tornado12, whitehorse10, wingly17, megadrive10, megadrive13, megadrive16, megadrive20 for filler00
- Traded Nikita: my 8years18, allegiance10, angels10, angels12, angels20, apples07, apples10, assassin12, attache06, attache11, barrelroll04, barrelroll05, beelzebub03, beelzebub05, beelzebub08, begnion20, bepsi17, blanket08, bonfire04, bravo04, bravo05, bravo06, bravo08, bravo09, bravo11, bravo12, bravo13, bravo14, bravo15, bravo16, bravo19, burn11, burn19, chat14, christianity16, cinderella08, coffee06, collapses15, crossdress04, crossdress16 for filler00

August 29, 2017 ------------
- Traded Aletha: my absence01, absence07, absence18, aquaactress11, aquaactress12, bigbenkei05, bigbenkei10, chi16, defend01, defend10, defend11, defend15, excluded01, excluded11, kwando05, kwando08, kwando14, kwando15, kwando16, kwando20, maracas03, mushi19, piccolo06, precipices06, predilection01, predilection02, predilection06, predilection09, predilection12, predilection15, predilection16, ribbonchan07, ribbonchan16, sandaime11, smart-mouth04, smart-mouth06, smart-mouth09, tarotrei11, undead14, undead19 for filler00
- Traded Anna D: my hre02, hre15, hre16, hre18, geek01, geek02, geek13, geek15, geek16, geek17, geek20, tactician03, tactician04, tactician05, tactician07, tactician09, tactician11, tactician12, tactician14, tactician15, sweden10, sweden12, sweden13, sweden16, maschera04, maschera06, maschera07, maschera12, maschera15, maschera17, maschera18, nyan09, nyan13, nyan18, necessarius02, necessarius11, necessarius16, necessarius17, necessarius18, necessarius20 for filler00

August 28, 2017 ------------
- Traded Sky: my elecbeam12, elecbeam19, flowershop02, flowershop12, fodra05, fodra16, fontech19, forgotten14, foulmouthed02, foulmouthed08, foulmouthed12, foxtail08, fullmetal19, galaxyidol04, galaxyidol07, gatlingpin06, gatlingpin13, gladsheim08, gravityhole18, grumpy05, grumpy13, hephsin02, hephsin04, hephsin07, hephsin08, hephsin13, hideandseek01, hideandseek05, hissing14, hokage18, hod05, hod06, hospital04, hospital18, iciclefall10, interview16, ishrasark03, ishval07, ishval10, ishval20 for filler00
- Traded ivoryandhorn: my saga01, saga04, saga06, saga07, saga12, saga13, saga14, saga18, demifiend04, demifiend06, demifiend16, haicopy01, haicopy02, haicopy03, haicopy05, haicopy07, haicopy08, haicopy09, haicopy11, haicopy13, haicopy16, haicopy17, haicopy19, haicopy20, indecent11, indecent20, joajna03, joajna07, joajna08, joajna13, joajna18, masks01, masks08, masks17, kunlun03, kunlun04, kunlun06, kunlun11, kunlun12, kunlun16 for filler00

August 27, 2017 ------------
- Traded Cami: my 3-e09, headphones05, headphones12, octbirthday01, onod15, onod16, onod19, onod20, pristo07, pristo17 for filler00
- Traded Lee: my bake09, bell19, blueoni04, breast01, engaged02, esper14, esper19, idolize09, judge06, librarian14, librarian16, redoni06, ruby01, symphony01, fairytales16, hayashibara10, hayashibara13, ogata10, sugitan08, sugitan10, sugitan12 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my policeman03, policeman08, policeman12, policeman13, prison05, extreme01, extreme14, extreme18, extreme20, fontech14, comp08, comp10, comp11, comp13, comp14, cyborg13, dolly03, dolly08, dolly19, bangle04, bangle05, bangle07, bangle10, bangle13, bangle17, bangle20, basil06, gene01, gene04, gene15, gene19, gene20, gin01, gin05, gin07, gin19, gravekeeper04, gravekeeper05, gravekeeper07, gravekeeper10 for filler00

August 26, 2017 ------------
- Traded Jun: my antisocial02, green16, infected05, infected15, nyaa03, nyaa04, nyaa08, nyaa12, nyaa17, nyaa19, tarotrei20, tarotrei19, tarotrei05, tarotrei06, tactical14, tactical15, tuxedo04, thehand14, thechariot11, totalwood01, totalwood19, teacher04, tied12, stararrow04, scarlet01, scarlet12, scarlet15, scarlet18, spirit14, spiritwave02, spiritwave04, spiritwave07, spiritwave17, sacraments04, sayo05, rope13, ropes16, reading07, revenant04, remember09 for filler00
- Traded Miro: my fukujun04, guertena20, miyanom14, miyanom19, swords01, swords06, swords12, swords18, swords19, swords20, tartarus05, tartarus06, tartarus17, universe11, universe12, winter06, winter10 for filler00

August 25, 2017 ------------
- Traded Jane: my hoteldusk07, hoteldusk11, supporting01, supporting03, supporting04, supporting05, supporting09, supporting11, supporting12, supporting13, supporting17, supporting18, supporting19, supporting20 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my temsik07, temsik09 for filler00

August 24, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my aptx486910, aptx486915, attack01, attack03, attack08, attack12, attack14, bomb04, bomb05, bomb07, bomb08, bomb16, bomb20, chick08, devotion02, devotion04, devotion05, devotion17, earthshaker10, earthshaker14, earthshaker16, elegance03, filmmaker03, filmmaker07, honeybuddha17, indoors03, indoors05, jingling20, pomegranate18, razorleaf05, seconds06, seconds09, seconds11, seconds18, strawberry07, strawberry15, takeout01, tamarin04, tamarin07, timberowl18 for filler00

August 23, 2017 ------------
- Traded Lita: my bishi01, bishi03, bishi04, bishi05, bishi06, bishi09, bishi10, bishi12, bishi13, bishi14, fes01, fes02, fes08, fes11, fes15, fes16, fes18, feiris10, feiris13, garugari01, garugari02, garugari04, garugari08, garugari10, garugari11, garugari14, garugari16, garugari19, gero02, gero03, gero05, gero09, gero14, gero15, gero18, telepathy04, telepathy06, telepathy11, telepathy12, telepathy17 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my doujinshi02, doujinshi03, doujinshi05, doujinshi06, doujinshi11, doujinshi12, doujinshi18, doujinshi19, doujinshi20, dull02, dull03, dull04, dull05, dull06, dull07, dull09, dull11, dull16, dull18, dull19, dull20, fluffal11, fullest05, fullest12, fullest17, gemknight05, ghouls17, idols03, idols04, idols08, idols11, idols14, idols15, idols19, necklace14, polite01, revive02, roids05, space05, space19 for filler00
- Traded Lahariel: my namimori06, nibelung01, nibelung06, nibelung10, nibelung19, okashira01, okashira02, okashira04, okashira09, okashira13, okashira14, okashira16, okashira17, okashira19, okonomiyaki10, okonomiyaki14, okonomiyaki16, order04, order05, order08, order13, order19, overlord05, overlord13, overlord18, pluto05, prinny04, puppet02, puppet04, puppet07, puppet08, puppet09, puppet11, puppet13, puppet15, puppet17, puppet18, puppet19, quincy02, quincy12 for filler00

August 21, 2017 ------------
- Traded Nikita: my hollie05, hollie06, hollie16, hollie17, hollie19, impostor05, impostor09, impostor10, impostor15, iris16, meimei04, meimei05, meimei14, meimei16, meimei18, machiavelli20, lempicka08, berrybell01, berrybell03, berrybell06, berrybell12, berrybell15, berrybell19, suidream04, suidream05, suidream07, suidream10, suidream14, suidream15, snowdrop05, snowdrop09, snowdrop19, whirlwind14, whirlwind17, whirlwind20, daggers02, daggers04, daggers06, daggers09, daggers13 for filler00

August 20, 2017 ------------
- Traded Anna D: my eros06, entei13, entei20, benois02, balbadd01, background03, background09, icehockey01, prussia19, comnet01, comnet09, comnet10, comnet12, comnet13, comnet14, comnet15, comnet16, comnet17, comnet20, cloud18, cloud20, cleanfreak01, cleanfreak02, cleanfreak12, faithful14, faithful17, friends05, friends07, sevenseas01, sevenseas02, sevenseas06, sevenseas09, sevenseas19, dantalion11, distinction10, leraje10, mysterious10, mysterious20, hotblooded01, hotblooded10 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my spear12, spear18, twentyone20, devilbats19, fishing01, fishing02, fishing03, fishing04, fishing08, fishing09, fishing10, fishing13, fishing14, fishing18, fishing19, fishing20, wings01, wings02, wings03, wings06, wings07, wings08, wings11, wings12, wings14, wings15, wings16, wings17, wings18, soulunion04, soulunion06, soulunion07, soulunion08, soulunion15, soulunion17, nadeshiko01, nadeshiko05, nadeshiko14, nadeshiko16, nadeshiko17 for filler00

August 19, 2017 ------------
- Traded Arc: my arsenal03, dwn-01604, dwn-01606, dwn-01619, dwn-01620, dwn-01812, dwn-01911, dwn-02002, dwn-02304, dwn-02306, dwn-02316, dwn-02412, dcn-02518, dcn-02617, dcn-02718, dcn-02816, dcn-02909, dcn-02920, dwn-03712, dwn-04510, dwn-04513, heroic04, human07, human08, human17, knucklehead11, muffler01, neonlight05, neonlight07, neonlight20, over900017, pikopiko02, pikopiko08, pikopiko16, power04, power05, power12, power13, powerplant02, rarechips11 for filler00

August 17, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my anklets05, anklets10, heresy10, madainsari17, mop04, mop06, mop07, mop08, mop09, mop12, mop18, nightmare12, nightmare16, nightmare18, posh01, posh05, posh06, posh17, posh20, rattata03, redchild09, redchild16, results04, straysheep03, straysheep11, straysheep12, strictcoach08, supersize03, supersize04, supersize16, supersize17, supersize20, tamarin06, tamarin13, tantalus02, teammagma05, thaumaturge05, turks02, vest10, vest18 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my capsule13, capture11, capture17, cartology07, cartology17, cartology18, cheri01, cheri02, cheri04, cheri05, cheri07, cheri08, cheri11, cheri12, cheri13, cheri15, cheri19, cheri20, childstar12, childstar18, musicians12, musicians14, ninjas07, ninjas13, ninjas16, ninjas18, ninjas19, police06, police14, police17, police19, scars01, scars02, scars05, scars08, scars11, scars13, scars15, scars17, scars19 for filler00
- Traded Kellie: my university03, university17, unknown04, unknown09, unknown10, vampirecat01, vampirecat06, vampirecat07, vermouth19, vincent01, vincent07, vincent11, vincent16, vincent19, vocalist06, vocalist08, vocalist11, vocalist13, voluntary08, voluntary18, voluntary19, wabisuke17, wahoo19, wanted14, watch08, watch09, watch13, watch17, wayward14, were-cat03, were-cat05, were-cat12, west10, west18, west20, whiskers04, whiskers17, whiskers19, wife16, wife18 for filler00
- Traded Lacie: my catmask01, catmask02, catmask03, catmask07, catmask08, catmask10, catmask14, catmask15, catmask17, corrosion01, corrosion02, corrosion03, corrosion14, greenthumb12, greenthumb19, pheromone05, pheromone06, pheromone08, pheromone09, pheromone10, pheromone17, pheromone19, pheromone20, shadow03, shadow04, shadow05, shadow07, shadow08, shadow09, shadow10, shadow12, shadow15, shadow16, shadow20, timetravel01, timetravel02, timetravel05, timetravel07, timetravel15, timetravel19 for filler00

August 16, 2017 ------------
- Traded Jun: my trailblazer12, trailblazer13, trailblazer14, trailblazer17, trailblazer18, trailblazer19, millenia01, millenia09, millenia13, millenia15, millenia18, millenia19, psi03, psi04, psi08, psi09, psi13, psi15, psi20, aurora10, aurora19, beelzebub20, curiosity16, evileye06, modela04, pawn17, prelati11, prelati17, prototype06, kaneda05, kaneda07, kaneda13, kaneda14, kaneda15, kaneda17, kaneda20, kanjipuns09, kanjipuns12, kanjipuns13, kawarimi14 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my fanservice03, fanservice05, fanservice06, fanservice08, fight01, icy14, icy19, littlebird03, littlebird09, littlebird11, numbers08, numbers17, numbers20, phobia02, phobia03, phobia05, phobia08, phobia10, phobia12, phobia14, phobia15, phobia16, phobia17, phobia18, railway04, railway15, report01, report10, report13, report15, report19, screams06, screams09, screams11, screams12, screams13, screams14, screams15, screams16, screams19 for filler00

August 15, 2017 ------------
- Traded Adelicya: my branchgate10, bararaq13, bararaq15, darkboots01, darkboots20, desserts05, desserts19, desserts20, experiments04, experiments07, experiments11, experiments12, experiments13, experiments16, experiments17, experiments18, experiments19, entei02, fangs20, german03, german05, german06, german12, german15, german17, german18, golem14, lemonsoda05, lemonsoda06, lemonsoda08, lemonsoda10, lemonsoda15, leraje11, sweettooth20, seashells04, sevenseas03, sevenseas04, al-thamen11, zagan06, mezzaluna01 for filler00

August 13, 2017 ------------
- Traded Arc: my dln-00307, dln-00504, dln-00518, dln-00615, dln-00705, dln-00706, dln-00801, dln-00803, dln-00807, dln-00b05, dwn-00901, dwn-01120, dwn-01201, dwn-01212, dwn-01404, disaresta01, disaresta02, disaresta03, disaresta05, disaresta06, disaresta07, disaresta10, disaresta12, disaresta14, disaresta15, disaresta17, disaresta19, fantastical13, future02, future05, future06, future14, future19, generation05, guard02, guard10, guard15, guard18, guardians01 for filler00

August 12, 2017 ------------
- Traded IvoryandHorn: my bowwow01, affection17, samuraicat15 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my soulunion02, soulunion03, soulunion04, soulunion05, soulunion06, soulunion07, soulunion08, soulunion10, soulunion13, soulunion15, soulunion17, soulunion18, soulunion19, soulunion20, valentines06, valentines08, valentines09, valentines10, valentines15, valentines16, upbringing02, upbringing05, upbringing06, upbringing10, upbringing12, upbringing15, upbringing19, usagimimi14, undernet16, vengeful03, vengeful05, vengeful08, vengeful09, vengeful10, vengeful12, vengeful13, vengeful16, vengeful17, walkure02, wilkis15 for filler00

August 11, 2017 ------------
- Traded Cassie: my schoolidol05, tarotcards11, newyears06, newyears07, newyears13, newyears19, yanderes04, yanderes06, yanderes12, yanderes14, soujutsu03, soujutsu09, soujutsu17 for filler00

August 10, 2017 ------------
- Traded 9Tales: my isaac01, isaac03, isaac04, isaac06, isaac08, isaac10, isaac15, isaac16, isaac17, isaac19, mechonis13, mechonis14, mechonis17, jojo08 for filler00
- Traded Kellie: my gamble12, gamuza13, garouga05, gawrsh18, gloucester02, gloucester06, gloucester19, godaime09, godaime11, gunman06, gunman08, gunman10, hairtie02, hairtie08, hakama01, hakama04, hakama06, hakudan17, handystick01, handystick04, handystick05, handystick08, handystick12, handystick18, handystick20, hm-43211, hm-43217, hopeless04, hopeless05, hopeless07, hopeless08, hopeless11, hopeless12, hopeless13, hopeless14, hopeless15, hopeless16, hopeless17, hopeless18, hopeless20 for filler00

August 09, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ouji: my alchemist13, alchemist20, anchor07, angra12, appraiser06, bark02, belittled15, boxingring17, burly17, classy13, clinic01, converted15, costume04, costume12, costume17, darkflame10, database17, dealer20, dual-tipped08, executed20 for filler00

August 08, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ouji: my hamburgers02, hope03, iaidou08, iaidou20, ikaruga12, ikaruga15, ikaruga18, imperator06, imperator10, imperator19, izayoi09, reddevil14, reddevil19, reddragon02, restaurant05, sekigan19, speech03, speech12, susanoo03, taekwondo13 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my chef19, chef20, katana02, katana05, katana06, katana07, katana09, katana11, katana14, katana17, katana19, liar02, liar05, liar07, liar08, liar09, liar17, liar18, mini02, mini05, mini06, mini10, mini19, minicon04, minicon06, minicon07, minicon09, minicon10, minicon11, minicon15, minicon18, minicon20, parfait01, parfait03, parfait04, parfait05, parfait06, parfait12, parfait13, parfait20 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my necklace12, necklace14, noda03, noda06, noda15, noda20, nomercy01, nomercy11, nomercy15, nun09, nun10, nun13, nyanyaya03, nyanyaya07, nyanyaya08, nyanyaya09, nyanyaya12, nyanyaya15, nyanyaya18, nyanyaya19, robots07, robots08, robots10, robots11, robots12, robots19, robots20, sepbirthday04, sepbirthday08, sepbirthday13, silhouettes02, silhouettes06, silhouettes20, soldiers08, summer02, summer15, tanabata09, tanabata17, unknown10, weddings13 for filler00

August 07, 2017 ------------
- Traded Brittany: my dee-dee11, hated01, hated02, hated07, hated14 for filler00

August 06, 2017 ------------
- Traded Arc: my bake-danuki01, bake-danuki15, bake-danuki20, breeder08, breeder10, badfuture07, badfuture08, badfuture09, badfuture13, badfuture20, betrayer06, betrayer20, shikaisen03, shikaisen04, shikaisen05, shikaisen07, shikaisen08, shikaisen11, hanahazama03, heir05, miare06, miare12, optimistic13, fashionable05, fashionable12, fashionable16, airpirate06, andromeda05, andromeda11, andromeda16, antagonist01, antagonist05, archaeology16, arrogance02, arrogance05, arrogance09, arrogance10, arrogance13, dln-00301, dln-00303 for filler00

August 05, 2017 ------------
- Traded Lacie: my corn10, wildlion02, wildlion06, wildlion07, wildlion12, wildlion15, wildlion16, trickster08, towel01, towel02, towel04, towel05, towel06, towel08, tarundoru02, tarundoru07, tarundoru10, tarundoru12, spot11, spot12, speedstar02, speedstar11, speedstar19, skipped20, u-1706, u-1709, u-1711, agogo10, baroque11, baroque16, forte01, rapier02, rapier03, rapier05, rapier06, rapier10, rapier14, rapier17, rapier18, rapier19 for filler00

August 04, 2017 ------------
- Traded Harris: my yoyoi01, yoyoi04, yoyoi06, yoyoi08, yoyoi12, yoyoi14, yoyoi15, yoyoi18, yoyoi19, yoohoo02, yoohoo09, yoohoo15, widow10, widow20, wind-up01, wind-up07, wind-up08, wind-up17, wind-up18, wind-up19, wind-up20, wilkis15, vinea14, vicious01, vicious04, vicious06, vicious07, vicious09, vicious11, vicious12, vicious13, vicious14, vicious15, vicious16, vicious18, vicious19, vicious20, uniform02, uniform12 for filler00

August 03, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my attack13, attack14, clover06, clover09, clover12, clover13, clover20, disarm01, disarm02, disarm03, disarm06, disarm07, disarm08, disarm09, disarm12, disarm14, disarm18, disarm20, earring12, elegance03, elegance19, excitable17, jkd01, jkd03, jkd12, jkd13, jkd15, jkd19, labcoat02, labcoat05, labcoat10, labcoat11, labcoat16, labcoat18, labcoat19, labcoat20, makuhita12, manderville14, mop17, swimtrunks19 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my wakening01, wakening02, wakening03, wakening05, wakening06, wakening07, wakening10, wakening12, wakening14, wakening16, wakening17, wakening19, trailblazer01, trailblazer02, trailblazer03, trailblazer04, trailblazer05, trailblazer06, trailblazer09, trailblazer11, radio02, radio04, radio09, radio11, radio13, radio14, radio16, radio19, resemblance03, resemblance05, resemblance06, resemblance10, resemblance13, resemblance16, revival04, revival07, revival10, revival11, revival16 for filler00
- Traded Lahariel: my medicine11, medicine12, medicine17, medicine19, magiccancel03, magiccancel05, magiccancel08, magiccancel10, magiccancel15, magiccancel19, magister11, magister14, magister17, magister18, moneylover04, moneylover10, moneylover11, moneylover12, moneylover13, moneylover15, clarines07, clarines10, clarines18, clarines20, foxes03, foxes04, foxes08, foxes10, foxes15, foxes20, flash01, flash07, flash19, bigpuppy09, bigpuppy15, halloween03, thecrows07, trinisette08, trinisette12 for filler00
- Traded Kellie: my cabbit15, cabbit18, chousin10, chousin20, cinqfleches01, cinqfleches02, cinqfleches04, cinqfleches05, cinqfleches06, cinqfleches07, cinqfleches08, cinqfleches10, cinqfleches11, cinqfleches12, cinqfleches13, cinqfleches14, cinqfleches15, cinqfleches18, cinqfleches19, circle01, coolest10, countrygirl02, countrygirl11, crybaby07, crybaby16, dance10, dance16, dearbaby02, dearbaby10, deathboss04, deathboss12, elegant14, elegant18, elegant19, familia14, family06, family07, family12, partner15, shugo12 for filler00

August 01, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ana: my 7thheaven01, abused14, adorable01, adorable02, adorable04, adorable05, adorable08, adorable09, adorable11, adorable13, adorable15, adorable17, adorable19, adorable20, allsunday07, allsunday16, androgynous07, androgynous13, blackknight06, brazos04, restoration03, restoration12, restoration14, restoration16, restoration19, selphia01, selphia03, selphia04, selphia11, selphia12, selphia13, termina01, termina03, termina09, termina11, thieves02, thieves20, umn05, umn06, umn07 for filler00

July 31, 2017 ------------
- Traded Lita: my bake-danuki12, bake-danuki18, cannoneer12, cannoneer17, cannoneer19, cannoneer20, forgotten01, forgotten06, forgotten08, hitsuzen06, hitsuzen11, lovewing15, similar08, irides04, irides16, irides19 for filler00
- Traded erin: my inferior01, krita-yuga09, rat15, rat17, nora03, dollie15, dreamseer06, dreamseer19, dreamseer20, fantastical15, forgotten03, forgotten09, luckless02, luckless03, luckless05, luckless08, sacraments19 for filler00
- Traded erin: my soapland14, highwire19, iai05, iai17, iai19, appraiser12, appraiser13, beastman13, beastman19, beastman20, beasts08, bell08, bell14, winddance01, winddance11, winddance15, yo-yo07, yo-yo10, yo-yo15, unlucky13, unlucky19, fashion15, fashion01 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my assistant01, assistant03, assistant05, assistant06, assistant07, assistant09, assistant10, assistant11, assistant15, assistant16, assistant17, assistant18, chef01, chef03, chef04, chef06, chef09, chef11, chef12, chef13, chef15, goats01, goats09, goats15, hokage05, hokage06, hokage08, hokage18, onlyfriend03, onlyfriend15, onlyfriend19, piratehat07, southern02, southern05, southern06, southern07, southern08, southern12, southern13, southern14 for filler00

July 30, 2017 ------------
- Traded Brittany: my blueeyes01, blueeyes17, boss04, boss05, boss12, caregiver03, caregiver19, cooltype07, cutetype04 for filler00
- Traded Netbug: my powerpuff02, powerpuff13, rhythmic07, rhythmic10, rhythmic17, admiration07, admiration13, admiration14, admiration19, admiration20, airplane06, airplane19, aisu04, aisu17, aisu19, amahara03, amahara06, amahara15, amahara18, angelic14, anima01, anima05, cosplay16, ahoge03, ahoge14, ambidex13, arrows02, arrows11, arrows12, arrows17, arrows20, bara05, bara09, chalphy13, chalphy17, christmas01, christmas03, christmas04, christmas06, christmas09 for filler00

July 29, 2017 ------------
- Traded Harris: my tharsis08, tharsis09, tharsis10, tharsis11, tharsis13, uaa01, uaa03, uaa04, uaa05, uaa06, uaa08, uaa09, uaa10, uaa11, uaa12, uaa13, uaa14, uaa15, uaa18, uaa19, uaa20, bananasushi04, bananasushi09, bananasushi11, bananasushi14, bananasushi19, seychelles17, southitaly12, southitaly18, sweden04, sweden14, sweden16, sweden18, switzerland10, switzerland14, switzerland16, turkey03, turkey18, ukraine07, ukraine11 for filler00

July 27, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my codename06, devotion01, devotion02, devotion04, devotion05, devotion06, devotion09, devotion11, devotion17, earl01, earl02, earl03, earl18, exchanger11, exchanger13, feared10, feared12, focused01, fog09, fog11, fog14, grin03, grudges02, heyheyhey08, learning03, machinegun02, machinegun09, machinegun12, machinegun19, machinegun20, pants01, princesskey07, shinra19, shocking04, stench03, stench06, stench19, yami-nabe01, zephyr04, zephyr20 for filler00
- Traded Kellie: my baldy02, baldy09, baldy13, balfonheim12, beatjumper10, beatjumper17, beatjumper19, betelgeuse01, betelgeuse06, betelgeuse11, betelgeuse12, betelgeuse14, betelgeuse17, blast02, blast06, blast09, blast11, blast15, blast17, blast19, blast20, blunt15, brag03, brag04, brag06, brag07, brag12, brag14, brag16, brag19, nekomimi01, nekomimi05, nekomimi08, nekomimi11, nekomimi12, nekomimi16, nekomimi17, nekomimi18, nekomimi19, nekomimi20 for filler00

July 26, 2017 ------------
- Traded Dina: my lawnmower05, lawnmower12 for filler00
- Traded Lahariel: my baby01, blinky02, blinky03, blinky10, blinky16, bluesea08, bluesea10, blackvoice12, blackvoice13, blackvoice20, beretta14, barrels01, barrels02, barrels05, barrels06, barrels08, barrels13, barrels14, barrels17, barrels18, barrels19, barrels20, babbit09, babbit14, babbit16, babbit20, 6606, 6612, 6615, 6619, 6620, another01, another05, another06, another07, another09, another10, another11, another13, another15, another16 for filler00

July 25, 2017 ------------
- Traded IvoryandHorn: my pervy08, pervy13, scarfwings13, scarfwings14, shocking09, shocking17, squad14, subordinate05, sand20, sensible03, sensible04, fleurir10, empty01, enthusiastic13, abel06, tactless09, hebirote16, radiantwaltz03 for filler00
- Traded Nikita: my 199804, 199807, 199811, 199815, 199820, ousaka01, ousaka07, ousaka12, ousaka18, replacement08, replacement12, replacement17, replacement20, cupnoodles15, cupnoodles19, doctor18, drawers06, drawers08, drawers12, drawers15, marseille09, marseille18, memento18, sealand03, sealand09, seychelles17, seychelles20, southitaly03, southitaly09, southitaly12, southitaly18, southitaly19, spain01, spain04, spain08, spain18, spain19, wary01, wary02, wary15 for filler00

July 24, 2017 ------------
- Traded Aletha: my kikaichu07, kikaichu12, kikaichu14, kikaichu16, kurohigi04, kurohigi18, lupan01, lupan02, lupan03, lupan04, lupan05, lupan06, lupan07, lupan08, lupan09, lupan12, lupan14, lupan15, lupan19, lupan20, nikushogun13, piratehat09, piratehat16, piratehat17, reactions01, reactions04, reactions05, reactions06, reactions08, reactions10, reactions13, reactions14, reactions16, reactions17, reactions19, seishun04, seishun17, seishun18, toadsage02, toadsage04 for filler00

July 21, 2017 ------------
- Traded Kellie: my 77708, abused08, abused11, abused14, aeons09, agna06, ai01, ai05, ai06, ai07, ai09, ai10, ai14, ai16, ai17, aikido18, airyglyph01, airyglyph03, airyglyph06, airyglyph13, airyglyph15, airyglyph16, airyglyph17, airyglyph19, alkahestry15, alkahestry19, archery06, archery11, archery15, archery17, archery19, archery20, ashcat09, ashcat11, ashcat18, ashcat20, astraea12, avenge03, avenge06, avenge08 for filler00

July 20, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ana: my fathers06, heirs01, heirs03, heirs05, heirs06, heirs11, heirs12, heirs14, heirs17, heirs18, junbirthday07, meganes01, meganes03, meganes06, meganes08, meganes11, meganes12, meganes14, meganes20, octbirthday20, rareitems01, rareitems06, rareitems14, rareitems15, rareitems17, rareitems20, redchild09, redchild16, redchild17, redchild18, regal01, regal07, regal09, regal10, regal13, regal14, regal15, resemblance19, rorona07, rorona19 for filler00
- Traded Lahariel: my regrowth05, robotics03, robotics05, robotics07, robotics13, robotics18, robotics19, stranger01, stranger11, stranger14, stranger15, stranger17, stranger19, 3-a01, 3-a02, 3-a03, 3-a04, 3-a05, 3-a07, 3-a08, 3-a09, 3-a10, 3-a11, littlekitty15, littlepuppy08, littlepuppy14, littlepuppy15, lovey-dovey03, lovey-dovey05, lovey-dovey09, lovey-dovey10, mgronald07, mgronald08, mgronald09, mgronald18, mgronald19, madness09, madness10, madness15, madness20 for filler00

July 19, 2017 ------------
- Traded Jun: my darkening03, darkening04, darkening06, darkening07, darkening08, darkening11, darkening13, darkening16, darkening19, mooncell05, mooncell06, mooncell07, mooncell08, mooncell10, mooncell12, mooncell19, camera01, camera02, camera03, camera04, camera05, camera06, camera07, camera08, camera09, camera10, camera11, camera12, camera13, camera14, camera15, camera16, camera17, camera18, camera19, camera20, candles02, candles03, candles08, candles10 for filler00

July 18, 2017 ------------
- Traded Sky: my chawanmushi04, comp03, comp06, comp10, comp11, comp14, comp15, comp16, comp20, cosmogate18, dcn-02502, dcn-02520, dcn-02601, dcn-02607, dcn-02617, dcn-02807, dcn-02903, dcn-02918, dcn-02920, dcn-03010, dcn-03120, dcn-03207, dcn-03208, deadman09, dln-06706, dreamisland04, dreamisland17, dreamisland20, dwn-01419, dwn-01719, dwn-01905, dwn-03309, dwn-03310, dwn-03406, dwn-03506, dwn-03603, dwn-03703, dwn-03810, dwn-04502, dwn-04513 for filler00
- Traded IvoryandHorn: my basement04, basement05, basement07, basement10, basement16, basement18, respect15, respect16, respect18, ridiculed03, ridiculed14, ridiculed17, ridiculed20, ringmaster06, shrimp02, shrimp03, shrimp04, shrimp10, shrimp12, shrimp14, shrimp16, stickfigures05, stickfigures08, softhearted17, smoke16, ulster06, ulster12, unaware10, worms11, witchcraft02, witchcraft10, witchcraft18, witchcraft20, yewbow07, yewbow16, tagged15, temple04, tease08, tennights08, tennights17 for filler00

July 17, 2017 ------------
- Traded Aletha: my amaterasu02, amaterasu04, amaterasu07, amaterasu08, amaterasu15, big09, cake08, cake11, catbingu12, catbingu14, catbingu17, composer06, composer08, composer09, composer11, composer14, composer15, darts02, elemental19, french01, french03, french05, french07, french09, french10, french11, french12, french13, french16, french17, french19, french20, harvard02, harvard04, harvard05, harvard11, harvard14, harvard15, harvard16, harvard18 for filler00
- Traded 9Tales: my barhara01, barhara03, barhara04, barhara05, barhara06, barhara07, barhara08, barhara10, barhara11, barhara13, barhara15, barhara16, barhara20, chalphy02, chalphy07, chalphy10, chalphy13, chalphy15, chalphy17, chalphy20, heir11, heir15, heir17, heir19, manly04, manly07, manly13, plumber03, plumber14, plumber17, selfish10, knife-throw01, knife-throw02, knife-throw17, lenster02, lenster08, lenster09, lenster10, lenster16, lenster18 for filler00

July 15, 2017 ------------
- Traded Curie: my domino11, domino12, domino13, domino14, domino16 for filler00
- Traded Lacie: my dane10, engrish02, engrish10, engrish14, engrish17, habu14, habu16, himalayan07, himalayan14, kakinoki17, kakinoki19, kakinoki20, kokeshi09, kokeshi16, mom02, mom06, mom07, mom08, mom09, mom12, mom15, mom18, mom20, monomane07, monomane11, monomane20, pairs12, prodigy04, reverse11, reverse12, reverse18, rhythm13, rivalry05, rivalry09, rivalry19, rivalry20, thepierrot04, topspin14, topspin20, vikinghorn15 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my caretaker05, conspiring03, conspiring04, conspiring08, sirix02, sirix03, sirix05, sirix06, sirix07, sirix10, sirix11, sirix12, sirix13, sirix15, sirix16, sirix18, sirix20, loleus01, loleus03, loleus05, loleus07, loleus10, loleus11, loleus12, loleus13, loleus15, loleus16, loleus17, loleus20, loleus20, takeover01, takeover06, takeover11, takeover17 for filler00

July 14, 2017 ------------
- Traded Harris: my france01, france04, france10, france16, france17, northitaly01, northitaly04, northitaly05, northitaly07, northitaly08, northitaly09, northitaly18, norway14, norway16, latvia07, latvia10, lie02, lie03, lie05, lie06, lie07, lie10, lie12, lie16, lithuania16, lithuania18, prussia11, romaantiqua04, romaantiqua05, romaantiqua17, russia06, russia09, russia11, russia14, sealand02, sealand03, sealand05, sealand12, sealand18, seychelles09 for filler00

July 13, 2017 ------------
- Traded Kellie: my chee-su07, chee-su10, chee-su11, dearbaby01, dearbaby02, dearbaby03, dearbaby06, dearbaby07, dearbaby08, dearbaby09, dearbaby10, dearbaby14, dearbaby15, dearbaby18, dearbaby19, dearbaby20, jewelwitch01, jewelwitch02, jewelwitch03, jewelwitch04, jewelwitch05, jewelwitch06, jewelwitch07, jewelwitch10, jewelwitch11, jewelwitch13, jewelwitch15, jewelwitch16, jewelwitch17, jewelwitch18, jewelwitch20, platinum05, platinum07, platinum11, platinum12, platinum13, platinum14, platinum16, platinum17, platinum20 for filler00
- Traded Lahariel: my whispered20, escaflowne16, extreme01, extreme02, extreme03, extreme05, extreme11, extreme13, extreme14, extreme16, extreme18, extreme20, bluestar09, bluestar16, bosozoku07, bosozoku08, bosozoku15, bosozoku16, bosozoku17, bosozoku18, bosozoku20, devilbats16, devilbats17, devilbats19, 2-a02, 2-a10, 2-a13, 2-a14, 2-a15, 2-a17, 2-a20, fakehero01, fakehero06, fakehero15, fakehero17, foulmouth15, foulmouth19, fox03, foxes02, foxes12 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my bikinis17, black13, brushgods07, circus01, circus20, freckled03, hylia18, keyhole02, keyhole05, keyhole14, makos16, makos17, mascots03, mascots09, mascots15, maybirthday01, mothers07, mothers10, newyears08, bikinis20, octava05, octava07, octava13, octopus01, octopus03, octopus04, octopus05, octopus07, octopus11, odango02, onett04, onett07, onigiri07, onigiri16, onigiri19, onigiri20, onmyouji02, onmyouji12, onmyouji17, onward13 for filler00

July 11, 2017 ------------
- Traded Kippi: my amarcian02, amarcian06, artistic13, bathtub04, bathtub15, blaster05, coupdetat01, coupdetat02, coupdetat05, coupdetat06, coupdetat07, coupdetat09, economical01, emeraldhair07, emeraldhair19, exchanger09, exsphere19, fireflies15, folseus12, handmaid07, outstripped08, outstripped16, outstripped19, spirits15, teru15, trashy01, trashy02, trashy04, trashy05, trashy11, trashy13, trashy15, trashy16, trashy18, trashy20, vivace16, nowhere17 for filler00

July 10, 2017 ------------
- Traded Aletha: my agogo01, agogo19, andantino01, apocalypse12, apocalypse15, composer01, perceptive01, perceptive13, piccolo07, piccolo14, powder17, retto11, retto15, retto19, smiles12, smiles16, smiles17, swordfish03, swordfish07, swordfish09, swordfish10, swordfish13, swordfish14, swordfish15, swordfish17, swordfish18, swordfish20, tortoise04, tortoise05, tortoise07, tortoise08, tortoise09, tortoise11, tortoise12, tortoise13, tortoise14, tortoise15, tortoise16, tortoise17, tortoise19 for filler00

July 09, 2017 ------------
- Traded Tanna: my chemistry02, chemistry13, chemistry18, dango01, dango02, dango18, darkpower15, distance01, distance02, distance03, distance04, distance06, dorm01, dorm02, dorm06, dorm08, dorm10, dressup11, dressup14, dressup17, darkside04, eden12, eden13, eden14, exactly08, exactly13, exactly19, exactly20, flashcard02, futari08, futari13, futari15, 315pro03, gensokyo14, gensokyo15, lightside09, lightside16, onod11, onod13, onod16 for filler00
- Traded Netbug: my denpa02, denpa03, denpa04, denpa08, denpa10, drumisland05, dandy05, bookstore03, blackharu07, blackharu14, baking02, baking19, apologize20, apologize06, apologize07, apologize08, a-class02, alabasta04, lighter18, lifebelt08, saltysol19, shadowsword09, fleurir09, fleurir17, fleurir20, fascinated03, fascinated09, chocolatier13, mysticruins13, minervykins20, whitehorse07, whitehorse19, wingly02, thefalcon06, pirateflag15, ironmouse16, hyena03, giraffe05, support08, support10 for filler00

July 08, 2017 ------------
- Traded IvoryandHorn: my mainyu01, mainyu02, mainyu03, mainyu04, mainyu09, mainyu12, mainyu14, mainyu17, mainyu20, manynames04, manynames08, manynames09, manynames12, manynames13, manynames14, manynames20, manikatti02, manikatti04, manikatti09, manikatti15, octo-punch02, octo-punch06, octo-punch07, octo-punch08, octo-punch09, octo-punch14, octo-punch16, oarfish02, oarfish17, leftearring19, protection19, petulant06, petulant15, princely20, redhood18, seagull03, seagull10, seagull11, seagull14, nagi06 for filler00
- Traded Adelicya: my uldah04, uncouth08, abes16, abel09, abel16, abel17, abel18, abel19, abel20, cadet01, cadet02, cadet03, cadet05, cadet06, cadet07, cadet08, cadet09, cadet10, cadet11, cadet12, cadet13, cadet16, cadet17, cadet20, blackdog18, blackdog19, bloodelf03, bloodelf10, kagutsuchi02, kagutsuchi15, kagutsuchi19, kagutsuchi20, julia10, julia12, julia16, psychic07, psychic16, sake08, strongest04, strongest18 for filler00
- Traded Curi: my agent05, agent06, agent10, agent11, agent12, barrelroll19, barrelroll20, chaotix14, chaotix17, mistaken16, dummy06, greatfox12, greatfox14, greatfox16, greatfox17, greatfox19, yaoi04, yuri03, unknown01, unknown02, unknown04, unknown06, unknown08, unknown09 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my neatfreak04, neatfreak09, neatfreak15, naive01, naive03, naive04, naive05, naive07, naive10, naive13, naive14, naive16, naive19, naive20, boulder01, boulder02, boulder17, boulder19, voodoo03, voodoo05, voodoo07, voodoo08, voodoo13, voodoo17, slob01, slob04, slob05, slob09, slob12, eldest01, eldest03, eldest05, eldest06, eldest08, eldest09, eldest10, eldest12, eldest14, eldest17, eldest20 for filler00

July 07, 2017 ------------
- Traded Nikita: my wingspear04, wingspear12, yami-nabe08, 1stchild07, 1stchild17, 1stchild20, 2ndchild01, 2ndchild20, accounts01, accounts12, awaken02, awaken05, awaken06, awaken10, awaken15, candy04, candy05, candy11, ceramics12, ceramics18, ceramics19, chikuwa10, christianity09, chalphy03, chalphy04, chalphy09, chalphy11, chalphy12, chalphy15, chalphy19, chalphy20, helper10, nowhere04, nowhere08, nowhere14, nowhere15, psi03, psi07, psi17, psi19 for filler00
- Traded Lita: my conductor02, conductor04, conductor06, conductor07, conductor09, conductor10, conductor13, conductor17, conductor18, conductor19, conductor20, effort12, kindhearted04, kindhearted14, kindhearted19, restore03, restore12 for filler00

July 06, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my aikido06, aikido10, aikido16, aikido18, aikido19, alarm17, attack01, attack03, attack04, attack05, attack08, attack12, babble09, buster09, buster17, glabados02, glabados16, sinnoh05, sinnoh20, masochism06, masochism07, masochism08, masochism09, masochism13, masochism14, masochism15, masochism16, masochism17, masochism18, neesan01, neesan02, neesan05, neesan07, neesan09, neesan10, neesan12, neesan14, neesan17, neesan19, neesan20 for filler00
- Traded Kellie: my apostle01, apostle02, apostle05, apostle09, apostle11, apostle12, apostle13, apostle14, apostle15, apostle16, apostle17, demon01, demon03, demon05, demon07, demon08, demon09, demon11, demon12, demon13, demon15, demon16, demon17, demon18, demon19, demon20, maihime04, nun02, nun03, nun09, nun10, nun12, nun13, nun14, nun18, shugo08, shugo10, shugo12, shugo15, shugo17 for filler00
- Traded Lahariel: my ensign01, ensign08, ensign11, ensign13, ensign14, ensign16, ensign17, ensign19, ensign20, karasuno01, karasuno02, karasuno09, kouka01, kouka02, kouka03, kouka09, kouka13, lionsguard01, libero01, libero11, setter18, sakanoshita01, toss10, toss13, toss18, thecrows10, nekoma02, ngrecords01, ngrecords05, ngrecords06, ngrecords07, ngrecords08, ngrecords10, ngrecords12, ngrecords14, ngrecords16, ngrecords17, ngrecords18, harder05, harder14 for filler00

July 05, 2017 ------------
- Traded Lacie: my analyzation01, analyzation03, analyzation05, analyzation11, analyzation18, asleep08, childofgod01, childofgod12, childofgod17, coach08, coach11, coach14, coach17, hadoukyuu10, haircut09, monster12, monster13, monster16, monster19, monster20, nande05, nande08, nande09, nande10, nande14, nande19, negotiator10, negotiator16, negotiator18, nfu08, nfu13, notebook09, otouto02, otouto19, pinch07, pinch15, pinnacle03, pinnacle04, pinnacle05, pinnacle13 for filler00
- Traded 9Tales: my archaeology03, archaeology14, archaeology16, archaeology19, badgrades05, badgrades16, badgrades20, blankspace04, blankspace18, decalogue03, decalogue16, decalogue17, decalogue18, decalogue20, echoes20, froppy20, gloomy03, gloomy16, gloomy17, gloomy20, goodluck11, guns13, maple09, maple13, moron04, moron05, moron07, moron08, moron14, moron17, moron19, necktie06, necktie14, necktie15, necktie18, sbjk06, sbjk19, television13, 4minutes08, sisters06 for filler00

July 04, 2017 ------------
- Traded Jun: my miasma03, miasma05, miasma15, miasma16, miasma19, kusarigama02, kusarigama06, kusarigama14, purify05, purify13, snakesword06, snakesword08, snakesword09, snakesword11, snakesword13, snakesword14, snakesword15, snakesword16, snakesword17, sorceress20, shikon10, shikon19, slap02, slap06, slap07, slap08, slap10, slap13, slap15, slap17, slap18, slap19, slap20, ridiculed06, ridiculed11, ridiculed12, ridiculed13, ridiculed14, ridiculed18, rabbit11 for filler00

July 02, 2017 ------------
- Traded Cassie: my kayo-chin07, kayo-chin19 for filler00

July 01, 2017 ------------
- Traded Miro: my uchuu09, unlicensed17, vayu01, vayu05, vayu11, vayu13, vayu15, vayu16, vayu18, vayu19, vayu20, viginti10, curtain03, curtain06, curtain09, curtain18, kanebo03, kanebo05, kanebo09, kanebo14, kanebo19, kanebo20, persistent01, persistent02, persistent08, persistent12, persistent18, resurrect07, resurrect10, resurrect14, resurrect16, sealed06, sealed07, sealed08, toybox02, toybox06, toybox07, toybox08, toybox15, toybox20 for filler00

June 30, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ivory and Horn: my distrust08, distrust11, dolphin05, dolphin06, dolphin09, dolphin13, dolphin16, chopsticks01, chopsticks03, chopsticks10, chopsticks11, chopsticks20, elevator11, foodie06, foodie10, headangel08, headangel10, heroes03, heroes10, heroes13, hornet03, gao16, glory13, greatwhite06, greatwhite09, greatwhite11, greatwhite12, labcoat09, lobster10, lobster14, lobster19, littleevil04, martillo03, martillo14, martillo19, makefriends06, makefriends10, marshmallow19, kilenc19, knights10 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my choker01, choker02, choker03, choker04, choker05, choker06, choker09, choker10, choker11, choker12, choker13, choker16, choker17, choker18, choker19, choker20, denmark10, england01, estonia01, estonia04, estonia05, estonia07, estonia11, estonia12, estonia13, estonia14, estonia16, estonia19, finland01, finland02, finland03, finland05, finland06, finland09, finland13, finland18, austria02, austria04, austria07, austria11 for filler00

June 29, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my abandon02, abandon06, abandon08, abandon09, abandon16, abandon18, glasses14, healers07, hirarin15, irides01, isshu19, nekomimi10, newyears10, newyears13, onod18, pilots10, pilots12, qipao11, sakurait19, scars16, thieves14, moves09, rush14, slam06, solarbeam16, strawberry05, strawberry06, strawberry15, strawberry17, strawberry20, thief03, thief04, thief17, vermouth19, wandering11, wandering14, weakest04, west10, west11, west20 for filler00
- Traded Kellie: my amita04, amita16, catalyst04, crybaby07, crybaby16, crybaby17, crybaby19, dogs05, dogs06, dogs13, dogs16, dogs20, friendship03, friendship05, friendship07, leader08, love20, make-up01, make-up13, princely05, princely20, raccoons19, reliability04, reliability11, reliability18, samurai01, samurai02, samurai04, samurai06, samurai09, samurai10, samurai11, samurai12, samurai13, samurai14, samurai15, samurai17, samurai18, samurai20, stickfigures16 for filler00
- Traded Arc: my septette03, septette07, septette13, septette14, shikaisen01, requests04, requests05, requests06, requests07, requests09, requests10, requests11, requests17, requests18, watchguard01, distance01, distance02, distance04, distance06, distance07, distance08, distance10, distance11, distance12, distance13, distance15, distance16, distance17, distance18, distance20, bunbunmaru05, bunbunmaru06, foughten01, native01, native09, native10, native11, native13, native17, native20 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my accurate02, accurate08, accurate09, accurate12, asleep08, beli16, collector03, eccentric15, naru01, sadist03, trumpet02, ore-sama15 for filler00

June 28, 2017 ------------
- Traded Lahariel: my swallow04, swallow05, swallow06, swallow07, swallow09, swallow11, swallow12, swallow14, swallow15, swallow16, swallow17, swallow18, swallow19, skilled08, skilled09, skilled11, skilled16, skilled18, stupid05, stupid08, stupid09, stupid10, stupid12, stupid16, stupid17, stupid18, stupid19, stupid20, whispered03, whispered05, whispered07, whispered08, whispered09, whispered10, whispered11, whispered12, whispered13, whispered14, zauber12, 2-a03 for filler00
- Traded Lita: my adrastea10, coils01, coils11, dab06, dab10, gasoline04, islero07, shanghai04, shanghai06, shanghai11, shanghai14, shanghai17, spiritmagic02, spiritmagic05, spiritmagic06, spiritmagic07, spiritmagic08, spiritmagic09, spiritmagic10, spiritmagic12, spiritmagic13, spiritmagic14, spiritmagic15, spiritmagic16, spiritmagic17, spiritmagic18, spiritmagic19, watchguard02, watchguard05, watchguard08, watchguard09, watchguard12, watchguard18, weblin04, zodiva01, zodiva09, zodiva17, zodiva19, ahoge02, ahoge03, ahoge04, ahoge19, gensokyo14, gensokyo17, mobage11, mobage20, visualnovel04, visualnovel07, visualnovel09 for filler00

June 27, 2017 ------------
- Traded Lacie: my babbit08, babbit16, banekick09, bendback05, bendback10, bigbang17, blurball09, blurball16, bubblegum09, buchou03, buchou17, buchou19, childstar02, childstar04, childstar12, childstar19, lonewolf03, lungs04, lungs20, chibipuri12, adieu04, adieu18, ecstasy06, fifth08, frontkiller12, frontkiller19, gekokujou02, gekokujou14, gekokujou17, ginka01, ginka08, ginka10, ginka12, haratetsu10, jimmies02, jimmies10, jimmies11, mamushi02, mamushi18, monster10 for filler00
- Traded Sky: my anguished07, anguished13, anguished15, anguished20, babuu12, babuu13, ballet16, beatcall08, beatcall12, bel03, bel04, bel05, bel07, bel09, bel13, bel14, bel17, bel18, bel20, bigkitty14, bigpuppy01, bigsis01, bigsis05, blueswan11, business01, business18, ceo13, ceramics11, chakra07, churapa01, churapa03, churapa04, churapa13, chuunin13, code20, cooperation18, cruxis06, cybeast15, daathic02, daathic09 for filler00
- Traded Nikita: my nanika15, nameless15, nickel07, norway09, norway10, norway13, norway19, precision04, princess18, papillon02, papillon04, papillon11, papillon14, peach01, perceive10, pizzicato06, poland11, question05, outside01, risingsun16, ritsu01, redflash18, russia01, russia03, russia10, russia14, russia15, russia17, seductive02, somnians08, soundless12, sakura03, sakura09, sakura18, shards18, teaching10, therat06, therat07, therat08, therat20 for filler00

June 26, 2017 ------------
- Traded Raie: my watermelon13, scientists01, scientists02, scientists04, scientists13, scientists16, scientists19, scientists06, kazoku04, kazoku06, kazoku07, kazoku09, kazoku12, kazoku13, kazoku14, kazoku16, kazoku17, kazoku18, kazoku19, kazoku20, general01, general05, general06, general08, general10, general11, general13, hachimaki03, hachimaki04, hachimaki06, hachimaki14, hacker08, hikari04, hikari09, hikari10, hikari12, hikari15, hikari16, hikari17, hikari19 for filler000
- Traded Brittany: my bearcat07, corgi05, corgi12, corgi17, evenbetter05, evenbetter12, figments04, heirs13, scars09, greenshell13, grudges01, grudges03, grudges04, haunt08, haunt11, haunt13, haunt15, inkblast01, jillsandwich02, jillsandwich15, olderwomen12, pointy02, punchout04, punchout17, ring09, ring19, shiitake08, tenseiga13, territory01, territory11, upper-class05 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my golems05, golems10, golems15, golems17, golems18, golems19, horse01, horse05, horse06, horse07, horse08, horse09, horse11, horse12, horse13, horse15, horse16, mantis01, mouse02, mouse04, mouse06, mouse08, mouse11, mouse15, mouse16, mouse17, pandora01, pandora02, pandora03, pandora07, pandora08, pandora10, pandora12, pandora16, smiles02, smiles03, smiles05, smiles08, smiles09, smiles11 for filler00

June 25, 2017 ------------
- Traded Aru: my ae8604, ae8611, angelysugar04, anklets05, anklets16, archangel20, argent09, badboy01, badboy18, band01, benois13, bicycle10, blackblood04, blackblood05, blackblood10, blueimpulse07, breeder20, brilliant05, brilliant14, brilliant20, cham15, diesel-san02, diesel-san08, distant02, distant04, distant06, distant16, distant17, distant20, djinn16, djinn18, drooling05, drowsiness02, effort03, epinard09, epinard19, epyon02, eylstadt04, firewhip01, firstmate06 for filler00

June 23, 2017 ------------
- Traded Mino: my self-help03, self-help08, self-help09, self-help10, self-help13, self-help15, self-help20, gadoria01, gadoria04, gadoria06, gadoria07, gadoria08, gadoria09, gadoria10, gadoria11, gadoria12, gadoria14, gadoria15, gadoria18, gadoria20 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my hre02, hre12, hre13, hre14, hre16, hre18, hre19, hungary05, hungary07, hungary17, iceland08, iceland13, japan06, japan09, japan11, greece01, greece03, greece04, greece08, greece12, nekotalia07, nekotalia09, gakuen03, gakuen11, gakuen15, gakuen20, crossdressm17, ironfist01, ironfist06, ironfist07, ironfist08, ironfist09, ironfist10, ironfist11, ironfist14, ironfist15, ironfist16, ironfist17, ironfist19, ironfist20 for filler00

June 22, 2017 ------------
- Traded Kat: my basketballs01, bastion11, collected04, collected17, crowds13, crowds14, crowds20, deathmetal05, g-1207, g-8908, g-8909, gigolo05, gigolo17, glider13, hatched06, hatched11, honorific17, lamentation01, precepts01, precepts08, precepts09, precepts18, throttle05, throttle07, throttle16, timberowl20, trophy05, trophy12, tune06, tune07, tune09, tune16, tune19, venicillin10, voile01, voile06, voile09, voile13, voile14, yohane20 for filler00
- Traded Catie: my academy09, academy12, academy19, bassist01, crossfire02, crossfire03, dancing19, disney07, disney08, disobedient08, ditz06, dynamo02, earthshaker14, electricity17, eruyt04, evolver01, fairgame05, fork02, fork07, fork16, grudges16, hypnotize11, karate04, karate19, lettuce12, lorikeet05, lorikeet07, loveless03, loveless05, loveless06, loveless11, loveless18, lumiose08, naught06, naught07, naught17, ohmygosh15, proudclad10, pureheart10, pureheart14 for filler00
- Traded Kellie: my astraphobia02, astraphobia03, astraphobia06, astraphobia08, astraphobia11, astraphobia14, astraphobia17, astraphobia19, chouki16, curse01, curse04, curse06, curse07, curse09, curse10, curse11, curse12, curse15, curse17, curse20, hitwoman03, hitwoman13, leftearring19, partner19, moumentai07, posh01, posh02, posh05, posh06, posh07, posh08, posh09, posh16, posh17, posh20, retainer12, retainer19, thestray03, tradename18, whitewhale17 for filler00
- Traded Arc: my massage20, mindofgod01, mindofgod02, mindofgod03, mindofgod04, mindofgod07, mindofgod08, mindofgod09, mindofgod10, mindofgod15, mindofgod16, mindofgod17, mindofgod19, gymnast10, gardener10, novoselic12, netherworld05, travel03, travel11, travel19, talentshow04, lightmusic03, lightmusic18, border04, border07, pandemonium02, pandemonium03, pandemonium04, pandemonium06, pandemonium07, pandemonium09, pandemonium11, pandemonium12, pandemonium14, pandemonium16, pandemonium17, pandemonium18, pandemonium19, usashrine02, usashrine13 for filler00
- Traded Ivory and Horn: my gray07, neshitteru11, neshitteru15, solum02, solum04, solum05, solum07, solum15, solum16, solum17, solum20, tartarus01, tartarus06, tartarus10, tartarus12, tartarus13, tartarus14, tartarus16, xxxx08, apathetic02, acting14, acting19, a-class07, a-class10, attract01, alice03, alice17, braveface11, feast07, feast08, feast14, funeral08, friends07, friends11, elegance04, elegance07, executed10, executed12, countering14, cursedtwin12 for filler00

June 21, 2017 ------------
- Traded Lahariel: my bluestar01, bluestar04, bluewater01, bosozoku01, bosozoku06, boomerang18, deathscythe17, deathscythe19, dragonblood12, dragonclaw07, dragonclaw13, dragoneyes12, dragonfoot01, dragonfoot12, dragonfoot14, devilbats12, devilbats15, escaflowne10, escaflowne13, razorfan04, razorfan15, raijuu02, raijuu03, raijuu05, raijuu07, raijuu09, raijuu10, snowwhite10, snowwhite13, snowwhite19, stupid01, stupid02, skilled04, skilled05, toss04, toss09, wanderer03, wanderer05, whispered01, whispered02 for filler00

June 20, 2017 ------------
- Traded Nikita: my kantoku18, karma09, karma10, karma16, karma17, karmicloop03, karmicloop07, knifework16, krauser10, krauser14, krauser20, medicans16, memorybomb05, memorybomb06, mute19, madness02, madness06, madness08, madness10, madness18, madness19, laptop17, lazy03, lazy04, lazy15, lazy16, lazy18, lempicka02, lempicka03, lempicka06, lempicka10, lempicka11, lempicka12, lempicka13, lempicka19, lotus03, lotus08, lotus09, lotus19, lovehime03 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my fairy01, fairy05, fairy07, fairy13, fairy14, fairy16, fairy19, fd3s10, bullet01, bullet02, bullet05, bullet11, bullet14, bullet19, bullet20, conclusions02, conclusions08, conclusions11, conclusions16, conclusions17, conclusions18, collector03, defeated06, defeated07, defeated09, defeated19, acepilot01, acepilot06, acepilot13, violin18, violin19 for filler00

June 19, 2017 ------------
- Traded Aletha: my allergen02, allergen05, allergen11, allergen14, allergen19, hostile01, hostile03, hostile04, hostile09, hostile12, hostile13, hostile14, hostile15, hostile16, hostile19, hostile20, manba01, manba02, manba05, manba11, mantis04, mantis05, mantis07, mantis08, mantis16, mantis20, rare13, resentment15, rooster01, rooster04, rooster05, rooster06, rooster08, rooster09, rooster10, rooster19, rooster20, strong06, strong07, strong19 for filler00

June 18, 2017 ------------
- Traded Curie: my chaotix04, chaotix08, chaotix12, chaotix14, chaotix16, chaotix17, chaotix19, fox19, magikoopa10, magikoopa16, mistaken03, mistaken06, mistaken13, mistaken14, mistaken16, mistaken18, popup08, popup09, popup18, pug15 for filler00
- Traded Brittany: my bark05, bellossom02, bellossom16, bigisland17, birthplace01, buster03, buster08, buster11, buster13, buster20, c-class13, cheater09, circus10, gentletype18, halloween09, restoration06, restoration09, restoration13, restoration20, damsel15, eggs04, eggs07, eggs10, explode07, farming09, ghosthouse02, inn06, lateshift04, lateshift11, lateshift20, mansion13, mansion18, narcoleptic06, playbirdie05, sillier08, supermarket01, supermarket05, teru18, townhall06, townhall07 for filler00

June 17, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ana: my 2-a06, 2-a07, 2-a08, 2-a09, 2-a10, 2-a11, 2-a13, 2-a14, 2-a15, black17, janbirthday02, janbirthday06, janbirthday14, janbirthday18, janbirthday19, janbirthday20, junbirthday01, junbirthday07, junbirthday09, 2-a12, kora05, kora10, kora16, kora18, livingzombie02, marshmallow02, marshmallow17, marshmallow18, mechanic01, mechanic02, mechanic06, mechanic07, mechanic09, mechanic10, mechanic14, mechanic20, mist02, mist06, mist09, mist20 for filler00

June 16, 2017 ------------
- Traded Harris: my 8317, abilities19, allstars03, allstars19, crossdressf03, crossdressf05, crossdressf10, crossdressf12, crossdressf16, crossdressm17, cutetype04, febbirthday06, femaleidols18, josei18, mufflers18, puyo06, rainbowroad14, replacement02, replacement04, replacement07, risotto01, risotto02, risotto03, risotto05, risotto07, risotto10, risotto12, risotto15, risotto16, risotto18, risotto19, risotto20, roll02, roll08, roll11, roll13, roll15, roll20, rollflash02, rollflash08 for filler00

June 15, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my brickbreak20, familiars04, rhythmia11, thunderbolt02, venoshock20, scalchop01, scalchop05, schemer01, sleep04, sleep05, sleep06, sleep08, sleep13, sleep18, sleep19, sleep20, twig02, twig08, twig09, twig10, twig13, twig20, upbringing01, upbringing02, upbringing05, upbringing06, upbringing10, upbringing11, upbringing12, upbringing13, upbringing14, upbringing15, upbringing17, upbringing19, upbringing20, vermouth06, vermouth07, vermouth12, vermouth13, vermouth18 for filler00
- Traded Arc: my 300iq03, 300iq09, 300iq15, manners03, manners06, manners13, manners14, manners15, massage01, massage10, massage11, massage15, massage19, chiefmaid03, puppeteer09, puppeteer11, puppeteer16, puppeteer18, therapist16, shanghai01, shanghai03, shanghai04, shanghai05, shanghai06, shanghai11, shanghai12, shanghai13, shanghai14, shanghai15, shanghai17, shanghai18, shanghai20, speed01, speed10, speed12, speed13, speed15, doujin05, doujin09, doujin17 for filler00
- Traded Kellie: my allergen01, allergen02, allergen05, allergen10, allergen11, allergen14, allergen15, allergen17, allergen19, delivery03, delivery05, delivery06, delivery07, delivery08, delivery09, delivery10, delivery11, delivery13, delivery14, delivery16, delivery17, delivery20, manba01, manba02, manba03, manba05, manba07, manba08, manba09, manba10, manba11, manba13, manba14, manba18, rare07, rare13, resentment03, resentment15, resentment16, resentment17 for filler00

June 14, 2017 ------------
- Traded Lahariel: my symmetry19, camembert03, camembert08, camembert17, chroma04, chroma10, arlia01, arlia03, arlia05, arlia06, arlia08, arlia11, arlia13, arlia15, arlia18, arlia19, books19, deathmetal01, deathmetal05, deathmetal16, loveme01, loveme03, loveme08, loveme09, loveme11, loveme13, naturally04, naturally13, naturally15, perfect01, perfect02, perfect05, perfect08, perfect12, perfect13, perfect15, perfect17, perfect18, perfect19 for filler00
- Traded Adelicya: my leftearring15, machinegun02, machinegun03, machinegun09, machinegun12, machinegun17, machinegun19, machinegun20, madainsari03, meyvn18, moogle10, moogle14, omnipedia08, praetor02, praetor17, proudclad04, psicom10, psicom16, results18, rozarria20, ruin17, rusty01, rusty04, rusty05, rusty08, rusty15, rusty19, shard16, summons09, taunts12, tellme06, thaumaturge07, thecalm03, throttle03, throttle04, throttle05, throttle07, timberowl15, timberowl17, timberowl18 for filler00
- Traded Kat: my daruma09, eastern14, eastern17, eastern18, eastern19, lifeenergy01, lifeenergy04, lifeenergy06, lifeenergy12, lifeenergy15, lifeenergy17, lifeenergy18, mercurial03, mercurial08, mercurial18, retriever13, retriever16, riskbreaker01, riskbreaker03, riskbreaker08, riskbreaker11, riskbreaker14, riskbreaker20, rudehero07, sevendays03, squats12, steak06, steak18, summoner13, ambidex04, ambidex09, blue03, deities20, faintattack02, heartless03, heartless10, mahou06, mahou17, odyssey08, odyssey20 for filler00

June 13, 2017 ------------
- Traded Lacie: my world18, world19, allure06, badpun10, badpun12, badpun15, badpun17, badpun19, badpun20, bigbang06, babbit01, babbit09, babbit14, babbit16, date15, date16, flowerclip01, flowerclip07, flowerclip09, flowerclip19, flowerclip20, ignore12, ignore14, ignore15, ignore17, ignore19, ignore20, hitman02, hitman04, hitman06, hitman08, hitman09, hitman10, hitman12, hitman14, hitman16, hitman18, jimi19, lockon03, lockon16 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my asleep03, asleep08, asleep11, acrobatics01, acrobatics20, galaxy03, galaxy05, measuring04, measuring08, measuring18, tensai09, usu04, usu09, usu12, walkure08, walkure17, waterpistol01, workout14, workout18, workout20, worst05, worst08, worst15, x88s03, x88s06, yoohoo01, yoohoo02, yoohoo04, yoohoo06, yoohoo09, yoohoo11, yoohoo15, yoomtah08, yoyoi01, yoyoi04, yoyoi08, yoyoi10, yoyoi14, yoyoi18, yoyoi19 for filler00

June 12, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ten: my cardevolve01, hats01, hats08, hats13, hats19, healers09, kweh20, mages16, ninjas01, ninjas06, ninjas09, ninjas13, ninjas15, samurais11, acting15, assassin09, blackvoice07, blackvoice12, bookoflaw18, blastia16, bravior05, candlestick19, eyes03, eyes05, fivedays01, heartbeat11, heart05, iai15, kritya15, kritya16, kurikara04, libero06, libero20, poorthing06, popular01, popular16, setter01, stickfigures08, stickfigures19, toss13 for filler00
- Traded Nikita: my gourmet02, gourmet04, gourmet05, gourmet11, gourmet13, gourmet14, gourmet15, gourmet16, gourmet17, gourmet19, gourmet20, gianthornet01, gianthornet08, gianthornet10, gloucester08, gloucester10, gungi04, gungi09, highjump08, highjump15, highjump16, hospitality05, hre10, hre14, hre15, hre16, hre17, hre18, hre20, hydrangea11, horseback03, hotel01, inferior11, inferior16, inferior19, inugami01, inugami05, inugami06, inugami07, inugami17 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my bangle03, body09, curse01, curse02, curse04, curse05, curse06, curse07, curse08, curse09, curse10, curse11, curse12, curse14, curse17, curse19, denpakei01, denpakei02, denpakei03, denpakei04, denpakei07, denpakei09, denpakei11, denpakei14, denpakei15, denpakei16, denpakei17, denpakei18, dogs02, dogs04, dogs05, dogs06, dogs08, dogs12, dogs14, dogs15, dogs16, dogs17, dogs18, dogs20 for filler00

June 11, 2017 ------------
- Traded Neenee: my social08, social09, social10, social14, social17, social18, social19, social20, neighbor12, neighbor16, nico-nii08, normal17, normal18, lakeview17, butterfly03, butterfly11, despair07, despair11, profiler13, killerqueen14 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my yard04, weddings07, weddings16, heartless05, yellow11, touma17, slimes09, slimes16, visualnovel06, orange08, mooncell01, mooncell04, mooncell05, mooncell06, mooncell08, mooncell14, mooncell18, mooncell19, green19, gray18, 1801, 1814, 1817, adventure09, adventure13, assault01, assault13, azuresea20, azuresky01, azuresky04, foreigner03, foreigner15, foreigner19, confidence11, cupid04, cupid06, cupid16, datadrain13, defender03, defender14 for filler00
- Traded Brittany: my carpenter09, carpenter20, chimchar11, codename08, enforcers12, feared04, fog06, friends01, friends11, frown01, frown09, fuchsia10, gecko13, go-getters03, go-getters13, grin02, headache14, heyheyhey13, humilau15, ignite09, jet09, learning08, outlaw17, playful15, poffins19, postergirl16, posttown17, relic14, rush07, rush16, rush19, shutter18, squad05, teamflare17, torchic07, trainer14, tsukkomi08, well-spoken08, well-spoken17, wildchild02 for filler00
- Traded Neenee: my koyasut06, koyasut11, everybirdie04, everybirdie14, griefseed08, griefseed14, miyanom07, miyanom15, broomstick15, cottage08, crazyd05, crescent04, avalanche08, avalanche09, social01, social02, social03, social04, social06, social07 for filler00

June 10, 2017 ------------
- Traded Sky: my 20million01, 20million06, 20million10, 20million18, 43rdsong14, accident03, accountant05, accountant06, accountant09, accountant10, accountant12, accountant14, accountant15, adaptor09, adaptor10, adaptor11, airblast18, airblast20, aircavalry13, airpirate09, airpirate10, airpirate14, airpirate18, airpirate20, airplane09, alone11, alone14, amaken02, amaken19, amarcian02, amarcian05, amarcian20, angerpunch03, antiqueshop07, antiqueshop13, at-low07, at-low08, at-low10, at-low17, at-low19 for filler00

June 09, 2017 ------------
- Traded Curie: my manifested16, mechonis01, mechonis03, mechonis05, mechonis07, mechonis12, mechonis13, mechonis14, mechonis16, mechonis17, mechonis18, mechonis19, mechonis20, razorleaf10, seele01, seele04, seele05, seele11, sparkling01, x-scissor09, aman10, adaptor10, adaptor11, adaptor16, adaptor17, adaptor19, bully19, cataclysm19, caterpillar01, caterpillar13, famicom11, forest12, freezer05, garouga05, hammer04, huge10, kidnap10, mathlesson18, mochimazui16, mochimazui17 for filler00
- Traded Kippi: my batanima06, captive12, captive14, captive16, color17, fishanima09, fishanima14, hundred18, hundred19, kiseru01, observe11, observe17, observe18, peachpie15, photographs02, photographs06, photographs10, photographs16, seize05, seize07, seize09, seize15, seize19, shishitou05, shishitou06, shishitou07, shishitou18, staging20, begnion04, caelin10, cardevolve01, cardevolve08, cardevolve09, cardevolve11, daein11, daein20, kizna01, kizna13, kizna17, ostia12 for filler00
- Traded Kellie: my amulet05, amulet08, amulet10, amulet13, barielle20, blacklynx15, clowndrop02, clowndrop19, demihuman01, demihuman02, demihuman06, demihuman13, flapping03, furpelt18, gekko02, gekko06, gekko12, gekko13, gekko19, gekko20, kensei01, license01, license02, license04, license07, license12, license17, license20, lightsnow17, moral12, magicalfire07, minidragon19, nekopunch15, nirvash01, nirvash06, nirvash08, reptile19, seemly19, silk14, theend20 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my bellflower13, bellflower19, launch19, musicsense17, circle03, circle05, circle08, circle09, androphilia12, androphilia16, pliskin18, polytechnic17, papillon06, peddler05, peddler10, peddler11, peddler13, peddler17, peddler18, peddler20, one10, redshield05, spare19, yaoi12, yaoi13, usagimimi03, usagimimi06, usagimimi08, twintails10, sisters06, sisters11, sisters18, shoujo01, shoujo19, sexytype02, rainbowroad14, rainbowroad15, mufflers02, mufflers06, mufflers18 for filler00

June 08, 2017 ------------
- Traded Arc: my conquer17, phazon06, phazon14, programmer05, programmer07, programmer16, player07, player20, goodluck05, goodluck08, gambler15, gal02, gal03, gal11, faith02, faith04, fenrir17, miko08, miko15, mystery09, mystery18, ordinary06, ordinary10, ordinary20, swimmer01, swimmer09, swimmer13, literary10, teller05, teller08, teller10, hallmonitor15, heir04, wrestler02, wrestler07, wrestler09, wrestler10, wrestler12, wrestler13, wrestler20 for filler00
- Traded Catie: my aerialace01, chernabog09, chernabog20, fantasia02, fantasia06, gsleague05, halloween14, hoenn15, icebeam15, keystone14, kweh07, kweh10, kweh13, kweh18, kweh20, moogles02, moogles16, moogles17, odyssey16, tackle04, binbougami11, binbougami13, binbougami14, binbougami15, binbougami16, binbougami17, bookofd07, bro04, bro05, bro06, bro13, galactic07, gawrsh14, relicsong01, ruin07, twig01, uncouth08, uncouth15, undying01, zanarkand07 for filler00
- Traded Lahariel: my baseball05, books02, books11, books15, books18, arbalest13, uranus13, grapes05, grapes12, gynoid03, gynoid15, gynoid18, jizaikon01, jizaikon02, jizaikon04, jizaikon05, jizaikon07, jizaikon10, jizaikon12, jizaikon13, jizaikon14, jizaikon17, jizaikon18, jizaikon20, moon04, moon18, liberation04, primo03, sandrock01, sandrock04, symmetry05, saturn01, symmetry08, checkmate12, fireball15, fullmoon02, fullmoon03 for filler00

June 07, 2017 ------------
- Traded Cait: my angelic02, angelic14, angelic18, cards17, cellphone02, cellphone05, dango08, dango09, dango13, dango15, dango17, dango19, delinquent20, lolishota01, miasma11, miasma15, miasma16, miasma19, resembool13, snakesword02, snakesword06, snakesword07, snakesword08, snakesword10, snakesword11, snakesword12, snakesword13, snakesword14, snakesword15, snakesword16, snakesword17, snakesword19, sorceress12, tenseiga04, tenseiga05, tenseiga08, tenseiga12, tongue03, ghibli20, rpgmaker11 for filler00
- Traded Adelicya: my knife15, abes07, abes14, academy04, academy06, academy13, alexandria07, archadia02, archadia10, archadia13, balfonheim19, blitzball03, blitzball12, brynhildr01, bushido18, cavalry02, cavalry04, cavalry09, dalmasca17, dancer12, devotion01, devotion02, devotion03, devotion04, devotion06, devotion07, devotion10, devotion12, devotion15, devotion16, devotion17, devotion20, distrustful11, dragoon18, eruyt16, eruyt19, faction11, gourmand01, ladyluck09, leftearring12 for filler00

June 06, 2017 ------------
- Traded Caitie: my kiseru08, kindhearted07, kindhearted15, kindhearted17, axes12, braves13, flamingo16, hallmonitor01, hallmonitor02, hallmonitor04, hallmonitor12, hallmonitor17, hallmonitor18, mysteries08, polarbear04, polarbear05, polarbear06, polarbear13, polarbear14, polarbear17, room04, room10, sagami12, saint05, siegfried02, shackles13, shackles18, shackles19, spells10, surnames12, unmask09, unmask20, whaleshark11, whaleshark12, whaleshark17, whaleshark18, whaleshark19, whaleshark20, iwa-chan03, orifiel14 for filler00
- Traded pinnku: my ahoge16, fairytales17, hats17, jinchuuriki03, jinchuuriki08, jinchuuriki09, junbirthday10, kamui06, makos01, sekit01, sekit02, 92fs01, 92fs12, 92fs19, analysis13, brain04, brain08, brain10, brain12, brain19, humanist02, humanist20, chastiefol04, cardinal03, cardinal09, cardinal10, cha03, cha04, cha08, cha10, cha19, choice02, choice05, choice15, choice18, cool05, cool10, cool15, cool19, papa05 for filler00
- Traded Miro: my absorption04, absorption05, absorption07, actor07, actor15, actor18, aldan09, alkahestry03, alkahestry07, alkahestry14, answer03, armband05, avarice10, backlace06, badluck08, badluck11, badluck17, badluck19, bangs13, begging07, begging12, benishigure19, big06, bone08, brains10, brawn03, brawn12, brawn17, broadcast08, broadcast16, bungee18, camelot18, catcher06, chainsaw05, commoners13, crimson02, croquettes04, croquettes12, croquettes15, croquettes18 for filler00
- Traded Liz: my princesslike03, princesslike04, princesslike09, princesslike13, princesslike14, perception02, perlite05, muromachi04, muromachi11, mysterious15, mystery10, impersonate01, india16, jewel04 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my acepilot01, acepilot04, acepilot05, acepilot06, acepilot13, acepilot20, collector03, fd3s10, lieutenant06, lieutenant16, novice07, rose14, takoyaki10, takoyaki17, takoyaki20, trumpet16, violin15, violin18, verycute04, verycute07, verycute15, verycute17, verycute18, wutai04, soldiers19, udonge14, udonge20, upbringing01, upbringing04, upbringing05, upbringing07, upbringing08, upbringing09, upbringing12, upbringing13, upbringing16, upbringing17, upbringing18, upbringing19, upbringing20 for filler00
- Traded Riae: my basil07, basil10, bone04, bone08, byakugan01, blush16, barrier01, barrier05, barrier13, barrier17, bsaa01, bsaa14, background01, background03, background05, background06, background07, background09, background10, background11, background14, background15, background20, agape01, alohaoe08, amita08, amita12, amita18, arme01, armor01, armor09, armor11, armor15, armor17, avarice10, axiom05, axiom07, axiom09, axiom20, starmagic17 for filler00
- Traded Cassidy: my georgie01, grandking03, grandking13, cinderella07, cinderella13, composing17, agna04, angelysugar04, barrettes09, barrettes14, barrettes16, bohemian02, oldest08, rocker16, rocker17, rocker18, rocker20, retroclover13, risappe08, synthesizer03, synthesizer12, synthesizer15, sakurairo04, sangriarosa11, sparkles19, staging01, staging02, staging07, staging17, staging18, staging19, dreamycrown01, dreamycrown02, fantasy01, fantasy02, fantasy14, thousand02, thousand18, thousand19, throwdown05 for filler00

June 05, 2017 ------------
- Traded Lacie: my world02, world04, world09, world10, world11, world15, world17, meganes02, meganes03, meganes04, meganes06, meganes07, meganes08, meganes09, meganes11, meganes12, meganes14, meganes15, meganes18, meganes20, piratehat14, piratehat20, hirazen14, granddream16, flamboyant12, dadadadan17, admirer01, admirer02, admirer06, admirer07, admirer08, admirer09, admirer11, admirer14, admirer15, admirer16, admirer17, admirer18, admirer19, admirer20 for filler00
- Traded Kellie: my airiel16, charm07, charm09, charm15, conjurer02, mikorin10, mikorin20, nekopunch03, nekopunch14, nekopunch18, nekopunch20, polkadot07, polkadot18, polkadot19, screentone05, screentone09, screentone10, screentone13, screentone18, screentone20 for filler00
- Traded Curie: my magicalfire02, magicalfire06, miss06, serious06, serious20, summon12, wingman05, wingman09, wish11, youmu06, allies15, colossi02, colossi09, moogles16, nekotalia07, nekotalia09, nekotalia13, nekotalia18, super03, timegear04 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my henshin01, henshin02, henshin04, henshin09, henshin11, henshin20, valentines01, valentines05, valentines06, valentines07, fujoshi12, fontech01, fontech11, fontech13, chainsaw17, blueknights13, blackfang15, alohaoe10, alcoholic12, alcoholic16 for filler00
- Traded Kat: my charmbuster04, charmbuster18, chatty02, chatty09, chatty13, craft05, crucify02, earthshaker18, forgive20, grownup11, heartbuns18, honest17, honest18, jupiter01, magatama12, olderwomen07, osa-p01, perceive13, planners06, samekh04, samekh05, samekh07, samekh10, samekh16, science01, shortsword18, special17, spiritenergy05, starmaker14, tauburn01, tauburn15, tauburn19, teach02, teach04, thorough03, thorough10, thorough19, uranus05, uranus09, whip02 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my accessories01, accessories05, accessories09, accessories10, aeons01, aeons10, black18, blue01, chibipuri10, companions03, cosplay04, darkside13, fairytales01, fairytales20, febbirthday06, febbirthday07, femantags04, freckled04, gakuran10, gakuran12, keyblade19, knit12, knit14, kunst01, kunst02, kunst03, kunst04, kunst07, kunst08, kunst09, kunst10, kunst11, kunst12, kunst13, kunst14, kunst16, kunst17, kunst18, kunst19, kunst20 for filler00
- Traded Brittany: my affection06, agility06, agility14, alarm08, american03, american15, appearance09, attract05, axolotl04, axolotl15, bassist04, bassist10, bassist13, blaze02, brush13, bubble15, bye-bye01, countering04, double14, follows05, gracidea12, poisonsting15, poodle11, poodle18, smokescreen18, aerialace04, brushgods04, brushgods10, thunderbolt07, venoshock02, yard04 for filler00
- Traded Liz: my adultlike02, adultlike04, adultlike09, adultlike20, amazing10, albhed01, albhed19, bentenmaru07, berserker01, berserker14, butler10, butler20, contract09, cleanfreak12, cleanfreak18, fullmetal02, fullmetal11, fullmetal14, funeral08, funeral13, fethmus06, hotblooded04, hotblooded08, hotblooded11, musicstart07, 7thheaven18 for filler00
- Traded Haylee: my mba08, mba09, mba12, mba14, mba17, mba18, myu10, feminist11, feminist12, feminist19, flawless09, flawless13, flawless17, akko03, akko11, samezuka01, samezuka08, samezuka12, samezuka15, samezuka19, snobbish02, snobbish04, snobbish05, snobbish08, snobbish13, snobbish16, snobbish17, swimclub05, swimclub06, swimclub11, calculation05, carmine06, corn02, corn04, corn05, corn09, corn19, egotistical09, earlyshift18, tresbien03 for filler00
- Traded Veth: my blazingyato18, deathmetal05, deathmetal06, deathmetal08, deathmetal09, deathmetal10, elocution14, orphaned20, parallel19, takeout08, tripping13, lgbtgames06 for filler00
- Traded Dina: my beneath01, gross04, luzrov04, lying09, mezzaluna01, mezzaluna09 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my accurate05, accurate10, accurate20, beli01, collector01, collector03, dna20, eccentric18, lieutenant04, lieutenant13, logicshow03, logicshow15, logicshow17, poodle05, poodle13, steak05, steak06 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my amphilyon10, antivirus10, armadillo03, armadillo14, badda-boom20, bangle08, barrage06, beastking02, beastking15, darktowers02, devoted08, dokkanpunch12, falborg05, falborg15, foxmagic11, fuerza09, furpelt02, furpelt20, gaiadragoon12, lackey19, leftout03, literature08, literature11, literature15, kitsune01, kitsune16, kitsune17, kitsune20, marching10, nose18, seaborg02, seaborg19, silk09, standup09, standup16, studying08, witchelny02, witchelny08, witchelny10, wolborg04 for filler00
- Traded 9Tales: my endless17, endless19, endless20, gamer07, mentor02, orcatrainer16, phazon04, phazon09, phazon17, selamatpagi01, selamatpagi05, selamatpagi07, selamatpagi19, sticker01, yogurt01, yogurt07, yogurt11 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my aeons01, aeons02, aeons07, aeons10, aeons14, aeons20, companions09, ecchi04, hamha07, hamha15, kweh09, kweh10, kweh13, mahou11, mahou15, manatree06, manatree08, manatree16, manatree20, moogles06, beatdown17, bushido04, bushido09, bushido11, bushido12, bushido16, bushido18, doubtful01, doubtful12, doubtful19, hornless08, hornless11, ipc02, ipc06, moogle11, nenthreads08, neurotic02, neurotic06, neurotic07, neurotic09 for filler00
- Traded Raven: my betray07, bastion02, bastion05, bloody03, bullmask06, bullmask19, agape03, agape19, art01, grandking03, grandking13, grandking18, headmaster04, island07, singer08 for filler00
- Traded Kiri: my amazing04, dexterous16, jazzdance03, kapow04, kapow06, ninjaclub02, rosenburg15, royalties04, tennis07, teru12 for filler00
- Traded Aru: my center12, center19, collected06, colony05, colony09, gallop01, honorific16, immelmann11, immelmann17, jump05, jump06, jump07, jump08, jump16, jump17, jump19, jump20, mahou01, mahou07, mid-childa01, mid-childa02, mid-childa03, mid-childa04, mid-childa06, mid-childa08, mid-childa09, mid-childa12, mid-childa14, mid-childa15, mid-childa16, mid-childa17, mid-childa19, mid-childa20, stands06, stands16, saiyan03, saiyan06, saiyan07, saiyan15, sbjk15 for filler00

June 04, 2017 ------------
- Traded Tanna: my granny15, greengate01, greengate20, grumbly11, grumbly15, guchu04, guchu08, guchu09, guchu15, guchu20, guile12, guile15, hairloss05, hairloss10, hairloss18, hallmonitor11, chibimoon04, cyborgidol03, choromi19, dodge08, rank11, rank12, rank18, ruby01, ruby02, ruby03, selfless17, shonichi03, shonichi04, shonichi11, 8-bit01, 8-bit18, 8-bit19, mmlove10, mmlove20, quality14, quality18, retro03, clow06, yard01 for filler00
- Traded Ivory and Horn: my conceited05, conceited07, conceited10, conceited11, conceited13, conceited15, conceited19, childarmy01, childarmy03, childarmy06, childarmy07, childarmy08, childarmy10, childarmy11, childarmy13, childarmy14, childarmy17, childarmy18, childarmy20 for filler00
- Traded Nikita: my candy01, candy03, candy19, ciaossu15, clock05, clock11, clock14, cool15, cuarta01, cuarta10, cuarta14, denmark10, denmark19, denmark20, doctor06, doctor15, dynamite06, dynamite15, dynamite18, england08, england12, england17, esteem09, esteem15, esteem20, fanalis07, fangs01, fangs02, fangs05, fangs13, fangs18, fangs20, filth01, filth04, filth05, filth09, filth10, filth13, filth15, filth20 for filler00
- Traded Brittany: my ring02, ring03, ring04, ring08, ring11, ring17, ring18, spacepirate17, halloween15 for filler00
- Traded Ten: my actor09, archer18, archer19, answer05, bet01, blackvoice08, blinky19, candlestick03, candlestick15, clean06, hero09, hero10, hero19, iai11, lightsnow01, memorybomb01, orpheus13, yewbow10, hirarin16, morikawa06 for filler00
- Traded Lee: my mulberry15, no18, nyoro07, nyoro14, paprika15, persocom02, persocom12, petulant01, petulant02, phones17, priest10, soccer04, soccer13, throwdown13, throwdown18, throwdown19, wingspiker03, vespa04, unitone01, unitone19 for filler00

June 02, 2017 ------------
- Traded Harris: my crossdressf02, crossdressf03, crossdressf10, crossdressf12, crossdressm13, crossdressm15, crossdressm18, cure05, alchemists08, allstars19, usashrine02, usashrine05, usashrine07, usashrine08, usashrine09, usashrine10, usashrine13, usashrine14, usashrine20, upbringing10 for filler00

June 01, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my binbougami01, binbougami03, binbougami06, binbougami07, binbougami08, happiness01, happiness02, happiness03, happiness04, happiness06, happiness07, happiness08, happiness09, happiness10, happiness11, happiness13, happiness14, happiness15, happiness18, happiness19 for filler00
- Traded Netbug: my whipsmack14, war11, war15, whitesilver04, whitesilver14, bluesea02, redeyed08, redeyed12, redeyed20, jadedragon12, cakes13, anima02, anima04, anima06, anima11, anima14, anima15, anima16, anima19, ahoge02 for filler00
- Traded Kellie: my chouki14, countrygirl02, hi-potions06, hyourinmaru15, insecure02, insecure03, insecure04, insecure08, insecure09, insecure16, insecure19, maps02, maps03, maps08, maps10, maps13, maps14, maps15, maps17, maps20 for filler00

May 30, 2017 ------------
- Traded Jane: my flame02, lieutenant16, takoyaki20 for filler00

May 29, 2017 ------------
- Traded lacie: my ousaka01, ousaka09, ousaka10, ousaka12, ousaka13, ousaka16, ousaka18, ousaka19, cheersquad06, cheersquad08, cheersquad13, cheersquad20, retto01, retto08, retto11, retto15, retto16, piratehat05, piratehat07, piratehat08 for filler00
- Traded chronikle: my biker11, burgers01, daruma16, key04, logic09, magatama15, mentor20, minami05, minami12, psychology03, psychology10, psychology11, psychology15, psychology16, psychology19, roodbearer01, samekh01, samekh02, support16, support19 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my astraphobia03, astraphobia06, astraphobia08, astraphobia10, astraphobia11, astraphobia13, astraphobia14, astraphobia15, astraphobia16, astraphobia17, astraphobia18, astraphobia20, nanyatte20, oolong11, oolong16, oolong17, snowboard09, spider04, spider13, zombie16 for filler00

May 28, 2017 ------------
- Traded Brittany: my ctarl03, ctarl05, ctarl06, ctarl13, ctarl18, figments05, figments07, figments10, figments11, figments16, harass03, harass13, harass18, spacepirate01, spacepirate02, spacepirate11, tenseiga08, tenseiga11, tenseiga12, tenseiga16 for filler00

May 27, 2017 ------------
- Traded Maddy: my blackwave09, blackwave15, blackwave16, alliance01, alliance02, alliance03, alliance04, alliance06, alliance07, alliance08, alliance09, alliance10, alliance12, alliance13, alliance15, alliance16, alliance17, alliance18, alliance19, alliance20 for filler00
- Traded Mino: my aquarimms07, aquarimms10, countryboy01, countryboy03, countryboy06, countryboy18, fightgod16, fightgod17, lenshunter03, lenshunter10, likedad02, pikohan19, straylize01, straylize02, straylize04, straylize08, straylize13, straylize14, straylize18, straylize20 for filler00

May 26, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ana: my dancer04, dancer12, darkangel03, darkangel04, darkangel09, darkangel12, darkangel13, darkangel15, darkangel16, darkangel20, guns05, guns08, guns11, guns15, guns17, guns19, guns20, irides06, irides10, irides19 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my gnosis01, gnosis02, gnosis04, gnosis07, gnosis09, gnosis14, gnosis16, gnosis17, gnosis18, gnosis20, udonge16, udonge18, unpleasant03, unpleasant04, verycute16, vicious04, vicious05, vicious08, vicious10, vicious13 for filler00
- Traded Curie: my gangster03, gangster05, gangster08, gangster15, megadrive03, megadrive06, megadrive10, megadrive12, megadrive14, strongone09, strongone11, strongone13, strongone14, strongone15, strongone17, strongone20, swordswoman15, swordswoman16, swordswoman18, swordswoman20 for filler00

May 25, 2017 ------------
- Traded Kellie: my countrygirl11, denpakei01, denpakei02, denpakei03, denpakei04, denpakei05, denpakei06, denpakei07, denpakei08, denpakei09, denpakei10, denpakei11, denpakei12, denpakei13, denpakei14, denpakei15, denpakei16, denpakei17, denpakei18, denpakei19 for filler00
- Traded Catie: my tamarin02, tamarin03, tamarin04, tamarin08, tamarin09, tamarin14, tamarin18, temptress02, temptress04, temptress07, temptress16, temptress19, temptress20, thorshammer20, timberowl02, timberowl04, timberowl06, timberowl09, timberowl11, timberowl12 for filler00

May 22, 2017 ------------
- Traded Aletha Edwards: my cuteness13, nanyatte01, nanyatte02, nanyatte04, nanyatte06, nanyatte07, nanyatte15, nanyatte17, solarhands02, solarhands03, solarhands05, solarhands07, solarhands08, solarhands10, solarhands12, solarhands14, solarhands15, solarhands18, zombie17, zombie19 for filler00
- Traded Tanna: my camerawoman04, camerawoman14, camerawoman16, camerawoman20, caution06, caution15, chitchat15, cheese02, delinquent16, dearbaby04, dearbaby13, nyu10, overlord13, 8-bit12, adaptations04, adaptations18, darkside16, lightside04, lightside06, stage18 for filler00

May 21, 2017 ------------
- Traded Brittany: my bowwow01, bowwow14, bowwow15, bowwow16, caregiver15, caterpillar04, caterpillar13, caterpillar18, challenge18, dreamdiary01, dreamdiary03, supersize11, x-rayvision12, x-rayvision14, cooltype05, cooltype14, cooltype16, warlord05, warlord09, warlord15 for filler00
- Traded lacie: my corn04, corn05, corn09, corn11, corn19, egotistical01, egotistical05, egotistical06, egotistical07, egotistical09, egotistical10, egotistical14, egotistical19, perceptive02, perceptive03, perceptive08, perceptive10, perceptive12, piccolo02, piccolo06 for filler00

May 19, 2017 ------------
- Traded Harris: my sisters03, sisters06, sisters09, sisters11, sisters12, sisters16, sisters18, sisters20, pc-9801, pc-9805, regina16, realian03, realian08, realian19, real01, real09, real12, real14, real17, real20 for filler00
- Traded Curie: my guide01, guide04, guide06, guide09, guide11, guide12, guide13, guide14, guide16, guide17, guide18, guide19, guide20, headstrong05, stalking01, stalking04, strongone03, strongone05, strongone07, strongone08 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my augbirthday14, augbirthday20, ensanguined11, eyepatches05, febbirthday12, febbirthday13, femantags06, gakuran01, gakuran08, gakuran09, kamatari06, kazeshini01, kazeshini08, kazeshini16, kazeshini17, kidnapped06, kidnapped14, kidnapped18, kind18, king13 for filler00

May 18, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my dancer16, darkdjinn06, darkdjinn10, eruyt10, expedition13, expedition19, hyperion08, hyperion18, lettuce02, paladin04, paladin16, reins01, reins09, reins11, ruler03, ruler05, ruler15, seeress11, seeress15, serenade08 for filler00
- Traded Kellie: my hostile01, hostile02, hostile03, hostile04, hostile05, hostile06, hostile07, hostile08, hostile09, hostile10, hostile11, hostile12, hostile13, hostile14, hostile15, hostile16, hostile17, hostile18, hostile19, hostile20 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my 20th03, 20th05, 20th07, 20th08, 20th09, 20th14, 20th15, 20th17, 20th19, 20th20, adam04, aimo01, aimo08, amour03, amour07, amour08, amour13, amour14, amour15, amour17 for filler00

May 17, 2017 ------------
- Traded 9Tales: my stripes19, highentia01, highentia05, highentia07, highentia11, highentia13, highentia17 for filler00
- Traded Aru: my bluebird16, bluebird18, blackblood04, 20th06, akaoni12, akaoni15, killyou08, camcorder01, camcorder11, forget09, spearhead14, placetobe02, placetobe04, placetobe05, placetobe06, placetobe20, headphones03, headphones04, maleidols03, maleidols14 for filler00

May 14, 2017 ------------
- Traded Aletha: my cherryboy01, cherryboy04, cherryboy05, cherryboy07, cherryboy08, cherryboy09, cherryboy12, cherryboy13, cherryboy14, cherryboy15, cherryboy16, cherryboy19, sixsational15, zombie02, zombie05, zombie07, zombie09, zombie12, zombie15, zombie16 for filler00
- Traded Lacie: my allure17, andantino14, loveme15, loveme19, goats01, goats02, goats03, goats04, goats06, goats07, goats15, goats18, nomercy03, nomercy15, forte05, forte08, forte11, forte14, baroque01, baroque03 for filler00
- Traded Brittany: my hacker05, hammer08, hammer14, nameko17, nameko19, nameko20, onward01, onward13, orphan16, orphan19, greenvale01, greenvale02, greenvale06, greenvale07, greenvale09, greenvale15, greenvale18, greenvale19, warlord02, warlord04 for filler00
- Traded Raven: my cids02, magitek05, magitek06, imposter05, optimistic15, optimistic18, navigator05, copying02, copying13, gryphon13, hatchin20, leanbox13, leanbox15, percussion07, roadroller12, whip01, whip03, whip04, whip16, whip20 for filler00

May 12, 2017 ------------
- Traded Dina: my jello02, jello03, jello04, jello05, jello06, jello09, jello15, jello17 for filler00
- Traded Curie: my colossi05, colossi07, colossi10, colossi20, mechas07, nature13, nature16, nature18, eagle05, godofdeath08, godofdeath09, godofdeath13, godofdeath16, godofdeath17, godofdeath19, pinkbow09, pug18, starfox10, starfox15, thefool18 for filler00
- Traded Kiri: my irontiger09, irontiger19, purewhite09, purewhite12 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my flowers11, flowers18, usagimimi12, deities13, deities17, gensokyo08, gensokyo10, gensokyo11, gensokyo13, gensokyo16, rafflesia01, rafflesia02, rafflesia03, rafflesia05, rafflesia06, rafflesia07, rafflesia08, rafflesia09, rafflesia10, rafflesia11 for filler00
- Traded Kellie: my airiel02, airiel11, airiel17, aptx486910, aptx486915, beehive06, calamity09, goggles01, goggles02, goggles03, goggles10, goggles12, goggles17, nekopunch08, nekopunch14, nekopunch15, nekopunch18, tail06, theend05, theend10 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my shaolin16, takoyaki20, wanted14 for filler00
- Traded Veth: my avatar01, elocution19, myunit01, minervykins03, minervykins05, minervykins13, minervykins17, minervykins19, minervykins20, secretshop06, secretshop09, shepherds01 for filler00

May 11, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my academy05, academy06, academy07, detective01, detective04, detective07, detective08, detective09, detective10, detective14, hamelin20, lettuce18, miasma03, miasma04, miasma05, miasma13, miasma14, police06, police17, pulse08 for filler00

May 08, 2017 ------------
- Traded Kim: my affair01, affair11, affair14, affair15, affair17, cradle06, cradle17, cradle18, eligible05, eligible14, mothers05, mothers07, mothers10, sevenstars06, sevenstars12, sevenstars14, sevenstars15, sevenstars17, sevenstars19, storybook03 for filler00
- Traded Aletha Edwards: my cakepig13, classrep05, donmai09, donmai16, fuerza17, grappler14, hahi03, lackey04, lackey08, lackey16, lackey18, lighter13, mjolnir06, mysticeyes16, pacifist11, pay20, skyking08, takatomon16, valiente15, wolborg15 for filler00
- Traded chronikle: my highrollers02, highrollers17, leadcrow08, magic18, mmm11, monsters08, monsters16, perceive01, perceive02, perceive04, perceive20, pluto18, policeman09, policeman17, prayer18, redaxe04, saturn15, songwriter15, special05, starfighter01 for filler00

May 07, 2017 ------------
- Traded Brittany: my cheater06, cheater07, cheater10, cheater12, cheater18, diamond02, diamond05, diamond10, diamond12, diamond13, diamond15, moonchild02, moonchild04, pillowtalk14, orphan04, orphan05, orphan07, orphan09, orphan12, orphan15 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my lieutenant04, lieutenant13, lieutenant16 for filler00

May 05, 2017 ------------
- Traded Curie: my freezer14, lily03, lily05, lily06, lily07, lily09, lily14, lily15, lily16, lily18, serious01, serious07, serious12, shikaisen01, shikaisen02, shikaisen03, shikaisen04, shikaisen05, wahoo05, wahoo13 for filler00
- Traded Adelicya: my pendant01, pendant02, pendant03, pendant04, pendant05, pendant06, pendant07, pendant08, pendant09, pendant11, pendant13, pendant14, pendant15, pendant17, pendant18, pendant19, pendant20, gray05, grayscale09, purple13 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my darkchip03, darkchip12, darkchip14, darkchip17, deathboss12, kaka11, one17, papillon05, papillon09, pliskin02, yuri13, younggirls02, younggirls08, usagimimi03, usagimimi12, usagimimi15, stmichaels12, stmichaels07, stage02, stage20 for filler00
- Traded Cassie: my bokken04, bokken10, bokken11, bokken19, belarus01, belarus02, belarus05, belarus06, belarus07, belarus08, belarus09, belarus10, belarus12, belarus13, belarus14, belarus15, belarus16, belarus17, belarus19 for filler00

May 04, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my asterisk12, police04, police05, police10, police19, hydrangea04, hydrangea09, hydrangea12, nazcaa02, nazcaa06, nazcaa12, nazcaa19, nazcaa20, origin05, origin14, pickpocket03, pickpocket07, pickpocket08, pickpocket16, pickpocket18 for filler00

May 02, 2017 ------------
- Traded Jane: my flame01, flame03, flame04, flame06, flame08, flame09, flame10, flame11, flame14 for filler00

May 01, 2017 ------------
- Traded Lacie: my loveme01, loveme03, loveme06, loveme08, loveme11, loveme12, loveme14, weed01, weed02, weed04, weed08, weed09, weed10, weed11, weed13, weed14, weed15, weed16, weed19, weed20 for filler00
- Traded Brittany: my bearcat03, bearcat05, bearcat11, bearcat12, bearcat15, bearcat16, cape16, elegant10, elegant12, elegant18, elegant19, elegant20, greenshell04, pipemaze17, territory02, territory05, territory07, territory14, territory17, halloween03 for filler00

April 29, 2017 ------------
- Traded Cooper: my banana08, bigkitty20, insomnia18 for filler00

April 28, 2017 ------------
- Traded Curie: my bowwow01, bowwow02, bowwow03, bowwow04, bowwow05, bowwow09, bowwow10, bowwow12, bowwow14, bowwow15, bowwow16, bowwow18, fincutter03, fincutter05, fox11, godofdeath01, godofdeath02, godofdeath04, moumentai07, starboar10 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my alchemists05, alchemists08, allstars05, allstars17, abilities19, engagement05, engagement07, ecchi06, deities02, deities13, g-1213, g-1217, generation03, musicsense14, musicsense19, menfestival10, marshmallow02, marshmallow19, know-it-all17, papillon04 for filler00

April 27, 2017 ------------
- Traded Miro: my conflict06, conflict10, conflict15, conflict19, cool03, cool07, jaleco18, jyuuken08, analysis08, analysis15, brain13, brain17, dattebane12, devoted20, distaste11, distaste15, distaste17, distaste19, ink02, ink06 for filler00
- Traded Lee: my rip-off09, rip-off14, rock08, rock11, rock12, rock16, rock20, soccer04, soccer10, soccer13, soccer18, soccer19, sohcahtoa08, sos17, spacepatrol02, spirit20, sunflower02, theinferno06, throwdown02, throwdown09 for filler00
- Traded Catie: my hamelin10, hamelin17, hamelin18, jobs16, keyhole02, keyhole05, keyhole06, keyhole11, keyhole12, keyhole15, odyssey05, odyssey15, keyhole07, negi15, pureheart08, pureheart09, pureheart17, pureheart19, syndicate06, syndicate13 for filler00

April 26, 2017 ------------
- Traded Jun: my futari02, futari03, futari04, futari07, futari09, futari11, futari12, futari14, futari15, futari18, futari19, futari20, food01, food19, electrifying08, electrifying11, electrifying12, eden15, better14, cureberry15 for filler00

April 24, 2017 ------------
- Traded chronikle: my soulunion06, soulunion08, soulunion13, soulunion14, soulunion15, soulunion18, soulunion19, support06, support07, support10 for filler00

April 23, 2017 ------------
- Traded Brittany: my abandon01, abandon02, abandon04, abandon05, abandon06, abandon08, abandon10, abandon16, abandon18, misnamed03, oceanside04, press03, press04, press10, press11, press20, satchel05, satchel14, satchel15, sillier13 for filler00
- Traded Kim: my capitalism08, capitalism18, koyasut07, koyasut18, koyasut20, mushroom04, mushroom05, mushroom10, royalty01, royalty06, anteater01, anteater05, anteater06, anteater07, anteater08, anteater18, anteater19, anteater20, after03, after06 for filler00

April 22, 2017 ------------
- Traded Dina: my byakkomaru04, believer12, builder16, abu12, calligrapher12, calligrapher20, former18, lovehime11, playing05, peakspider03, peakspider12, objection12, science08, surprises03 for filler00
- Traded Curie: my host04, host08, host19, igaclan10, igaclan19, pug07, pug09, pug18, pug19, serious01, serious05, serious07, serious08, serious09, serious11, serious12, serious13, serious14, serious15, serious19 for filler00
- Traded Ivory and Horn: my avenge02, earring14, exorcise01, feel02, feel03, feel04, feel05, feel06, feel07, feel10, feel11, feel12, feel13, feel14, feel15, feel16, feel17, feel19, freestyle10, honorific11 for filler00

April 21, 2017 ------------
- Traded Harris: my valentines04, valentines11, valentines14, josei02, josei07, josei12, josei17, josei19, shoujo06, shoujo14, yo-yo03, yo-yo11, yo-yo12, yo-yo14, smart01, smart20, revolver12, revolver14, newkama02, okama19 for filler00
- Traded Adelicya: my headband01, headband04, headband05, headband06, headband07, headband08, headband09, headband10, headband11, headband12, headband13, headband14, headband16, headband18, headband19, headband20, orange12, orange15, purple13, purple17 for filler00
- Traded Ritsu: my oni07, oni19, oni20, fran18, innovative04, imitating01, imitating19, rocksalt05, porcupine04, porcupine05, kurokami05, kurokami15, cheesyfood09, cheesyfood10, cheesyfood14, cheesyfood15, hamburger03, hamburger06, hamburger09, hamburger12 for filler00

April 20, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my chocobo06, current08, current20, dalmasca08, fake19, feather15, hagakure10, hellfire08, jobs08, landis01, landis02, landis08, lies04, lies05, lies12, lionheart11, lionheart17, lionheart19, shutter16, shutter17 for filler00

April 19, 2017 ------------
- Traded Aru: my yosakoi20, yebisu04, yebisu08, yogurt17, wombat08, wombat19, vesta03, lunartear04, lunartear07, lunartear18, mflove03, romipaku05, ships07, ships10, misguided03, misguided10, misguided15, misguided16, misguided19, misguided20 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my azuresky05, azuresky09, azuresky13, beautiful03, cantonese01, cantonese15, compact06, ecure02, ecure06, ecure08, ecure11, ecure15, ecure17, foxhound14, foxhound15, foxhound16, fushigi06, fushigi12, fushigi15, fushigi16 for filler00

April 18, 2017 ------------
- Traded Cassie: my cosplay01, cosplay09, cosplay17, cosplay20, winter04, winter06, winter08, winter10, winter13, winter16, selfless11, selfless14, selfless17, selfless20, status01, status03, status05, status06, status07, status09 for filler00

April 16, 2017 ------------
- Traded chronikle: my ayingott12, ayingott19, caesarpro15, caesarpro16, caesarpro17, careless06, careless07, careless14, careless20, crimibear03, crimibear15, drawing03, earthshaker17, firebuster09, firebuster15, flamenco16, flamenco18, flirtatious08, focusing16, focusing18 for filler00
- Traded Brittany: my ideal03, interviewer05, interviewer15, pokedex05, pokedex11, pokedex20, research02, research04, research11, ruler03, ruler05, ruler06, ruler08, ruler11, ruler14, ruler15, ruler17, wandering11, wandering14, wandering15 for filler00

April 15, 2017 ------------
- Traded ReneeTwist: my sakura06, sen13, smitten20, sorcerer04, sorcerer14, sorcerer19, sorceress12, sorceress18, star05, strategy12, tantalus12, thaumaturge09, thaumaturge18, arrows09, arrows11, fathers05, fathers13, fathers15, hylia11, polearms04 for filler00
- Traded Curie: my allies05, allies09, allies11, allies13, helper06, redshell12, redtiger02, redtiger04, redtiger15, redtiger18, ricky04, ricky11, saluki02, saluki04, saluki05, saluki09, saluki11, saluki17, saluki20, uneven19 for filler00

April 14, 2017 ------------
- Traded Harris: my alcoholic02, boundary11, boundary16, chainsaw02, effeminate02, effeminate05, effeminate09, effeminate10, effeminate14, foxhound05, foxhound16, repair06, repair07, repair12, repair19, shogiclub12, youshow02, youshow12, youshow16, youshow19 for filler00
- Traded Ivory and Horn: my orange08, orange20, call01, call02, call05, call06, call10, call11, call13, call14, contract14, classes06, classes12, embarrassed04, embarrassed09, embarrassed19, emptiness12, emptiness14, emptiness17, emptiness20 for filler00

April 13, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my archadia01, archadia02, archadia05, archadia10, archadia11, cavalry02, cavalry11, cavalry18, cavalry19, cinderella08, cinderella09, cinderella10, cinderella11, cinderella18, conjurer01, conjurer14, conjurer18, fake09, fake12, sitar19 for filler00

April 11, 2017 ------------
- Traded Jane: my naru01, takoyaki03, takoyaki05, takoyaki08, takoyaki10, takoyaki11, takoyaki15, takoyaki17, takoyaki20 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my 1000th11, 1000th19, adventure04, adventure17, adventure19, alter06, amon04, amon06, amon08, amon19, animes14, antisocial09, antisocial10, assault04, assault07, assault08, assault09, assault11, assault14, assault17 for filler00
- Traded Cassie: my wordplay16, sensor13, skyking11, skyking14, skyking15, skyking17, spear12, spear15, spear16 for filler00
- Traded Kim: my cakes03, cakes07, cakes09, cakes15, cakes17, cakes18, marbirthday16, voice03, voice11, voice18, gloves09, gloves13, gloves14, gloves15, gloves20, niceboat03, niceboat04, niceboat05, niceboat09, niceboat11 for filler00

April 10, 2017 ------------
- Traded Lenga: my quotations03, quotations05, quotations12, quotations15, quotations20, absolute17, absolute18, absolute20, aptx486904, algorithm06, algorithm08, algorithm09, hiraikotsu18, icy15, bunbunmaru08, bunbunmaru10, bunbunmaru16, badgrades06, badgrades08, badgrades20 for filler00

April 09, 2017 ------------
- Traded Brittany: my billiards16, birthplace07, boke13, buster07, buster09, buster14, buster17, c-class07, c-class09, c-class15, c-class16, dreamer12, frown05, frown10, grin08, grin09, grin10, grin18, trainer20, triplefinish15 for filler00
- Traded Caitie: my cardevolve13, kizna10, kizna16, kindhearted01, kindhearted02, axes02, brigade10, brigade15, corazon06, curry08, surnames06, shackles02, shackles03, trueknight05, trueknight15, lukeim07, polarbear02, polarbear03, whaleshark04, whaleshark07 for filler00

April 07, 2017 ------------
- Traded Curie: my aman17, aman20, bearcat02, bearcat11, bearcat12, bearcat13, bearcat19, bearhound10, cockatoo08, cockatoo17, comical13, comical19, companion07, companion08, eggs09, explode11, famicom14, gakuen11, gakuen15, gakuen20 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my heropon01, heropon02, heropon04, heropon06, heropon11, heropon12, heropon15, heropon16, heropon20, bracer01, bracer04, bracer06, bracer18, blackmage07, believe03, believe15, believe16, fujoshi06, fujoshi16, animes19 for filler00

April 06, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my luna20, noheart03, precepts01, seasalt06, shard15, shard17, silenthero02, silenthero03, silenthero04, silenthero05, silenthero07, silenthero08, silenthero09, silenthero11, silenthero12, silenthero13, silenthero14, silenthero18, undying13, undying19 for filler00

April 04, 2017 ------------
- Traded Kim: my chernabog04, gakuen01, gakuen03, gakuen07, gakuen08, gakuen11, gakuen15, gakuen20, sailorfuku13, yellow07, curebeauty18, curehappy07, gardening10, scarf05, scarf07, scarf11, scarf15, taser16, taser17, rabbitears10 for filler00

April 03, 2017 ------------
- Traded Cassie: my destruction02, destruction04, destruction09, destruction10, destruction11, destruction12, destruction13, destruction14, destruction15, destruction17, mechapilots03, mechapilots08, mechapilots09, mechapilots11, mechapilots12, mechapilots14, mechapilots16, mechapilots20, mufflers07, mufflers18 for filler00

April 02, 2017 ------------
- Traded Brittany: my american04, american08, american11, american13, cianwood08, cianwood17, dynamo06, glacier04, shocking09, shocking10, shocking17, soul13, voltage02, wild13, wild17, wildchild06, wildchild13, wildchild19, zephyr04, zephyr14 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my asteroid01, iceslasher08, resistance19, rusty16, cap16, capsule11, cellphones02, cellphones15, cellphones20, cha04, ecchi18, femantags14, glabados07, glabados11, glabados15, glabados18, glabados20, horror18, house10, mushroom09 for filler00

April 01, 2017 ------------
- Traded Kiri: my chaperone04, dates06, gymnast07, pervy17, reading13, seawitch03, seawitch07, tresbien08 for filler00

March 31, 2017 ------------
- Traded Curie: my golem08, golem09, golem13, golem14, greatdane06, greatdane07, greatdane10, greatdane12, greatdane13, greatdane14, greatdane16, haunt16, haunt17, haunt18, starwolf19, twokinds01, twokinds04, twokinds08, twokinds14, twokinds16 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my versicolor01, versicolor03, versicolor04, versicolor08, versicolor12, versicolor13, versicolor16, versicolor17, versicolor19, versicolor20, xiii11, xrosheart02, xrosheart03, xrosheart09, xrosheart10, xrosheart13, xrosheart15, xrosheart16, xrosheart18, yondaime10 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my affable01, affable02, affable06, affable07, affable09, suit18, seeker05, seeker15, solarknee05, losttrust07, losttrust09, traditional01, traditional05, traditional08, traditional16, traditional19, host03, host05, host19, host20 for filler00

March 30, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my controlled16, knife15, ladyluck01, ladyluck03, ladyluck04, ladyluck05, ladyluck09, ladyluck14, ladyluck16, ladyluck19, memorized10, meyvn07, meyvn10, meyvn13, meyvn16, meyvn17, meyvn18, noheart09, noheart18, oceanwave14 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my acepilot06, accurate08, mischief02, mischief07, mischief13, mischief15, bolt07, bolt11, bolt12, bolt15, bolt19, bolt20, phantom11, phantom16, shaolin16, typhoon12, typhoon14 for filler00

March 29, 2017 ------------
- Traded Nikita: my allies08, allies15, allies17, helper07, helper19, ariadoney11, ariadoney15, bandage03, bepsi11, big05, big07, big14, big15, big20, break04, break07, break08, brain09, brain14, brain16 for filler00

March 27, 2017 ------------
- Traded Kunoichigo: my voi01, scissor05, scissor15, position016, position020, charm06, graduate13, lightblue04, littledevil05, worker01, worker02, worker03, worker06, worker07, worker08, worker12, worker13, worker15, worker17, worker20 for filler00

March 26, 2017 ------------
- Traded Cassie: my hornet02, hornet07, hornet08, hornet16, hornet18, hungary02, hungary07, hungary08, hungary09, hungary17, justice09, justice10, justice12, justice13, justice14, justice16, justice18, justice19, justice20 for filler00
- Traded Brittany: my bassist07, bassist08, bassist15, focused11, fog01, fog05, fog09, fog10, fog11, fog14, fog18, humilau19, jet07, jet08, jet14, mineral15, performance05, performance11, supermodel01, mushroom07 for filler00

March 25, 2017 ------------
- Traded Curie: my ayesir01, ayesir02, ayesir11, babbit02, babbit03, babbit04, babbit06, babbit08, babbit17, babbit20, bully05, bully07, bully20, corneria02, corneria04, corneria11, samuraicat02, samuraicat07, samuraicat15, samuraicat16 for filler00
- Traded Rizu: my drawing01, drawing03, drawing04, drawing08, drawing12, drawing14, drawing15, drawing16, drawing20, alice05, alice10, alice11, alice13, alice14, alice15, apologetic11, seaotter04, meatbun05, meatbun07, meatbun09 for filler00

March 24, 2017 ------------
- Traded Harris: my alohaoe16, anti-hero18, anti-hero19, nitro01, nitro03, nitro09, nitro15, boxingring01, boxingring05, boxingring09, spare07, spare14, suit08, polytechnic02, polytechnic03, polytechnic16, fenrir01, fenrir02, fenrir13, fenrir19 for filler00
- Traded Lenga: my remaining15, sacrifice10, voiceless07, yoohoo03, yoohoo04, yoohoo05, yoohoo06, yoohoo07, yoohoo14, yoohoo19, yoohoo20, dempsey01, dempsey03, dempsey07, dempsey09, dempsey10, dempsey11, dempsey12, dempsey13, optimist11 for filler00

March 23, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my companions15, faction20, luna03, luna05, luna06, luna09, luna10, luna11, luna12, luna13, luna14, luna15, luna16, luna19, luna20, oblivion19, oblivion20, ruin13, ruin18, sinnoh06 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my director01, director02, director06 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my flute16, flute19, piano01, piano04, piano10, piano14, piano15, trumpet02, trumpet09, viola04, viola13, viola19, newyears19, newyears20 for filler00

March 22, 2017 ------------
- Traded Adelicya: my lander01, lander02, lander04, lander05, lander06, lander07, lander08, lander09, lander10, lander11, lander12, lander14, lander15, lander16, lander17, lander18, lander19, lander20, lionheart04, lionheart08 for filler00
- Traded Nikita: my university09, valet04, valet06, vers09, whiteclown03, whiteclown17, yamakami01, yamakami10, yamakami16, yami-nabe13, 2-a05, 2-a06, 2-a17, begnion12, caelin14, caelin16, crimea04, crimea10, crimea13, crimea14 for filler00

March 21, 2017 ------------
- Traded Lacie: my threesizes18, agogo01, agogo04, agogo05, agogo13, agogo14, agogo19, allure03, allure04, allure05, allure07, allure08, allure10, allure12, allure13, allure14, allure15, allure16, allure18, allure19 for filler00

March 20, 2017 ------------
- Traded neenee: my mercury16, speak02, adultlike12, aliens12, bandages07, bandages12, cottage01, charmbuster16, crucify18, champloo19, cynical12, emishi09, flashcard10, goldfish01, goldfish07, goldfish18, genesis03, genesis04, grownup20, ora10 for filler00

March 19, 2017 ------------
- Traded Cassie: my ahoge04, ahoge06, ahoge07, ahoge11, ahoge14, ahoge16, ahoge17, ahoge18, ahoge19, ahoge20, rabbit08, rebel04, seychelles09, seychelles17, seychelles19, seychelles20, tensai06, tensai14, tensai20, thornqueen20 for filler00
- Traded Brittany: my codename05, codename06, codename16, hydropump09, mace11, origin05, origin06, origin14, origin20, outlaw01, pokepals07, pokepals14, pokepals18, renowned01, rustboro06, suicune01, suicune05, mothers02, mushroom07, mushroom12 for filler00

March 18, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ritsu: my hotarumaru02, hotarumaru19, housenka02, mikazuki09, mumei08, mumei11, raikiri12, ibis10, ibis13, tsukuyomi01, tsukuyomi05, tsukuyomi08, tsukuyomi10, tsukuyomi11, tsukuyomi12, tsukuyomi18, tsukuyomi20, greekgod13, greekgod15, greekgod18 for filler00

March 17, 2017 ------------
- Traded Curie: my 400years01, 400years03, 400years04, 400years06, 400years08, 400years10, 400years11, 400years12, 400years18, 4minutes02, adepts01, adepts04, adepts08, adepts09, red04, red06, red07, red20, summer20, suit06 for filler00
- Traded Cassidy: my tomochin16, toss17, a-hall05, s-hall05, s-hall12, sixthroom01, sixthroom02, sixthroom19, scorpio13, scorpio15, secondroom02, secondroom04, sangriarosa20, cinderella11, firstroom01, firstroom15, firstroom18, whiteknight17, oldest10, never07 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my dunceney01, dunceney05, dunceney14, dunceney16, footwork10, footwork19, freelance11, grace04, grace11, grace17, hatshepsut05, hatshepsut09, hatshepsut16, hatshepsut20, kiseru14, knit02, knit19, knit20, quindecim12, whiteknight07 for filler00

March 16, 2017 ------------
- Traded Lita: my recall04, recall05, recall12, recall14, recall15, recall20, shoutoku08, shoutoku17, ultimateshot01, unpopular13, unpopular18, wingspiker02, wingspiker03, wingspiker04, wingspiker07, wingspiker09, wingspiker10, wingspiker12, wingspiker13, wingspiker19 for filler00
- Traded Netbug: my sealand15, sealand17, 92fs05, 92fs07, 92fs12, 92fs15, blackblood11, blackblood17, blackblood19, hanafuda11, hanafuda15, iris12, iris13, iris20, items01, items06, items08, items16, keyboard19, loyal13 for filler00
- Traded Catie: my accounts01, accounts02, accounts03, accounts05, accounts06, accounts07, accounts08, accounts09, accounts10, accounts12, accounts14, accounts16, accounts17, accounts19, accounts20, ivalice01, ivalice08, ivalice13, ivalice18, ivalice20 for filler00

March 15, 2017 ------------
- Traded Tegonyan: my aimless03, aimless07, aimless09, aimless10, aimless14, aimless18, aimless19, boisterous05, daitsuren02, daitsuren03, daitsuren05, daitsuren07, energetic03, energetic08, energetic19, handshake04, handshake07, handshake16, handshake18, handshake20 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my familiars09, marbirthday05, marbirthday14, marbirthday16, nature02, nature03, nature05, nature07, nature15, nature18, rabbit04, racer19, radio02, radio04, radio07, radio09, radio13, receptionist07, redchild02, redchild07 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my viola01, wanted02, wanted05, wanted06, wanted11, wanted12, wanted13, wanted14, wanted19, woman02, newyears01, newyears02, newyears03, newyears05, newyears06, newyears07, newyears08, newyears10, newyears13, newyears18 for filler00

March 13, 2017 ------------
- Traded Jun: my champion05, champion09, champion10, champion13, champion16, champion18, chasing13, chasing20, childlike09, cocky07, cosmoses05, curerhythm12, curerhythm17, curemelody03, current01, current02, current17, current20, remember05, remember17 for filler00
- Traded Cassie: my devilbats01, devilbats13, flowerclip07, weaponry02, weaponry04, weaponry08, princess11, princess16, paranormal01, paranormal03, paranormal04, paranormal05, paranormal08, paranormal10, paranormal13, paranormal14, paranormal17, ore-sama02, ore-sama12, ore-sama13 for filler00

March 12, 2017 ------------
- Traded Brittany: my boat18, contests16, dancing19, expedition01, go-getters18, secret03, secret07, secret13, swimtrunks15, yupyup18, yupyup20, kalos04, kalos11, mechas03, mushroom03, restoration16, restoration17, restoration19, sekit18, silhouettes18 for filler00
- Traded Nikita: my teaching17, tengu12, tertium07, tertium12, tertium15, treasure02, treasure14, trueblood05, trueblood07, trueblood08, trueblood09, trueblood11, trueblood12, trusty13, trusty19, ukraine01, ukraine02, ukraine07, ukraine11, ukraine15 for filler00

March 11, 2017 ------------
- Traded Rizu: my prussia04, prussia08, prussia11, prussia14, prussia18, prussia19, morning01, morning03, morning04, morning05, morning07, morning08, morning11, morning15, morning17, morning18, morning19, morning20, benishigure10, benishigure16 for filler00

March 10, 2017 ------------
- Traded Kippi: my ayakashi16, bassclef09, captive18, color06, doubleflat03, flat01, hiwa10, iceblue11, kiseru07, manikatti15, trebleclef20, vex03, caelin14, caelin20, ostia13, crimea02, crimea07, crimea15, crimea19, daein01 for filler00
- Traded Arc: my conquer08, gambler07, gambler14, goodluck11, singer05, singer13, singer17, singer20, swordswoman02, swordswoman03, swordswoman07, swordswoman12, voile03, voile04, voile05, voile07, voile08, voile12, voile16, voile19 for filler00
- Traded Curie: my marry01, marry02, marry03, marry05, marry07, marry10, marry11, marry13, marry18, righteous12, righteous17, speak08, speak19, whiskers19, dragon-type03, dragon-type05, dragon-type10, dragon-type19, partner19, thunderbolt10 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my sphinx118, strategies01, strategies20, shieikan15, shoutengai10, shoutengai18, rescue12, teapot10, teapot17, teapot18, twinknives02, twinknives05, twinknives08, twinknives11, father01, father07, father09, father15, father17, father19 for filler00
- Traded Lita: my faith14, faith16, faith19, faith20, kensei18, save01, save02, save04, save05, save10, save12, save13, save16, save17, setter04, setter09, setter16, setter17, setter20, gensokyo05 for filler00

March 09, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my balfonheim01, balfonheim17, bastion07, bastion19, cavalry02, conjurer02, controlled04, controlled11, controlled13, dancer01, dancer07, dancer13, dancer15, faction18, luna02, myths08, ruin08, seeress07, shard02, stranger11 for filler00

March 08, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ten: my boxer10, drugs01, forgotten08, justice07, tootall17, wingspiker06, wingspiker10, wingspiker14, wingspiker16, wingspiker17, hirarin06, kajiyuu09, kajiyuu20, kawasumia03, kawasumia19, kawasumia20, kimurar10, shades06, suwabe17, sugitan13 for filler00

March 07, 2017 ------------
- Traded Tegonyan: my rasetsu05, rasetsu10, rasetsu12, rasetsu13, rasetsu16, rasetsu20, strict15, takasugi01, takasugi02, takasugi11, takasugi14, touou01, touou02, touou04, touou05, touou09, touou12, touou14, touou19, touou20 for filler00
- Traded Ritsu: my comrades02, intelligence02, intelligence05, intelligence06, intelligence08, intelligence09, intelligence12, intelligence16, intelligence20, principal02, principal09, principal17, hakoniwa07, hakoniwa12, hakoniwa13, hakoniwa14, hakoniwa15, hakoniwa17, hakoniwa18, kneel06 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my accessories14, aprbirthday05, companions01, darkside10, darkside12, darkside15, darkside16, darkside17, darkside18, darkside20, genbu14, genbu17, genbu19, ghostgirl03, ghostship02, ghouls14, goats09, goats12, goats15, goats18 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my accurate02, accurate08, accurate09, accurate12, accurate16, cello05, cello08, cello18, director01, director02, director04, director06, director10, director11, director13, director15, director16, director18, violin18, violin19 for filler00

March 06, 2017 ------------
- Traded Cami: my allstars09, allstars17, allstars19, allstars20, dogtags17, dogtags19, dogtags20, maleidols03, maleidols04, maleidols08 for filler00
- Traded Brittany: my caregiver01, heyheyhey14, ohmygosh06, poffins01, poffins05, poffins16, supermarket14, torchic01, yupyup04, yupyup10, oaktree11, restoration03, restoration04, restoration10, restoration11, restoration12, restoration14, sinnoh07, sinnoh15, sinnoh20 for filler00
- Traded ReneeTwist: my uninterested06, unlicensed07, unlicensed17, upstairs19, ushiushi10, valentine17, vegetation15, virage01, virage03, virage06, adepts01, adepts11, adepts15, adepts19, hats04, hats05, hats08, shoujo09, shoujo10, shounen10 for filler00

March 05, 2017 ------------
- Traded Raven: my mysteria03, mysteria04, mysteria07, mysteria13, mysteria15, mysteria18, mysteria20, rapier15, privilege08 for filler00
- Traded Cassie: my analyst03, analyst08, analyst11, christmas03, christmas04, christmas06, christmas09, christmas12, christmas13, christmas14, christmas16, christmas19, lockon01, lockon03, lockon04, lockon05, lockon08, lockon10, lockon13, lockon17 for filler00
- Traded Nikita: my nenthreads02, observer05, princess07, princess17, question19, somnians11, somnians16, somnians20, spear01, spear08, suit04, suit12, suit13, suit15, suit17, surgeon16, tattoo08, tattoo11, teaching14, teaching15 for filler00

March 04, 2017 ------------
- Traded Kunoichigo: my waterpistol06, waterpistol07, waterpistol19, equestrian02, equestrian03, equestrian07, equestrian09, equestrian13, equestrian18, lightblue04, lightblue09, lightblue12, lightblue20, rascal01, rascal06, rascal08, rascal14, rascal15, rascal16, rascal17 for filler00
- Traded Rizu: my cutting06, cutting07, confident18, create14, odd04, odd14, insomnia16, insomnia19, bluebeard07, bluebeard15, dictator06, dictator18, domination13, dependent09, lovespells01, lovespells04, lovespells08, pillars06, artemyra06, artemyra13 for filler00

March 03, 2017 ------------
- Traded Harris: my oblivion04, oblivion05, oblivion06, oblivion08, oblivion09, oblivion10, oblivion12, oblivion13, oblivion14, oblivion15, oblivion17, faithful08, faithful19, faithful20, tank03, tank06, tank13, tank17, tank18, redshield02 for filler00
- Traded Curie: my partner11, partner14, partner16, partner18, partner19, partner20, thunderbolt20, mushroom17, mushroom18, mushroom20, tigerstriped07, tigerstriped08, tigerstriped10, tigerstriped11, tigerstriped12, tigerstriped14, tigerstriped15, tigerstriped17, tigerstriped18, tigerstriped19 for filler00

March 02, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my cape12, feather06, freeshooter03, freeshooter08, freeshooter09, freeshooter10, freeshooter11, freeshooter13, freeshooter14, freeshooter19, heartless12, knife06, knife14, luna01, meyvn01, mineral06, nabradia12, nabradia13, negi02, oblivion03 for filler00
- Traded Kim: my hoshido02, hoshido16, nekotalia01, nekotalia02, nekotalia03, nekotalia04, nekotalia07, nekotalia10, nekotalia13, nekotalia20, taser01, taser03, taser04, taser08, taser09, taser10, taser11, taser12, taser13, taser14 for filler00

March 01, 2017 ------------
- Traded Cooper: my daruma20, deceitful08, handicraft04, handicraft13, plasmagica06, onlypurpose14, teach01, teach09, 1stlt01, 1stlt02, 1stlt03, 1stlt05, 1stlt06, 1stlt07, 1stlt08, 1stlt10, 1stlt12, 1stlt13, 1stlt14, 1stlt15 for filler00
- Traded Coops: my healers05, healers09, healers13, healers20 for filler00

February 28, 2017 ------------
- Traded Kaede: my julbirthday11, julbirthday16, kazoku02, kazoku04, kazoku05, kazoku06, kazoku07, kazoku08, kazoku10, maleantags06 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my acepilot06, avoiddeath19, legend16, pal01, pal08, pal13, pal14, shaolin06, shaolin08, shaolin11, shaolin12, shaolin16, shaolin20, typhoon04, typhoon11, typhoon12, typhoon15, typhoon16, typhoon19, mechapilots01 for filler00

February 27, 2017 ------------
- Traded Cassie: my cosplay01, cosplay09, cosplay10, cosplay17, cosplay18, cosplay20, rebel01, rebel03, rebel04, rebel13, rookie14, rookie19, rookie20, rivalry09, rivalry19, rivalry20, tianzi11, tianzi12, tianzi20, tsubasa20 for filler00

February 26, 2017 ------------
- Traded Brittany: my alarm02, alarm06, assignment04, carpenter14, challenge06, chimchar05, chimchar09, chimchar14, dedication18, heyheyhey08, shuffle02, shuffle07, shuffle09, shuffle13, shuffle19, sinnoh01, sinnoh02, sinnoh05, sinnoh06, sinnoh16 for filler00

February 25, 2017 ------------
- Traded Dina: my kouka06, leocorp20, mahirunoyo14 for filler00
- Traded Lacie: my king09, king13, king14, king19, bigbang07, bigbang10, dunksmash02, dunksmash09, dunksmash13, dunksmash14, f401, f402, f404, f406, f408, f409, f415, f416, f418, f419 for filler00
- Traded Kunoichigo: my nakochi03, nakochi04, nakochi05, nakochi06, nakochi09, nakochi13, nakochi14, nakochi18, nakochi20, dialect03, dialect04, dialect06, dialect07, dialect09, dialect11, dialect12, dialect13, dialect15, dialect16, dialect20 for filler00
- Traded Nikita: my unkillable18, visitor07, waitress01, waitress04, waitress07, waitress09, waitress18, wine10, zagan07, rabi01, ragnell02, risingsun03, similar06, similar15, similar16, similar18, snow05, snow11, snow15, somnians03 for filler00
- Traded Rizu: my clutch06, copying03, copying04, copying08, copying10, copying20, banana06, banana10, helping10, junkshop09, jamsession08, jamsession10, left08, kaijou04, kaijou09, kaijou12, kaijou15, kaijou16, manager11, manager19 for filler00

February 24, 2017 ------------
- Traded Curie: my boxweapon01, boxweapon11, boxweapon20, brickbreak02, brickbreak03, mascots04, partner07, thunderbolt02, thunderbolt20, hotdog12, kitten02, nekomata01, nekomata05, nekomata08, nekomata13, nekomata20, pipe04, pipe09, pipe11, pipe13 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my colossi20, crossdressm01, crossdressm04, crossdressm05, crossdressm13, crossdressm16, crossdressm17, ossan02, ossan16, ossan18, blood18, delusions05, dramatic10, huntsman14, kissme20, lonepoet09, otomen15, otomen17, fakehero01, fakehero13 for filler00

February 23, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my disney14, feather01, fullmoon13, fullmoon16, maester04, maester11, nabradia08, noheart01, noheart10, oblivion01, precepts02, precepts04, precepts08, precepts15, ruin05, seeress02, shard01, submit14, submit15, taunts07 for filler00

February 21, 2017 ------------
- Traded Miro: my bestsenpai01, bestsenpai05, bestsenpai06, karasuno02, karasuno14, libero08, libero19, nekoma04, nekoma05, nekoma06, nekoma15, sakanoshita06, sakanoshita07, sakanoshita11, thebrain02, thebrain15, toss10, toss15, toss16, thecrows06 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my burglar01, burglar02, burglar03, burglar05, burglar06, burglar07, burglar08, burglar10, burglar11, burglar13, burglar16, burglar19, burglar20, legend02, phantom01, phantom06, phantom08, phantom11, phantom16, phantom20 for filler00

February 20, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ana: my aces03, augbirthday05, autumn04, black13, captains03, darkside01, darkside03, darkside06, darkside07, darkside08, gamuza13, gamuza17, gamuza20, gateau09, gawrsh03, gawrsh18, genbu01, genbu05, genbu07, genbu08 for filler00
- Traded Adelicya: my rise01, rise03, rise04, rise05, rise06, rise07, rise08, rise09, rise10, rise12, rise13, rise14, rise15, rise16, rise17, rise19, rise20, cakes03, cakes07, cakes08 for filler00

February 19, 2017 ------------
- Traded Brittany: my blueeyes03, carrier02, devon02, flirt11, flirt14, flirt16, gecko19, ignite06, meanies19, victory19, keystone06, keystone10, keystone16, region16, region17, thunderbolt14, thunderbolt20, timegear12, watergun10, watergun16 for filler00
- Traded Cassie: my corporal16, cute03, cute09, camellia02, camellia09, camellia13, bestsenpai09, bestsenpai10, bestsenpai11, bestsenpai12, bestsenpai15, bestsenpai17, impersonate02, impersonate03, impersonate08, impersonate10, impersonate12, impersonate14, justice03, justice04 for filler00

February 18, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ouji: my bellflower18, biker05, bluekimono10, brains12, braves11, bronco11, bronco15, bronco18, calculation10, ciaossu14, gakuen12, gakuen13, gakuen14, kalos04, kalos05, kalos11, kalos12, kalos19, trinisette01, trinisette03 for filler00

February 17, 2017 ------------
- Traded Kim: my neshitteru08, neshitteru10, nohr15, sailorfuku08, sailorfuku12, touma02, touma03, touma12, starfish02, starfish03, starfish04, starfish05, starfish09, starfish11, starfish12, starfish13, starfish14, starfish16, starfish19, storybook11 for filler00
- Traded Rizu: my bangle16, bluerose07, bluerose14, names08, agna05, agna08, agna09, agna11, agna12, agna19, aisu03, aisu08, aisu18, synthesizer02, synthesizer10, synthesizer14, synthesizer16, synthesizer20, hawkeye02, hawkeye20 for filler00
- Traded Curie: my chase04, gnaw03, gnaw06, gnaw10, gnaw19, gnaw20, sekigan06, shibainu02, shibainu05, sexta04, territory02, territory03, territory04, territory05, territory09, territory12, territory13, territory14, territory17, territory20 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my quadra01, quadra04, quadra07, quadra08, quadra10, quadra12, quadra13, quadra15, quadra19, usagi02, broke02, broke03, broke04, broke13, broke17, blueknights19, blueknights20, comrades02, comrades19, innkeeper13 for filler00

February 16, 2017 ------------
- Traded Aru: my vanship01, vanship02, vanship03, vanship06, vanship08, vanship09, vanship14, vanship17, vanship19, merman01, merman12, merman14, thecrows03, flask19, ise02, ise03, ise07, ise16, ise17, ise20 for filler00
- Traded Catie: my bellossom01, blackmage04, blackmage07, friends06, fuchsia20, heroic04, heroic09, heroic11, heroic13, heroic17, ikebana16, outlaw06, outlaw10, precepts01, praetor16, praetor17, ramen03, ramen15, squats02, throttle04 for filler00

February 15, 2017 ------------
- Traded Jun: my debt01, debt06, debt07, debt08, debt09, debt10, debt14, debt15, debt17, debt18, debt19, debt20, datadrain01, datadrain02, datadrain08, datadrain09, datadrain15, draciel05, draciel10, draciel15 for filler00

February 14, 2017 ------------
- Traded Jane: my chevalier01, chevalier02, chevalier03, chevalier04, chevalier05, chevalier07, chevalier08, chevalier09, chevalier10, chevalier14, chevalier15, chevalier17, chevalier18, sadist03, sadist07, sadist14, thieves11, thieves12, thieves14, thieves20 for filler00

February 13, 2017 ------------
- Traded Lita: my gangleader02, gangleader07, gangleader08, gangleader10, gangleader17, structure19, exorcise05, exorcise06, exorcise07, exorcise08, exorcise10, exorcise11, exorcise12, exorcise14, exorcise15, exorcise16, exorcise18, exorcise19, exorcise20, bake-danuki01 for filler00
- Traded Kunoichigo: my kurogamon01, kurogamon03, kurogamon04, kurogamon14, kurogamon17, kurogamon18, kicks07, kicks14, kou14, kou15, kou19, observant01, opening10, opening11, opening12, opening13, opening14, opening15, opening16, opening18 for filler00
- Traded Brittany: my ancestor02, babble13, babble19, countering19, relicsong16, rush08, seafaring20, sympathy10, sympathy11, sympathy17, irontail04, isshu03, isshu10, isshu13, isshu17, isshu19, legendary10, nightshade02, moonblast03, tackle14 for filler00

February 12, 2017 ------------
- Traded Cassie: my blue09, blue10, cakes05, cakes09, cakes13, cakes14, usagimimi02, usagimimi17, usagimimi18, spring04, asleep02, asleep03, asleep05, asleep08, asleep09, asleep11, asleep16, asleep17, bestsenpai02, bestsenpai03 for filler00

February 11, 2017 ------------
- Traded Coops: my boulder17, eggplant02, eggplant10, hachiko03, hachiko19, hachiko20, headmaster02, rainbowroad15, viera07, viera17 for filler00
- Traded Curie: my allergen01, allergen03, allergen04, allergen05, allergen07, allergen10, allergen11, allergen12, allergen13, allergen15, allergen16, allergen17, allergen19, psybeam05, brickbreak02, brickbreak03, brickbreak06, brickbreak08, brickbreak18, irontail01 for filler00
- Traded Lacie: my motor11, motor19, silent19, silent20, summon06, summon07, summon18, lolishota05, lolishota20, intelligent01, intelligent07, intelligent11, intelligent18, deus02, deus06, deus13, deus16, deus19, deus20, king05 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my feather17, keyblade09, lionheart01, lionheart05, lionheart06, lionheart10, lionheart13, lionheart18, letranger02, naught16, paladin14, paladin19, pawn05, madainsari02, maester04, rusty16, vanargandr12, voidgear09, uldah07, wayward11 for filler00
- Traded Ouji: my aizu11, backstroke03, badboy02, barriera11, barriera12, barriera17, bellflower01, bellflower10, bellflower12, bellflower15, 4minutes09, 4minutes12, gakuen05, gakuen06, gakuen12, gakuen13, gakuen14, gsleague02, kalos02, mflove09 for filler00

February 10, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ritsu: my athletic04, athletic05, athletic07, athletic10, athletic12, athletic15, athletic17, athletic18, athletic20, edison01, edison07, edison11, edison13, galileo03, galileo08, galileo11, galileo15, galileo18, candlestick16, kurikara09 for filler00
- Traded Cami: my cerinia01, causality04, jurai02, godofdeath12, hawkeye09, hawkeye10, hawkeye11, hawkeye12, hawkeye14, hawkeye16, hawkeye17, hawkeye18, horatio02, horatio12, horoscope04, horoscope16, horoscope18, horoscope19, iwant04, iwant19 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my acrophobia02, acrophobia03, acrophobia04, acrophobia05, acrophobia06, acrophobia07, acrophobia08, acrophobia09, acrophobia10, acrophobia11, acrophobia12, acrophobia13, acrophobia14, acrophobia15, acrophobia16, acrophobia17, acrophobia18, acrophobia19, acrophobia20, freelance06 for filler00

February 09, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my abes04, birthplace04, birthplace07, birthplace09, birthplace16, birthplace18, blitzball14, east14, hornless07, naught01, naught05, naught19, praetor09, praetor12, praetor15, praetor18, praetor19 for filler00

February 08, 2017 ------------
- Traded Rizu: my 12thpillar06, america02, beauty10, beauty19, mansion02, kaijou13, editor05, headboy19, stupidcat09, steward06, reluctant08, reluctant10, reluctant14, riddles19, yaoi11, xxxx04, xxxx08, xxxx10, xxxx15, josei10 for filler00

February 07, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ana: my nataku01, nataku02, nataku03, nataku06, nataku12, needles16, neighbor15, neighbor18, nephew15, nephew18, valentines07, valentines14, younger03, younger04, younger09, younger13, younger14, younger16, younger19, younger20 for filler00
- Traded Kim: my astronomy03, astronomy07, astronomy10, bells06, bells16, bewitching05, curediamond13, fairies10, fairies19, kinkan10, kinkan14, kinkan15, kinkan17, kinkan19, sailorfuku01, sailorfuku06, sailorfuku07, gardening14, noshadow04, stray12 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my acepilot01, acepilot02, acepilot03, acepilot04, acepilot05, acepilot06, acepilot09, acepilot10, acepilot11, acepilot13, acepilot14, acepilot15, acepilot16, acepilot17, soldiers18, yellow17, thieves02, thieves03, thieves04, thieves06 for filler00

February 06, 2017 ------------
- Traded Lita: my blues02, blues03, blues04, blues06, blues08, blues09, blues10, blues11, blues12, blues17, blues19, breeder19, breeder20, chawanmushi06, candid01, candid14, candid20, faith02, faith11, faith12 for filler00
- Traded Neenee: my miyanom08, miyanom17, koyasut16, bandages20, bandages11, boilerroom16, bandages15, bandages18, bandages19, despair05, classical02, classical10, laptop01, lockedin04, mako14, masamune11, masamune18, mercury04, moodyblues03, moodyblues15 for filler00
- Traded Kunoichigo: my knives13, knives15, knives19, sonati14, piercing08, piercing13, potato01, frog02, frog04, frog06, frog10, frog13, illegitimate16, daisy19, daisy20, opening02, opening03, opening06, opening07, opening09 for filler00

February 05, 2017 ------------
- Traded Veth: my goodluck19 for filler00
- Traded Veth: my goodluck13, goodluck20 for filler00
- Traded Brittany: my judecca11, museum03, museum06, rattata02, rattata06, rattata08, rattata09, rattata13, rattata17, rattata18, circus01, circus04, circus07, circus09, circus13, circus15, circus19, circus20, deities16, freckled16 for filler00
- Traded Cassie: my motion15, musicsense01, musicsense03, musicsense04, musicsense07, musicsense08, musicsense10, musicsense11, musicsense12, musicsense13, musicsense16, musicsense19, heirs03, heirs14, buchou07, brain04, brain06, brain07, brain08, brain09 for filler00
- Traded Tanna: my okaro04, okaro15, onee-sama08, onee-sama18, ordinary19, oranges03, oranges09, overlord08, osananajimi02, osananajimi03, paruru07, paruru08, paruru19, paruru20, platinum01, platinum06, platinum10, fflove03, isshu03, yanderes05 for filler00

February 04, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ouji: my 6601, 6603, 6604, 6605, 6607, 6608, 6609, 6611, 6612, 6614, 6615, 6617, 6619, absolute03, absolute07, absolute11, absolute15 for filler00

February 03, 2017 ------------
- Traded Cami: my 3-e07, 3-e08, 3-e11, 3-e16, 3-e17, 3-e18, 3-e19, fullbloom18, fullbloom19, gakuenk01 for filler00
- Traded Ritsu: my aries18, aquarius18, blackhawks11, blackhawks09, cancer04, capricorn15, heroine09, heroine11, imitating14, imitating16, leo05, search06, search13, search16, taurus11, trips18, yari08, yari13, yari17 for filler00
- Traded Curie: my faintattack02, faintattack07, faintattack08, fairies01, moonblast03, moonblast09, psybeam05, psybeam13, razorleaf19, venoshock06, resentment01, resentment08, resentment14, resentment15, resentment16, resentment18, resentment20, innkeeper04, innkeeper07, innkeeper12 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my colossi05, colossi07, colossi10, colossi17, colossi18, cosplay18, labyrinthia20, nightshade08, nightshade02, nightshade06, liberation18, babyfox03, babyfox05, babyfox06, babyfox08, babyfox09, babyfox11, babyfox12, babyfox16, babyfox18 for filler00
- Traded Ouji: my zoanthrope12, zoanthrope15, zoanthrope19 for filler00

February 02, 2017 ------------
- Traded Aru: my futon01, futon05, futon06, futon07, futon09, futon10, futon11, futon12, futon14, futon16, futon17, futon18, futon20, mflove02, mflove06, mflove08, mflove11, mflove12, mflove13, mflove20 for filler00

February 01, 2017 ------------
- Traded Jun: my 300iq08, alternate06, alternate10, arsenal06, chuu08, firstlevel08, firstlevel20, gun10, gun11, hatcher14, honeybee03, honeybee16, poacher08, poacher09, pyrokinesis13, roll10, roll20, tails05, tails11, tails18 for filler00

January 31, 2017 ------------
- Traded Jane: my berserker01, berserker08, berserker17, berserker18, bolt02, bolt03, bolt06, bolt07, bolt08, bolt09, bolt10, bolt11, bolt12, bolt13, bolt15, bolt19, bolt20, soldiers09, soldiers11, soldiers12 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my halloween14, hylia01, hylia04, hylia10, hylia11, hylia14, hylia15, oaktree08, oaktree13, oaktree19, windward03, wizard14, wizard20, wolfsbane19, woman02, woman08, woman18, worst02, worst05, worst15 for filler00
- Traded Kim: my form19, form20, honii02, honii04, honii05, honii07, honii08, honii10, honii11, honii12, honii13, honii14, honii16, honii17, honii18, honii19, honii20, kinkan06, kinkan12, kinkan13 for filler00
- Traded Rizu: my bluerose12, bluerose17, merman08, mourning06, mourning09, akfield06, allmate20, fabulous17, homophobe08, hostility18, judecca08, ponta18, professor19, socute05, impressions04, curious03, curious05, curious07, curious16, gasmask18 for filler00

January 29, 2017 ------------
- Traded Catie: my paopufruit04, cheerful18, cheerful20, checkmate03, taunts12, onigiri04, onigiri13, victory19, albhed09, east06, submit03, submit18, blitzball10, blitzball19, watergun10, abilities19 for filler00
- Traded Cassie: my wordplay04, wordplay06, wordplay14, wordplay15, wordplay18, wordplay19, witch05, witch09, witch14, witch19, zero06, zero12, bamboo16, bamboo20, violin03, violin04, violin06, violin09, violin15, violin16 for filler00
- Traded Kunoichigo: my daisy01, daisy03, daisy09, daisy12, daisy16, daisy18, observant19, singing02, singing03, singing05, singing07, singing08, singing10, singing11, singing13, singing14, singing17, singing18, singing19, singing20 for filler00
- Traded Brittany: my jellyfish07, kitten02, kitten12, kitten13, mace03, mace06, mace08, mace12, mace13, ralts01, venoshock01, venoshock03, venoshock05, venoshock06, venoshock07, venoshock11, venoshock16, x-scissor05, x-scissor13, aerialace17 for filler00

January 27, 2017 ------------
- Traded Curie: my elegant04, elegant06, elegant07, elegant10, elegant11, elegant12, elegant13, elegant14, elegant18, elegant19, elegant20, sexta03, mascots03, mascots04, mascots08, mascots12, mascots15, mascots19, microbes09, microbes10 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my octava04, octava05, octava06, octava07, octava11, octava17, sexta05, sexta15, sexta20, vanargandr03, vanargandr04, vanargandr10, vanargandr12, psybeam15, secondlife19, fox02, fox11, fox14, fox15, fox18 for filler00

January 25, 2017 ------------
- Traded Lita: my civics01, civics04, civics07, civics08, septette02, septette07, septette08, septette09, septette10, septette11, septette12, septette14, septette18, septette19 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my seeress08, seeress10, shard07, squats11, squats15, squats16, squats17, summoner08, ruin01, rusty01, rusty04, rusty06, rusty18, rainfell05, ratsbane12, ratsbane13, reins06, timberowl09, timberowl17, throttle03 for filler00

January 24, 2017 ------------
- Traded Miro: my canary02, danafor01, probe11, sleeves03, sleeves13, sleeves17, sleeves18, sleeves20, tableware10, unlicensed02, writer01, writer02, writer03, writer06, writer09, writer10, writer13, writer14, writer15, writer18 for filler00

January 23, 2017 ------------
- Traded Cami: my 315pro14, 315pro16, 315pro17, dogtags03, dogtags04, dogtags06, dogtags08, dogtags12, dogtags13, dogtags16 for filler00
- Traded Kim: my form01, form03, form04, form08, form10, form12, form13, form16, form17, form18, femaleidols19, kinkan03, stmichaels06, stmichaels07, stmichaels12, stmichaels13, stmichaels15, stmichaels16, stmichaels17, stmichaels19 for filler00

January 22, 2017 ------------
- Traded Kiri: my twelfth01, twelfth02, twelfth03, twelfth04, twelfth05, twelfth06, twelfth07, twelfth08, twelfth09, twelfth10, twelfth11, twelfth12, twelfth13, twelfth14, twelfth15, twelfth16, twelfth17, twelfth18, twelfth19, twelfth20 for filler00
- Traded Netbug: my amita11, a-class06, a-class07, anaru18, balance08, balance09, balance10, balance16, balance17, balance18, bass14, bluestar14, camellia08, caution09, caution15, confrontal12, hanafuda02, hanafuda05, northitaly18, giganto06 for filler00
- Traded Adelicya: my necromancer01, necromancer02, necromancer03, necromancer04, necromancer05, necromancer06, necromancer07, necromancer08, necromancer09, necromancer10, necromancer11, necromancer12, necromancer13, necromancer14, necromancer16, necromancer17, necromancer18, necromancer19, necromancer20, economics01 for filler00

January 21, 2017 ------------
- Traded Kunoichigo: my tights02, tights05, tights08, tights10, tights12, tights13, tights14, tights15, tights16, tights17, tights18, tights19, observant03, observant06, observant07, observant10, observant11, observant14, observant16, observant20 for filler00
- Traded Olivia: my exsphere10, exsphere16, hereditary08, hereditary13, hereditary19, intuition04, mystery07, mystery14, reality05, robotabuse18, robotabuse19, secondson13, schism10, soisagent19, talentshow04, talentshow07, thebest01, thebest02, thebest04, thebest08 for filler00
- Traded Lee: my breast15, jewel01, jewel18, jewel19, jewel20, judge02, knowledge07, launch15, librarian11, mikorin10, mobile10, mobile17, moe18, monocle19, moscow03, moscow07, moscow08, moscow13, moscow15, moscow16 for filler00

January 20, 2017 ------------
- Traded Curie: my lucavi03, lucavi04, lucavi08, lucavi10, lucavi12, lucavi18, lucavi19, lucavi20, microbes03, microbes04, pikori02, pikori09, pikori15, himalayan06, himalayan14, flamingo05, flamingo15, escort02, escort08, escort09 for filler00
- Traded Harris: my lovefreak12, vassal08, vassal10, vassal13, overlord06, circle03, circle05, circle06, rare04, rare07, rare09, rare10, rare13, rare17, rare20, revenge13, mascots10, allies03 for filler00

January 19, 2017 ------------
- Traded Brittany: my blueeyes11, blueeyes12, blueeyes15, blueeyes20, calamari10, damsel17, ditz06, exchanger07, exchanger09, kidnap02, lumiose08, miss09, miss14, scalchop16, scald05, snicker01, toon04, hoenn01, isshu08, isshu14 for filler00

January 17, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ana: my fairytales09, fairytales18, fantasia14, fantasia20, fathers17, fathers19, fathers20, flowers03, flowers08, flowers15, wabisuke17, wisewolf02, wisewolf11, wisewolf13, wisewolf14, wisewolf18, wisewolf20, yondaime12, yondaime13, youngmen16 for filler00
- Traded Lita: my cult07, cult08, cult10, cult12, cult17, goodlooks07, hallmonitor05, hypervision01, hypervision03, hypervision14, hypervision16, stronger01, stronger03, stronger06, stronger07, stronger12, stronger16, stronger17, stronger20, yanderes05 for filler00

January 16, 2017 ------------
- Traded Jun: my gear03, gear09, gear11, gear18, gear19, grave02, grave13, helpful03, helpful06, helpful08, helpful14, helpful16, helpful19, helpful20, honesty01, honesty02, honesty03, honesty05, honesty08, honesty11 for filler00
- Traded Kim: my bewitching06, fairies15, fairies17, fairies19, precure13, stmichaels05, gardening18, guchu09, guchu13, guchu19, guchu20, regina18, regina20, tsundere09, wafu07, wafu09, wafu10, wafu16, wafu19, wafu20 for filler00

January 14, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ritsu: my occult01, occult03, occult04, occult05, occult06, occult07, occult08, occult09, occult11, occult13, occult14, occult16, occult17, occult19, occult20, einstein16, einstein17, einstein18, antoinette02, antoinette03 for filler00
- Traded Cami: my fullbloom01, fullbloom02, fullbloom05, fullbloom06, fullbloom07, fullbloom09, fullbloom10, fullbloom11, fullbloom14, fullbloom15 for filler00

January 13, 2017 ------------
- Traded Jane: my 2-a08, 2-a09, 2-a10, 2-a11, 2-a13, 2-a14, 2-a17, 2-a19, 2-a20, 2-a15 for filler00

January 12, 2017 ------------
- Traded Kunoichigo: my clowndrop01, clowndrop17, clowndrop19, namimori10, shoujo07, stage02, stage04, stage07, stage10, stage18, voice11, voice13, voice18, tenchou10, tenchou11, tenchou12, tenchou14, tenchou15, tenchou16, tenchou17 for filler00

January 10, 2017 ------------
- Traded Olivia: my daru01, daru02, daru04, daru06, daru15, daru18, feiris03, feiris17, feminine08, feminine18, feminine20, steiner09, steiner17, steiner19, stern02, stern18, secondson01, secondson05, secondson10, secondson12 for filler00
- Traded Kiri: my nanamin02, acrophobia19, trainride07, udonge19, rafale19, equestrian08, femaleidols07 for filler00
- Traded Lita: my chawanmushi02, chawanmushi04, chawanmushi05, chawanmushi07, chawanmushi09, chawanmushi11, fightinggirl04, fightinggirl10, fightinggirl13, fightinggirl20, foughten08, foughten14, impostors03, impostors04, impostors09, impostors13, impostors17, impostors20, schoolidol04, schoolidol10 for filler00

January 08, 2017 ------------
- Traded Ana: my aprbirthday08, aprbirthday19, arrows03, catsndogs14, catsndogs20, dancers04, danderes12, danderes14, decbirthday02, decbirthday10, defense04, defense06, defense08, defense10, defense15, defense17, defense18, defense19, defense20, entercards16 for filler00
- Traded Kim: my cure02, cure05, cure07, cure11, cure12, cure16, cure18, fairies01, fairies03, fairies04, anego03, anego16, bride07, bride09, pet19, stray09, stray10, wafu02, wafu03, wafu04 for filler00

January 06, 2017 ------------
- Traded Coops: my greedy13, greedy14, greedy15, greedy17, greedy19 for filler00
- Traded Ritsu: my newton04, newton05, newton06, newton07, newton08, newton09, newton10, newton11, newton12, newton15, newton16, newton17, newton18, newton19, newton20, agna14, einstein07, einstein08, einstein11, einstein14 for filler00

January 05, 2017 ------------
- Traded Cassie: my 4-dpocket01, 4-dpocket02, 4-dpocket03, 4-dpocket05, 4-dpocket07, 4-dpocket09, 4-dpocket12, 4-dpocket19, antisocial07, antisocial10, tsubasa03, tsubasa04, tsubasa05, tsubasa09, tsubasa14, tsubasa17, tsubasa18, tsubasa19, freedom03 for filler00

January 04, 2017 ------------
- Traded Kunoichigo: my cyborgidol03, cyborgidol06, earnest01, earnest02, earnest03, earnest12, earnest15, earnest17, knives06, maihime11, maihime20, miraculous04, snowdrop02, snowdrop05, snowdrop09, snowdrop19, viewpoint15, vivace01, vivace05, vivace16 for filler00
- Traded Cami: my 315pro01, 315pro03, 315pro04, 315pro06, 315pro07, 315pro08, 315pro09, 315pro10, 315pro11, 315pro12 for filler00

January 01, 2017 ------------
- Traded Lita: my april08, april17, conducts14, deserteagle02, deserteagle03, deserteagle05, deserteagle13, deserteagle19, deserteagle20, ero-mangaka02, ero-mangaka05, ero-mangaka11, highcycle08, highcycle11, loveletter14, lyrics20, nyuudou07, nyuudou11, return06, programmer18 for filter00
- Traded jailynn: my kiyoubinbou11, kiyoubinbou12, kiyoubinbou15, kiyoubinbou18, meijin09, snowmaru19, sakanoshita11, samezuka13, scissor02, scissor06, scissor07, scissor09, scissor11, scissor14, steals03, steals06, steals07, steals10, steals14, purplehaze11 for filler00
- Traded Adelicya: my author02, author03, author04, author05, author07, author09, author10, author11, author12, author13, author14, author15, author16, author17, author18, author19, author20, adorable03, adorable06, adorable07 for filler00

December 31, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jessu: my boss07, boss13, bearhound01, bearhound05, bearhound15, cheerio20, fate02, fate05, fate06, fate07, fate10, fate12, fate14, fate16, fate18, fate20, huntingdog15, libero18, ookwee08, ookwee09 for filler00

December 30, 2016 ------------
- Traded Ritsu: my pediatrician11, pediatrician17, pediatrician18, pediatrician19, davinci01, davinci02, davinci03, davinci04, davinci05, davinci06, davinci07, davinci08, davinci18, davinci19, davinci20, einstein01, einstein02, einstein03, einstein04, einstein06 for filler00

December 29, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kunoichigo: my frog05, frog17, frog19, illegitimate03, illegitimate05, illegitimate07, illegitimate10, illegitimate14, mudabijin19, mudabijin20, shirogamon03, shirogamon05, shirogamon06, shirogamon12, snowmaru06, snowmaru14, snowmaru19, sonati18, tama-ya01, tama-ya03 for filler00

December 27, 2016 ------------
- Traded erin: my alice04, alice12, alice17 for filler00
- Traded erin: my elevator02, elevator16 for filler00
- Traded erin: my hereditary05, hereditary06, hereditary09 for filler00
- Traded erin: my hiding06, hiding08, hiding12, hiding14, hiding18, hiding20, loveshower04, naive08, naive09, saturn03, yaoi05, yard09 for filler00
- Traded Cami: my bloodshot04, bloodwhip01, bloodyrose13, bloodyrose16, bloodyrose17, bloodyrose20, guile01, guile06, intent14, kaze02, kaze06, kaze07, kaze08, kaze09, kaze10, kaze13, kaze14, kaze16, kaze18, radiantwaltz12 for filler00
- Traded Tanna: my koisuru12, kosmos18, lazier04, lazier19, lazier20, lemonade16, lemonade19, library06, linda14, loyal07, loyal08, loyal09, loyal12, loyal18, maihime02, kamiyan08, pc-9812, pc-9814, pc-9820, valentines07 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my bossy01, bossy02, bossy04, bossy10, bossy12, bossy13, bossy14, bossy15, bossy18, bossy19, bossy20, cleric06, cleric07, cleric10, cleric11, cleric14, cleric16, cleric20, confidence01, confidence04 for filler00

December 26, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jane: my maxter02, maxter03, maxter04, maxter05, maxter07, maxter08, maxter09, maxter12, maxter14, maxter15, maxter17, maxter18, maxter19, maxter20, 2-a02, 2-a03, 2-a04, 2-a05, 2-a07, 2-a06 for filler00
- Traded Miro: my forget03, forget05, commoners06, commoners11, commoners20, noedge01, noedge02, noedge07, noedge10, noedge13, noedge18 for filler00

December 21, 2016 ------------
- Traded Ouji: my bite12, blonddevil12, bloodfang12, bluekimono02, bluekimono07, calligraphy04, calligraphy10, camembert05, candy20, chainsaws11, chainsaws18, changeform13, chaos04, cliff14, clock03, clock10, clock13, clock20, cocky06, cocky16 for filler00

December 19, 2016 ------------
- Traded Lee: my gaebolg19, gamble15, hacker01, hacker02, hacker07, homunculus01, homunculus02, homunculus03, homunculus05, homunculus06, homunculus09, homunculus11, homunculus13, homunculus18, homunculus19, insensitive04, indecisive08, inspector03, inspector04, jamsession19 for filler00
- Traded Olivia: my accused07, accused10, accused16, acepilot03, art06, handmaid06, handmaid18, heal03, heal15, heal18, heal19, hereditary03, hugging13, hugging15, izanagi11, javelin07, javelin08, javelin19, junes01, junes12 for filler00

December 14, 2016 ------------
- Traded Ouji: my 6604, 6611, 6617, 6618, bark04, bark18, beautymark19, belittled04, belittled16, barriera04, barriera06, benishigure19, biker13, block14, bloodscythe14, bolverk09, boxingring20, branchgate19, breast16, breast17 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my brown03, ecchi03, ecchi10, ecchi20, femantags06, femantags10, femantags18, femantags20, furniture06, furniture17, dranzer02, dranzer08, dreamer01, dreamer12, dreamer19, dynamite03, dynamite11, experience03, experience16, freshgreen15 for filler00

December 12, 2016 ------------
- Traded Cas: my aloof05, aloof16, bass04, bass14, bass18, guitar09, intelligent14, phonestrap04, phonestrap17, reliable09, responsible14, responsible15, restart04, sarcastic02, sarcastic06, sarcastic08, secluded18, seifuku05, shepherds16, strike01 for filler00
- Traded Tanna: my napping01, netherworld10, netherworld14, netherworld17, niceboat01, noshadow12, nyoro07, obliged07, odango02, odango03, ordinary15, planeptune01, ember12, ddr10, ddr11, onod01, pajamas03, sakurait14, super17, valentines05 for filler00

December 10, 2016 ------------
- Traded Coops: my boulder09, fabulous04, fiery16, flamboyant13, greedy01, greedy04, greedy05, greedy07, greedy10, greedy12, handcuffs01, handcuffs19, knowing15, zanarkand03, rainbowroad02, rainbowroad03, rainbowroad11, rainbowroad12, rainbowroad18, rainbowroad19 for filler00

December 08, 2016 ------------
- Traded Ouji: my aizu20, allmate04, allmate06, allmate07, allmate09, allmate11, allmate13, allmate15, allmate18, appraiser12, avaricious06, baseball08, baseball09, baseball12, baseball16, benishigure05, benishigure07, benishigure09, benishigure11, benishigure18 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my older13, older14, older15, older16, older17, older18, older19, older20, mechapilots01, soldiers05, rising03, rising04, rising05, rising06, rising09, rising10, rising11, rising14, rising18, rising20 for filler00

December 06, 2016 ------------
- Traded Olivia: my civics04, civics10, civics11, collected06, cousin15, doujin07, fashionable18, foodie15, foodie19, foodie20, gasmask02, gasmask12, gasmask19, goodluck05, goodluck20, headmaster03, headmaster04, headmaster05, handmaid04, handmaid05 for filler00

December 01, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jane: my berserker01, berserker02, berserker04, berserker06, berserker07, berserker08, berserker17, berserker18, berserker20, older01, older02, older04, older05, older06, older07, older08, older09, older10, older11 for filler00

November 30, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kiss: my atlas01, atlas03, atlas08, atlas10, atlas12, bandage01, batting02, batting07, catemperor03, canary03, filthy11, fireflies12, hairloss09, leaves13, tsuntsun14, terpsichora02, terpsichora15, piggirl20, pyuru01, pyuru06 for filler00

November 28, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jun: my rudehero03, rudehero14, rudehero20, rush03, rush08, rush14, rush17, rush18, retriever01, saint03, salute03, see01, see02, see04, see10, see13, shamanking02, sake13, sake15, sake18 for filler00
- Traded Lee: my 2ndchild15, eccentric11, enforcer01, exuberant16, fork01, fork05, fork14, foul19, g-1204, g-1205, g-1208, g-1211, g-1214, g-1218, gaedearg10, gaedearg12, gaedearg15, gaedearg16, grandking10, grandking15 for filler00
- Traded Tanna: my choromi11, choromi15, choromi16, choromi18, competition14, curerouge15, darkfire03, darkflame10, delinquent07, delinquent09, delinquent13, dream16, dressup10, dressup12, drooling07, foodpuns03, confirmed17, splat19, pc-9810, onod15 for filler00

November 27, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kaede: my raw03, raw04, raw06, raw07, raw08, raw09, raw11, raw14, raw15, raw16, kimurar08, kimurar09, kimurar12, kimurar13, kimurar15, kimurar19, mufflers04, nowhere10, sawashirom11, sawashirom20 for filler00

November 26, 2016 ------------
- Traded erin: my blackmoon07, mocking16, gasmask06, gasmask07, gasmask09, glowstone01, glowstone03, glowstone14, glowstone17, glowstone18, embodiment04, embodiment11, figments02, figments15, house12, house15, xxxx02, xxxx06, xxxx12, xxxx14 for filler00
- Traded Jessu: my 1807, badda-boom15, bowwow19, furpelt12, greatdane10, greatdane12, greatdane14, greatdane16, marching14, twilight02, twilight03, twilight04, twilight08, twilight09, twilight10, twilight11, twilight12, twilight15, twilight16, twilight19 for filler00
- Traded Miro: my moneylover14 for filler00

November 25, 2016 ------------
- Traded IvoryandHorn: my rollout05, companions08, griefseed02, heartless10, jinchuuriki17, neshitteru02, neshitteru06, otherworld13, schwarzwelt08, seele20, assignment06, assignment10, assignment11, assignment18, april11, april13, april14, april18, bye-bye15, bye-bye17 for filler00

November 24, 2016 ------------
- Traded jailynn: my astronomer01, careless01, careless09, careless17, cranes04, cranes11, drawing09, drawing13, drawing18, drawing19, headphone01, headphone02, headphone04, headphone05, headphone10, jojo11, jojo14 for filler00
- Traded Olivia: my babied05, badges02, badges12, brains03, brains09, brains11, brains17, brains19, brawn02, brawn03, brawn04, brawn07, brawn12, brawn14, brawn17, dynames20, engineer04, fethmus04, grumpy15, heir03 for filler00

November 23, 2016 ------------
- Traded shar: my occidental18, occidental19, ossan11, gransys01, gransys02, gransys04, gransys06, gransys07, gransys08, gransys10, 80pitches12, 80pitches15, 80pitches17, assassin01, batman01, babylon18, eight19, literature19, hotcakes01, one01 for filler00

November 22, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kiss: my catbingu03, dull10, ramune09, rely01, seeing10, sky20, spells03, spells14, stera10, tenmon14, josei04, lightclub12, lightclub14, nohr18, seinen08, seinen11, yaoi12, ylisse08, ylisse09, ylisse19 for filler00

November 21, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jane: my 4minutes15, defender17, immortal08 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my asterisk09, asterisk12, autumn07, autumn12, cosplay16, detectives01, detectives08, detectives15, detectives17, detectives19, ultimarain03, ultimarain05, ultimarain15, ultimarain20, vampirecat01, vampirecat11, vampirecat14, viera07, viola10, viola14 for filler00
- Traded Tanna: my abroad07, affair11, affair17, aqua15, astronomy17, aunt05, bamboo09, bamboo16, bells07, bisbiglio05, bisbiglio11, blacklynx07, blacklynx11, charm09, charm10, glasses20, lightside01, lightside02, lightside03, retro06 for filler00

November 20, 2016 ------------
- Traded Makorin: my dreamdiary02, dreamdiary03, dreamdiary04, dreamdiary06, dreamdiary07, dreamdiary08, dreamdiary09, dreamdiary10, dreamdiary11, dreamdiary12, dreamdiary13, dreamdiary14, dreamdiary15, dreamdiary17, dreamdiary19, everafter05, everafter13, everafter16, everafter18, chemist02 for filler00

November 19, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kaede: my floral17, manakete15, masked08, momiji19, spotted09, spotted12, spotted13, spotted14, spotted16, spotted20, ahoge13, hosoyan06, paranoia01, paranoia03, paranoia04, paranoia08, paranoia10, paranoia11, paranoia14, paranoia15 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my black14, red04, red07, red08, red19, orange10, orange13, green14, termina03, termina09, tsukkomi06, tune04, twentyone19, trichronika15, tri-edge14, twinkle20, utahime18, voltage04, voltage09, voltage11 for filler00
- Traded Eon: my trainer06, thriller19, thorough01, themist05, tengawara05, tengawara11, temptress07, temptress12, teikoku01, teikoku03, teikoku15, teikoku16, teikoku19, teases04, tatyana17, syringe01, syringe13, swordia03, swordia11, swordia19 for filler00

November 17, 2016 ------------
- Traded Olivia: my loyalty13, magatama11, magatama16, megaphone04, megaphone11, morphus03, morphus04, morphus06, morphus07, morphus08, morphus09, morphus11, morphus14, morphus16, morphus17, morphus19, morphus20, novoselic18, oni02, oni15 for filler00

November 14, 2016 ------------
- Traded Lee: my conclusions03, conclusions04, conclusions06, conclusions07, conclusions09, conclusions10, conclusions14, conclusions15, conclusions19, conclusions20, connected11, coquettish10, data13, database03, disciple20, paranoia03, paranoia11, paranoia14, paranoia18, paranoia19 for filler00

November 12, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kaede: my dog-like01, dog-like03, dog-like04, dog-like05, dog-like09, dog-like12, dog-like13, dog-like15, dog-like19, mentor01, mentor03, mentor07, mentor09, misspeak14, misspeak15, misspeak19, spotted01, spotted03, spotted07, spotted08 for filler00
- Traded Cassie: my corporal01, corporal02, corporal03, corporal06, corporal07, corporal08, corporal10, corporal11, corporal13, corporal18, corporal19, corporal20, major01, major04, major05, major06, major08, major09, major10, major12 for filler00

November 10, 2016 ------------
- Traded Dina: my crusher05, crusher07, crusher12, crusher17, crusher18, scribbled01, scribbled08, scribbled11, scribbled12, scribbled14, scribbled15, scribbled18, scribbled19, unaware07, unaware08, unaware12, unaware14, unaware17, unaware18, unaware19 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my curious06, curious12, curious14, curious15, curious17, rai09, unitone03, unitone04, unitone06, unitone07, unitone08, unitone09, unitone10, unitone15, unitone17, unicorn17, unicorn18, unicorn20, venus18, vaniville17 for filler00

November 09, 2016 ------------
- Traded Nikita: my parasol05, parasol13, parasol19, pacifist11, pacifist15, perceive04, perceive06, perceive07, perceive08, pillar12, pizzicato03, pizzicato09, pizzicato14, pizzicato20, poland09, question01, odango03, odango07, odango12 for filler00

November 08, 2016 ------------
- Traded Adelicya: my comrades04, intelligence01, intelligence02, intelligence03, intelligence04, intelligence06, intelligence07, intelligence08, intelligence09, intelligence10, intelligence11, intelligence12, intelligence13, intelligence17, intelligence20, dragon-type01, engagement06, heirs02, legendary17, uberhero18 for filler00

November 07, 2016 ------------
- Traded Makorin: my yanderes16, storybooks07, usagimimi02, usagimimi10, usagimimi12, usagimimi15, usagimimi18, usagimimi19, underwater08, bara17 for filler00
- Traded Olivia: my coffee05, coffee08, coffee14, coffee19, dollie14, duality16, embodiment08, embodiment13, embodiment14, embodiment20, fabricated06, fabricated08, fabricated10, fabricated13, forgotten09, forgotten13, gangster04, grumpy12, grumpy19, homeroom18 for filler00

November 06, 2016 ------------
- Traded ivoryandhorn: my babylon06, babylon08, baptismrite09, baptismrite18, bite19, bite20, battleship02, battleship07, battleship16, artistic04, orange06, pink10, purple15, uberhero01, uberhero03, uberhero05, uberhero09, uberhero11, uberhero12, uberhero15 for filler00
- Traded Cassie: my nightmare01, nightmare02, nightmare10, nightmare16, nightmare17, nightmare18, nightmare19, nightmare20, gekidasa09, hairclips16, impersonate07, impersonate09, impersonate11, impersonate18 for filler00

November 03, 2016 ------------
- Traded Dina: my accidental09, academia04, abu20, bugs12, bugs18, entermate01, fluffal01, domino08, chronojet04, corratec02, canary19, canary20, herbaltea15, one-track14, perceive10, perceive17, quack18, undress15, jewelknight05 for filler00
- Traded Lee: my 2ndchild08, ability04, advice03, advice12, bestsenpai01, bestsenpai20, blocker08, bloodhound12, breast06, breast07, breast09, ousaka08, ousaka17, shaft12, shaft17, shaft19, shaft20, thecrows01, thecrows09, thecrows19 for filler00
- Traded Nea: my dna12, dna15, dunksmash10, ferret06, ferret07, ferret10, homunculi03, homunculi18, huntingdog17, huntingdog19, dragonrage01, icebeam06, icebeam11, icebeam14, oriental04, romipaku06, romipaku18, tackle04, tackle05, tackle14 for filler00
- Traded Neenee: my eggshells06, ferocity09, flashcard11, cellphones19, catpawgun07, catpawgun16, letter15, kindness15, mars08, sobbing17, crossdressf02, crossdressf03, koyasut01, koyasut02, koyasut07, koyasut10, koyasut15, koyasut18, catsndogs09, cakes19 for filler00
- Traded Eon: my region01, region05, region14, visualnovel14, visualnovel17, white11, x-scissor01, x-scissor20, yellow05, yellow18, time10, torture08, totem-pole20, mystdata20, matterwaves16, modela10, lionhead03, lionhead10, lionhead13, lionhead14 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my asterisk05, neoarcadia04, neoarcadia07, neoarcadia10, neoarcadia14, rhythmia04, rhythmia08, rhythmia15, ultima10, ultima13, brute14, brute16, collector01, hidden15, melodious01, niconico08, niconico11, polite03, raidraptors17, shivers04 for filler00

October 31, 2016 ------------
- Traded Nikita: my hearts01, space03, distant01 for filler00
- Traded Olivia: my 20million04, 20million06, 20million07, 20million13, 20million14, apocalypse01, badjokes13, bloody12, bravior04, breeder16, funyarinpa05, funyarinpa08, funyarinpa09, funyarinpa10, grumpy01, lamentation03, lamentation15, lamentation19, lamentation20, louvre12 for filler00

October 30, 2016 ------------
- Traded Makorin: my greenvale18, greenvale19, femaleidols17, house02, house14, retro20, mecha01, mecha02, mecha12, fflove10 for filler00
- Traded Veth: my 43rdsong20, floatserve20, gangster10 for filler00

October 29, 2016 ------------
- Traded Raven: my art04, art15, civics02, civics03, civics05, civics12, civics15, civics17, civics19, gangleader07, gymnast02, gymnast07, health-care17, japanese08, island10, island17, recall04, recall06, recall10, recall16 for filler00
- Traded Aru: my swordswoman07, pe02, pe04, pe05, pe07, pe08, pe10, pe12, pe16, pe18, talentshow01, talentshow02, talentshow03, talentshow09, talentshow10, talentshow11, talentshow12, talentshow15, talentshow17, homeroom04 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my arrows20, bikinis02, bikinis08, bikinis09, bikinis13, bikinis17, bikinis20, black13, dancers03, dancers18, xiii01, xiii14, xiii15, xiii16, xiii17, xiii18, xiii20, yami04, yami05, yami11 for filler00
- Traded erin: my ghibli06, house14, ahoge13, brushgods02, mascots07, storybooks07, watergun14, alice15, alice20, eyesight01, eyesight07, forelock01, forelock08, malkuth08, reckon19, blinky08, crucify14, shortsword14, whip04, 99percent07 for filler00
- Traded Tanna: my gemmy07, gemmy13, gemmy16, guchu03, heybo13, heybo17, hyper05, hyper15, kosmos02, kosmos17, lemonade07, lemonade08, loyal02, loyal03, maihime15, maihime16, maihime17, maihime20, mirakurun15, darkside01 for filler00

October 27, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jun: my touma02, touma08, touma12, touma18, touma19, gigacity14, region20, royalty03, furniture18, furniture20, 1000th02, 1000th12, agility16, alter01, alter03, alter04, alter05, alter08, alter10, alter20 for filler00

October 26, 2016 ------------
- Traded miro: my change03, light07, family04, name10, dead08 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my 098805, 098816, acepilot16, clarines10, d9916, deduction06, defender06, goodcop03, goodcop18, immortal15 for filler00
- Traded Jessu: my remember17, one20, supernova04, stars20, dreams03, aniki06, aniki11, aniki20, kendo11, moumentai14, love09, player19, tomboy08, bearhound08, bearhound10, bearhound17, comical02, comical16, comical19, comical20 for filler00

October 25, 2016 ------------
- Traded Nea: my eon03, eon19, kaminomimi03, kaminomimi05, kaminomimi07, kaminomimi15, kaminomimi16, kaminomimi20, vaniville06, victory08, aerialace04, aerialace05, aerialace13, aerialace18, aerialace19, dragonrage20, earthquake08, earthquake16, griefseed07, griefseed08 for filler00
- Traded Nikita: my nosebleed01, nosebleed07, nosebleed11, nosebleed14, nosebleed17, obstinate01, obstinate11, pacifist08, pacifist10, pacifist19, pacifist20, parasol02, parasol06, parasol07, parasol08, parasol09, parasol10, parasol11, parasol12 for filler00
- Traded Coops: my bsaa04, bsaa17, enjoy20, eyebrows03, firefly12, flighty20, gawrsh03, gawrsh04, gawrsh18, gridania14, hamha05, moogles04, moogles10, herbs02, kuwabara06, leonhelp20, limsa06, mixcoatl11, nacchan13, neatfreak09 for filler00

October 24, 2016 ------------
- Traded Makorin: my greenvale02, greenvale04, greenvale06, greenvale07, greenvale08, greenvale09, greenvale12, greenvale13, greenvale15, greenvale17 for filler00
- Traded Neenee: my chaos04, cats10, cellphone09, despair15, mgronald17, mgronald20, masamune13, moon14, kenjutsu19, lowee17, everybirdie10, manifested05, manifested12, manifested13, villagers18, miyanom14, miyanom05, miyanom04, miyanom03, koyasut12 for filler00

October 23, 2016 ------------
- Traded Olivia: my archery06, ceramics04, ceramics14, grumpy07, jaded16, loyalty02, loyalty09, loyalty10, loyalty11, loyalty12, loyalty18, moped07, passage04, thebest17, tomorrow02, tomorrow10, tomorrow12, tomorrow16, widow02, youthful17 for filler00

October 22, 2016 ------------
- Traded Ana: my accounts08, accounts17, akagami14, allsunday14, aptx486907, aptx486910, aptx486915, aptx486920, bluerose17, bluerose19, chibipuri02, chibipuri08, chibipuri18, danderes08, danderes20, deities06, eyepatches03, eyepatches06, eyepatches09, eyepatches20 for filler00
- Traded Kaede: my tekou01, tekou02, tekou03, tekou04, tekou05, tekou06, tekou07, tekou09, tekou10, tekou11, sekit10, sekit17, slimes01, slimes02, slimes05, slimes13, slimes16, slimes19, suits09, suits20 for filler00
- Traded Raven: my literary10, headmaster13, massage02, massage10, massage11, massage13, island02, recall01 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my busty01, busty02, busty04, busty05, busty06, busty07, busty08, busty10, busty11, busty12, busty13, busty14, busty15, busty16, busty17, busty19, classrep16, classrep17, classrep19, classrep20 for filler00
- Traded ReneeTwist: my milk01, milk02, milk03, milk04, milk05, milk08, milk09, milk10, milk11, milk13, fairytales05, fairytales13, fairytales19, fantasia13, x-scissor01, x-scissor02, x-scissor04, x-scissor09, x-scissor10, x-scissor19 for filler00
- Traded Veth: my hunter01, king04, lonely03, brother03, wing01 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my abuse02, admin02, admin04, admin05, admin08, admin13, admin14, admin17, admin18, admin19, mind04, skyworld19, skyworld20, snowfield05, snowfield07, surfing08, surfing09, surfing10, surfing11, surfing13 for filler00

October 17, 2016 ------------
- Traded Makorin: my yanderes01, yanderes02, yanderes04, yanderes05, yanderes17, yanderes18, xxxx12, xxxx18, horror07, greenvale01 for filler00

October 13, 2016 ------------
- Traded Nikita: my rabi17, researcher08, respected08, shinmeiryuu08, shinmeiryuu17, umibozu16, university03, university04, university14, university17, university20, unpopular20, waitress03, witch15, witch17, windom13, zero05, zero19, zagan18, vers18 for filler00
- Traded Olivia: my 4minutes18, gramarye01, gramarye04, gramarye07, gramarye08, gramarye09, gramarye19, gramarye20, pilots20, andantino01, andantino03, andantino13, apocalypse09, cameraman16, devoted04, devoted07, devoted16, embodiment11, engineer19, engineer20 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my bangle17, bangle20, classrep11, classrep13, classrep14, pageant01, pageant02, pageant03, pageant04, pageant05, pageant09, pageant10, pageant11, pageant12, pageant13, pageant14, pageant16, pageant17, pageant19, pageant20 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my assassins11, boxweapon20, brown03, capitalism08, capitalism11, capitalism17, capitalism18, capitalism19, changshan05, changshan20, companion12, companion19, contests09, counselor02, counselor06, crash17, cuarta06, cuarta09, cuarta16, cuarta18 for filler00

October 11, 2016 ------------
- Traded Eon: my hamha02, hamha05, hamha10, hamha11, hamha18, legendary06, legendary18, sparkling02, sparkling07, affable15, affable19, rai14, rai17, sins02, sins06, sins13, sins14, sins15, sins17, sins19 for filler00

October 09, 2016 ------------
- Traded Nea: my distinction06, distinction08, distinction14, sweat01, sweat02, sweat04, sweat10, sweat12, sweat14, sweat16, sweat20, viewpoint13, viewpoint20, brothers07, brothers09, brothers17, pink15, stage14, tsunderes03, tsunderes08 for filler00, filler00, filler00, filler00, filler00, filler00, filler00, filler00, filler00, filler00, filler00, filler00, filler00, filler00, filler00, filler00, filler00, filler00, filler00, filler00
- Traded Adelicya: my cocky17, cyber01, dream19, eagle19, goldsaucer14, gemstone11, hakuda06, mako03, mayor13, mizar15, rigging17, amnesiac08, beatdown01, benetnasch12, benetnasch20, broadway02, insect15, jester17, venoshock13, watergun16 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my abilities04, biometals20, brown03, brown08, brown10, brown11, chernabog01, chernabog13, chernabog14, chernabog19, carmine13, cheater01, cheater09, cheater11, cheater18, checkmate01, checkmate15, checkmate19, cherry17, cleric04 for filler00

October 05, 2016 ------------
- Traded Olivia: my 4minutes08, ambidex04, ambidex20, labyrinthia08, labyrinthia10, labyrinthia15, labyrinthia16, labyrinthia20, alone11, alone14, bloody10, bloody20, civilian05, civilian09, civilian13, civilian17, civilian19, engineer12, engineer15, engineer18 for filler00
- Traded Netbug: my honor02, 300iq10, ark11, astronomy08, astronomy13, astronomy16, astronomy20, lifebelt19, balance02, balance07, purple03, green07, green19, decbirthday02, marbirthday03, maybirthday04, maybirthday11, novbirthday20, octbirthday10, sepbirthday08 for filler00

October 03, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jane: my 4minutes01, 4minutes02, 4minutes04, 4minutes05, 4minutes07, 4minutes08, clergy17, clergy18, clergy19, clergy20 for filler00

October 01, 2016 ------------
- Traded Sky: my alcohol03, cinnamon01, cupcake09 for filler00

September 29, 2016 ------------
- Traded sujini: my awaken16, baldy16, blacksmith12, blacksmith16, blacksmith18, celestial02, hadome07, hadome19, heroines05, heroines12, howl11, hyourinmaru10, kasshin02, nirvash12, umbrellas10, yosakoi05, sin04, sin13, sphinx115, secondlife08 for filler00
- Traded Tanna: my reason02, reason03, reason07, reason09, reason15, reason16, scarf16, shards15, shards18, skyjack03, skyjack06, skyjack14, sonati16, starfish10, starfish11, streetgang19, 3-e07, confirmed07, pc-9811, yuri20 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my bangle04, bangle06, bangle13, mba01, mba03, mba04, mba06, mba07, mba08, mba09, mba10, mba11, mba12, mba14, mba15, mba16, mba17, mba18, mba19, mba20 for filler00
- Traded Makorin: my bara07, bara10, bara18, figments08, figments11, storybooks07, storybooks12, storybooks18, underwater03, underwater17 for filler00
- Traded Aru: my faintattack10, faintattack17, femprotags14, maleidols08, precure12, romipaku06, sanctuary06, sekit10, sekit11, ships14, godbreath13, godbreath17, godbreath20, guild15, hawkeye03, hawkeye09, honorific15, infertile10, infertile13, infertile17 for filler00
- Traded Kaede: my setz02, setz04, setz06, setz07, setz08, setz16, setz18, soyokaze01, soyokaze04, soyokaze13, ecchi17, fukujun16, junbirthday12, novbirthday08, novbirthday14, octbirthday06, octbirthday14, octbirthday15, pilots17, sepbirthday07 for filler00

September 23, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jane: my 098805, 098810, clarines12, goodcop15, wildbear19, wildbear09, zwei01, zwei02, zwei04, clergy01, clergy05, clergy06, clergy07, clergy08, clergy09, clergy10, clergy11, clergy14, clergy16 for filler00

September 22, 2016 ------------
- Traded sujini: my memory12, memory15, memory17, memory20, mascot05, mascot10, lessons20, needcool10, outlook06, outlook07, outlook10, solo05, tongue09, tongue19, unorthodox16, raildex11, raildex12, raildex16, raildex18, raildex19 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my abilities04, abilities08, alchemists03, alchemists19, alchemists20, arrows11, racer01, racer02, racer03, racer04, racer05, racer06, racer07, racer08, racer11, racer13, racer14, racer17, racer18, racer20 for filler00

September 20, 2016 ------------
- Traded Tanna: my nyo04, nyo11, ordinary01, ordinary05, ordinary09, choromi07, choromi08, choromi09, choromi12, curerouge02, delinquent20, dressup20, earring08, faith07, faith09, faith12, futari09, futari11, adaptations02, pc-9807 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my abraxas08, abraxas13, bigbenkei06, bigbenkei11, classrep01, classrep04, classrep06, classrep10, darts03, darts17, fluffal14, fluffal18, foxfire01, foxfire02, gemknight14, icy03, kujakki19, kujakki20, prima04, ursula11 for filler00
- Traded Makorin: my admire12, admire18, admire20, brilliant05, calm08, calm09, dancefusion09, emulate01, haraezuki03, haraezuki08, kagoshima16, librarian06, liaison17, marine15, military19, mizuki05, mizuki12, neighbor19, oodachi07, punchout04 for filler00
- Traded Olivia: my ambidex01, ambidex04, ambidex08, ambidex09, ambidex10, ambidex11, ambidex19, archery01, archery03, archery04, archery06, archery07, archery08, archery11, archery12, archery19, archery20, betray09, funyarinpa03, meister17 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my allstars01, allstars05, allstars07, allstars09, allstars15, allstars16, allstars17, allstars19, allstars20, gsleague02, andromeda07, meramera10, meramera12, meramera15, meramera16, meramera17, meramera20, s-class04, s-class08, warlock08 for filler00
- Traded Lita: my foughten01, nyuudou09, orphanage14 for filler00
- Traded Cassie: my cleaning11, cleaning12, softball03, softball04, softball07, softball12, softball15, thornqueen01, thornqueen02, thornqueen03, thornqueen04, thornqueen06, thornqueen09, thornqueen10, thornqueen12, thornqueen13, thornqueen14, thornqueen15, thornqueen17, thornqueen18 for filler00
- Traded Raie: my rougeschool01, rougeschool10, rougeschool13, sorcery01, stockpot02, stockpot14, stockpot17, stockpot16, sharingan19, shy11, shy14, shaolin01, shaolin10, shaolin11, shaolin12, shaolin13, shaolin18, shaolin19, shaolin20, sheikah18 for filler00

September 16, 2016 ------------
- Traded miro: my alkahestry19, brawn20, bungee09, bungee12, beretta07, beretta08, betelgeuse18, blackblood17, brain05, brain08, brain14, chainsaw04, chainsaw16, cheer07, cute10, connected09, cool06, cool09, crush19, crush20 for filler00

September 15, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jane: my socialite02, socialite14 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my ossan03, ossan06, ossan15 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my angel03, angel10, angel16, angel19, angel20, blackknight11, bluerose01, bluerose02, bluerose03, bluerose05, chibipuri11, chibipuri12, christmas05, chronicle15, fisticuffs02, fisticuffs03, fisticuffs07, fisticuffs17, hoenn02, hoenn11 for filler00

September 14, 2016 ------------
- Traded sujini: my ayesir04, dance12, malamute12, kyrie11, kyrie18, supporter15, ronin03, ronin04, ronin10, ronin18, clow19, engagement17, prophecy05, prophecy08, raildex01, raildex03, raildex04, raildex06, raildex08, raildex09 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my operator02, operator05, operator06, operator08, operator09, operator11, operator13, operator14, operator15, operator16, operator17, operator18, operator19 for filler00
- Traded Jessu: my badda-boom09, blacktiger08, boss05, poisonivy17, fix06, fix10, fix12, gangster18, novoselic06, kind20, 1810, 1813, cabbit05, cabbit06, cabbit18, yatagarasu04, teller06, teller13, takatomon07, takatomon18 for filler00
- Traded Netbug: my aniki20, junbirthday04, decbirthday03, febbirthday01, febbirthday10, febbirthday13, febbirthday15, black13, black15, helper11, helper14, firetruck03, firetruck08, firetruck11, firetruck20, honor10, honor14, honor16, honor17, honor18 for filler00
- Traded Makorin: my ahoki07, ahoki11, anaru01, anklet03, belderiver02, chiwawa04, compy11, curepeace10, curesword13, earlyshift13, indecisive13, indirect04, indirect08, indirect10, indirect20, lilac04, lilac06, lilac13, lilac15, logical03 for filler00

September 12, 2016 ------------
- Traded Tanna: my beatjumper02, beatjumper05, beatjumper08, beatjumper10, beatjumper11, beatjumper17, beatjumper20, caramels16, choromi02, choromi03, choromi05, dressup05, dressup07, dressup08, dressup09, novbirthday18, pc-9805, stage01, yard07, yard08 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my aeon17, badda-boom04, cakepig11, donmai18, dubking17, dubking19, eighth08, falborg12, girlsclub16, kusarigama06, kusarigama07, kusarigama14, leftout10, minidragon02, oolong07, pacifist18, patissier10, tamer02, world-class15, wyborg17 for filler00
- Traded Lita: my 4thdistrict17, bracer09 for filler00
- Traded Cassie: my 198812, airplane17, antisocial01, antisocial08, antisocial11, baldy05, baldy17, baldy18, bubble07, bubble13, china04, china08, china13, china20, coach03, coach08, coach10, coach11, coach12, coach14 for filler00
- Traded Aru: my 12thpillar02, 4thchild02, 4thchild03, 4thchild10, adventure13, balthasar02, balthasar07, beast09, bluebird07, bluebird13, hayashibara12, kajiyuu13, koyasut02, koyasut05, koyasut06, koyasut10, koyasut11, koyasut15, stands14, voice06 for filler20
- Traded Mina: my bag16, bag17, chi07, chi16, dragonhead09, hounan06, lovers06, lovers18, pyrokinetic16, naginata16, search19, danderes03, danderes04, danderes12, danderes20, sinnoh14, tackle02, tackle08, tackle13, tanabata04 for filler00
- Traded Makorin: my alamode15, babymonster19, battle06, beginner10, brookhaven18, businessman02, chemist19, dancefusion02, deco01, expelled06, feast17, gift16, helping05, inventing08, nanashi15, protection07, remaining06, retriever18, seawitch07, seize02 for filler00
- Traded Raie: my cosplay14, kajiyuu13, magnus04, magnus06, magnus15, watermelon12, watermelon14, watermelon20, termina11, termina16, zora19, windmage02, windmage09, yamato01, yamato07, yamato10, yamato15, vegetation07, axiom01, axiom06 for filler00

September 07, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jane: my 098802, 098805, 098806, 098809, 098811, 098815, 098816, drei13, eins09, eins10, eins11, eins12, eins15, eins16, eins17, eins20 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my 8-bit05, 8-bit09, 8-bit10, 8-bit12, arrows12, arrows14, arrows15, boxweapon01, boxweapon03, boxweapon17, capsule18, capture10, capture14, cartology01, cartology16, cartology20, catpawgun01, cello08, cello12, cello15 for filler00

September 06, 2016 ------------
- Traded Samichan: my kshatriya01, kshatriya02, kshatriya04, kshatriya05, kshatriya07, kshatriya08, kshatriya09, kshatriya11, kshatriya12, kshatriya13, kshatriya14, kshatriya17, kshatriya18, kshatriya19, kshatriya20, meramera01, meramera02, meramera04, meramera05, meramera06 for filler00
- Traded Eon: my biometals16, green02, green04, green05, green10, griefseed17, guertena13, guertena20, heartless01, heartless08, grimreaper15, moron11, numbers05, vandimion09, zackpedia12, zanei06, zgundam06, zgundam10, zgundam13, zgundam15 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my bikinis11, bikinis13, bikinis18, colossi15, gigacity10, gigacity13, gigacity18, megadrive15, sanctuary02, sanctuary17, zgundam16, zgundam18, kwando04, madainsari03, madainsari04, mail02, mail11, marine08, meramera11, meramera09 for filler00
- Traded Lita: my alcoholic07, blackfang15, bracer01, bracer03, bracer04, bracer05, bracer06, bracer08, bracer14, bracer16, bracer17, bracer18, deserteagle07, lyrics18, psg120, solitary11, structure04, structure16 for filler00
- Traded jailynn: my cannondale06, composing08, fleshcan12, ghostroom09, ore-sama05, precipices14, sirens02, throttle19, arcana04, arcana12, arcana19, manatree11, manatree20, pink05 for filler00
- Traded Kaede: my attachment08, brush09, denied20, epinard16, fuyu07, fuyu12, gideon07, hartmann03, inn01, sugar11, 199810, aprbirthday20, assassins06, asterisk08, asterisk11, augbirthday09, ddr11, decbirthday06, maleantags05, maleantags08 for filler00

September 03, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kiri: my chiwawa06, fishidol14, flamenpink07, flamenpink17, gentleghost07, guile03, guile19, health-care10, hellgirl01, holding02, holding16, schoollife14 for filler00
- Traded Netbug: my aniki14, aniki15, aniki17, aniki12, aniki01, aniki04, aniki06, anaru06, amusement10, amusement13, amita10, afternoons19, abyss18, agriculture08, agriculture15, amusement16, amusement18, amusement20, anaru11, anaru17 for filler00
- Traded Cassie: my one20, switzerland04, switzerland10, switzerland12, scold03, scold06, scold07, scold10, scold11, scold12, scold14, scold15, scold16, scold17, scold19, zanpakuto06, spring02, spring20, bikinis02, bikinis08 for filler00

September 02, 2016 ------------
- Traded Tanna: my 765pro08, 765pro10, 765pro15, 765pro16, 765pro20, affair01, affair06, anti05, christianity03, competition03, competition05, competition10, competition17, center07, henshin01, isshu04, isshu05, quality12, fukujun05, fukujun16 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my bangle01, bangle05, bangle07, bangle09, bangle11, cuteness01, cuteness02, cuteness03, cuteness04, cuteness05, cuteness06, cuteness07, cuteness08, cuteness12, cuteness14, cuteness15, cuteness16, cuteness17, cuteness19, cuteness20 for filler00
- Traded Ten: my actor07, amamikado03, archer06, blastia15, bravior07, chat13, chief17, hephsin06, hephsin07, hymn03, begnion02, begnion11, fukujun01, kimurar09, ogata15, romipaku07, sakurait01, sawashirom08, sawashirom17, tanabata10 for filler00

September 01, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jessu: my cataclysm04, deva06, friendship11, friendship18, friendship19, redtiger01, redtiger02, redtiger03, redtiger04, redtiger09, redtiger14, redtiger19 for filler00
- Traded Makorin: my regret18, convict01, convict03, convict05, convict09, convict14, convict19, darkaurora17, dojima03, dojima10, finance11, finance14, funland01, funland02, funland04, funland06, funland10, funland11, funland12, funland17 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my defender06, defender11, medic02, medic03, medic06, medic07, medic08, medic11, medic15, medic16, medic18, medic19, wildbear04, wildbear08, zwei01, zwei02, zwei03, zwei04, zwei15, zwei19 for filler00
- Traded Dina: my luckless07, magician19, pentagram01 for filler00

August 30, 2016 ------------
- Traded Raven: my cyclone03, fanclub04, fanclub15, galaxian04, galaxian05, ice13, valentine10, valentine19 for filler00
- Traded Lita: my impostors12, imitation08, imitation20, loveletter05, loveletter09, loveletter16 for filler00

August 29, 2016 ------------
- Traded Ana: my brothers01, brothers07, brothers09, catsndogs17, detectives13, dogtags03, dogtags05, dogtags13, dogtags17, dogtags19, geika05, geika10, geika11, geika15, geika16, geika17, geika19, geika20, gekidasa17, genbu12 for filler00

August 28, 2016 ------------
- Traded Mina: my osananajimi09, osananajimi17, nonchalant01, nonchalant03, nonchalant04, isshu16, danderes02, danderes06, danderes17, danderes18, gloomy02, gloomy03, gloomy04, gloomy05, gloomy06, gloomy10, gloomy16, gloomy17, gloomy18, gloomy20 for filler00
- Traded neenee: my echoes19, darkdjinn04, darkdjinn05, darkdjinn06, cosmos10, cynical15, aimo13, aimo17, afro18, afro20, afro01, afro03, afro06, afro07, afro08, afro10, afro11, afro12, afro14, afro17 for filler00
- Traded Veth: my 002 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my kicker01, kicker05, kicker06, kicker07, kicker12, kicker18, larkdive04, larkdive19, lastation07, leadership03, lightblue05, lightblue08, lightblue09, lightblue11, lightblue17, long-range07, long-range09, long-range15, long-range16, long-range20 for filler00

August 26, 2016 ------------
- Traded Aletha: my abraxas01, abraxas04, abraxas05, abraxas07, abraxas14, abraxas15, abraxas16, abraxas17, abraxas18, abraxas20, ursula01, ursula02, ursula04, ursula05, ursula06, ursula08, ursula13, ursula14, ursula18, ursula20 for filler00
- Traded Aru: my providence08, providence15, queenbee07, underworld04, underworld19, underworld20, ultrasouls07, uniforms13, uniforms15, unpopular17, voidgear01, koyasut01, koyasut03, koyasut04, koyasut07, koyasut08, koyasut09, koyasut12, koyasut17, sekit20 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my forecaster02, forecaster04, forecaster06, forecaster09, forecaster11, forecaster13, forecaster15, forecaster16, forecaster19, forecaster20, tomorrow01, tomorrow02, tomorrow06, tomorrow09, tomorrow10, tomorrow11, tomorrow16, tomorrow17, tomorrow19, tomorrow20 for filler00

August 23, 2016 ------------
- Traded Makorin: my chiwawa16, daddy03, dreaca19, flashlight08, flashlight15, hide07, kamisarizuki19, letter02, letter13, mission20, neighbor04, neighbor06, neighbor11, profiler06, sacrifice02, sacrifice06, sacrifice10, sacrifice20, tattooed15, tied01 for filler00

August 22, 2016 ------------
- Traded Cassie: my rebel06, x88s03, x88s04, x88s07, x88s16, x88s17, x88s18, x88s19, otouto01, otomen05, otomen06, otomen13, origami02, origami07, origami16, origami18, origami19, mama04, musicsense06, musicsense18 for filler00

August 21, 2016 ------------
- Traded Samichan: my sailorfuku03, sailorfuku05, sailorfuku09, sailorfuku19, villager03, villager07, villager09, villager13, villager15, villager17, villager19, villager20, virage01, virage13, whitesilver06, wingly15, youngmen11, youngmen14, zeref02, zeref03 for filler00
- Traded Netbug: my amusement02, amusement04, amusement06, amusement07, amusement08, amusement09, amita02, amita09, amita13, amita14, acchan19, afternoons11, afternoons13, afternoons17, agriculture04, agriculture09, agriculture19, aitakatta14, aitakatta20, 75th11 for filler00
- Traded Ivory and Horn: my blaze02, chimchar01, nuvema05, nuvema18, outlaw05, outlaw16, outlaw18, relicsong03, renowned18, scald05, sing19, submissive20, supermodel01, supermodel08, supermodel14, torchic08, yupyup06, yupyup10, yupyup12, yupyup18 for filler00
- Traded Adelicya: my abel01, abel04, abel05, abel06, abel07, abel08, abel10, abel11, abel13, abel14, engagement01, engagement02, engagement03, engagement04, engagement05, engagement12, engagement13, engagement14, engagement15, engagement16 for filler00

August 19, 2016 ------------
- Traded Ana: my karate01, karate11, karate13, karate17, karate19, kind02, kind11, knit01, knit06, knit07, mothers06, mothers13, mothers19, ponytail01, ponytail07, ponytail08, ponytail09, twintails12, younger01, younger06 for filler00

August 18, 2016 ------------
- Traded Mina: my tenshi07, tenshi08, tenshi09, tenshi13, tenshi17, tenshi19, tenshi20, hoenn01, snow02, snow04, snow12, snow14, snow19, emotions11, emotions16, box18, bag15, bag18, bag20, bag02 for filler00

August 17, 2016 ------------
- Traded Miro: my thunder01, thunder12, transfer19, third09, third14, sand05, cheer13, cheer17, disqualified02, disqualified07, geek08, jokes11, jokes15, mochimazui07, mochimazui16, mochimazui19, porsche01, porsche08, lockedin17, lightning03 for filler00
- Traded Alice: my engrish02, engrish07, engrish03, engrish10, engrish11, engrish13, engrish14, engrish18, engrish19, draciel04, draciel10, draciel16, megadrive06, megadrive07, megadrive13, menoris08, menoris18, menoris19, kimurar19, onod11 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my engineer02, engineer05, engineer09, engineer10, engineer11, engineer12, engineer16, engineer17 for filler00

August 16, 2016 ------------
- Traded Makorin: my chi08, chi13, chi20, connect10, connect12, alseides01, alseides03, alseides08, alseides09, alseides10, alseides16, alseides19, bold07, bound17, dream10, dream12, dream16, heroine15, locodol09, snicker04 for filler00
- Traded Aru: my 20th13, ae8610, ae8617, assassinate14, assassinate15, bearcat01, bearcat03, bearcat05, bearcat08, bearcat11, bearcat12, bearcat13, bearcat14, bearcat15, bearcat16, bearcat17, bearcat18, sekit09, sekit17, sekit18 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my brown15, yellow19, contests20, crossfire08, crossfire17, cupcake17, deathangel02, deathangel03, deathangel04, deathangel05, deathangel06, deathangel08, deathangel09, deathangel10, deathangel12, deathangel14, deathangel15, deathangel17, deathangel19, deathangel20 for filler00

August 15, 2016 ------------
- Traded Coops: my karateka15, karateka16, karateka19, leading04, leading06, leading11, leading12, leading18, muaythai07, muaythai10, muaythai15, muaythai18, nacchan02, nacchan13, nacchan18, talent01, talent06, talent07, talent14, talent15 for filler00

August 14, 2016 ------------
- Traded ReneeTwist: my oyajijokes15, petulant08, petulant14, petulant15, petulant18, petulant19, pottery02, pottery05, pottery11, pottery13, pottery20, promotion05, promotion12, promotion15, promotion17, punisher09, punisher13, punisher17, punisher20, quincy02 for filler00

August 13, 2016 ------------
- Traded Lex: my enchantress05, knucklehead01, killerbee15, osaka07, oceanwave11, odango02, stowaway02, apple08, deus01, deus08, fierce02, fierce11, fish15, jiangshi02, jiangshi10, lies08, predilection06, eyepatches08, gakuen20, sailorfuku05 for filler00

August 12, 2016 ------------
- Traded Lenga: my counter01, counter02, counter03, counter04, counter05, counter06, counter07, counter08, counter10, counter11, counter12, counter13, counter14, counter15, counter16, counter17, counter18, counter19, counter20, sacrifice01 for filler00

August 10, 2016 ------------
- Traded Ana: my guns02, guns18, helper06, helper08, helper12, helper16, helper19, newyears13, newyears14, newyears19, vermouth02, vermouth07, vermouth12, vermouth13, vermouth15, vermouth19, yami-nabe01, yami-nabe04, yami-nabe06, yami-nabe09 for filler00

August 09, 2016 ------------
- Traded Eon: my nekotalia01, nekotalia03, nekotalia06, nekotalia09, nekotalia13, nekotalia17, nekotalia19, nekotalia20, newyears16, newyears20 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my ecure01, ecure02, ecure03, ecure06, ecure08, ecure10, ecure11, ecure17, hakuryou12, hakuryou14, hakuryou18, world-class06, world-class08, world-class09, world-class10, world-class11, world-class12, world-class18, world-class19, world-class20 for filler00
- Traded Alice: my a-hall01, a-hall03, a-hall04, a-hall05, a-hall06, a-hall08, a-hall09, a-hall10, a-hall18, a-hall19, a-hall13, a-hall15, a-hall11, a-hall12, black14, cakes18, ensanguined20, kuuderes11, marbirthday09, octbirthday14 for filler00

August 08, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kiri: my fenrir01, highrollers03, hornet14, octal12, parallel15, scorpio14, septette11, shuei-gumi07, spicy05 for filler00

August 07, 2016 ------------
- Traded IvoryandHorn: my uberhero02, uberhero04, uberhero20 for filler00
- Traded Coops: my eyebrows07, eyebrows15, eyebrows16, eyebrows18, eyebrows19, eyebrows20, fiery02, fiery05, fiery06, fiery07, fiery09, fiery12, fiery15, fiery20, hamha18, mothers11, mothers17, karateka13, karateka14, neatfreak19 for filler00
- Traded Lee: my engaged17, engaged19, erokappa02, erokappa05, erokappa11, feelings14, feelings18, forklift03, forklift06, mobile08, monocle01, monocle04, monocle12, monocle18, ousaka15, ousaka16, ousaka19, paranoia10, paranoia13, paranoia15 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my confidence02, confidence19, confidence20, cryokinesis02, cryokinesis04, cryokinesis08, cryokinesis12, daifuku01, daifuku02, daifuku06, daifuku12, daifuku13, daifuku14, daifuku15, daifuku17, daifuku19, daifuku20, debt03, debt05, debt13 for filler00
- Traded Ten: my koyasut15, business01, commandant04, commandant14, commandant18, lorelei03, spirius12, van05, van09, van19 for filler00

August 06, 2016 ------------
- Traded Mina: my pistol03, pistol04, pistol05, pistol10, pistol11, pistol12, pistol15, pistol17, pistol20, quincy11, witch12, widow19, yari17, enchantress06, rukh04, tianzi05, tenshi10, tsunderes12, tanabata06, younger18 for filler00
- Traded Kaede: my loleus13, loleus14, loleus15, loleus16, loleus17, loleus19, loleus20, major01, major02, major03, 5stars01, 5stars02, 5stars03, 5stars04, 5stars06, 5stars07, 5stars09, 5stars12, 5stars14, 5stars15 for filler00

August 05, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jane: my civilian04, civilian05, civilian07, civilian09, civilian11, civilian12, civilian13, civilian16, civilian17, civilian19, civilian20, scars01, scars13 for filler00

August 04, 2016 ------------
- Traded Cassie: my cupid01, cupid02, cupid04, cupid07, cupid15, cupid19, cupid20, flowerclip05, flowerclip20, vampirecat03, vampirecat04, vampirecat05, vampirecat06, vampirecat08, vampirecat10, vampirecat11, vampirecat14, vampirecat15, vampirecat19, vampirecat20 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my nephew02, nephew03, nephew04, nephew12, noheart03, noheart04, noheart06, noheart09, noheart12, noheart20, rainbowroad10, rainbowroad13, sisters16, sisters18, tanabata11, tanabata14, tanabata15, tanabata16, tanabata18, tanabata20 for filler00

July 31, 2016 ------------
- Traded Aletha: my absence19, patissier02, patissier03, patissier05, patissier06, patissier09, patissier11, patissier13, patissier14, patissier16, patissier18, scientist01, scientist03, scientist04, scientist09, scientist11, scientist13, scientist14, scientist16, scientist18 for filler00

July 30, 2016 ------------
- Traded Tanna: my gamegear02, gemmy01, gemmy03, gemmy05, hatcher02, hatcher11, hyper07, hyper16, dearbaby10, dearbaby16, earring19, foodpuns16, futari04, futari06, futari07, yanderes14, pc-9801, pc-9819, pc-9802, pc-9806 for filler00

July 29, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jun: my baby02, baby18, interaction16, quotes07, quotes13, resolve12, resolve15, resolve18, warlock06, warlock16, warlock17, avenger04, avenger07, avenger09, avenger13, avenger19, defender04, defender06, defender07, defender10 for filler00

July 28, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jane: my engineer02, engineer05, engineer09, engineer10, engineer11, engineer12, engineer13, engineer16, engineer17, engineer18, engineer20, taisa03, taisa04, taisa07, taisa08, taisa11, taisa13, taisa14, taisa16, taisa17 for filler00
- Traded Alice: my bossy01, bossy02, bossy04, bossy05, bossy07, bossy08, bossy09, bossy10, bossy13, bossy14, bossy15, bossy16, bossy17, bossy18, bossy19, bossy20, page01, page15, page19, cardevolve16 for filler00
- Traded Aru: my forward02, forward15, forward16, forward17, forward20, cain01, cain06, cain08, cain16, cain18, elegant05, elegant06, elegant08, elegant13, elegant16, elegant17, elegant20, voice20, skeptic03, skeptic04 for filler00

July 27, 2016 ------------
- Traded Makorin: my anaru02, anaru06, anaru09, anaru10, cupnoodles01, everafter18, indecisive03, indecisive19, indian06, obnoxious03, obnoxious06, obnoxious08, obnoxious10, obnoxious10, obnoxious12, obnoxious14, obnoxious20, sillier16, tama-ya02, tama-ya14 for filler00

July 26, 2016 ------------
- Traded Adelicya: my open01, open02, open03, open05, open06, open07, open08, open09, open10, open11, open13, open14, open16, open18, open19, open20, acewitches02, acewitches03, acewitches04, acewitches05 for filler00

July 25, 2016 ------------
- Traded Ana: my gakuran02, gakuran04, gakuran13, gakuran18, gakuran19, guns06, guns07, guns12, guns13, guns14, redrose08, ruby02, ruby05, serenade06, serenade14, snowwhite13, snowwhite16, warcannon06, warrior16, writing04 for filler00

July 24, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kaede: my loleus01, loleus02, loleus03, loleus05, loleus07, loleus08, loleus09, loleus10, loleus11, loleus12, kimurar19, kimurar20, nature13, tanabata08, tanabata09, tanabata14, tanabata16, tanabata18, tanabata19, tanabata20 for filler00

July 23, 2016 ------------
- Traded Coops: my addiction05, addiction06, addiction09, addiction10, addiction12, addiction13, addiction14, addiction16, addiction17, addiction19, broke03, broke04, broke06, broke08, broke11, broke13, broke15, broke18, broke20, neatfreak16 for filler00

July 22, 2016 ------------
- Traded Tanna: my glasses12, glasses16, glasses17, bells16, clocks02, clocks04, clowndrop08, clowndrop09, clowndrop12, clowndrop14, clowndrop17, clowndrop20, destined15, destined20, invisible16, invisible06, shrine01, shrine20, streetgang06, streetgang12 for filler00

July 20, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jun: my capsule18, carrot19, chasing06, chasing13, chasing14, checkmate04, cleric01, cleric03, cleric09, cleric13, cleric15, cleric18, cleric19, cointoss13, cointoss19, coolest18, cries03, cries06, cries07, cries19 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my seinen01, shades03, shoujo01, shoujo05, shoujo20 for filler00

July 19, 2016 ------------
- Traded Adelicya: my rukh07, rosewater01, rosewater02, rosewater06, rosewater10, rosewater11, rosewater12, rosewater14, rosewater16, rosewater17, rosewater19, lightside02, lightside03, lightside04, lightside05, lightside06, lightside11, lightside13, lightside15, lightside16 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my slap04, slap06 for filler00
- Traded Miro: my silpelit12, silpelit17, silpelit19, snacks04, snacks05, snacks12, snacks13, snacks14, snakes12, sharingan05, teases07, teases14, teases17, taijutsu10, scientists08, scientists20, changshan12, christmas19, sisters17, swimtrunks02 for filler00

July 18, 2016 ------------
- Traded Cassie: my novice01, novice03, novice09, novice18, otaku02, otaku10, otaku12, otaku13, otaku14, meganekko03, meganekko04, meganekko06, meganekko07, meganekko08, meganekko09, meganekko11, meganekko15, meganekko17, usagimimi05, usagimimi12 for filler00
- Traded Alice: my rainbow07, rare15, reflexes01, reflexes03, reflexes09, reflexes12, rhythm03, rhythm09, rhythm13, rhythm19, sports04, sports07, sports08, sports09, sports12, sports13, sports16, sports17, sports18, sports19 for filler00
- Traded Samichan: my darkhenge14, ink05, ink09, ink16, harass18, miasma01, miasma02, miasma06, miasma07, miasma09, miasma13, miasma14, miasma15, miasma16, miasma19, raider01, raider17, reference03, reference11, reference19 for filler00

July 16, 2016 ------------
- Traded Ivory and Horn: my abandon16, abel09, ebracrypt06, kabuki11, m012, second03, ueno08, zero17 for filler00
- Traded Mina: my bracelets02, bracelets04, bracelets05, bracelets11, bracelets12, bracelets13, bracelets14, bracelets15, bracelets17, bracelets18, bracelets19, bracelets20, birdcalls18, kuuderes06, aerialace05, snow08, snow03, snow09, snow05, snow07 for filler00

July 15, 2016 ------------
- Traded Tanna: my nyu06, nyu08, nyu15, nyu18, pikori01, pikori14, pyo07, pyo11, pyo12, pyo16, pyo18, aunt09, amulet16, amulet19, aqua16, aqua20, glasses05, glasses07, glasses10, glasses11 for filler00

July 14, 2016 ------------
- Traded Ouji: my adherent10, aizu19, alchemist03, alchemist16, angra07, arranged17, chainsaws05, cliff07, cliff08, clock12, camembert06, colony16, curbstomp09, demonchild17, boundary20, boxingring02, braves01, estonia02, estonia04, estonia15 for filler00

July 13, 2016 ------------
- Traded Cassie: my dango08, dango18, eldest01, eldest03, eldest09, eldest14, eldest18, eldest20, england02, england06, england09, flash03, latvia04, latvia07, latvia08, latvia09, latvia11, latvia12, latvia18, latvia19 for filler00
- Traded Adelicya: my viola01, viola03, viola04, viola07, viola10, viola11, viola14, viola15, viola16, viola17, viola20, lapistier01, lapistier04, lapistier05, lapistier07, lapistier11, lapistier12, lapistier15, lapistier18, lapistier20 for filler00

July 12, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jane: my immortal01, immortal04, immortal09, immortal11, immortal20, technician01, technician02, technician03, technician04, technician05, technician06, technician07, technician10, technician13, technician14, technician17, technician18, technician19 for filler00

July 11, 2016 ------------
- Traded Rizu: my aquarium03, aquarium05, aquarium06, bathtub05, bathtub06, bathtub07, bathtub18, economical06, sagittarius02, sagittarius16, snail07, snail13, snail17, snail20, snake05, snake13, snake18, lovespells02, lovespells07, lovespells13 for filler00
- Traded Coops: my astronaut01, astronaut02, astronaut03, astronaut06, astronaut08, astronaut09, astronaut10, astronaut12, astronaut13, astronaut14, astronaut16, astronaut17, astronaut20, slob01, slob02, slob09, slob10, slob12, neatfreak05, neatfreak15 for filler00
- Traded Kaede: my sergeant01, sergeant03, sergeant04, sergeant05, lovegun02, lovegun03, lovegun05, lovegun06, lovegun17, lovegun18, fukujun09, strikers01, strikers02, strikers03, strikers05, strikers06, tanabata02, tanabata05, tanabata06, tanabata07 for filler00

July 10, 2016 ------------
- Traded Aletha: my androgynous14, jealous01, jealous04, jealous05, jealous08, jealous11, jealous14, jealous16, jealous19, menma05, menma11, menma14, menma15, menma20, mysticeyes01, mysticeyes10, mysticeyes11, mysticeyes12, mysticeyes13, mysticeyes17 for filler00

July 09, 2016 ------------
- Traded Tanna: my onee-sama02, paipai19, amulet10, amulet13, amulet14, bamboo20, cards19, chiefmaid20, clowndrop01, clowndrop02, clowndrop05, consultant14, data08, dearbaby02, destined04, destined08, lightside18, darkside18, fukujun09, wordplay05 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my arsenal04, arsenal08, arsenal18, chromacamo17, chuu03, chuu04, chuu05, chuu09, chuu10, chuu20, firstlevel15, guard09, ideya02, lifebelt07, lifebelt15, lifebelt19, lifebelt20, roll02, roll08, roll16 for filler00

July 07, 2016 ------------
- Traded Ana: my doodle15, glider14, herbalist04, herbalist08, herbalist15, magma01, magma03, magma18, magma19, magma20, musicians01, musicians07, musicians11, musicians13, musicians16, newyears13, usagimimi05, usagimimi12, usagimimi13, usagimimi19 for filler00

July 05, 2016 ------------
- Traded Alice: my archery02, arphage03, diepencil08, devour09, devour11, chocobo11, chocolate02, chocolate09, chocolate12, chocolate17, ensanguined20, meganes01, meganes06, meganes11, meganes12, meganes14, meganes19, meganes20, nekomimi05, nekomimi19 for filler00
- Traded Raie: my allies05, conquer02, cursedseal01, cursedseal06, cursedseal09, catpaw01, catpaw04, catpaw05, catpaw06, catpaw07, catpaw10, catpaw11, catpaw15, catpaw20, whipsmack10, bolt05, bolt10, bolt12, bond08, bond11 for filler00

July 04, 2016 ------------
- Traded Adelicya: my 098804, 098806, 098807, 098809, 098810, 098811, 098812, 098813, 098815, appetite03, glasses04, glasses05, glasses07, glasses08, glasses09, glasses10, glasses11, glasses12, glasses13, glasses14 for filler00

July 03, 2016 ------------
- Traded Rizu: my odd02, odd05, odd06, odd08, odd09, odd10, odd11, odd13, odd15, odd16, odd18, odd20, insomnia01, insomnia08, insomnia09, insomnia14, insomnia15, insomnia18, massages14, massages20 for filler00
- Traded Kaede: my sergeant06, sergeant07, sergeant09, sergeant11, sergeant15, sergeant16, sergeant17, sergeant18, sergeant19, sergeant20, strikers08, strikers10, strikers11, strikers12, strikers14, strikers15, strikers16, strikers17, strikers19, strikers20 for filler00
- Traded pinnku: my snakes04, snakes09, snakes12, snakes14, strength20, lazy03, lazy15, mulberry04, mulberry05, mulberry10, mulberry16, mulberry17, mulberry19, unitone04, unitone07, unitone10, unitone12, unitone17, unitone19, yondaime13 for filler00

July 02, 2016 ------------
- Traded Coops: my boulder02, boulder04, boulder10, boulder14, boulder18, boulder19, boulder20, compass03, compass04, compass05, compass06, compass07, compass08, compass10, compass11, compass12, compass14, compass16, compass19, compass20 for filler00
- Traded ReneeTwist: my virage11, virage14, whitesilver10, whitesilver20, winddance19, winddance20, windward18, wrist01, zanarkand06, zanbatou14, zanbatou18, abilities13, adepts10, catsndogs01, catsndogs02, catsndogs17, earthquake01, fathers03, fathers11, slimes07 for filler00

July 01, 2016 ------------
- Traded Cassie: my six16, six20, swimming01, swimming09, tarundoru03, qipao02, qipao08, watermelon02, watermelon04, watermelon05, watermelon07, watermelon09, watermelon12, watermelon14, watermelon19, model03 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my ngrecords02, ngrecords03, ngrecords04, ngrecords07, ngrecords08, ngrecords10, ngrecords11, ngrecords12, ngrecords13, ngrecords14, ngrecords15, ngrecords16, ngrecords18, ngrecords19, flirting20, withdrawn01, withdrawn07, withdrawn11, withdrawn12, withdrawn18 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my 300iq16, academy02, academy04, academy05, academy07, academy19, affable01, affable02, affable05, affable06, affable10, affable11, affable12, affable14, affable16, affable20, alternate02, alternate03, alternate05, alternate07 for filler00

June 30, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kiri: my chiefmaid01, chiefmaid03, chiefmaid12, chiefmaid16, chiefmaid20, chiwawa04, flamenpink03, holding10, iaidou01, kill06, kill12, robber15, route20 for filler00

June 29, 2016 ------------
- Traded Ana: my nekomimi07, nekomimi08, nekomimi19, newyears01, newyears02, newyears05, newyears06, newyears07, newyears09, newyears16, riskbreaker03, riskbreaker04, riskbreaker05, riskbreaker07, rookie06, rookie14, roses08, roses11, roses13, roses14 for filler00
- Traded miro: my onod10, onod14, onod15, onod18, onod20, villains02, villains05, villains15, villains19, knightmare01, legend08, momokan05, momokan20, novel09, novel16, question13, sand17, sociopath13, southpaw16 for filler00

June 28, 2016 ------------
- Traded Alice: my crush11, crush15, crush16, crush18, survive06, traitor09, transfer04, transfer06, transfer09, transfer10, crossdressm06, crossdressm18, crossdressm20, nekomimi01, nekomimi05, nekomimi07, nekomimi08, nekomimi17, nekomimi19, nekomimi20 for filler00

June 27, 2016 ------------
- Traded Adelicya: my cello04, cello05, cello06, cello08, cello11, cello12, cello17, cello18, dedicated16, deliver19, flute11, flute18, dogtags17, dogtags19, dogtags20, wakening12, wakening14, wakening16, wakening17, wakening18 for filler00
- Traded Rizu: my steward10, spaz09, spaz10, spaz14, spaz17, spaz20, dependent07, dependent12, dependent15, dependent16, dependent17, dependent18, dictator02, dictator13, dictator19, archangel01, archangel07, bluebeard03, bluebeard11, create09 for filler00

June 26, 2016 ------------
- Traded Nikita: my 3-a15, 3-a16, 3-a17, 3-a19, 3-a20, crimea05, daein10, germany12, gianthornet15, impatience16, impatience19, janken14, minervykins16, observer13, pet17, question06, question13, canada16, christianity18, cinderella04 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my burning06, burning17, burning18, desu01, desu03, desu05, desu07, desu08, desu10, desu11, desu12, desu13, desu16, desu18, desu19, desu20, innovator01, innovator04, innovator07, innovator10 for filler00
- Traded Kaede: my accurate05, accurate07, accurate17, attack01, attack02, attack12, attack13, attack14, attack17, attack19, koyasut01, koyasut03, kimurar08, kimurar12, kimurar20, onod02, onod10, onod11, onod14, onod18 for filler00

June 25, 2016 ------------
- Traded Coops: my circles04, compass02, fabulous02, hachimaki01, hachimaki02, hachimaki04, hachimaki07, hachimaki15, hachimaki16, hachimaki17, hachimaki19, hachimaki20, mudabijin19, tragedies12, tragedies18, voodoo01, voodoo05, voodoo10, voodoo17, voodoo20 for filler00

June 24, 2016 ------------
- Traded moe: my shy09, strategy05, strategy14, strategy20, toran11, trace05, trace08, trace11, trace12, trace17, trace18, trace20, uriah15, wind08, wind11, wind17, zweiteturm08, zweiteturm15, zweiteturm20, clergy12 for filler00
- Traded Cassie: my airhead05, airhead08, airhead09, airhead11, airhead19, cakes01, cakes02, cakes04, cakes07, cakes08, cakes15, cakes17, cakes18 for filler00

June 22, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jun: my demonrose01, greatest18, graveryl13, garland10, luminous17, moron01, sweets09, sweets11, sweets14, sweets20, variable02, variable20, waterworks06, waterworks20, furniture03, furniture15, furniture16, furniture19, green07, green18 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my 8-bit16, fathers01, fathers03, fathers11, fisticuffs04, fisticuffs08, fisticuffs09, gakuran16, gakuran17, lionheart03, p-chan05, p-chan16, p-chan20, paprika06, paprika14, paprika17, paprika18, sohcahtoa13, sos20 for filler00

June 20, 2016 ------------
- Traded Aletha: my aeon02, aeon03, aeon06, aeon07, aeon08, aeon09, aeon13, aeon15, aeon16, aeon18, aeon20, girlsclub01, girlsclub03, girlsclub05, girlsclub07, girlsclub10, girlsclub14, girlsclub15, girlsclub19, girlsclub20 for filler00
- Traded Adelicya: my kneel16, children01, children02, children03, children05, children08, children10, children11, children12, children13, children16, children17, children19, children20, comrades01, comrades02, comrades10, comrades18, comrades19, comrades20 for filler00
- Traded Rizu: my bangle04, bangle08, bangle09, bangle13, bangle15, bangle18, choker03, choker11, choker14, choker17, choker18, choker20, firefly10, firefly11, firefly12, firefly13, pillars04, pillars05, pillars16, prefect05 for filler00

June 19, 2016 ------------
- Traded Tanna: my gardening01, gardening13, granny18, granny19, granny20, heybo06, heybo07, heybo08, heybo10, heybo19, invisible05, rabbitears06, rabbitears07, rabbitears08, rabbitears10, septette01, septette04, septette10, septette11, septette16 for filler00
- Traded Kaede: my devoted09, dynamo01, dynamo14, fog01, fog02, fog08, nonexistent08, numbers04, numbers08, numbers12, koyasut09, koyasut12, koyasut16, koyasut17, koyasut18, koyasut19, pc-9801, pc-9802, pc-9803, pc-9804 for filler00

June 18, 2016 ------------
- Traded Lenga: my bearslayer01, bearslayer02, bearslayer03, bearslayer04, bearslayer05, bearslayer07, bearslayer08, bearslayer11, bearslayer15, bearslayer14, bearslayer18, bearslayer19, bearslayer20, uu08, valentines08, valentines12, snowmaru05, snowmaru09, snowmaru19, snowmaru20 for filler00

June 17, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jane: my acepilot04, acepilot13 for filler00

June 16, 2016 ------------
- Traded Makorin: my blackstar01, blackstar07, catalyst05, countrygirl08, egret07, egret18, masked08, fightinggirl01, opening15, opening17, possessive01, possessive02, possessive03, possessive11, possessive14, possessive15, possessive16, haraezuki08, redtower01, redtower05 for filler00
- Traded Coops: my 026705, buddhism18, c-virus20, christianity06, christianity16, christianity18, christianity20, conjurer18, dragonhead07, fos07, grimreaper03, grimreaper12, herbs08, herbs10, kimono15, mixcoatl03, pliskin02, protestant10, skazka08, usss19 for filler00
- Traded Netbug: my 192cm01, 192cm08, 192cm09, abyss05, abyss11, abyss16, acchan13, almighty05, almighty08, almighty11, almighty12, almighty14, almighty15, almighty16, almighty17, almighty18, almighty19, anaru01, anaru10, anaru14 for filler00
- Traded Miro: my novelist03, novelist04, novelist06, novelist10, novelist13, novelist14, violence05, woodpecker03, woodpecker05, woodpecker09, woodpecker13, scars01, scars05, scars17, fukujun09, winter13, points05, points08, points11, points19 for filler00
- Traded pinnku: my strength02, strength04, symmetry05, symmetry06, symmetry08, symmetry09, symmetry19, humanist04, humanist06, humanist07, flaming09, distaste03, distaste18, distaste20, beretta01, beretta02, beretta10, beretta14, beretta19, beretta20 for filler00

June 14, 2016 ------------
- Traded Ana: my ninjas04, ninjas08, ninjas12, ninjas17, ninjas18, nowhere02, nowhere09, nowhere18, octbirthday14, older10, slap01, slap03, slap12, slap13, slap14, slap15, slap16, slap18, slap19, slap20 for filler00
- Traded Adelicya: my principal01, principal02, principal03, principal04, principal06, principal09, principal11, principal13, principal17, principal18, principal20, phoenix01, phoenix02, phoenix06, phoenix07, phoenix08, phoenix10, phoenix11, phoenix13, phoenix14 for filler00

June 13, 2016 ------------
- Traded Rizu: my abuse07, abuse08, abuse12, abuse13, abuse16, abuse20, homophobe05, homophobe07, homophobe09, homophobe12, mercurial02, mercurial03, mercurial06, mercurial08, mercurial15, mercurial20, bunnybox16, gakuen03, gakuen10, gakuen15 for filler00
- Traded Samichan: my ashcat02, ashcat08, ashcat18, genome07, genome09, genome20, loveberry13, mainstream04, organic08, organic11, panda08, panda09, panda11, panda16, rain05, rain06, rain09, rain12, rain15, rain19 for filler00
- Traded Kaede: my sleeping20, tachikaze01, tachikaze03, tachikaze09, trumpet04, trumpet08, trumpet13, trumpet15, twentyone10, twentyone14, pc-9805, pc-9806, pc-9807, pc-9810, pc-9812, pc-9813, pc-9816, pc-9818, pc-9819, pc-9820 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my gear04, gear05, gear07, gear15, gear16, gear20, gourmand08, guard13, guard16, horned01, horned06, horned15, horned17, ideya04, ideya08, ideya10, ideya11, ideya14, ideya15, ideya18 for filler00

June 11, 2016 ------------
- Traded Tanna: my yakisoba02, yakisoba03, yakisoba04, yakisoba05, yakisoba06, yakisoba09, yakisoba10, yakisoba11, yakisoba12, yakisoba13, yakisoba14, yakisoba15, yakisoba16, yakisoba17, yakisoba20, uniform07, uniform10, uniform15, uniform19, vassal10 for filler00
- Traded Cooper: my pyrokinesis20, record13, record14, roadroller05, roadroller07, sickly01, sickly02, sickly04, sickly05, sickly06, sickly07, sickly09, sickly10, sickly12, sickly13, sickly17, hearts01, hearts04 for filler00

June 10, 2016 ------------
- Traded Lenga: my algorithm11, aptx486903, aptx486907, aptx486910, aptx486919, apologetic16, burn05, bsaa07, bathhouse01, bunbunmaru02, bunbunmaru04, bunbunmaru06, bunbunmaru09, bunbunmaru11, bunbunmaru12, bunbunmaru14, bunbunmaru15, bunbunmaru18, blitz11, blitz19 for filler00

June 09, 2016 ------------
- Traded shar: my hotcakes02, hotcakes19, methuselah14, soldier12, soldier13, soldier16, surgery04, surgery13, surgery15, surgery20, fairytales15, occidental03, occidental06, occidental07, occidental08, occidental10, occidental11, occidental13, occidental14, occidental20 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my cakepig05, cakepig07, cakepig08, cakepig14, cakepig20, dojikko02, dojikko04, dojikko05, dojikko07, dojikko09, dojikko10, dojikko11, dojikko12, dojikko13, dojikko14, dojikko15, dojikko16, dojikko17, dojikko18, dojikko19 for filler00

June 08, 2016 ------------
- Traded Cassie: my costumes04, costumes08, costumes12, costumes17, meganes15, meganes18, meganes19, meganes20 for filler00
- Traded Aki: my magnificent01, magnificent15, magnificent19, magnificent20, snacks01, snacks02, snacks08, snacks09, snacks12, snacks17, studious18 for filler00
- Traded Ets: my nekomimi05, police01, police06, police11, police17, vermouth04, vermouth08, vermouth18, whaleshark05, whaleshark08, whaleshark11, whaleshark12, whaleshark13, whaleshark16, whaleshark17 for filler00
- Traded Makorin: my darkening06, darkening18, labyrinthia02, labyrinthia03, labyrinthia04, storybooks04, psi01, psi05, psi06, psi14 for filler00

June 06, 2016 ------------
- Traded Miro: my doll01, doll02, doll08, doll09, doll16, doll19, distaste02, distaste03, distaste05, distaste12, distaste16, distaste18, fujoshi09, fujoshi11, fujoshi12, fujoshi14, madness08, madness10, madness13, waitress03 for filler00
- Traded Netbug: my grin17, goldenrod08, go-getters17, frown05, frown08, focused08, firespin09, fighter10, dreamer15, cascade11, blackthorn03, babble15, babble18, abandon01, abandon07, heyheyhey06, shards12, shards18 for filler00
- Traded Rizu: my condiments01, condiments02, condiments05, condiments08, condiments09, condiments10, condiments11, condiments12, condiments15, condiments16, condiments18, condiments19, condiments20, socute06, socute12, socute13, skirt12, headboy06, headboy17, glasses17 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my deities01, deities02, deities17, deities18, purple14, red06, tanabata03, tanabata05, tanabata06, tanabata08, vermouth04, vermouth05, vermouth06, vermouth19, violin18, violin20, warfare06, warfare07, wisdom01, wisdom07 for filler00
- Traded Adelicya: my van01, van02, van03, van04, van05, van06, van07, van08, van09, van10, van11, van12, van14, van15, van16, van17, van19, cain07, cain08, cain15 for filler00
- Traded QC: my newkama02, newkama03, newkama04, newkama07, newkama08, newkama09, newkama10, newkama12, newkama14, newkama17, newkama18, newkama19, neko-neko16, neko-neko18, neko-neko20, okama04, okama14, okama15, okama20, cannibal15 for filler00

June 05, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kaede: my socute02, socute06, socute12, socute13, socute15, skirt17, skirt18, skirt20, touch10, touch11, restoration16, restoration19, solum09, solum11, solum13, solum14, solum15, solum16, solum17, solum20 for filler00
- Traded ivoryandhorn: my red19, seele01 for filler00

June 04, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jun: my ambitious01, ambitious03, ambitious04, ambitious07, ambitious08, ambitious09, ambitious10, ambitious13, ambitious14, ambitious15, ambitious16, ambitious17, ambitious20, anko18, apollo01, apollo09, apollo15, aqua07, aqua09, aspirebreak09 for filler00
- Traded Tanna: my astronomy02, astronomy07, astronomy09, astronomy12, astronomy13, astronomy19, witchcraft04, witchcraft16, wwwa01, wwwa14, x-clips04, x-clips05, x-clips08, x-clips09, x-clips11, x-clips16, x-clips17, x-clips20, runaway07, scarf20 for filler00

June 01, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jane: my avoiddeath14, d9902, whitecoat10 for filler00
- Traded Ets: my aptx486907, alexandria05, masks08, kasshin01, kasshin02, kasshin11, kasshin17, kasshin19, kunoichi04, kunoichi12, gakuran16, gakuran17, gakuran18, 4minutes06, 4minutes07, 4minutes16, keyhole05, detectives11, detectives13, detectives19 for filler00
- Traded jailynn: my laptop07, laptop18, oldest01, probe08, probe10, probe12, probe14, rat14, selece06, softball03, tarundoru14, throttle12, throttle17, windom10 for filler00
- Traded Lee: my 4thchild03, 4thchild11, advice01, advice05, cynical02, cynical10, cynical12, data20, database08, database19, librarian06, librarian08, rip-off05, rip-off13, rip-off17, rip-off20, salaryman19, snail07, snail14, snail20 for filler00
- Traded Cassie: my meganes01, meganes03, meganes06, meganes07, meganes08, meganes09, meganes11, meganes12, meganes14, meganes15 for filler00

May 31, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jane: my acepilot04, acepilot06, acepilot13, acepilot17 for filler00
- Traded Ten: my bigbrother15, byakko01, byakko04, chief08, chat14, heart01, heart17, iai05, information04, monta06, monta13, novel07, novel08, novel09, sushi03, sushi07, sushi10, sushi17, fujoshi03 for filler00

May 30, 2016 ------------
- Traded QC: my buddha01, buddha02, buddha05, buddha07, buddha08, buddha09, buddha10, buddha11, buddha12, buddha13, buddha14, buddha15, buddha16, buddha18, buddha19, buddha20, suna-suna01, suna-suna02, suna-suna08, suna-suna15 for filler00
- Traded Adelicya: my cain01, cain03, cain04, cain05, cain06, cap01, cap02, cap03, cap04, cap05, cap07, cap08, cap09, cap10, cap11, cap12, cap14, cap16, cap19, cap20 for filler00
- Traded Raie: my magnus01, magnus03, magnus08, magnus09, magnus10, magnus14, magnus16, magnus18, magnus20, bandit02, bandit10, bandit12, bandit14, champion11, champion15, jindujun09, haunt05, haunt06, haunt11, haunt12 for filler00
- Traded Makorin: my atlas05, committee14, connect01, connect10, connect12, connect15, connect16, connect19, kitsune12, liberation06, louvre09, louvre13, military10, military19, health07, health16, onett06, radio03, robotabuse07, teamaqua01 for filler00
- Traded Rizu: my professor03, professor04, professor05, professor12, literature06, devoted02, devoted06, devoted09, devoted10, devoted16, devoted17, jaded01, jaded15, kei01, kei04, kei17, reluctant11, curious02, curious04, curious13 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my doujigiri01, doujigiri02, doujigiri03, doujigiri04, doujigiri05, doujigiri06, doujigiri08, doujigiri09, doujigiri10, doujigiri11, doujigiri14, doujigiri15, doujigiri16, doujigiri17, doujigiri18, doujigiri19, torture03, torture07, torture08, torture09 for filler00
- Traded miro: my brain04, brain10, big13, blackblood05, blackblood07, blackblood08, blackblood10, blackblood12, blackblood18, chainsaw07, chat14, cold15, cool13, cool15, cool16, destiny02, doctor09, forkball01, forkball08, ninjas05 for filler00

May 29, 2016 ------------
- Traded Dialny: my apologize12, blacklynx03, blacklynx13, himalayan16, impulsive01, latvia02, latvia06, latvia09, latvia13, latvia16, latvia17, latvia20, lovestruck08, pinnacle14, pinnacle17, railgun11, sight11, skyjack20, tennights07, unchanging04 for filler00
- Traded Mal: my adopted01, adopted03, adopted11, adopted17, adopted18, admiral02, deer14, handcuffs02, sogeking04, sogeking08, sogeking10, sogeking12, sogeking17, sogeking19, ahoge02, ahoge05, ahoge07, ahoge13, ahoge19, ahoge20 for filler00
- Traded Kaede: my cat04, cat06, cat15, ciaossu13, nameless07, fish07, fish09, fish11, fish15, fish16, bara15, soulunion02, soulunion04, soulunion05, soulunion07, soulunion09, soulunion10, soulunion13, soulunion14, soulunion16 for filler00

May 28, 2016 ------------
- Traded shar: my bara07, bara15, detectives15, dogtags01, dogtags20, fairytales02, fairytales15, maleantags19, swords05, swords18, figurine19, regal05, revival08, tagged04, umbrellas07, umbrellas10, vintage04, xiv06, xiv07, xiv11 for filler00
- Traded Tanna: my perutan11, perutan13, pipito08, pipito10, pipito12, pipito15, pipito16, pipito17, pororin06, pororin08, pororin12, pororin15, pururun01, pururun04, pururun07, pururun08, pururun09, pururun17, pururun19 for filler00

May 25, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jun: my creampuff04, creampuff07, creampuff11, creampuff12, creampuff16, creampuff19, creampuff20, confrontal09, coordinator06, coordinator12, coordinator20, cherry02, cherry04, cherry08, cherry09, cherry14, cherry19, machine07, machine20, machine15 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my deduction19, mercurius05, mercurius07, mercurius08, mercurius12, mercurius15, pursuing01, pursuing08, pursuing14, pursuing18, pursuing20 for filler00
- Traded Samichan: my obnoxious13, obnoxious14, obnoxious16, obnoxious20, ophelia04, ophelia05, ophelia06, ophelia12, ophelia15, osuwari20, sailorfuku01, younger01, younger03, younger05, younger06, younger09, younger10, younger14, younger17, younger19 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my admirer13, admirer15, admirer16, admirer17, admirer20, barriera20, bellflower06, bellflower08, bellflower11, bellflower14, chronicle13, chronicle14, chronicle16, chronicle17, chronicle20, deities10, deities14, nature16, orange11, orange14 for filler00
- Traded Adelicya: my trains02, trains03, trains04, trains06, trains07, trains08, trains11, trains12, trains13, trains16, trains17, trains18, trains19, trains20, soft01, soft03, soft06, soft07, soft08, soft09 for filler00

May 23, 2016 ------------
- Traded Makorin: my babied02, babied10, block11, scholarship11, tama-ya01, tama-ya11, tama-ya14, tama-ya15, trophy06, independent12, idolfan16, admire11, animus04, animus05, accused06, odoru07, odoru10, corrupted14, privilege11 for filler00
- Traded Ets: my romance10, romance12, romance18, shaman01, shaman04, east16, ero-cook16, corn16, corn20, loveme18, gakuran02, gakuran07, gakuran11, gakuran12, gakuran13, gakuran14, gakuran15, gakuran19, gakuran20, silhouettes01 for filler00

May 22, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kaede: my skirt01, skirt02, skirt03, skirt04, skirt05, skirt06, skirt07, skirt08, skirt10, skirt11, pilots01, pilots02, pilots03, pilots05, pilots07, pilots08, pilots09, soulunion17, soulunion18, soulunion19 for filler00
- Traded Kippi: my laguz18 for filler00
- Traded QC: my cola04, cola05, cola09, cola16, oyaji01, oyaji02, oyaji06, oyaji08, oyaji12, oyaji14, aokiji02, aokiji03, aokiji07, aokiji09, aokiji10, aokiji12, aokiji13, aokiji20, buckler12, nose10 for filler00

May 21, 2016 ------------
- Traded pinnku: my strength15, noda03, noda05, noda10, noda15, noda20, papa06, papa16, pug15, pug16, pug19, chimera07, chimera08, cardinal07, teases02, teases05, teases07, teases14, hacker04, hacker11 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my codename06, codename07, codename16 for filler00
- Traded Dina: my wisteria01, deities16, silhouettes10 for filler00
- Traded miro: my kyotouryuu11, kunlun11, avenge08, apples02, apples06, apples08, sewing01, sewing03, sewing05, sewing06, sewing07, sewing08, sewing10, sewing11, sewing12, sewing14, sewing15, sewing17, sewing19, sewing20 for filler00
- Traded Sky: my disapprove03, disapprove16, galaxyidol17, highclef08, kawarimi03, kidnap15, mymakura04, oceanside18, odango11, orca04, orca14, orca15, peach04, peach16, pipe12, satella10, scroll09, smoke12, snicker07, snobbish19 for filler00
- Traded Rizu: my fathers18, akfield09, tenchou01, tenchou02, tenchou03, tenchou04, tenchou05, tenchou06, tenchou07, tenchou08, tenchou10, tenchou11, tenchou12, tenchou13, tenchou14, tenchou15, tenchou16, tenchou17, tenchou18, tenchou20 for filler00

May 17, 2016 ------------
- Traded Eon: my asterisk15, caduceus16, julbirthday12, pilots11, samurais05, shades01, meganes01, meganes03, meganes06, meganes07 for filler00
- Traded Cassie: my oriental02, oriental14, qipao01, qipao05, qipao08, qipao15, qipao18 for filler00
- Traded Adelicya: my bloodfang07, cannibal09, chaos04, chu-hi05, dwarf13, exchanger20, fighter17, focused02, love01, luckystars07, modo-modo04, modo-modo08, modo-modo18, octopus04, octopus12, puns17, reliability19, shinra19, toxin15, whitehorse08 for filler00
- Traded Ets: my ambidex08, ambidex12, police01, police04, police09, police10, police11, police14, police17, police19, snowmaru02, snowmaru03, snowmaru05, snowmaru07, snowmaru09, snowmaru11, snowmaru14, snowmaru16, twisted01, vocalist07 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my admirer10, admirer11, aikido03, aikido10, aikido14, aikido15, aikido16, aikido17, aikido18, aikido20, familiars14, watermelon01, watermelon02, watermelon04, watermelon05, watermelon11, watermelon12, watermelon13, watermelon14, watermelon19 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my doujutsu07, doujutsu10, doujutsu12, doujutsu13, doujutsu15, enthusiastic03, enthusiastic15, lascivious08, piccolo03, piccolo04, piccolo17, piccolo18, piccolo19, powder01, powder09, powder12, powder16, powder18, snowboard11, snowboard15 for filler00
- Traded shar: my eight05, eight08, eight12, eight18, eight20, empress10, mononoke05, one17, one20, ossan17, perfect01, perfect06, perfect10, perfect18, perfect19, perfect20, truth12, truth14, truth16, truth18 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my toys03, toys05, toys09, toys12 for filler00
- Traded Lulu: my fairies08, fairies13, fairies15, allstars05, villagers12, tackle08, nyanyaya12, paimon05, paimon18, passage19, poland01, poland19, poland20, affinity11, affinity19, anti16, anti17, aquarimms07, aquarimms10, reality05, reality11 for filler00

May 15, 2016 ------------
- Traded Makorin: my ability01, ability10, beehive02, comet05, decalogue12, disappear03, disappear17, honeytachi18, kataomoi01, kataomoi04, kataomoi07, kataomoi17, kataomoi19, miracles17, mischievous08, onii-chan14, outburst14, stressed05, townandcity09, glare06 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my addict01, butterfly05, butterfly10, dominance02, dominance04, dominance06, dominance10, dominance11, dominance16, dominance20, fos17, lilac06, lilac15, stars19, usss20, wait05, windward05, wutai02, vanargand07, vanargand17 for filler00
- Traded Sami: my lightspeed12, lightspeed14, littledevil16, miyanom04, osa-p01, prince05, prince15, rebellious15 for filler00

May 14, 2016 ------------
- Traded Rizu: my 30yearsold03, 30yearsold04, 30yearsold05, 30yearsold06, 30yearsold08, 30yearsold09, 30yearsold10, 30yearsold11, 30yearsold12, 30yearsold13, 30yearsold15, 30yearsold18, 30yearsold19, sex04, sex06, sex09, sex12, sex14, sex15, sex19 for filler00
- Traded QC: my akagami01, akagami11, admiral02, admiral06, admiral18, allsunday03, allsunday16, kujakki04, skeleton04, skeleton08, skeleton14, skeleton16, skeleton18, mythical18, deer03, deer04, deer08, deer10, deer14, firefist07 for filler00

May 13, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kaede: my akfield12, akfield13, akfield15, akfield18, akfield20, paladienne04, paladienne08, paladienne11, paladienne14, paladienne18, raildex04, raildex06, pilots10, pilots11, pilots14, pilots15, pilots16, pilots18, pilots19, pilots20 for filler00
- Traded Veth: my buster05, buster07, buster08, buster09, buster14, c-class04, c-class05, c-class13, c-class16, c-class18 for filler00

May 12, 2016 ------------
- Traded miro: my cheerio17, setter15, kunlun07, kunlun08, kunlun11, kyotouryuu09, kyotouryuu11, kyotouryuu14, hm-43209, hm-43212, mask13, mask18, enforcer02, enforcer03, enforcer07, enforcer11, enforcer17, inspector03, inspector05, inspector15 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my chairman09, choice11, choice14, badcop05, badcop11, goodcop03, goodcop18 for filler00

May 09, 2016 ------------
- Traded Adelicya: my ace12, aimstalker02, aimstalker04, aimstalker05, aimstalker06, aimstalker07, aimstalker09, aimstalker10, aimstalker11, aimstalker12, aimstalker13, aimstalker14, aimstalker15, aimstalker16, aimstalker17, aimstalker18, aimstalker19, beastking12, beautiful08, birthplace06 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my accounts02, accounts16, admirer01, admirer02, admirer04, admirer05, admirer06, admirer07, admirer08, admirer09, eyepatches08, eyepatches10, eyepatches11, eyepatches12, eyepatches13, eyepatches14, eyepatches16, eyepatches19, irides04, irides18 for filler00
- Traded Aki: my crossbow01, earring02, earring16, earring18, housewife10, nightmare04, player17, player18, silent01, silent16, wrestler08, bikinis01, bikinis05, nekomimi18, neshitteru02, neshitteru12, older18, warlord02, warlord03, warlord13 for filler00

May 08, 2016 ------------
- Traded Sami: my bakeneko19, dresses06, dresses11, nameless06, nameless11, pooka14, spectator09, voiceless02, volleyball14, allstars01, allstars03, allstars05, allstars08, allstars12, allstars14 for filler00
- Traded Kiss: my maidcafe20, steiner09, steiner17, steiner18, stern05 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my big05, big12, big13, cake19, camellia02, hahi02, hahi06, hahi12, hahi14, napping01, napping06, napping08, napping13, napping14, napping16, napping19, nature18, nature19, wickedeye05, wickedeye09 for filler00
- Traded Makorin: my badjokes03, battle01, boxcutter20, calm09, cleaver11, cleaver16, earlyshift15, expelled07, demonking04, girl-like01, girl-like18, girlfriend12, internet14, internet18, interested16, singer12, scarfwings06, tagged04, tagged13, revenant09 for filler00
- Traded Ivory and Horn: my break01, battleship06, battleship09, battleship15, dolls19, founder03, founder07, founder10, founder18, honorific16, gigolo19, lrig03, potion02, potion11, potion18, potion19, potion20, soothsayer12, vest09, vest18 for filler00

May 07, 2016 ------------
- Traded Rizu: my cleaver01, cleaver10, cleaver11, cleaver13, cleaver14, circles02, circles04, copying02, copying16, fabulous04, fabulous12, passion11, riddles04, riddles05, riddles11, riddles14, beauty17, destiny02, destiny13, america05 for filler00
- Traded Ki: my suzuken18, suzuken19 for filler00

May 06, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kaede: my akfield01, akfield02, akfield07, akizora05, akizora08, akizora10, akizora13, akizora15, akizora17, akizora18, raildex09, raildex10, raildex11, raildex12, raildex13, raildex15, raildex16, raildex17, raildex18, raildex20 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my letranger03, letranger05, letranger09, letranger12, letranger17, letranger18, letranger19, kwando01, kwando08, kwando14, kwando17, moonrace04, mononoke05, mononoke14, moron05, moron09, moron12, moron15, moron19, pendragon05 for filler00
- Traded ReneeTwist: my tercera03, tercera10, tercera16, tidy09, tidy12, tidy20, twili05, twili09, twili13, twili14, fairytales14, fairytales17, hats01, hats13, icebeam13, samurais15, shounen01, shounen02, shounen03 for filler00
- Traded shar: my ossan03, ossan08, ossan10, ossan14, ossan15, ossan20, bara02, bara05, bara08, bara10, adam02, entertainer01, entertainer04, entertainer05, entertainer09, entertainer10, entertainer11, entertainer14, entertainer15, entertainer17 for filler00

May 05, 2016 ------------
- Traded QC: my giraffe10, giraffe19, flamingo19, bluedragon10, bluedragon11, bluedragon16, truebeauty15, truebeauty20, viperblade06, viperblade11, horizon15, horizon18, hawkeyes01, hawkeyes03, hawkeyes10, hawkeyes11, hawkeyes14, hawkeyes15, hawkeyes19, hawkeyes20 for filler00
- Traded Cassie: my bass01, bass07, bass09, bass10, bass13, responsible12, responsible13, responsible14, responsible15, reliable05, reliable07 for filler00

May 02, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jane: my uncle15 for filler00
- Traded Neenee: my darkpower11, clothespeg12, clothespeg15, clothespeg17, coo13, coo17, coo19, coo20, profiler10, profiler12, profiler14, profiler18, precision10, positive04, subordinate01, social04, rodent02, rodent03, rodent07, storybooks09 for filler00
- Traded Adelicya: my volleyball01, volleyball02, volleyball07, volleyball09, volleyball10, volleyball11, volleyball12, volleyball14, volleyball16, zephyr07, zephyr13, zeref01, zeref02, zeref05, zeref07, zeref08, zeref09, zeref12, zeref18, zeref20 for filler00
- Traded Rune: my huge01, wife12, wife16, 315pro08, 315pro16, 315pro18, vocal03, vocal05, vocal07, vocal08, vocal09, vocal15, vocal16, vocal17, vocal18, vocal19, vocal20, miss05, onett06, onett08 for filler00

May 01, 2016 ------------
- Traded Sami: my charm01, charm17, distrust09, eyelashes15, eyelashes19, hatter02, hatter12, hotheaded02, hotheaded13, lifeenergy02, veda06, veda13, allies01, allies10, allies11, allies16 for filler00
- Traded Makorin: my actress04, actress14, alamode10, animus20, bauxite01, bauxite14, bauxite20, candles03, candles09, candles11, candles13, candles16, candles17, candles20, kilenc16, protection02, rep03, rep07, rep10, wafu20 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my detectives02, detectives09, detectives11 for filler00
- Traded Aki: my adventure04, adventure11, bye-bye06, bye-bye07, bye-bye08, jps04, jps18, oranges01, oranges06, oranges11, oranges17, tune01, vest07, vest12, vest18, keyhole20, housewife03, housewife09, housewife14, housewife19 for filler00

April 30, 2016 ------------
- Traded Rizu: my novelist01, novelist02, novelist03, novelist04, novelist05, novelist06, novelist07, novelist08, novelist09, novelist10, novelist11, novelist12, novelist13, novelist14, novelist15, novelist16, novelist17, novelist18, novelist19, ironheart07 for filler00
- Traded Ets: my sailorfuku05, sailorfuku06, sailorfuku09, sailorfuku18, keyhole08, keyhole17, keyhole18, 4minutes15, 4minutes18, nonary14, minor12, motorcycle06, motorcycle07, motorcycle08, motorcycle11, motorcycle12, motorcycle13, otters07, otters12, otters15 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my alchemists05, chronicle01, chronicle03, chronicle07, chronicle08, chronicle11, ensanguined05, ensanguined06, ensanguined08, ensanguined15, ugly04, ugly05, ugly07, ugly08, ugly12, ugly14, ugly15, ugly16, ugly17, ugly18 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my bikinis20, typical02, typical03, typical04, typical06, typical08, typical11, typical12, typical13, typical14, typical16, typical17, typical18, typical20, unicorn01, unicorn03, unicorn10, unicorn11, unicorn12, unicorn15 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my foxmagic04, foxmagic05, foxmagic08, foxmagic09, foxmagic15, harass02, harass03, harass04, harass13, harass14, harass16, harass18, harass19, harass20, hiraikotsu13, nature04, nature06, nature10, nature13, nature16 for filler00
- Traded Shannon: my assertive13, bench14, billiards01, billiards14, billiards16, demonking03, focused01, focused11, focused16, focused17, focused18, gamble15, gunblade19, idiocy17, idiocy19, light05, light06, light12, light13, light15 for filler00

April 28, 2016 ------------
- Traded Trap: my bakushin03, bakushin04, bakushin07, bakushin20, zombie02, zombie03, zombie05, zombie06, zombie07, zombie08, zombie10, zombie13, zombie15, zombie16, zombie17, zombie18, zombie20, yoga04, yoga07, yoga08 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my headphones01, older16 for filler00

April 27, 2016 ------------
- Traded Cassie: my counselor16, adieu11, adieu16, lie09, lie14, lie17, trickster15 for filler00
- Traded Chrissy: my affinity02, affinity04, affinity09, affinity10, affinity11, affinity16, affinity17, affinity19, affinity20, dazzling01, hibakari03, hibakari16, hibakari18, prideful05, prideful09, prideful14, rosetta05, rosetta06, wushu02, zodiva08 for filler00

April 25, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jane: my mechapilots12, mechapilots19, onod13, scars02, scars08, stage01, stage07, trailblazer17, tsunderes18, younggirls08 for filler00
- Traded Adelicya: my coexistence05, coexistence11, coexistence13, reserved01, reserved04, reserved05, reserved06, reserved07, reserved08, reserved09, reserved10, reserved12, reserved13, reserved14, reserved15, reserved18, reserved20, resolute01, resolute05, resolute15 for filler00

April 24, 2016 ------------
- Traded Sami: my fear01, fear02, fear04, fear10, fear14, fear16, homunculus20, shaman02, shaman07, shaman10, shrine03, shrine20, social05, social20 for filler00
- Traded QC: my meatbuns11, minister16, moonflute16, moonflute18, moonflute19, malamute02, kirinfang06, kirinfang08, kirinfang09, kirinfang11, astral04, astral14, shinto01, scout04, scout09, naru05, bofu13, bofu19, goldwyvern02, goldwyvern07 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my pal02 for filler00
- Traded Makorin: my grace13, grace14, grace15, grace17, grace18, grace20, animus02, animus04, animus05, animus06, animus08, animus14, animus15, animus18, animus19, animus20, yogurt11, yogurt19, futuring01, tentacles19 for filler00
- Traded Aki: my allsunday09, androgynous06, androgynous08, dancing09, excluded04, headmaster04, intelligent01, ishval20, isolation01, isolation19, lamentation05, littlekitty17, mountains15, punches06, punches16, tetsuo14 for filler00

April 23, 2016 ------------
- Traded Ets: my sailorfuku01, sailorfuku02, sailorfuku03, sailorfuku04, sailorfuku07, sailorfuku12, sailorfuku13, sailorfuku15, sailorfuku16, sailorfuku19, detective14, detective15, detective18, detective20, dreams04, dreams13, seiyuu02, karate08, karate11, karate20 for filler00
- Traded Rune: my chef17, elderly14, eponassong03, eponassong11, sillier13, soisagent16, souvenirs02, souvenirs04, huntsman06, huntsman07, greenshell13, generic03, generic05, generic10, generic15, generic19, poltergust18, wearsamask06, dragonship06, knuckles12 for filler00

April 22, 2016 ------------
- Traded Aki: my kazoku04, kazoku08, kazoku09, kazoku16 for filler00
- Traded Jiyu: my 1801, 1803, 1814, 1816, 1817, 1818, 1819, bride08, jindujun19, jr01, jr02, jr03, lie02, lie05, lie06, lie09, lie10, lie14, lie17, lie20 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my bikinis01, bikinis02, bikinis04, bikinis05, bikinis06, bikinis07, bikinis08, bikinis16, bikinis17, bikinis09, yankee01, yankee02, yankee03, yankee04, yankee07, yankee08, yankee09, yankee10, yankee19, zephyr18 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my 1000th17, 1000th18, 1000th19, ae8618, adventure11, adventure13, adventurer08, akagami01, akagami11, akagami12, hoenn01, hoenn17, tsubasa04, tsubasa05, tsubasa09, tsubasa14, tsubasa18, watermelon07, watermelon08, white06 for filler00
- Traded Kaede: my akizora02, akizora04, mochiguma02, mochiguma17, mochiguma18, natsu03, natsu04, thread18, watashi08, watashi18, healers17, magnus01, magnus02, magnus03, magnus04, magnus05, magnus06, slimes05, slimes07, slimes11 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my adam05, adam06, adam11, cool08, cool12 for filler00

April 20, 2016 ------------
- Traded Lulu: my voi20, right03, right14, sandal03, seashells11, seashells14, skirt04, skirt09, skirt20, stylist03, suishouhime12, surfing05, widow11, widow20, twintails15, kita20, lumberjack08, channel05, caged09, affinity05, affinity17, hustle04 for filler00
- Traded Samichan: my bluesea10, bluesea11, bread03, bread08, bread19, harass02, hiraikotsu01, hiraikotsu02, hiraikotsu04, hiraikotsu05, hiraikotsu16, horatio05, horatio06, horatio18, jaganshi13, library06, monk12, monk13, monk19, monk20 for xxx
- Traded Shannon: my betreida01, betreida08, betreida13, betreida15, betreida18, betreida19, bugle05, etherrifle02, etherrifle08, etherrifle14, reason02, shimabara06, touch01, touch06, touch07, touch10, touch13, touch16, touch18, touch20 for filler00

April 19, 2016 ------------
- Traded Chrissy: my 3moles03, curesunny04, hachiko05, housekeep02, landgod04, landgod08, landgod14, loveyou14, naive03, nyanperona06, nyanperona17, photographs04, photographs09, photographs20, shapeshift03, sunshine19, watch04, watch08, watch11, worker12 for filler00
- Traded Trap: my barefists05, barefists07, barefists12, betelgeuse06, betelgeuse16, bombs11, bonds10, bonds11, bonds13, bonds18, bonds19, brave03, brave07, brave10, brave20, gakuenk12, koryuji02, koryuji11, sakurait19 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my aries02, aries07, aries11, coolene09, coolene10, coolene15, coolene16, coolene18, coolene20, fantail02, fantail03, fantail05, fantail08, fantail10, libra10, libra13, mushi16, ophiuchus10, ophiuchus14, pisces15 for filler00

April 17, 2016 ------------
- Traded Sami: my 72pillars02, 72pillars05, 72pillars12, 72pillars17, automail13, byakuei19, impostor01, kingsaw09, mustasim20, pomegranate12, pomegranate17, pomegranate18, suidream10, whiteclown01, allies06, allies09, allies15, danderes02 for filler00

April 16, 2016 ------------
- Traded Makorin: my scholarship07, scholarship09, scholarship11, scholarship12, scholarship13, scholarship17, scholarship18, scholarship20, rent09, rent10, rent14, rent15, rent16, rent17, rent18, grace02, grace03, grace04, grace05, grace11 for filler00
- Traded Arc: my mansion11, muffler09, phazon01, phazon02, phazon03, phazon04, phazon05, phazon11, phazon12, phazon16, phazon17, speed02, voile01, voile02, voile06, voile09, voile10, voile13, voile15, voile20 for filler00
- Traded moe: my nibelung16, nude04, nude18, nude20, origami05, origami19, orion04, orion18, outburst03, pisces07, pisces18, pressure09, promise12, regrowth04, ruinmode08, ruinmode13, scale07, scale10, scale14, stardragon18 for filler00
- Traded Kiss: my barrier03, barrier07, barrier13, barrier14, barrier16, jimuguri01, jimuguri04, jimuguri20, majokko02, majokko15, alchemists02, alchemists03, alchemists05, alchemists08, alchemists10, alchemists18, alchemists19, cakes15, moonblast14, scars01 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my beauty06, bluegrad14, bluerogue08, bluerogue12, bluerogue13, bluerogue16, bluerogue18, dressup10, dressup11, dressup14, dressup16, etoile02, etoile03, etoile07, etoile09, etoile10, etoile13, etoile15, etoile16, etoile19 for filler00

April 15, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jiyu: my gamble02, gamble15, lettuce02, lettuce05, lettuce08, lettuce16, lettuce19, oar01, oar02, oar09, oar11, strawberry01, strawberry04, strawberry05, strawberry06, strawberry07, strawberry11, strawberry12, strawberry15, strawberry17 for filler00

April 14, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kaede: my magnus10, magnus11, magnus12, magnus13, magnus14, magnus15, magnus16, magnus18, saga08, saga12, ghosthouse10, goddess01, goddess02, goddess03, goddess04, goddess06, goddess07, goddess08, hotarumaru17, hotarumaru19 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my 1000th04, 1000th05, 1000th06, 1000th07, 1000th08, 1000th09, 1000th11, 1000th14, 1000th15, 1000th16, christmas02, christmas04, christmas06, christmas07, christmas08, christmas19, cosplay09, cosplay17, rhythmia20, yuri08 for filler00

April 13, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jane: my taozi13, taozi14, taozi15, taozi16, taozi17, taozi18, taozi19, keyhole05, keyhole06, keyhole07, keyhole08, keyhole09, keyhole10, keyhole11, keyhole12, keyhole13, keyhole15 for filler00
- Traded Shannon: my clueless20, conducts13, conducts18, conqueror13, delivery09, delivery13, demonking04, demonking05, demonking06, demonking16, demonking19, monado19, structure09, taunts05, taunts10, taunts11, taunts12, taunts15, taunts16, taunts17 for filler00
- Traded Cassie: my christmas09, sisters12, chibipuri05, octbirthday14, yips13, lancecorp08, lancecorp13, lucky03, tsundere19, ecstasy03, ecstasy06, haro01, haro14 for filler00

April 11, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jane: my taozi02, taozi03, taozi04, taozi06, taozi07, taozi08, taozi10, taozi11, taozi12 for filler00
- Traded Moon: my kalos20, shuffle19, archaeology14, balbadd15, puppy04, kunlun01, kunlun03, kunlun04, kunlun08, kunlun10, kunlun11, kunlun12, kunlun19, kunlun20, quotations07, quotations10, quotations14, speaking03, yoshiro19, yoshiro20 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my grappler05, grappler09, grappler18, heroine05, kujakki01, kujakki04, leo20, sagittarius02, sagittarius06, sagittarius07, nature01, unknown02, unknown04, unknown09, unknown10, unknown12, unknown13, unknown17, unknown18, unknown19 for filler00

April 10, 2016 ------------
- Traded Makorin: my certainty04, egoist01, egoist02, egoist09, egoist13, egoist15, egoist17, egoist20, scholarship01, scholarship06 for filler00
- Traded Sami: my berrybell08, berrybell15, bond06, bond09, bond19, catclaw02, catclaw05, catclaw12, goldsmith09, marchenland04, marchenland05, marchenland13, princesslike04, ruby03, ruby04, sunshine13, uryu18, allies05 for filler00
- Traded Rizu: my fullbloom17, hostility04, hostility06, jamsession06, jazz10, jazz12, jazz20, ironheart15, ironheart20, clutch12, sensei02, male-type07, male-type11, bluerose01, bluerose03, bluerose04, bluerose06, bluerose11, bluerose18, ponta01 for filler00
- Traded Trap: my karaya05, karaya17, karayachief08, karayachief13, karayachief16, karayachief17, kicking13, kicking19, koryuji06, lip-ring01, nichirin02, nichirin14, peace17, pistols12, righteye03, scout10, shujaa11, sonicboom04, symbologist20, koryuji07 for filler00

April 08, 2016 ------------
- Traded Rune: my aman09, aman18, alive04, prisoner05, health12, hanamaru01, hanamaru20, onward13, onward19, grandprix07, unemployed01, unemployed06, lostwife20, crossword01, crossword02, crossword09, crossword14, bookoflaw13, bookoflaw14, dazzling06 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my colossi20, ossan10, rhythmia03, ambitions11, ark04, ark08, ark14, athletic02, athletic06, athletic08, athletic14, athletic15, athletic18, bloodlust07, bloodlust18, badda-boom09, badda-boom17, fisherman03, souls01, tantalus15 for filler00

April 07, 2016 ------------
- Traded Chrissy: my aquarium01, aquarium06, formal01, formal04, formal05, formal12, formal13, formal14, formal15, formal16, formal17, formal19, formal20, libra15, lazing01, lazing03, lazing07, lazing12, loligothic01, loligothic15 for filler00
- Traded Jiyu: my belarus02, belarus10, belarus16, danderes19, eternal05, eternal14, icequeen02, jindujun04, jindujun06, jindujun07, jindujun09, jindujun10, jindujun14, jindujun16, negi01, negi19, seawizard01, seawizard19, clergy02, qipao11 for filler00
- Traded Kaede: my goddess09, goddess11, goddess12, goddess13, goddess14, goddess16, goddess17, goddess18, goddess19, goddess20, saga01, saga07, shinen01, shinen02, shinen03, shinen04, shinen05, shinen06, shinen08, shinen09 for filler00

April 06, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jane: my body07, keyhole01, keyhole02, uberhero02, uberhero03, uberhero04, uberhero05, uberhero08, uberhero09, uberhero10, uberhero20 for filler00
- Traded Veth: my flapping18 for filler00
- Traded Dina: my crusher03, grappler02, guidance06, hardworking01, hardworking18, katsudon02, pressure16, piercing02, stands19 for filler00

April 05, 2016 ------------
- Traded moe: my greatwhite15, hermit05, history06, hougu12, ibis13, icecream03, inventions09, journalist15, judecca05, kwando04, kwando12, loveless02, malkuth10, malkuth11, marshmallow04, marshmallow05, marshmallow12, marshmallow14, marshmallow17, musical08 for filler00
- Traded Cassie: my usagimimi03, oriental01, oriental02, oriental07, oriental13, oriental14, nyan09, nyan10, nyan11, nyan16, sensor17, sensor18, datatennis03, lucky03, lucky15, tsundere01, tsundere02, tsundere05, tsundere12, tsundere15 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my arrows02, arrows07, arrows09, arrows17, arrows18, changshan19, christmas01, christmas10, christmas12, christmas14, courage06, courage14, courage15, hoihoi01, hoihoi03, hoihoi04, hoihoi11, hoihoi16, hoihoi18, ruby15 for filler00

April 04, 2016 ------------
- Traded Aru: my isshu08, reason07, reason18, redcomet07, redcomet11, redcomet12, requiem14, secret03, secret04, secret16, shopping05, shopping15, shopping16, sochin04, spearhead06, spearhead13, spearhead19, stylish09, sun08, sun11 for filler00

April 03, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jailynn: my carrot15, carrot20, cockatoo19, cross17, defending17, epinard01, fireball20, ghostalley18, laptop03, laptop06, paisleypark02, pharle01, ran05, softball01, softball04, softball05, softball07, softball15, softball18, softball20 for filler00
- Traded Samichan: my koorime05, koorime07, koorime11, kusarigama02, kusarigama05, kusarigama14, library06, library07, library08, library10, library11, library12, mockingbird02, mockingbird06, mockingbird11, mockingbird20, monk07, monk08, monk09, monk10 for filler00
- Traded Kiss: my lithuania05, lithuania06, lithuania08, lithuania09, lithuania10, lithuania12, lithuania13, lithuania15, lithuania17, poland01, poland02, poland04, poland07, poland09, poland11, poland14, poland15, poland16, poland17 for filler00

April 02, 2016 ------------
- Traded Olivia: my cage17, calnus01, calnus04, calnus08, calnus09, calnus13, correct03, correct05, editor20, efficient05, efficient10, efficient11, efficient20, firstson01, firstson09, firstson17, noman12, psychopath11, psychopath18, uncle15 for filler00
- Traded Makorin: my freespirit17, internet03, internet07, internet10, internet12, internet13, jellyfish02, jellyfish04, jellyfish05, jellyfish07, mentalout07, mentalout10, tomochin01, tomochin07, tomochin19, unstable04, unstable05, unstable14, unstable16, unstable20 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my nose02, nose04, nose08, nose10, nose11, nose12, okama01, okama02, okama04, okama05, okama06, okama07, okama09, okama10, okama14, okama18, okama20, pay05, pay17, unknown05 for filler00
- Traded Arc: my candid01, guard11, guard14, human06, icefairy01, icefairy02, icefairy03, icefairy04, icefairy05, icefairy06, icefairy08, icefairy10, icefairy13, icefairy14, icefairy15, icefairy16, icefairy17, icefairy18, icefairy19, manners05 for filler00
- Traded Trap: my unfaltering02, unfaltering10, unfaltering13, unfaltering17, uppercut02, uppercut03, uppercut04, uppercut07, uppercut08, uppercut09, uppercut11, uppercut15, uppercut16, uppercut17, uppercut20, uriah09, ussocom02, usss15, avalanche07, vacuum08 for filler00

April 01, 2016 ------------
- Traded erin: my bond04, bond07, bond10, bond12, bond13, bond14, bond17, bond18, dawn15, emishi02, emishi19, olderwomen10, olderwomen12, olderwomen13, olderwomen16, rat04, riddles06, riddles16, chainsaw11, trigger05 for filler00

March 31, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jiyu: my sneeze01, sneeze02, sneeze04, sneeze06, sneeze13, pomegranate02, pomegranate04, pomegranate05, pomegranate08, pomegranate11, pomegranate12, pomegranate15, pomegranate17, pomegranate18, pomegranate20, cardinal05, cardinal09, cardinal14, cardinal16, cardinal20 for filler00
- Traded Rizu: my fullbloom01, fullbloom05, fullbloom06, fullbloom08, fullbloom09, fullbloom10, fullbloom11, fullbloom14, fullbloom15, fullbloom16, judecca01, judecca03, judecca04, judecca05, judecca06, judecca15, judecca16, calming07, calming17, calming19 for filler00
- Traded Kaede: my cabbit01, cabbit02, cabbit03, cabbit04, cabbit06, cabbit07, cabbit08, cabbit10, cabbit11, cabbit15, shinen10, shinen11, shinen12, shinen13, shinen14, shinen16, shinen17, shinen18, shinen19, shinen20 for filler00
- Traded Sami: my crimibear08, honey17, lempicka01, lempicka06, lempicka11, lempicka15, lempicka16, lempicka18, pai-pai12, pai-pai16, pai-pai19, snowdrop08, snowdrop11, snowdrop20, starmiya01, starmiya03, suidream06, suidream10, suidream11, uu07, uu20, uranus03 for filler00
- Traded Daichi: my planners07, perm07, perm18, perm20, gorilla01, gorilla02, gorilla03, gorilla04, gorilla05, gorilla06, gorilla09, gorilla10, gorilla12, gorilla13, gorilla15, gorilla17, magnet12, magnet14, magnet17, magnet20 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my adeptrogue11, bloodhound17, psychic03, psychic06, psychic07, psychic13, psychic14, psychic15, psychic16, west20, guns11, thieves11, trailblazer05, twintails13, twintails14, twintails17, universe01, usagimimi06, usagimimi14, usagimimi18 for filler00

March 30, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kippi: my batanima08, bluescarf12, color12, durandal17, evolver06, evolver14, evolver18, galearc17, innkeeper02, innkeeper04, innkeeper10, innkeeper13, innkeeper19, manikatti03, ribika03, ribika06, ribika10, ribika19, wildgeese10, wildgeese20 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my anko03, anko04, anko05, anko08, benten13, benten14, benten16, chaotix13, defeated05, defeated07, glazinglove13, hizoku01, hizoku02, hizoku07, hizoku13, hizoku14, hizoku16, hizoku18, hizoku19, hizoku20 for filler00
- Traded Tanna: my shugo01, shugo02, shugo03, shugo04, shugo09, shugo12, shugo16, shugo19, shugo20, nyo18, nyu01, nyu02, nyu04, ojamajo02, ojamajo04, ojamajo07, ojamajo10, ojamajo20, pameruku09, pameruku14 for filler00

March 29, 2016 ------------
- Traded Cassie: my lungs04, lucky18, lancecorp01, lancecorp02, lancecorp03, lancecorp05, lancecorp06, lancecorp08, lancecorp09, lancecorp10, lancecorp13, lancecorp14, lancecorp17, lancecorp18, lancecorp19, lancecorp20, mahou17, octbirthday09, octbirthday15, usagimimi09 for filler00

March 28, 2016 ------------
- Traded Ana: my changshan06, changshan10, changshan12, changshan14, qipao04, qipao05, qipao06, qipao15, qipao17, qipao18, whiteknight07, whiteknight08, whiteknight10, whiteknight11, whiteknight12, whiteknight13, whiteknight14, whiteknight15, whiteknight16, whiteknight17 for filler00
- Traded Shannon: my circus01, fisticuffs10, hawk05, narcolepsy10, narcolepsy12, narcolepsy19, noshadow03, noshadow12, noshadow18, shattered19, sigmund03, sigmund16, sigmund17, stew08, stew09, stew13, stew18, tattoo20, tokunaga17, tokunaga20 for filler00
- Traded Moon: my analyzation15, fanalis15, magi19, monster01, monster17, origin04, physician02, physician08, regalia11, shiitake14, taijutsu03, thor06, brothers12, ousaka02, ousaka03, ousaka08, ousaka09, ousaka16, ousaka17, ousaka18 for filler00

March 27, 2016 ------------
- Traded moe: my accomplice10, accomplice15, ai12, appraiser08, bar20, biology13, bite18, windor01, windor03, windor18, windor19, yatagarasu06, yatagarasu08, yatagarasu09, yatagarasu11, yatagarasu16, yatagarasu17, yatagarasu18, yatagarasu19, millenia08 for filler00
- Traded Liz: my miko02, miko04, miko05, miko06, miko08, miko09, miko15, miko18, miko19, miko20, border01, border04, border06, border07, border09, border14, border20, misguided05, misguided11, misguided12 for filler00
- Traded Samichan: my celestial01, celestial13, celestial17, celestial19, curemuse12, curesword11, dango07, dango10, darkflame03, darkflame10, dorm01, dorm06, dorm19, fruitist03, fruitist04, fruitist06, fruitist09, fruitist10, fruitist12, fruitist20 for filler00

March 26, 2016 ------------
- Traded Adelicya: my kagutsuchi04, kagutsuchi05, kagutsuchi12, kaka02, kaka03, kaka05, kaka06, kaka07, kaka09, kaka11, kaka12, kaka13, kaka14, kaka16, kaka19, kaka20, kamatari09, kamatari13, kamatari14, kamatari16 for filler00
- Traded Ivory and Horn: my promiscuous19, pucelle01, selector10, sen01, shikigami05, sinner04, slacker06, tagged04, tease16, violence01, worker04 for filler00
- Traded Olivia: my simulation04, simulation06, simulation07, simulation08, simulation14, simulation16, simulation18, jaded01, jaded12, jaded13, jaded15, editor02, editor03, editor10, editor11, editor13, editor15, editor16, editor18, editor19 for filer00
- Traded Lulu: my silverknife02, silverknife11, silverknife13, strategist17, strategist19, admiration06, affinity01, affinity02, baroque12, become04, become06, become07, become08, become18, reality05, reality11 for filler00
- Traded Arc: my 300iq04, 300iq08, 300iq13, 300iq19, antagonist09, antagonist14, bluebomber09, bluebomber17, cats20, conquer12, conquer15, conquer20, namekian02, namekian05, namekian14, namekian17, tails08, tiny04, tiny07, tiny15 for filler00
- Traded Kiss: my amon03, amon04, amon05, amon06, amon08, amon12, amon14, disintegrate10, freshgreen15, inugami20, loveshower17, sheltered03, sheltered06, sheltered19, soapland05, soapland07, totori06, lightclub08, lightclub09, lightclub15 for filler00

March 25, 2016 ------------
- Traded Trap: my 026702, 026705, 026707, 026709, 026710, 026713, 026714, 026715, 026716, 026717, 026718, 026719, blackdog06, blackdog07, blackdog13, blueking13, bonds02, bonds05, bonds07, bonds09 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my elemental12, fight18, icy13, insect17, kattobing13, kattobing20, littlebird20, necklace04, necklace06, prima01, prima13, precipices12, precipices14, revive06, revive15, revive18, revive20, rocker09 for filler00
- Traded Sky: my avarice04, ball05, brakeoil14, chairman01, chairman11, damsel10, doubtful07, lamentation19, lamentation20, moonchild01, moonchild03, mountain12, mountain15, thestar10, thestar15, thestar20, themoon14, youkai04, youkai13, sohcahtoa15 for filler00
- Traded Jiyu: my fiancee09, fiancee13, flask08, goldfish17, goldfish18, impatient06, impatient16, orichalcos10, orichalcos19, perceive13, sensible04, sensible05, sensible06, sensible11, sensible13, sensible14, sensible15, sensible16, sensible19, christmas04 for filler00

March 24, 2016 ------------
- Traded Sami: my catastrophe07, catastrophe10, gaps07, graveryl06, graveryl10, graveryl13, jikochuu01, jikochuu09, lunar06, lunar16, lyrics16, pizzicato02, pizzicato16, scissor08, solar07, symphony20, hamha04 for filler00
- Traded Kaede: my 8-bit12, 8-bit14, escaped02, escaped03, escaped04, escaped05, escaped08, escaped09, kalos03, kalos20, dogs13, dogs14, dogs16, dogs17, dogs18, dogs19, cabbit16, cabbit17, cabbit18, cabbit19 for filler00

March 23, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jane: my east03, east04, east07, east11, east14, east15, east19, east20, sleeping06, sleeping09, sleeping10, sleeping11, sleeping12, sleeping16, sleeping19, sleeping20, west08, west10, west11, west18 for filler00

March 22, 2016 ------------
- Traded Cassie: my private16, private17, private19, prodigy17, bleep02, bleep06, thepierrot07, thepierrot15, drums04, drums12, drums16, heiress06, guitar10, guitar14 for filler00
- Traded Veth: my thiers15 for filler00
- Traded Rizu: my lonely15, merman03, merman07, merman09, merman12, names11, youthful15, youthful17, canada02, canada16, clerk10, clerk12, clerk18, howling02, howling03, howling08, howling12, howling19, scan09, 12thpillar03 for filler00
- Traded Samichan: my benevolent13, bokken16, boyish02, boyish09, boyish14, cards19, dango16, dango19, delinquent12, futon02, futon03, futon05, futon07, futon12, futon14, futon17, futon19, obnoxious06, obnoxious08, obnoxious09 for xxx
- Traded Chrissy: my bartender01, bartender05, bartender14, bartender17, corpses02, corpses03, corpses05, corpses06, corpses07, corpses08, corpses11, death06, driving03, driving08, driving10, driving11, driving15, driving16, driving17, driving18 for filler00

March 21, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kari: my versicolor04, nekomimi01, nekomimi03, nekomimi04, nekomimi05, nekomimi06, nekomimi07, nekomimi08, nekomimi09, nekomimi10, nekomimi11, nekomimi12, nekomimi13, nekomimi14, nekomimi15, nekomimi16, nekomimi17, nekomimi18, nekomimi19, nekomimi20 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my acewitches12, acewitches13, acewitches15, acewitches16, acewitches18, kyrie05, kyrie10, kyrie19, nyaa05, nyaa10, nyaa15, nyaa20, nuisance15, nuisance19, punyaan15, pk12, pk13, pk14, pk17, pk18 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my adventure07, adventurer01, adventurer08, ae8606, ae8617, bluerose08, bluerose10, chibipuri01, chibipuri03, chibipuri13, cosplay01, cosplay02, cosplay03, hylia05, hylia07, irides16, mascots04, whiteknight01, whiteknight05, whiteknight06 for filler00
- Traded Daichi: my moron01, moron03, moron04, moron05, moron06, moron07, moron08, moron09, moron10, moron12, moron13, moron14, moron15, moron16, moron17, moron18, moron19, moron20, magnet02, magnet10 for filler00
- Traded ReneeTwist: my vixen05, vixen07, vixen08, vixen10, vixen12, vixen13, vixen15, vixen16, vixen19, vixen20, 8-bit14, 8-bit16, brothers09, brothers13, ember03, hylia15, hylia19, hylia20, kinkan10, kinkan15 for filler00
- Traded Shannon: my damsel02, damsel06, damsel07, damsel17, damsel18, feisty02, feisty03, feisty06, flask16, greatwitch06, uaa05, uaa06, uaa08, uaa09, uaa10, uaa12, uaa14, uaa15, uaa16, uaa18 for filler00

March 20, 2016 ------------
- Traded Liz: my dubhe06, dubhe07, dubhe16, familiar13, information02, impressions18, impostor13, honeyflash04, honeyflash05, knave01, knave04, knave08, knave09, knave11, knave14, knave15, knave19, lipstick13, mischief15, moonlight10 for filler00
- Traded Olivia: my hoteldusk16, apocalypse12, apocalypse14, apocalypse15, airyglyph01, airyglyph04, airyglyph06, airyglyph07, airyglyph08, airyglyph09, airyglyph10, airyglyph16, eldarian05, eldarian12, eldarian16, eldarian17, eldarian18, eldarian20, simulation01, simulation03 for filler00
- Traded Ivory and Horn: my besek01, bite11, blackkeys09, chivalry06, conjurer04, conjurer06, desudayo01, desudayo08, desudayo20, emulate20, forbidden09, forbidden14, four-leaf08, four-leaf16, gridania09, grouchy07, hellafire08, incubus08, martillo16, nanatsusaya01 for filler00

March 19, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kiss: my devilsmilk01, leaves01, leaves04, leaves06, leaves08, leaves11, leaves18, piggirl08, piggirl11, piggirl19, rely11, sky07, sky15, sky19, thejoker14, tasla10, umbrellas05, vivace12, vivace17, tsukumogami03 for filler00

March 18, 2016 ------------
- Traded Trap: my revival08, revival10, revival15, revival16, shouryuuken20, bullfighter01, bullfighter02, bullfighter03, bullfighter05, bullfighter08, bullfighter09, bullfighter12, bullfighter13, bullfighter19, bullfighter20, zombie01, alluring01, alohaoe03, avalanche19, chomechome09 for filler00

March 17, 2016 ------------
- Traded Sami: my bond01, bond02, bond04, brainwasher01, brainwasher12, brainwasher17, curebeat15, decalogue01, evolver02, evolver03, evolver09, evolver10, g-8906, pai-pai03, pai-pai06, pai-pai08, pai-pai09, untouchable11, untouchable17, furniture11 for filler00
- Traded Jiyu: my fullmoon07, fullmoon13, fullmoon15, fullmoon16, iris16, iris20, melons13, opposite02, opposite15, opposite16, opposite18, spiritwave01, spiritwave02, spiritwave06, spiritwave07, spiritwave09, spiritwave13, spiritwave17, spiritwave19, wizard02 for filler00
- Traded Kaede: my catholic01, catholic02, catholic03, catholic04, catholic05, catholic06, catholic07, catholic08, catholic09, fantail06, escaped10, escaped11, escaped12, escaped13, escaped14, escaped16, escaped17, escaped18, escaped19, escaped20 for filler00

March 16, 2016 ------------
- Traded Aletha: my chuunin02, dattebane07, devoted10, flameking01, flameking05, flameking07, flameking12, literature01, literature06, literature07, literature13, multi-size04, roids12, sandaime01, skyking03, skyking17, skyking18, standup15, yuusha07, zauber19 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my seconds01, seconds02, seconds05, seconds06, seconds08, seconds09, seconds11, seconds12, seconds15, seconds16, seconds18, seconds19, seconds20, serena12, serena13, serena14, serena15, serena17, serena18, serena19 for filler00
- Traded Kippi: my awkward10, awkward16, awkward17, karegia01, karegia09, kodama10, kodama14, likedad09, likedad18, playbirdie05, thiers10, unwritten15, whitehat06, begnion07, begnion17, caelin08, crimea12, crimea20, ostia09, ostia10 for filler00

March 15, 2016 ------------
- Traded Cassie: my lucky07, lucky09, lucky15, lucky16, bloodshot01, bloodshot02, bloodshot13, bloodshot15, bloodshot18, private01, private02, private04, private05, private07, private08, private09, private11, private12, private13, private15 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my acewitches02, acewitches03, acewitches04, acewitches05, acewitches08, acewitches09, acewitches10, acewitches11, harpielady06, highspirited19, insect02, capture06, capture18, capturer09, capturer14, capturer15, lancelot02, lancelot13, lancelot14, lancelot17 for filler00
- Traded Chrissy: my composing08, darling03, darling06, darling08, darling13, darling15, darling16, darling20, fiancee06, iceland09, hello08, hello10, hello19, lovers19, m1606, m1607, m1611, m1612, m1614, m1618 for filler00

March 14, 2016 ------------
- Traded Daichi: my eleventh11, eleventh13, eleventh14, eleventh16, eleventh17, fairy02, fairy04, fairy07, fairy13, fairy14, fairy19, hogyoku06, hogyoku14, hornet06, hornet07, hornet14, imanity04, refreshing07, refreshing11 for filler00
- Traded Lulu: my explosion04, explosion12, explosion18, explosion20, absolute15, absolute18, absolute20, ardent01, ardent03, ardent04, ardent05, ardent06, ardent10, ardent11, ardent12, ardent13, ardent14, ardent15, ardent20 for filler00
- Traded Shannon: my godknows05, godknows08, godknows10, introvert06, introvert07, introvert09, introvert11, katana02, katana07, liar02, liar04, liar07, liar08, liar12, liar15, mini13, mini14, mini15, stapler02, stapler06 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my knives07, knives15, koorime01, koorime02, koorime05, koorime09, koorime11, lonewolf06, lonewolf10, lonewolf16, mflove02, psi06, psi07, psi09, psi13, psi14, psi15, psi17, qipao02, qipao10 for filler00

March 13, 2016 ------------
- Traded Liz: my unlimited04, admiration06, lawyer02, lawyer03, lawyer09, madamered02, corrupted08, corrupted15, corrupted16, distinction04, clergy12, stmichaels05, stmichaels07, stmichaels08, stmichaels13, stmichaels17, stmichaels18, stmichaels19, sinnoh01, sinnoh06 for filler00
- Traded neenee: my wine12, wine16, mourning17, nii-nii13, nanodesu02, nazcaa04, nazcaa05, nazcaa06, nazcaa08, nazcaa12, nazcaa19, playbirdie01, playbirdie02, playbirdie11, playbirdie12, playbirdie16, playbirdie18, aimo01, aimo03, aimo08 for filler00
- Traded Kiss: my daughter01, daughter13, daughter14, daughter16, father01, father02, father05, father06, father12, father13, father15, tenmon08, tenmon12, tenmon15, tenmon19, seinen02, seinen09, seinen14, yuri02, yuri06 for filler00
- Traded Ivory and Horn: my obedient01, obedient07, obedient11, obedient17, octo-punch10, ozeki03, ozeki15, punches03, tentacles06, tentacles13, tentacles16, voiceless11, whitemouse04, whitemouse07, whitemouse08, whitemouse19, yogurt20, irides12, purple08, villains06 for filler00

March 12, 2016 ------------
- Traded Olivia: my grandkid11, ambrosia06, ambrosia13, ambrosia20, moped01, moped04, moped17, recall14, supergirl01, supergirl02, cabbage16 for filler00
- Traded Olivia: my west01, west02, west03, west04, west06, west08, west10, west11, west15, west17 for filler00
- Traded Veth: my bandages05, bandages07, bandages09, bandages10, bandages14, bandages15, bandages20, useless18, gsleague01, gsleague05, gsleague19, partner13 for filler00

March 11, 2016 ------------
- Traded Trap: my gakuran09, koryuji09, koyasut09, spring04, fengshui11, fengshui12, fengshui14, fengshui15, fengshui20, flighty15, darkness03, darkness04, darkness16, honnoji08, honnoji11, honnoji17, leftearring10, shouryuuken03, shouryuuken04, shouryuuken18 for filler00

March 10, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jiyu: my airplane01, airplane16, hunt03, hunt18, opposite01, palette02, palette08, palette12, palette14, palette18, palette19, saiyaman03, saiyaman06, saiyaman07, saiyaman10, saiyaman15, saiyawoman03, saiyawoman04, saiyawoman10, saiyawoman19 for filler00
- Traded Kaede: my catholic10, catholic11, catholic12, catholic13, catholic15, catholic16, catholic17, catholic18, catholic19, catholic20, autumn17, companions13, helper05, helper16, maleprotags11, mascots01, mascots03, neshitteru04, royalty15, soldiers05 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my detective01, detective02, detective03, detective04, detective05, detective06, detective07, detective08, detective09, detective10, detective11, detective12, detective14, detective15, detective16, detective17, detective18, detective19, detective20, serena11 for filler00
- Traded Lita: my floating03, focus19, g-1203, impostors19, iwant13, prelati03, prelati14, redtower13, rejected08, doll04, distance15, hypermonk20, hanahazama03, budget12, budget16, budget18, carmilla01, carmilla05, cleaver02, cleaver04 for filler00
- Traded Samichan: my ki01, ki02, ki03, ki04, ki05, ki06, ki08, ki09, ki10, ki12, ki13, ki14, ki15, ki16, ki19, ki20, monk02, monk04, monk05, monk06 for filler00

March 08, 2016 ------------
- Traded Anna: my chibimoon01, crimson17, cyborgidol15, channel04, channel14, deny12, hartmann14, mainstream10, mountain08, mountain13, mountain19, lithuania15, lithuania18, lithuania20, oldlion20, pandemonium14, shonichi03, sonati10, vaccine16, kuuderes10 for filler00
- Traded Cassie: my octbirthday14, chibipuri01, chibipuri03, chibipuri05, chibipuri07, chibipuri10, chibipuri12, chibipuri13, chibipuri15, chibipuri19 for filler00
- Traded Jasper: my scythe08, admired01, admired03, admired04, admired05, admired06, admired07, admired08, admired09, admired10, admired11, admired12, admired13, admired14, admired15, admired16, admired18, admired19, admired20, analysis18 for filler00

March 07, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jun: my snowboard02, snowboard03, snowboard05, snowboard07, snowboard08, snowboard12, snowboard15, snowboard20, shapeshift04, shapeshift06, shapeshift20, unwritten14, unwritten16, well03, well04, well05, well08, well11, well12, well13 for filler00
- Traded Liz: my temple06, temple10, cybele16, cureace16, curebeat10, curebeat11, curemuse02, curesunny12, perception20, heiress01, hell06, maleidols14, millenia04, millenia08, millenia12, millenia14, millenia18, mooncell06, mooncell13, kalos13 for filler00
- Traded Chrissy: my obsession01, obsession06, obsession07, obsession10, obsession14, obsession16, obsession20 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my kiss11, kiss17, novice03, novice09, novice10, novice18, novice20, osuwari15, pay09, pinzu10, psi01, psi02, psi18, psi19, psi20, thieves01, twintails06, valentines04, valentines10, valentines18 for filler00
- Traded Moon: my banekick04, blackthorn15, boss07, boss16, buchou19, belarus13, belarus18, belarus20, cake03, cake06, cake09, cake12, centurion06, centurion07, centurion15, diamond03, decbirthday09, dragon-type15, hamha08, marbirthday18 for filler00

March 06, 2016 ------------
- Traded Shannon: my 2-301, 2-302, 2-303, 2-304, 2-306, 2-307, 2-310, 2-311, 2-313, 2-314, 2-315, 2-316, 2-317, 2-319, bicycle09, bicycle12, meridian04, shattered05, stray05, stray11 for filler00
- Traded Ivory and Horn: my devilstrill16, dolls06, earring03, electric08, elegance08, greatwhite08, greatwhite18, lobster01, lobster12, lobster15, gnosis01, gnosis07, gnosis19, gnosis20, seele03, seele04, seele05, seele08, seele10, seele11 for filler00

March 05, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kiss: my batting10, batting16, cologne16, distanced01, distanced14, gyaru01, gyaru07, gyaru16, gyaru19, leap12, oilpaint02, oilpaint11, sphinx204, stera01, stera08, stera12, suffer18, tenmon01, tenmon04, tenmon05 for filler00
- Traded Chels: my schoolidol13, spicyageha02, totori02, rejection09, rejection18, petite05, petite13, petite16, petite17, prospector16, prospector19, pulse07, pulse08, klutz02, klutz06, klutz13, draciel02, draciel03, draciel08, draciel18 for filler00

March 03, 2016 ------------
- Traded Trap: my analysis02, analysis07, analysis09, analysis15, analysis16, analysis19, aristocratic03, aristocratic10, aristocratic15, auntie08, auntie09, bsaa07, bsaa09, bsaa13, feathers04, feathers07, fengshui01, fengshui06, flameking02, fleshcan04 for filler00
- Traded Jiyu: my birthmark20, indifferent03, indifferent04, indifferent10, indifferent20, irises12, irises16, irises19, logic02, lovey-dovey05, lovey-dovey06, lovey-dovey08, lovey-dovey16, malefic01, malefic04, malefic06, malefic07, malefic13, malefic19, ukraine17 for filler00
- Traded Kaede: my haru05, haru08, haru16, haru18, helping13, infatuated10, japanese08, messiah07, moonchild06, moonchild12, fullbloom01, fullbloom02, fullbloom04, fullbloom05, fullbloom06, fullbloom07, fullbloom08, fullbloom09, fullbloom10, icebeam11 for filler00
- Traded erin: my chairman20, ctarl11, iceblue02, iceblue15, hungry04, hungry08, sechs11, wait01, arborea12, arborea13, arborea14, arborea18, hamha01, hamha12, hamha16, lightclub03, lightclub09, lightclub10, joajna01, joajna03 for filler00
- Traded Aru: my geisha09, genma19, glider09, glider19, gryphon07, gryphon09, gryphon11, gryphon18, guitar19, harness19, hatshepsut17, heroines02, hijizo16, hijizo17, hijizo20, honeytachi04, honeytachi10, ichii-bal05, ichii-bal07, ichii-bal10 for filler00

March 02, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jane: my serena01, serena02, serena04, serena05, serena06, serena07, serena08, serena09, serena10, spirit16, spirit17, spirit18, spirit19, spirit20, mechapilots12, mechapilots13, mechapilots14, mechapilots16, mechapilots18, mechapilots19 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my donmai11, donmai14, dranzer05, leftout16, liladan14, nejiko06, nejiko09, oath10, oath16, shujaa07, shujaa08, shujaa11, shujaa18, spider11, spider18, umbrella01, umbrella13, umbrella15, umbrella20, witchhat01 for filler00
- Traded moe: my meganest08, arrows18, healers01, shotas03, shotas04, shotas07, shotas08, shotas10, sugitan10, sugitan19 for filler00
- Traded moe: my loser14, lovers02, marksechs14, mechanical06, mechanical13 for filler00
- Traded moe: my kaleid19, kizna10, knights08, knights13, loser05 for filler00

March 01, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jailynn: my 20faces14, argent01, gekidasa15, jian05, kicks07, merman19, nfu01, oldest01, rocker17, setter18, survive06, survive15, uncute08, uncute14, uncute20, zearth01 for filler00
- Traded Samichan: my after01, after03, after06, after14, albhed03, appraiser09, appraiser12, appraiser19, benevolent02, benevolent08, benevolent15, benevolent18, birdcalls05, birdcalls08, birdcalls09, birdcalls10, birdcalls19, blinky02, bluesea01, bluesea05 for filler00
- Traded kaia: my myunit05, myunit14, magic08, objection06, objection19, psychology01, psychology13 for filler00
- Traded ReneeTwist: my edison02, edison08, edison09, edison10, edison13, edison16, edison17, brothers06, nekotalia17, royalty01, royalty11, royalty18, samurais05, samurais10, samurais12, samurais13, samurais19 for filler00

February 29, 2016 ------------
- Traded Lita: my knight11, knight14, knight15, sopheria02, sopheria03, sopheria13, sopheria15, sopheria18, windor04, windor06, windor08, windor09, windor11, windor12, windor14, windor15, windor16, windor17, princely15 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my alchemists14, arrows01, changshan01, changshan11, ensanguined12, ponytail02, valentines06, valentines10, valentines11, valentines12, amati17, bluerose11, dattebane20, pay04, pay05, pay17, pinzu13, pinzu17, redrose19, whiteknight19 for filler00
- Traded Cassie: my sergeant04, sergeant08, sergeant09, sergeant12, sergeant13, sergeant14, sergeant16, sergeant17, sergeant18, sergeant19 for filler00

February 28, 2016 ------------
- Traded Chrissy: my caged02, caged06, caged09, caged14, caged15, caged16, caged17, caged18, misspeak07, misspeak12, misspeak19, revival02, revival06, revival08, revival12, revival16, revival17, revival18, revival19, unseen20 for filler00
- Traded Eon: my fashion17, tripping05, sheikah15, griefseed05, griefseed20, miyanom02, support10, arthur11 for filler00
- Traded Liz: my hitsuzen10 for filler00
- Traded Liz: my sweaters12, sweaters16, kaiser08, kaiser09, kaiser20, musicsense06, musicsense08, musicsense14, musicsense18, loveless03, jurai05, justice10, justice12, jewel03, jewel16, hitsuzen01, elf01, elf18, elf19 for filler00
- Traded Shannon: my misguided04, misguided07, misguided11, misguided16, selphia04, selphia10, termina01, rumraisin03, rumraisin08, rumraisin13, rumraisin14, seeress02, seeress10, seeress11, seeress12, snowfield07, snowfield10, sunflower06, tabris19, totori20 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my strikers01, strikers02, strikers03, strikers04, strikers05, strikers06, strikers07, strikers08, strikers10, rainbowroad14, mourning03, mourning04, mourning08, mourning09, mourning11, mourning12, mourning13, mourning14, mourning15, mourning16 for filler00
- Traded Neenee: my metalia01, maidcafe18, chibimoon17, cottage19, clothespeg01, clothespeg02, clothespeg05, clothespeg06, clothespeg11, clothespeg20, strikers11, strikers12, strikers13, strikers14, strikers15, strikers16, strikers17, strikers18, strikers19, strikers20 for filler00

February 27, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kiss: my atlas11, atlas13, baumkuchen04, baumkuchen18, chaste10, filthy20, onee-sama04, onee-sama06, sevendays10, valuable05, valuable06, valuable17, witchqueen11, hairloss06, hairloss16, teaparty08, teaparty16, everybirdie14, josei06, josei18 for filler00
- Traded Moon: my attendant04, attendant05, attendant07, attendant08, attendant12, attendant13, belarus03, belarus04, belarus07, belarus09, belarus10, belarus12, cheer07, ironheart17, six12, sensible01, shrine01, pms05, miyanom01, aprbirthday03 for filler00
- Traded Chels: my adventurer01, adventurer08, adventurer12, adventurer15, adventurer17, carryon17, eternia07, galaxy01, glowing03, hachiko06, hachiko07, hachiko08, hachiko10, hachiko12, hachiko17, heal02, heal13, heal16, maidcafe09, meruru05 for filler00

February 26, 2016 ------------
- Traded Rae: my nekotalia06, obedient01, obedient07, obedient11, obedient17, power12, timberowl09, timberowl17, timberowl18, resentment01, resentment08, resentment15, resentment16, courage06, courage14, cybernetic14, cybernetic20, bearcat02, bearcat03, bearcat05 for filler00
- Traded Sky: my 003, 30yearsold01, author01, aspirebreak06, aspirebreak16, asteroid03, asteroid06, avoiddeath12, centurion08, centurion10, fincutter12, giroexpress07, iceslasher05, levelseven20, matterwaves10, modelx03, neomu07, netfrica13, neoarcadia07, pureheart02 for filler00

February 25, 2016 ------------
- Traded Aru: my comet01, comet06, comet08, curiosity02, curiosity03, curiosity05, curiosity07, curiosity08, curiosity09, curiosity10, curiosity11, curiosity12, curiosity14, curiosity15, curiosity16, curiosity17, curiosity19, curiosity20, distanced07, falling07 for filler00
- Traded Trap: my zexen03, violent02, violent04, violent05, violent06, violent08, violent10, violent11, violent12, violent15, violent16, violent17, violent18, violent19, shouryuuken09, shouryuuken15, shujaa05, karaya15, lionheart12, male05 for filler00
- Traded Jiyu: my draculina17, invincible03, invincible07, iris04, iris10, negi01, negi06, negi07, pianist03, pianist09, pianist15, shinigami01, shinigami06, shinigami15, shinigami17, song04, song07, whirlwind12, whirlwind14, whirlwind16 for filler00

February 24, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kaede: my revenge19, schoolidol10, schoolidol13, sugarcubes03, sugarcubes06, sugarcubes12, sugarcubes13, sugarcubes16, thiefking03, tripping16, fullbloom10, fullbloom11, fullbloom12, fullbloom13, fullbloom14, fullbloom15, fullbloom16, fullbloom17, fullbloom19, fullbloom20 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my spirit01, spirit04, spirit06, spirit09, spirit11, spirit12, spirit14, spirit15, lure19, lure20, mechapilots04, mechapilots06, mechapilots10, mechapilots11, police11, police13, police14, police16, police17, police19 for filler00
- Traded Aki: my appearance09, circle02, circle18, fighter19, buchou07, buchou19, gamuza11, gamuza17, studybug01, studybug02, blue12, green18, irontail13, orange10, orange20, psybeam12, red07, rollout04, rollout18, tackle08 for filler00

February 23, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kari: my cuter03, cuter05, cuter11, cuter12, cuter17, cuter18, cheerio04, cheerio09, cheerio17, furniture03, furniture05, furniture07, furniture12, furniture15, furniture16, quality04, quality16, paranoia09, paranoia13, paranoia15 for filler00
- Traded Cassie: my childofgod06, childofgod09, childofgod10, childofgod12, keyboard07, keyboard19 for filler00

February 22, 2016 ------------
- Traded Ana: my ae8612, ae8613, amati04, amati05, amati06, amati07, amati08, amati09, amati15, circus01, circus08, circus16, halloween03, mascots19, oaktree11, qipao01, valentines01, valentines02, valentines18, lamentation01 for filler00
- Traded Chrissy: my balut01, balut04, balut06, brokenrose14, cherry20, drill20, lemonade08, lemonade11, lemonade16, luck02, luck03, luck05, luck13, marine20, crossdressf04, crossdressm18 for filler00
- Traded Samichan: my lettuce06, lettuce12, lettuce13, lettuce14, lettuce15, lettuce16, lettuce18, lettuce19, littlekitty17, littlekitty18, lorikeet07, lorikeet08, lorikeet14, lorikeet16, lorikeet20, obnoxious03, obnoxious04, obnoxious07, outsider08, outsider18 for filler00

February 21, 2016 ------------
- Traded Olivia: my blood02, blood04, blood08, blood12, blood18, blood20, funyarinpa06, innuendos09, legal03, legal19 for filler00
- Traded erin: my 99percent01, 99percent10, leadcrow15, nora11, inugami14, basketballs14, basketballs16, catpawgun12, childstar01, chairman03, chairman04, chairman06, chairman08, chairman10, chairman13, chairman15, deadly02, deadly06, deadly10, deadly17 for filler00
- Traded Shannon: my dancer18, feiris06, feiris18, feminine04, feminine05, guild01, guilt02, guilt06, guilt08, guilt16, guilt17, guilt20, hatchin10, hatchin15, homunculus04, homunculus11, homunculus20, kenjutsu03, maidcafe20, meruru04 for filler00
- Traded AL: my autumn04, icebeam18, irontail01, irontail04, irontail07, keystone02, moonblast18, octbirthday04, swimtrunks04, watermelon18 for filler00
- Traded Liz: my rosary02, snowboard10, snowboard13, snowboard14, chivalry06, ulster02, ulster06, ulster12, ulster19, gemini01, gemini09, portalstone09, portalstone11, portalstone13, portalstone15, portalstone16, portalstone20, pink07, decbirthday19, occidental09 for filler00
- Traded Ivory and Horn: my 12thpillar13, athlum19, battle05, beguile07, boxingring04, burn08, bionis10, bionis11, bionis19, brown05, brown08, brush10, collar14, eve02, orca09, seawitch01, bionis01, bionis03, bionis12, bionis14 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my merak04, merak15, monkey03, monkey07, monkey17, polite02, robin05, space01, space04, tomb08, abilities13, mahou06, mahou19, mushroom05, mushroom10, mushroom12, mushroom19, mushroom20, neoarcadia11, venoshock03 for filler00

February 20, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kiss: my drag17, leo06, magicaltoy13, mercurial07, mercurial16, modeling03, modeling10, modeling20, myprince10, myprince11, myprince13, raisondetre03, raisondetre20, thor03, thor18, tsuntsun10, tsuntsun20, uniform01, uniform12, witchqueen07 for filler00
- Traded Eon: my ridiculed05, ridiculed09, ridiculed11, friend05, friend13, lightside12 for filler00

February 19, 2016 ------------
- Traded Aletha: my bored03, circles12, circles16, crybaby06, kendo18, names04, names06, names11, names20, ponta02, ponta04, ponta08, ponta13, ponta16, ponta17, ponta18, righteye09, righteye16, righteye19, tamer07 for filler00
- Traded Rae: my elegant11, elegant12, elegant13, elegant14, elegant16, elegant17, elegant18, elegant19, elegant20, cybernetic11 for filler00
- Traded Rae: my dhampir01, dhampir07, dhampir11, dhampir20, elegant04, elegant05, elegant06, elegant07, elegant08, elegant10 for filler00
- Traded Willow: my acrobat03, badges16, bon19, candy02, collar12, curtain19, dimwitted13, dragon01, eyepatch18, freeshooter03, information20, leleti18, littledevil10, nichirin20, sniff03, salamander08, sealed08, perm19, presence11, regulus20 for filler00

February 18, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jiyu: my burgers08, burgers12, burgers13, burgers17, burgers18, burgers19, draculina05, draculina13, draculina14, logic01, protestant02, protestant03, protestant05, protestant06, protestant07, protestant08, protestant13, protestant14, protestant15, protestant20 for filler00
- Traded Trap: my sorcerer16, heaven03, heaven07, heaven19, redcomet01, redcomet02, redcomet07, redcomet11, redcomet12, redcomet16, redcomet18, redcomet19, norespect11, norespect20, permafrost13, permafrost15, killerqueen06, mistaken10, fengshui03, epyon19 for filler00
- Traded moe: my gaebolg06, gaebolg10, gaebolg16, gaebolg17, gentle10, gentle19, harmony06, harmony11, heroes02, heroes07, heroes09, heroes10, icecream12, illusions12, indecent06, indecent08, indecent13, indecent17, underwater05, underwater10 for filler00
- Traded Jen: my 4dragons01, 4dragons04, attractive16, babymonster01, holictrick07, cannone10, darkaurora17, raise17, rendere11, selece06, selece12, selece16, sweettime12, tensionmax15, nandemo01, nandemo03, passionate07 for filler00

February 17, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kaede: my koyaku09, rosesplash03, rosesplash05, rosesplash07, rosesplash11, rosesplash13, rosesplash15, rosesplash18, rosesplash19, shannaro13, familiars04, mid-childa01, mid-childa02, mid-childa04, mid-childa05, mid-childa06, mid-childa07, mid-childa08, mid-childa09, mid-childa10 for filler00
- Traded Aki: my unkillable11, unlimited02, unlimited09, unlimited10, unlimited14, unlimited20, wildchild16, witness15, zangetsu13, zippo06, keystone14, keystone15, keystone16, razorleaf16, razorleaf18, razorleaf19, thunderbolt12, thunderbolt13, timegear15, timegear17 for filler00
- Traded Aru: my kayo-chin04, laptop02, laptop04, laptop08, laptop13, laptop14, locodol15, locodol19, logic04, lovewing09, ishidaa19, mahou06, mahou11, mahou17, mahou19, mahou20, retro03, retro13, robots04, robots13 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my lure07, lure08, lure09, lure10, lure11, lure12, lure13, lure15, lure16, lure17, police01, police02, police03, police04, police06, police08, police09, police10, trailblazer09, trailblazer17 for filler00

February 15, 2016 ------------
- Traded Ana: my 1000th02, 6609, 6611, 6615, 6617, rabbit16, ae8610, ae8611, amati02, amati03, restoration01, restoration08, restoration15, restoration16, restoration17, restoration19, trinisette10, trinisette18, winter11, winter13 for filler00

February 14, 2016 ------------
- Traded erin: my believe09, cham14, cham20, geek13, geek19, heartbreak12, heartbuns02, paprika07, paprika16, shackle20, sing13, starfighter15, swim03, yourhonor14, regret01, kali-yuga03, aluminum06, aluminum13, osmanthus01, leadcrow01 for filler00
- Traded Liz: my vierge09, vierge11, vierge16, vierge18, vierge20, original07, original11, perlite01, body12, body16, miyanom04, miyanom05, umn04, umn20, ylisse03, ylisse11, portalstone01, portalstone04, portalstone07, portalstone08 for filler00
- Traded Neenee: my child06, child13, child14, child15, child17, child19, rebirth09, rebirth15, eden05, tuxedo10, tuxedo17, tightrope18, sanjouin02, solitude07, solitude08, venus16, youngwomen11, moon04, ironmouse20, aluminum02 for filler00

February 13, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jun: my airyglyph19, airyglyph20, broadway07, darts15, disqualified12, hungrywolf06, satella14, trusting18, tutored09, tutored17, chernabog04, fantasia04, jobs04, jobs15, rhythmia11, trinisette10, trinisette12, trinisette16, ultima02, ultima20 for filler00
- Traded Kiss: my manly14, manly19, memorybug03, softball03, straylize05, straylize06, straylize07, fox08, fox10, fox17, legs13, legs16, deus03, deus05, deus11, deus12, deus14, nanoda16, ooparts09, prideful10 for filler00
- Traded Shannon: my adventurer04, adventurer12, bugle04, gamer06, idiocy07, idiocy12, mirakurun01, phobia01, phobia05, phobia06, phobia07, phobia09, phobia14, purify02, purify04, purify10, totori14, totori18, totori12, yebisu11 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my antivirus14, barrage10, deva18, honnoji04, honnoji07, knowledge10, knowledge19, love05, love12, pacifist15, protective10, protective18, righteye03, righteye05, sincerity11, sincerity14, wolborg03, wolborg04, wolborg07, wolborg12 for filler00

February 12, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jasper: my bear03, bear05, bear07, bear09, bear11, bear13, bear17, bread10, bread14, bread16, bread19, cannon19, chainsaw07, chainsaw11, chainsaw13, scythe05, scythe11, scythe17, mute18, protestant18 for filler00
- Traded Auria: my lolita09, lolita18, outsider04, outsider12, villager01, villager02, villager03, villager04, villager05, villager06, villager07, villager08, villager10, villager11, villager12, villager14, villager16, villager18, haven01, haven10 for filler00
- Traded Kari: my marriage01, marriage02, marriage03, marriage04, marriage05, marriage06, marriage07, marriage08, marriage09, marriage10, marriage11, marriage12, marriage13, marriage14, marriage15, marriage16, marriage17, marriage18, marriage19, marriage20 for filler00

February 11, 2016 ------------
- Traded Trap: my scepter418, servant03, servant04, sorcerer19, survivor03, survivor15, tetsuo14, tetsuo15, tetsuo17, tetsuo18, tetsuo20, odessa14, odessa13, odessa05, odessa03, odessa01, paisleypark02, violent01, violent13, violent14 for filler00

February 10, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kaede: my conspiring10, demonhand13, elite01, elite09, elite12, energetic13, naginata06, orchid07, prayer09, regain08, mid-childa11, mid-childa12, mid-childa13, mid-childa14, mid-childa15, mid-childa16, mid-childa17, mid-childa18, mid-childa19, mid-childa20 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my confrontal02, confrontal05, confrontal09, marimo15, veda19, lure01, lure02, lure03, lure04, lure05, trailblazer03, trailblazer05, trailblazer07, trailblazer08, wakening12, wakening14, wakening16, wakening17, wakening18, wakening19 for filler00

February 09, 2016 ------------
- Traded Aki: my seagull08, seagull12, seagull20, seahorse20, searching14, searching18, studybug10, studybug15, taekwondo04, taekwondo14, teamaqua07, thief12, aerialace09, brickbreak11, dragonrage09, earthquake06, earthquake15, ember05, faintattack09, faintattack12 for filler00
- Traded ReneeTwist: my safety03, sakura11, sakura20, tantalus01, tantalus19, tenswords01, tenswords04, tenswords14, tomboyish03, tomboyish06, capitalism04, capitalism11, nekotalia01, nekotalia05, nekotalia06, nekotalia09, nekotalia12, nekotalia14, nekotalia15, ultima08 for filler00

February 08, 2016 ------------
- Traded Ivory and Horn: my fantail15, fantail16, fantail19, fantail20, playbirdie06, playbirdie10, playbirdie14, playbirdie15, playbirdie17, playbirdie20, catsndogs07, irides13, irides16, kweh14, underwater03, underwater09, yellow15, yellow19, underwater08 for filler00
- Traded Willow: my aokiji19, badminton11, beli11, bubblegum16, celestial06, chu-hi14, dee-dee05, deer01, dragon07, faust11, feathers04, fool12, granddream08, imperious17, jr03, mafiaboss13, masks20, mp314, strip20, tophat10 for filler00
- Traded Ana: my 6601, amati16, circus01, oaktree05, oaktree11, selphia04, selphia06, selphia10, selphia12, selphia13, selphia16, trinisette05, eyes18, hoihoi05, islander01, kazeshini08, motion15, osuwari20, solarknee11, writing09 for filler00
- Traded Aru: my bass19, borealis06, bluebeard19, center13, cham19, cheater08, cheater16, commoners05, commoners09, commoners10, commoners14, commoners18, diamonddust11, drowsiness10, effort15, epinard02, fantasy16, feminine10 for filler00
- Traded Tarma: my ashcat03, baseball02, baseball17, baseball20, bronco19, boxweapon02, boxweapon10, trinisette02, trinisette07, chainsaw12, cheater07, cheater11, grapes08, mist17, mist19, oolong17, primo05, righthand14, tactician06, tactician08 for filler00
- Traded Michelle: my academy02, academy05, academy06, academy07, academy12, academy13, academy14, academy19, book01, book02, book07, book08, cheerful16, fullbringer02, fullbringer08, hogyoku10, howl09, howl12, howl19, rainfell19 for filler00
- Traded jailynn: my aerosmith17, albhed18, astronomer19, bubblegum05, bunnybox03, bushido14, cockatoo06, diverdown08, diverdown20, sexpistols01, sexpistols10, steak08, steals08, stonemask09, throwdown05, tiger02, usagibrand11, vampirecat17, vampirecat18, wry07 for filler00

February 07, 2016 ------------
- Traded erin: my ancestor13, chibimoon04, chibimoon12, chibimoon15, collected06, cloudshrine11, key18, loyalty01, loyalty04, loyalty15, loyalty20, loveshower20, mars09, metalia08, magatama11, whip07, violinist04, roseprince08, seductive03, junkshop15 for filler00
- Traded Liz: my virgo09, virgo10, spacepirate07, stern15, stern16, stern19, stitches08, stitches13, stitches18, titania03, titania12, typhoon04, typhoon08, typhoon12, typhoon16, watchguard05, watchguard06, watchguard12, wutai08 for filler00

February 06, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kati: my 765pro04, 765pro20, 80pitches04, 80pitches07, 80pitches14, ace01, ace04, ace12, ace14, ace16, ace19, animajor15, bangs17, catfish18, naive05, naive11, nekomata10, onihime02, onihime10, onihime15 for filler00
- Traded Shannon: my anego10, anego11, anego17, anego18, avaricious03, ballerina09, canaan04, half-elf05, knight19, knight20, lethargic12, mission05, naska13, naska17, sunflower07, sunflower13, volunteer03, volunteer20, wafu07, wafu20 for filler00
- Traded neenee: my ghibli12, ghibli15, idolclub12, idolclub20, greenvale19, greenvale15, greenvale12, greenvale11, greenvale17, greenvale09, maitreya13, lockedin10, kenjutsu14, neighbor04, neighbor19, cubes08, cubes14, child01, child05, child09 for filler00

February 05, 2016 ------------
- Traded Veth: my affection16, algorithm17, bigbear18, blooming02, blooming10, causality03, cranny12, eagle05, kiyoubinbou08, meijin18, pendulum16 for filler00
- Traded Kiss: my birds02, birds08, boulder13, destruction01, destruction05, destruction06, destruction07, destruction17, doghouse03, doghouse04, doghouse11, doghouse15, fullest17, mentalout19, spot-billed19, scold01, scold02, scold18, scold20, stmichaels10 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my everybirdie16, colossi03, gransys11, gransys12, gransys13, gransys14, gransys16, gransys17, gransys19, venoshock02, godknows03, lemonade02, lemonade04, lemonade06, lemonade12, profiler03, profiler04, raider01, raider14, undying19 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my amphilyon07, amphilyon08, badda-boom19, fuerza16, gaiadragoon20, heavenguide04, heavenguide14, honnoji02, ladybug14, ladybug17, ladybug19, marching16, moumentai18, nekopunch04, nekopunch14, nekopunch17, nyanpasu11, reptile20, silk14, takatomon15 for filler00
- Traded Chuu: my blackkeys07, boy02, boy13, conclusions19, geek10, orphan02, orphan03, orphan05, orphan06, orphan11, orphan13, room06, room10, room18, rubber19, solo09, solo14, solo19, standup03, taciturn10 for filler00
- Traded Trap: my tsunpo01, tsunpo06, tsunpo10, tsunpo12, tsunpo14, tsunpo16, tsunpo17, tsunpo18, tsunpo19, tetsuo01, tetsuo02, tetsuo05, tetsuo07, tetsuo10, tetsuo11, tetsuo12, apos05, apos08, apos15, apos18 for filler00
- Traded Nikita: my 2-a18, 2-a19, 3-a01, 3-a03, 3-a04, 3-a05, 3-a07, 3-a08, 3-a09, 3-a02, kantoku08, kantoku09, medicans01, melodrama13, nude02, nude03, nude07, nude09, nude10, nude16 for filler00

February 04, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kari: my bk-20101, bk-20107, bk-20112, bk-20118, couturier13, couturier20, mercurius02, mercurius03, mercurius05, mercurius06, mercurius07, mercurius08, mercurius09, mercurius12, mercurius15, revocs09, revocs10, revocs11, revocs18, furniture17 for filler00
- Traded moe: my akabari15, akitsukami02, akitsukami04, akitsukami07, akitsukami14, aristocracy03, aristocracy13, auntie20, avenge11, babylon18, babylon20, headphones04, headphones09, metafalica03, millenia05, millenia07, millenia10, millenia16, miyanom12, ponytail04 for filler00

February 03, 2016 ------------
- Traded AL: my blackblood02, blackblood05, blackblood09, camellia14, camellia17, constancy11, constancy12, freeze13, freeze18, freckles09, fanalis01, dknight08, dknight10, hat12 for filler00
- Traded Kaede: my ares10, escort08, housenka02, juniorjr18, magoroku04, magoroku11, mikazuki07, piglet06, raikiri17, soldier18, gakuen01, gakuen02, gakuen04, gakuen05, gakuen06, gakuen07, gakuen08, gakuen09, gakuen10, gramarye04 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my capoeira17, denying07, homicidal04, katamari20, kicking10, kicking16, medicine19, meister18, sleipnir06, veda06, thieves15, thieves19, wakening02, wakening03, wakening04, wakening05, wakening06, wakening07, wakening09, wakening10 for filler00

February 02, 2016 ------------
- Traded Aki: my affection16, blackharu19, drugs10, dryjuice06, dryjuice09, dryjuice18, enroll14, evolution14, fighter01, fighter02, fighter03, fighter05, fighter06, fighter07, fighter08, fighter09, fighter13, fighter14, fighter15, fighter16 for filler00

February 01, 2016 ------------
- Traded Ana: my christmas16, clow05, clow15, farming17, rorona08, rorona09, rorona10, sakanade04, sakanade05, sakanade11, sakanade16, sakanade19, scorpion04, scorpion12, titrel01, titrel03, wrath10, wrath18, voi07, voi10 for filler00
- Traded Willow: my boisterous05, callous17, canary13, dimwitted03, earthshaker04, explosives06, kanebo03, koga07, nephilim18, nonchalant01, nyanperona07, oar11, persistent03, persistent11, rain09, scout13, sealed03, silverknife17, stitching07, ukaku05 for filler00

January 31, 2016 ------------
- Traded Liz: my musicstart06, musicstart10, musicstart20, mako09, mako15, violence12, 7thheaven13, birdcalls14, heaven13, heaven14, heavymetal02, judge10, ensanguined19, crossdressm06, femaleidols07, fflove07, yuri20, support11, guertena03, guertena19 for filler00
- Traded Neenee: my ironfist13, ironfist14, ironfist15, ironfist16, ironfist17, ironfist18, ironfist19, storybooks07, greenvale03, greenvale07, persocom13, persocom15, planeptune20, genesis09, lastation17, cellphones16, flashcard08, flashcard12, flashcard13, diepencil06 for filler00

January 29, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jun: my everybirdie01, everybirdie03, everybirdie04, everybirdie05, everybirdie06, everybirdie07, everybirdie08, everybirdie13, everybirdie14, everybirdie20, airyglyph03, airyglyph04, airyglyph05, airyglyph06, airyglyph08, airyglyph09, airyglyph10, airyglyph12, airyglyph13, airyglyph14 for filler00

January 28, 2016 ------------
- Traded Lillian: my distanced01, collider01, collider02, collider04, collider06, collider07, collider08, collider10, collider11, collider13, collider15, collider18, collider20, yanderes01, yanderes04, yanderes14, yanderes17, yanderes19, yanderes20, mahou01 for filler00
- Traded Veth: my animes11, care04, dance14, fudanshi19, fontech13, itako13, meijin02, pendulum14, positive02, reptile16, samuraifan01, shaman06, shaman11, shaman13, shaman14, shaman15, snacks15, mages17 for filler00
- Traded Trap: my shamisen01, shamisen02, shamisen03, shamisen05, shamisen07, shamisen11, shamisen12, shamisen13, shamisen14, shamisen15, shamisen19, shamisen20, sorcerer04, sorcerer05, sorcerer09, sorcerer10, sorcerer13, sorcerer15, moodyblues16, one-track14 for filler00
- Traded Ten: my dullahan09, dullahan10, insensitive02, kayo-chin17, kid01, musicstart01, musicstart15, musicstart18, nico-nii11, parasite16, shiro03, therat17, wingspiker19, cardevolve16, fukujun10, guertena01, guertena07, kawasumia01, romipaku06, thecrows15 for filler00
- Traded Nikita: my allegiance13, austria03, austria17, accounts08, 3rdchild01, brain08, bungee15, combat06, combat07, combat15, cowbell15, droopy10, experiments05, experiments09, five07, folklore01, folklore10, folklore18, forelock05, germany03 for filler00
- Traded Lin: my gear06, gear09, gear18, hypnosis06, hypnosis09, hypnosis11, hypnosis15, hypnosis16, seeing08, stride20 for filler00

January 27, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kaede: my bluesky20, dragonblood02, dragonblood12, dragonblood14, dragonclaw01, dragonclaw10, dragoneyes03, dragoneyes04, shiokaze12, takasugi03, gakuen11, gakuen12, gakuen13, gakuen14, gakuen15, gakuen16, gakuen17, gakuen18, gakuen19, gakuen20 for filler00
- Traded Sky: my airplane07, angerpunch12, database04, database06, database14, dln-00a20, dln-00b12, jakob15, kamatari02, kamatari20, kungfuhead01, kungfuhead09, player203, rekku14, rollingsaw04, shigofumi04, shigofumi11, shigofumi12, warmagus13, witchtrial18 for filler00
- Traded Kari: my bicycle01, bicycle09, bicycle12, bicycle20, chitchat01, classical18, childlike09, obliged16, reader05, reader16, shorthair17, stalker04, stalker14, stalker18, usagi01, usagi08, wired02, wired07, wired16, wired18 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my ae8607, azuresea05, capoeira18, denying06, dragonfoot03, duality09, horns02, katamari04, katamari17, katamari19, detectives01, detectives04, detectives05, detectives17, detectives18, detectives20, thieves03, thieves04, thieves06, thieves11 for filler00

January 26, 2016 ------------
- Traded AL: my absolute03, absolute07, absolute17, absolute20, abu14, badfortune06, catcher10, catcher18, cgi20, cloudburst19, demonstone07, drives18, extreme16, frontkiller10, gangster15, kakinoki07, kakinoki15, nekoma06, throwdown18, throwdown19 for filler00
- Traded Dina: my byakkomaru20, catemperor14, finalturn12, freestyle01, harasho03, guidance12, integrity16, intent03, intent07, kira02, madder10, magic08, magic17, southpaw01, southpaw08, southpaw15, southpaw17, tsukumogami06 for filler00
- Traded Anna: my chivalry10, funyarinpa04, foughten08, foughten10, innuendos04, honest06, honest14, lamentation17, megaphone15, nyuudou06, noman02, noman05, perceive03, shikaisen05, shikaisen09, shikaisen10, shikaisen11, shoutoku10, saturn15, recall02 for filler00
- Traded Ari: my absolute01, absolute05, absolute09, beelzebub02, beelzebub16, crowds18, enthusiastic05, enthusiastic09, g-8915, hairloss08, heartbreak15, idolize04, kissme01, mature17, phonecalls17, quindecim14, spicegirl14, tenpa-kun04, lolis17, sugitan11 for filler00
- Traded Eon: my 3-e16, 3-e19, caduceus01, caduceus02, confirmed20, henshin05, henshin17, musicians03, ability18, adultlike04, adventure12, adventure13, agna08, anklets12 for filler00
- Traded Moon: my badpun04, barrage05, bestsenpai20, blush19, crimson06, estonia06, hokage02, inherit05, ishval18, iwa-chan04, kou03, lighter19, loud03, omega16, pinnacle08, russia08, russia20, weaponry02, decbirthday14, sepbirthday16 for filler00
- Traded Aki: my accomplice04, accomplice12, beautiful13, beautiful19, dancing11, eighth15, goodnight05, guile09, hero09, independent04, independent16, intelligent15, mutt14, pitcher07, science13, seaotter05, seaotter08, seaotter12, woodpecker14, woodpecker17 for filler00
- Traded Dialny: my betrayed08, blackmagic02, bored11, fish19, freestyle10, heavenguide20, jimuguri04, katamari07, kimono14, loligothic02, mute08, plants07, potato01, potato15, potato18, samezuka05, samezuka07, samezuka15, sight05, workout13 for filler00
- Traded jailynn: my autozam16, backstroke13, breast16, calculation08, cross13, deceiving03, dreaming01, dreaming02, dreaming03, dreaming04, dreaming07, dreaming08, grandking01, grandking02, grandking03, grandking04, grandking08, grandking17, grandking18, stonemask08 for filler00
- Traded Jen: my netherworld01, netherworld02, netherworld03, netherworld04, netherworld05, netherworld06, netherworld07, netherworld08, netherworld09, netherworld10, netherworld11, netherworld12, netherworld13, netherworld14, netherworld15, netherworld16, netherworld17, netherworld18, netherworld19, netherworld20 for filler00
- Traded Kiss: my hibakari04, hibakari16, idols09, inlove17, kagoshima04, leanbox11, literature04, mischief18, neatfreak13, outlook11, photon11, rafflesia08, snowfairy07, nekotalia04, nekotalia08, nekotalia11, nekotalia16, stmichaels11, stmichaels14, stmichaels16 for filler00
- Traded Liz: my antisocial01, antisocial04, antisocial17, impressions01, impressions02, impressions04, impressions10, impressions13, impressions19, elf03, elf20, familiar04, familiar06, familiar08, familiar10, familiar15, familiar17, familiar19, eyepatches17, onod02 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my gransys01, gransys02, gransys03, gransys04, gransys06, gransys07, gransys08, gransys10, hungrywolf03, hungrywolf04, hungrywolf08, hungrywolf09, hungrywolf10, hungrywolf11, hungrywolf12, hungrywolf13, hungrywolf15, hungrywolf16, hungrywolf17, hungrywolf18 for filler00
- Traded erin: my hungry01, hungry05, hungry06, hungry07, hungry11, hungry12, hungry13, hungry14, hungry15, hungry16, hungry17, hungry18, hungry19, riddles01, riddles05, riddles11, riddles12, arborea07, arborea19, arborea20 for filler00
- Traded Kaede: my dogs01, dogs02, dogs03, dogs04, dogs06, dogs07, dogs08, dogs09, dogs10, dogs12, aerialace08, autumn11, kawasumia01, kawasumia02, kawasumia05, kawasumia06, kawasumia13, kawasumia14, kawasumia15, timegear02 for filler00
- Traded Veth: my fudanshi01, fudanshi04, fudanshi05, fudanshi06, fudanshi08, fudanshi09, fudanshi12, fudanshi13, fudanshi15, fudanshi17, fudanshi18, fudanshi20 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my 1804, 1809, 1813, ae8602, ae8603, ae8604, ae8606, ae8608, ae8609, ae8610, ae8611, ae8612, ae8613, ae8616, ae8617, ae8618, ae8619, ae8620, adeptrogue05, capsule11 for filler00
- Traded moe: my 99percent03, antisocial13, asakawa11, ashinaka01, cancer17, collider10, collider13, dantalion02, dantalion15, deliver03, half-elf11, harmony12, harmony16, hamlet07, inheritance10, ahoge04, ahoge07, clergy13, restoration11, restoration13 for filler00
- Traded Lindsay: my seventh17, snowy03, snowy09, snowy10, oddjobs11, nyaa08, nyaa14, nyaa16, nyaa17, lines13, lines18, leftover08, leftover09, leftover10, leftover14, leftover15, leftover16, leftover18, leftover19, chores01 for filler00
- Traded Eon: my berserker19 for filler00
- Traded ReneeTwist: my kiev11, kiev14, kiev16, kiev19, kitten15, kitten17, leonhelp19, madainsari11, mask20, kawasumia10, kawasumia12, kawasumia16, kawasumia17, shades01, shades04, shades06, shades19, shades20, ultima13 for filler00
- Traded Lenga: my gensokyo01, uncute09, uncute16, unlucky19, whirlwind16, western15, wisewolf02, whitecoat10, wildlion02, vikingtiger12, yupyup06, youcopy19, railway02, railway07, railway13, railway14, railway18, sbjk04, sbjk16, sos11 for filler00
- Traded Neenee: my lastation01, lastation03, lastation11, lastation12, maitreya04, maitreya05, maitreya06, psp01, psp03, prinny07, neighbor06, neighbor09, neighbor10, neighbor20, normal14, syringe16, speak09, speak15, speak19, cubes20 for filler00
- Traded Liz: my 001, 002, 003, 004, 006, 007, 008, 009, 010, 011, 012, 013, 017, 018, 019, berserker05, berserker11, berserker12, berserker15, berserker18 for filler00
- Traded jailynn: my abu15, aerosmith14, agna03, agna12, agna16, ecstasy06, ecstasy13, fleshcan20, kokeshi16, kokeshi19, laptop01, laptop05, plankton19, rocker03 for filler00
- Traded Tanna: my pameruku02, pameruku03, pameruku04, pameruku11, perutan01, pororin04, pururun11, pururun12, pururun14, pururun16, pipito03, pipito04, ojamajo14, ojamajo15, ojamajo19, ojamajo18 for filler00
- Traded Lillian: my sake04, sake07, sake09, sake12, sake13, volleyball01, volleyball03, volleyball05, volleyball07, volleyball09, volleyball10, volleyball11, volleyball12, volleyball14, volleyball15, volleyball18, volleyball20, carmine13, freshgreen14 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my chaotix01, chaotix05, chaotix09, chaotix11, chaotix14, chaotix19, garland01, garland05, garland13, garland14, garland15, garland16, garland20, guertena04, guertena19, paranoia02, paranoia03, paranoia12, paranoia16, stands19 for filler00
- Traded Willow: my ageha17, america07, callous04, callous13, code0401, code0408, code0419, ditelada16, doghouse07, evenodd07, gorilla15, koga19, kokeshi04, kunlun01, lasagna16, oblivious08, persistent17, raijinshuu02, sealed19 for filler00
- Traded Dialny: my alchemists01, alchemists15, alchemists20, 3rdchild12, beguile05, blackharu10, dadadadan05, extreme02, hibakari12, indoors02, indoors20, knucklehead16, loligothic11, lovefreak18, military01, nagi18, nameless07, ore-sama18, papa18, yami-nabe13 for filler00
- Traded Samichan: my adolescent06, adolescent08, adolescent09, adolescent10, adolescent11, adolescent12, adolescent13, adolescent14, adolescent15, adolescent20, lettuce01, lettuce02, lettuce05, lettuce07, lettuce08, lettuce09, lettuce10, lorikeet01, lorikeet06, lorikeet11 for filler00
- Traded Lindsay: my cybele18, escort02, escort07, escort11, juniorjr18, piglet20, ssvd17, shinai05, smitten11, tartar08, theater03, values17, nonary10, nonary14, nonary15, mooncell03, mooncell07, mooncell15, mooncell19, leftover19 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my acepilot12, capsule02, clarines11, ghost03, ghost04, ghost05, ghost06, ghost10, ghost11, ghost17, detectives02, detectives06, detectives09, detectives11, detectives12, detectives13, detectives15, detectives19, thieves01, thieves02 for filler00

January 11, 2016 ------------
- Traded Kiss: my air02, air06, air10, air12, broke09, catbingu09, contacts01, contacts04, imitating20, mascot11, snowfairy11, snowfairy18, twig03, twig11, twig12, twig18, widow05, widow09, villagers11, yaoi03 for filler00
- Traded Jailynn: my burning01, burning03, cheersquad08, cheersquad12, cross20, date06, date07, feminist04, kamui06, muga06, saillune13, saillune18, stonefree07, tarundoru12 for filler00
- Traded Liz: my celestial02, celestial13, chocobo04, chocobo10, chocobo11, hell09, star01, star09, star18, star20, spitfire03, spitfire06, spitfire08, spitfire12, spitfire13, spitfire15, spitfire17, spitfire18, spitfire19, spitfire20 for filler00
- Traded Nikita: my 2-a02, 2-a04, 2-a07, 2-a08, 2-a10, 2-a11, 2-a12, 2-a13, 2-a14, 2-a15, bicycle05, brain04, 8years17, 8years19, ability05, accounts02, feminine04, canada09, christianity01, christianity08 for filler00
- Traded moe: my oolong15, scepter416, swordlike20, tagged03, tattooed16, tied11, tonfar12, tsuruko03, underwear11, underwear18, fisticuffs06, lightside02, lightside14, soldiers08, sugitan02, sugitan14, valentines03, valentines05, valentines19 for filler00
- Traded Lindsay: my curryudon03, bolverk01, faithful14, faithful15, faithful16, leftover01, leftover03, leftover07, maniac01, maniac15, muchourin16, narcissist08, observant01, sacchin01, sacchin02, sacchin20, squirrel02, temple13, temple15, tsunshun02 for filler00
- Traded ReneeTwist: my hacker03, hacker04, hakuryou09, hellguide09, human07, hyourinmaru20, janina11, janina14, circus10, circus15, circus16, prophecy05, prophecy06, prophecy10, prophecy11, prophecy12, prophecy18, prophecy19 for filler00

January 04, 2016 ------------
- Traded Veth: my bigbear06, despair14, remembering11, legendary12 for filler00
- Traded Moon: my 192cm07, analyzation06, banekick15, barrage16, beastking12, bendback07, bendback09, bendback13, ciaossu17, date12, date17, goron07, inherit13, lackey20, namekian08, namekian16, onlyreason04, onlyreason10, tamer13, rollout09 for filler00
- Traded Hodex: my ghibli03, gakuenk08, gakuenk19, ousaka01, ousaka02, ousaka03, ousaka08, ousaka09, ousaka12, ousaka15, trickster01, piano09, piano14, piano15 for filler00
- Traded Lex: my jadedragon02, pooka04, cliff18, companion04, apathetic14, angra10, benefits03, deus06, insurance06, killerbee14, 4minutes06, adepts17, arcana20, gsleague07, icebeam18, jobs08, mascots06, royalty16, usagimimi19, zoanthrope19 for filler00
- Traded Willow: my code0310, code0420, code0517, dawn10, easygoing13, gatsuga04, germany20, gorilla19, iga03, kaitou02, kunlun07, meat10, mythical17, nicknames12, satan16, sitar12, twosides02, yari09, yari13, zeref06 for filler00
- Traded Jailynn: my angel04, angel10, angel15, angel16, angel20, answer11, asleep02, asleep03, asleep05, asleep09, asleep11, asleep16, bubblegum07, bubblegum09, nfu11, tiger20, uncle04, yips18, stands15, stands19 for filler00
- Traded Lindsay: my friend12, gaedearg09, speech07, silpheed19, snowy01, snowy02, worms01, worms06, outburst05, omega06, omega07, omega13, rebirth01, rebirth15, rebirth16, tatyana18, patriot19, perception01, bringer09, aodaisho03 for filler00
- Traded Raie: my 8-bit09, thieves18, tanabata04, swimtrunks08, scars06, ninjas16, greythorne05, greythorne08, greythorne13, greythorne16, yondaime10, exceed02, exceed09, exceed13, exceed16, exceed18, exceed19, bolt09, bolt18, bolt19 for filler00
- Traded Neenee: my greenvale01, greenvale08, ironfist01, ironfist03, ironfist05, ironfist06, ironfist07, ironfist08, ironfist11, ironfist12, wind-up05, wind-up19, sacraments04, letter02, letter13, lockedin06, lockedin16, lockedin17, kenjutsu04, kenjutsu08 for filler00
- Traded Hodex: my apples05, apples09, apples14, romance10, romance11, romance15, romance16, romance18, ruin10, taijutsu10, taijutsu20, chernabog01, chernabog04, heartless09, heartless10, rhythmia02, shounen02, shounen03, shounen04, skypirate01 for filler00
- Traded Liz: my eighth08, elegies13, elegies20, kamui06, kneel06, kneel11, kneel16, kneel18, rosary03, rosary09, rosary16, synesthesia03, synesthesia09, synesthesia18, takeover06, takeover10, takeover11, takeover14, takeover17, takeover18 for filler00
- Traded Liz: my 7thheaven03, 7thheaven08, bokken01, bokken02, bokken06, bokken09, bokken14, bokken17, bokken18, bokken19, bokken20, cheerful01, contramundi01, contramundi03, contramundi04, contramundi05, contramundi06, contramundi07, contramundi09, contramundi13 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my acepilot04, acepilot05, acepilot06, acepilot13, acepilot14, acepilot15, acepilot17, azuresea02, azuresea10, azuresea19, azuresea20, bloodhound05, bloodhound09, bloodhound17, capoeira09, capoeira20, dynames04, dynames11, dynames19, veda13 for filler00

December 24, 2015 ------------
- Traded Anna: my data05, heartereki03, julia15, lightblue05, lightblue06, lightblue18, monomi19, native09, normal08, nova07, ahoge12, ahoge13, femaleidols13, orange06, orange10, orange11, pink09, pink18, purple13, stage01 for filler00

December 23, 2015 ------------
- Traded Jun: my glazinglove04, glazinglove07, glazinglove09, glazinglove19, haggler14, hawkeyes02, hawkeyes07, hawkeyes15, hawkeyes19, hawkeyes20, colossi05, colossi08, colossi11, colossi17, megadrive12, megadrive13, megadrive14, megadrive18, megadrive19, megadrive20 for filler00
- Traded Lindsay: my glory06, glory12, shinai20, smitten19, smoke18, stressed01, cryokinesis02, cryokinesis05, cryokinesis06, cryokinesis07, cryokinesis08, cryokinesis10, eyesight02, eyesight20, nests05, nests09, nests11, nests14, temple18, trace08 for filler00
- Traded Jailynn: my bully11, goofy10, hairloss09, hitman03, hitman05, hitman10, hitman11, hitman12, hitman14, hitman16, magical09, one-track19, television19, crossdressf07, hats17, manatree07, zearth12, zearth13, zearth18 for filler00
- Traded erin: my gramarye20, lightclub15, lightclub14, lightclub18, shotas10, occidental17, older01, india04, india09, india18, unsatisfied13, valentine01, valentine02, valentine03, valentine04, valentine19, riddles13, riddles14, riddles15, riddles17 for filler00
- Traded Hodex: my fantasia03, fantasia04, fantasia20, odyssey01, odyssey08, odyssey09, odyssey11, viera09, undying09, undying10, undying13, undying15, undying18, nightmare02, nightmare04, nightmare09, nightmare16, nightmare18, pureblood13, psicom01 for filler00
- Traded Adelicya: my koori01, koori06, koori09, koori11, koori15, koori16, koori17, koori18, koori19, koori20, venoshock01, winter05, hats04, hats19, mothers01, oriental13, valentines17, octbirthday06, older13, quality07 for filler00
- Traded Lindsay: my 72pillars05, 72pillars08, dealer01, dealer05, healing10, mama13, marionette18, potassium18, reader08, reader18, seal20, susanoo01, susanoo06, timeslip01, timeslip03, two02, uryu05, uryu08, uu03, uu20 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my utahime01, utahime03, utahime08, utahime13, utahime16, antoinette01, antoinette03, antoinette08, antoinette10, antoinette12, abilities05, biometals09, biometals11, fairies01, fairies03, fairies04, fairies09, fairies14, fairies20, graffiti20 for filler00
- Traded Neenee: my data20, dogoopencil16, leanbox19, lowee07, lowee12, lowee19, emishi19, cellphones01, cellphone02, cubes01, cubes02, cubes06, maitreya02, maitreya09, mgronald08, mgronald13, mgronald15, mgronald16, toyboat14, toyboat20 for filler00
- Traded Hodex: my agriculture12, knife04, loveless17, maid05, maid09, maid18, mamushi04, mamushi09, mamushi15, reliable05, reliable07, reliable09, reliable19, retto07, solo01, solo05, solo12, umibozu10, umibozu15, umibozu18 for filler00
- Traded erin: my clow19, ghibli05, house11, house19, icebeam12, legendary05, gramarye06, gramarye08, gramarye10, gramarye13, aluminum17, krita-yuga13, krita-yuga15, ramble16, seminar01, seminar05, seminar07, transfer03, uranus04, b-rabbit19, digipad10 for filler00
- Traded Ivory and Horn: my 4-dpocket17, addiction11, ae8607, androphobic13, anko10, kickboxer19, ko12, littleevil16, nanatsusaya08, yogurt14, black02, black04, black13, blue17, brown09, brown12, green03, green09, green12, moogles16 for filler00
- Traded Moon: my date01, date15, diamond14, diamond17, magi06, novice08, smoker08, soul20, yatagarasu08, yatagarasu12, hoenn18, marbirthday04, marbirthday15, namimori02, novbirthday03, sepbirthday17, yaoi01, yaoi04, yaoi05, yaoi17 for filler00
- Traded Ten: my agogo03, nomercy01, nomercy07, haggler18, costume13, olive15, olive20, sushi09, sushi11, sushi18, fukujun08, fukujun09, gakuen08, kajiyuu11, kajiyuu14, kajiyuu17, kimurar07, kimurar14, kimurar16, sakurait05 for filler00
- Traded Lindsay: my aodaisho12, aodaisho13, aodaisho16, cobra01, cobra02, cobra03, cobra08, bloodscythe03, hibakari04, hibakari14, jimuguri01, jimuguri03, mainstream04, mainstream06, mainstream08, mainstream11, mainstream14, mainstream17, pitviper10, zessen12 for filler00
- Traded Ivory and Horn: my adventure14, battle18, cursedtwin17, elegance05, evenbetter02, evenbetter05, labcoat05, narcoleptic09, oarfish18, spider10, brushgods10, everybirdie03, everybirdie11, fairytales05, fairytales14, fairytales19, uaa15, uaa16, uaa17, underwater01 for filler00
- Traded moe: my accurate10, accurate19, cannone17, cannone20, cockatoo05, gemini13, hougu19, icecream07, inheritance04, inheritance05, capitalism02, capitalism03, capitalism04, capitalism16, fathers03, headphones10, headphones14, mecha13, metafalica07, metafalica16 for filler00
- Traded Lenga: my 80pitches16, aluminum17, musicians15, kazoku01, kazoku02, kazoku04, kazoku05, kazoku06, kazoku07, kazoku08, kazoku09, kazoku10, kazoku11, kazoku12, kazoku13, kazoku14, kazoku15, kazoku16, kazoku17, kazoku20 for filler00
- Traded hodex: my f414, f415, f419, f420, ladyluck12, trumpet04, trumpet05, trumpet09, trumpet11, trumpet13, trumpet15, rookie08, rookie14, ratsbane04 for filler00
- Traded Ouji: my angra03, appraiser11, cake15, cake19, candy14, cliff09, database12, deargho04, demonchild15, domination14, drives04, estonia14, excellent12, extreme19, force05, frog06, frog08, frog10, grapes15, grapes18 for filler00
- Traded erin: my younger20, childstar06, childstar17, childstar18, cipher09, cipher10, cipher12, cipher15, cipher17, cipher18, cipher19, cipher20, line04, siva02, siva07, siva10, siva11, siva15, siva16, siva19 for filler00

December 02, 2015 ------------
- Traded Lindsay: my classy07, converted04, converted20, iaidou04, iaidou19, kalina13, kalina18, lunartear02, muchourin05, murakumo18, prelati19, raider02, raider09, raider15, reddevil05, reddevil11, reddevil12, reddevil13, scrawl09 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my edison03, edison06, edison10, edison11, edison14, edison15, edison17, edison20, godofdeath13, kyrie08, bara06, bara07, bara12, cure06, cure11, cure17, figments01, graffiti08, graffiti17, henshin09 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my connect01, connect03, connect04, connect07, connect08, connect09, connect10, connect11, connect12, connect13, connect15, connect18, connect19, katamari10, rip-off11, fisticuffs17, polearms08, secondlife10, secondlife14 for filler00

November 30, 2015 ------------
- Traded Moon: my alkahestry13, diamond02, diamond04, diamond06, diamond07, diamond13, diamond15, mamushi14, omega05, outside19, augbirthday12, boxweapon14, chernabog08, julbirthday08, julbirthday11, julbirthday13, julbirthday16, julbirthday17, junbirthday13, maleprotags08 for filler00
- Traded Nikita: my affair02, fan12, gianthornet02, glomp17, maiden08, ogredemon14, pyo06, pyo17, question16, question17, robberfly12, sculpted03, sculpted04, sculpted05, sculpted07, sculpted12, sculpted20, torment19, twentyone18, ufo05 for filler00

November 28, 2015 ------------
- Traded Chi: my 2-303, action03, admired01, aquapearl10, bakeneko13, balance02, balance08, ddd10, donuts09, library18, library19, masochist18, memorybug01, misspeak06, misspeak12, misspeak14, morning10, music02, music05, music06 for filler00
- Traded Veth: my algorithm09, algorithm20, androphobia20, dandelion05, dandelion06, dandelion19, dandelion20, duck12, esper20, kiyoubinbou15, ladyship08, ladyship10, ladyship17, logical11, memento10, names01, pierced19, reptile12, tagged16, unselfish13 for filler00

November 27, 2015 ------------
- Traded Netbug: my airhead08, airhead09, airhead11, airhead20, acchan01, acchan20, abyss01, abyss07, abyss08, abyss15, cakes18, cakes20, catsndogs17, changshan01, changshan07, changshan10, changshan11, changshan12, changshan15, christmas07 for filler00
- Traded hodex: my f401, f402, f404, f407, f408, f409, f410, drums17, saiko18, shujin10, alien01, alien04, alien05, alien06, alien07, alien08, alien09, alien10, alien13, alien20 for filler00

November 25, 2015 ------------
- Traded Arc: my antagonist12, bluebomber05, bluebomber13, conquer04, conquer13, disaresta11, guard13, guard16, manners04, manners10, mansion13, namekian01, namekian06, namekian08, namekian13, namekian16, tails04, tiny08, tiny18, tiny19 for filler00
- Traded Lindsay: my anchor03, anchor05, angra06, free07, free16, healing11, hope09, hope10, host15, iaidou01, ignition01, ignition04, nukes12, sekigan19, sultry09, systems20, squirrel05, squirrel06, yo-yo03, yo-yo10 for filler00
- Traded erin: my kali-yuga01, kali-yuga02, kali-yuga18, nora17, observe03, observe11, smell18, transfer04, transfer05, transfer11, transfer14, transfer16, transfer18, transfer20, tranquil02, tranquil15, tranquil16, tranquil17, tranquil20, line20 for filler00

November 23, 2015 ------------
- Traded Kaede: my negi02, nerv03, nyo01, nyo10, nyo15, nyu02, nyu07, nyu11, nyu14, nyu15, gransys10, gransys11, gransys12, gransys13, gransys14, gransys16, gransys17, gransys19, gransys20, halloween08 for filler00
- Traded Dina: my realist11, silverknife05 for filler00
- Traded Samichan: my adolescent01, adolescent03, adolescent05, bodyguard07, bodyguard08, bodyguard09, bodyguard10, bodyguard12, bodyguard14, bodyguard17, bodyguard19, lolita08, canary01, canary05, dango08, dango20, delinquent20, younger02, younger16, younger18 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my aquaria01, aquaria02, aquaria03, aquaria05, aquaria06, aquaria07, aquaria08, aquaria09, aquaria10, aquaria11, aquaria12, aquaria13, aquaria14, aquaria16, aquaria19, 2-a03, 2-a07, 2-a10, 2-a11, 2-a13 for filler00
- Traded Nikita: my gankutsuou06, heian03, hitsuzen17, hotdog06, hyakkiyakou01, hyakkiyakou05, hyakkiyakou07, hyakkiyakou11, hyakkiyakou13, hyakkiyakou18, hyakkiyakou20, ise07, kamichama16, knightmare14, magister03, maiden05, mateba10, mateba16, medicans17, musicsense17 for filler00
- Traded Sammich: my darkangel18, darkangel20, freezing13, gatekeeper01, gatekeeper03, gatekeeper05, gatekeeper06, gatekeeper08, gatekeeper10, gatekeeper15, genbu07, genbu09, ghosthouse14, masses03, seiryuu02, seiryuu12, starwolf01, strength05, tuxedo05, ninjas08 for filler00

November 18, 2015 ------------
- Traded Lindsay: my adherent20, drei20, eins09, leftover20, nyaa02, nyaa05, ouroboros12, ouroboros16, outburst10, overclock02, overclock05, ploys08, ploys20, pucelle20, respect13, taozi01, taozi08, trace05, trace14, worms13 for filler00
- Traded Moon: my american06, blackmagic07, dimwitted14, pms02, pms03, pms04, pms06, pms07, pms08, pms13, pms15, pms16, pms18, pms19, pms20, thor04, thor07, thor11, thor14, thor16 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my godknows01, godknows07, proverbs03, proverbs08, proverbs12, proverbs13, proverbs18, rai06, rai07, rai08, rai15, ricky09, stravinsky13, themist07, therat11, uma17, unitone13, usss14, wildflower02, witchhunter07 for filler00

November 16, 2015 ------------
- Traded Kira: my after17, aquarimms02, clone01, clone02, clone05, clone09, clone13, clone18, clone20, eve08, family08, family12, likedad19, network03, original14, peace01, peace02, peace04, peace05, peace07 for filler00
- Traded Kristi: my 1stlt11, 1stlt18, boyish07, calming16, cards19, confident11, dango07, dango20, dorm04, dorm10, dorm14, dorm15, hogyoku13, hogyoku16, pegasus03, scooter03, scooter09, scooter09, scooter16, snowfairy17 for filler00
- Traded Veth: my chousin08, duck13, firefist19, getaway14, jintan06, ladyship12, over900016, pendulum10, pendulum12, pendulum17, pendulum19, rival01, yukiatsu10, yukiatsu11, yukiatsu17, yukiatsu18, yukiatsu19 for filler00
- Traded Kaede: my rabi02, rabi03, rabi05, rabi06, rabi09, rabi11, rabi16, relic13, revolution07, revolution13, revolution14, revolution20, gransys01, gransys02, gransys03, gransys04, gransys06, gransys07, gransys08, gransys09 for filler00

November 15, 2015 ------------
- Traded Sky: my eyes01, fireworks09, flagpole15, gin17, giroexpress01, karate04, matterwaves05, naga05, nebula14, netsafety10, no1curry14, no1curry17, nstackle08, rekku09, soulgang11, spinningcut13, spotter07, thewall11, thewall17, whitebreath18 for filler00
- Traded Raie: my conquer10, conquer11, conquer17, conquer19, champion02, champion10, champion18, grandkid01, grandkid02, grandkid05, grandkid08, grandkid10, grandkid14, kbt01, kbt04, kbt07, kbt09, kbt18, launch16, launch17 for filler00
- Traded moe: my auntie04, auntie16, eris04, eris06, eris08, eris10, eris12, eris13, eris14, eris16, kwando05, kwando10, sezan11, shark10, shinma01, shinma05, shinma11, shinma16, soup03, soup09 for filler00

November 13, 2015 ------------
- Traded Nikita: my angels07, absence11, candy07, candy13, candy15, carpetbomb16, champloo02, champloo11, champloo16, claw04, chief13, chief15, ciaossu14, cybernetic04, forelock08, eyeshadow01, eyeshadow02, eyeshadow04, eyeshadow05, eyeshadow09 for filler00

November 12, 2015 ------------
- Traded ReneeTwist: my gankutsuou17, gao10, garouga07, genbu07, greece05, greece16, greengirl01, greengirl04, greengirl06, greengirl10, greengirl13, greengirl15, greengirl18, greengirl20, guard04, guard06, guard19, hachiko11, hachiko15, hachiko20 for filler00
- Traded Anna: my cureberry16, cureberry18, cureblack16, dream03, dream06, dream10, dream16, dream17, dream18, egret07, egret19, luminous02, luminous13, luminous15, luminous16, luminous18, mint01, mint04, mint06, mint19 for filler00
- Traded Nova: my brave07, dousing02, exposition20, feathers17, nervous13, nichirin02, pikohan05, preventer01, queen06, restore15, stardust12 for filler00

November 11, 2015 ------------
- Traded Aletha: my catbingu19, happyda02, highly03, icy05, icy07, insect10, journalist02, kattobing15, leo04, libra01, libra17, littlebird06, orichalcos01, orichalcos10, orichalcos20, revive04, revive12, scorpio13, tomb05, undead07 for filler00
- Traded Lindsay: my amber05, amber08, apocrypha02, apocrypha09, atlas04, atlas13, babylon18, kilenc18, sociable03, sociable17, watchers12, feel06, feel11, fulcrum11, fulcrum12, gunner02, gunner03, gunner06, gunner07, plunder02 for filler00

November 10, 2015 ------------
- Traded Lenga: my ilmago10, indra12, needcool11, naming10, nyaa09, gun08, tohoku18, tutorial09, azuresky01, legalwife13, ladle14, leap17, obsolete16, otouto02, osuwari15, hougu20, east11, woman18, yips13, caregiver11 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my adeptrogue05, adeptrogue08, adeptrogue09, adeptrogue20, bakushin02, bakushin05, bakushin09, bakushin11, bakushin12, bakushin14, bakushin15, bakushin16, bakushin17, bakushin19, bakushin20, bloodlust08, bloodlust09, bluerogue01, bluerogue03, bluerogue17 for filler00

November 09, 2015 ------------
- Traded Harukami: my perception08, scissors02, scissors13, scissors17, armored20, badcop04, blackkeys13, blackkeys17, boy-crazy11, curry07, curry13, curry14, cycle03, glory15, hostility06, kurogamon07, late11, lemonsoda03, male-type12, male-type16 for filler00

November 08, 2015 ------------
- Traded Lex: my split09, swordlike02, sultry08, sultry18, mother02, wolfman04, biker16, cousin15, tortured12, turtle08, thing19, tail09, tail11, apple10, apple14, apple19, uncute05, resolve20, relic05, purify03 for filler00
- Traded Kaede: my acrobat12, acrobat16, acrobat18, aurora17, aurora18, bluegrad06, bluegrad07, bluegrad13, bluegrad17, bluegrad18, alchemists05, alchemists19, cosplay01, cosplay09, cosplay10, cosplay20, crossdressf10, octbirthday14, samurais04, samurais14 for filler00
- Traded Moon: my analyst03, bearanima02, blacksmith06, calming10, calming15, footloose01, footloose16, gleipnir04, haircut05, lungs03, maid01, maid02, maid09, maid16, maid20, physician13, pms01, reverse12, sockpuppet03, vikinghorn09 for filler00

November 07, 2015 ------------
- Traded Cami: my dogtags12, dogtags18, dogtags19, cage06, cage10, a-hall03, a-hall04, a-hall05, a-hall06, a-hall08, a-hall09, a-hall10, a-hall11, a-hall12, a-hall13, a-hall15, a-hall19 for filler00
- Traded Adelicya: my american02, american05, american06, american11, american14, american19, bangle01, bangle02, bangle03, bangle04, bangle05, bangle06, bangle07, bangle08, bangle09, bangle10, bangle11, bangle12, bangle13, bangle14 for filler00
- Traded Eon: my allstars03, allstars05, allstars06, allstars19, allstars20, watermelon11 for filler00
- Traded Kira: my ophelia03, ophelia04, ophelia07, ophelia08, ophelia16 for filler00

November 05, 2015 ------------
- Traded moe: my renegade10, song06, soup03, soup09, soup10, soup13, soup14, soup20, spicy08, stardragon01, stressed19, university09, university10, university11, university15, university20, uriah17, welcome07, wind08, wind20 for filler00
- Traded Dina: my guidance09, koutei02, koutei03, koutei05, koutei06, koutei11, koutei12, koutei13, koutei18, palemoon01, palemoon04, psyqualia11, psyqualia12, psyqualia13, standup05, standup16, standup17, standup18, shades12 for filler00
- Traded Lindsay: my chores16, chores19, consumption08, consumption16, consumption17, consumption19, fragarach03, fragarach15, indecent04, indecent05, indecent12, seventh03, seventh07, seventh13, seventh15, seventh16, ulster09, ulster12, ulster16, witchcraft04 for filler00

November 02, 2015 ------------
- Traded Jun: my ambition05, blackwave01, blackwave16, butterfly11, butterfly16, c-virus16, c-virus20, grimreaper02, grimreaper03, grimreaper11, paranoia04, paranoia05, paranoia07, paranoia09, paranoia10, paranoia13, paranoia14, paranoia15, paranoia17, paranoia19 for filler00
- Traded ReneeTwist: my kichou12, kichou18, legalwife02, legalwife10, legalwife14, legalwife17, legalwife19, maru09, mask05 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my artist20, bored09, bored18, bored20, circles05, devoted19, kendo02, leftout01, leftout18, leftout19, leftout20, literature20, love01, names08, oath07, spider20, witchhat18, wolves10 for filler00
- Traded Kaede: my snacks01, snacks04, snacks05, snacks08, snacks09, snacks12, sign02, sign03, sign04, sign06, gamevil10, gamevil11, gamevil12, gamevil13, gamevil14, gamevil15, gamevil16, gamevil17, gamevil19, gamevil20 for filler00
- Traded Lenga: my androphobic02, androphobic04, androphobic07, androphobic08, androphobic10, androphobic13, androphobic14, androphobic15, androphobic20, astraphobia03, astraphobia08, astraphobia09, birthmark04, matcha20, meijin01, okonomiyaki12, osaka01, osaka15, osaka20, uu06 for filler00

October 28, 2015 ------------
- Traded Adelicia: my stealth01, stealth02, stealth04, stealth08, stealth14, stealth16, stealth19, stealth20, suave07, suave08, surpass02, surpass03, surpass06, surpass07, surpass09, surpass10, surpass11, surpass16, surpass17, surpass19 for filler00

October 27, 2015 ------------
- Traded Harukami: my bound16, body19, haraezuki13, noheart04, ghostgirl02, ghostgirl05, catpawgun10, conqueror07, darkhenge01, ducttape11, shortsword06, stigma14, valet10, awkward08, fangs17, foreigner04, idiotson15, jewel20, minami07, organic05 for filler00
- Traded Lindsay: my gao01, gao02, gao03, gao04, gao06, gao07, gao08, gao09, gao10, gao11, gao13, gao14, gao15, gao16, gao17, gao20, heroes07, heroes09, heroes15, chores14 for filler00
- Traded Moon: my cape05, delete01, delete02, delete03, delete04, delete05, delete07, delete08, delete10, delete11, delete12, delete13, delete15, delete17, delete18, delete20, omega04, omega14, omega20, mamushi18 for filler00

October 26, 2015 ------------
- Traded Sammich: my abes19, alone01, barrelroll05, bullfrog16, burn12, capture06, caterpillar10, diamond05, diamond17, diamond18, eruyt19, guardian01, guardian10, highclef09, pah16, personality03, personality16, punisher03, punisher05, punisher13 for filler00
- Traded Anna: my 1000th12, 1000th16, 1000th18, channel01, channel06, channel07, channel09, channel10, channel11, channel12, channel13, channel16, effortless13, normal09, normal10, normal14, poland18, halloween07, julia08, julia14 for filler00
- Traded Cheshire: my uaa04, uaa05, uaa06, uaa07, uaa08, uaa09, uaa10, uaa11, uaa12, uaa13, 89th03, happyend09, adventure01, elegance07, labcoat12, uldah16, flighty18, taekwondo16, wushu19, soothsayer13 for filler00

October 25, 2015 ------------
- Traded ReneeTwist: my prophecy01, prophecy02, prophecy16, prophecy20, agility01, akagami09, akagami11, akagami17, america06, archadia02, archadia13, aristocratic16, ashcat08, austria20, avenge19, basil10, boilerroom08, boilerroom11, brokenrose06 for filler00
- Traded moe: my goldking19, hide07, horatio04, hyper03, inherit15, kijin05, laid-back11, malice01, malice02, malice07, malice16, malice20, nude12, pisces08, poppo01, ranguren05, ranguren06, ruinmode20, shaman18, shy13 for filler00
- Traded Cami: my dogtags03, dogtags05, dogtags07, dogtags08, dogtags13, dogtags14, dogtags16, dogtags17, dogtags18, dogtags19 for filler00
- Traded Kaede: my ability03, anxiety12, bluesky05, bluesky14, bluesky18, boots05, elite05, search19, underworld13, unluckiest07, gamevil01, gamevil02, gamevil03, gamevil04, gamevil06, gamevil07, gamevil08, gamevil09, maleprotags09, maleprotags18 for filler00
- Traded Styx: my 72pillars01, 72pillars08, 72pillars12, 72pillars15, aqua20, bastion07, disarm01, disarm02, disarm03, disarm06, disarm07, disarm08, disarm12, disarm14, disarm18, disarm20, eagle05, emotions16, friendship11, venoshock02 for filler00

October 23, 2015 ------------
- Traded Dina: my amaterasu02, amaterasu19, crusher01, crusher06, finalturn03, finalturn05, grappler01, grappler09, grappler17, irregulars12, irregulars13, irregulars20, jewelknight01, jewelknight02, jewelknight06, jewelknight15, jewelknight16, lovelove08, lovelove15, usagimimi15 for filler00
- Traded Aki: my independent05, independent11 for filler00

October 21, 2015 ------------
- Traded Adelicya: my golden15, golden18, golden20, julia07, julia08, julia13, julia17, julia19, kagutsuchi01, kagutsuchi03, kagutsuchi06, kagutsuchi07, kagutsuchi09, kagutsuchi10, kagutsuchi16, strongest02, strongest03, strongest11, strongest17, strongest20 for filler00
- Traded AL: my accounts06, accounts08, blaze15, blaze17, bubblebeam03, cgi02, cgi08, craftsman05, craftsman10, melons16, momokan19, qualia07, reverse10, sabbat09, sanction05, savate17, umeboshi10, umeboshi13, whiskers14, xiii10 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my kicking02, kicking03, kicking04, kicking07, kicking09, kicking18, secondlife03, secondlife04, secondlife06, secondlife09, secondlife12, secondlife13, secondlife16, secondlife18, secondlife19, world15 for filler00
- Traded Ouji: my calm13, calm14, calm15, calm19, calm20, chainsaws03, chainsaws07, cryogenic13, cryogenic15, curbstomp12, darkboots09, dj03 for filler00

October 18, 2015 ------------
- Traded Colette: my lenster03, lenster16, university04, university06, university09, university10, university11, university12, university15, university18, university19, university20, yosuga11, call05, darkening19, gakuran04, gakuran05, gakuran06, gakuran13, pc-9820 for filler00
- Traded Kaede: my aisen20, energetic11, florist18, historian15, incite03, jackal19, kanegasaki07, kemari13, mu15, oni18, oshu07, rasetsu13, search19, soldier19, strict13, takasugi02, 4minutes08, circus19, helper06, keyhole02 for filler00

October 17, 2015 ------------
- Traded Kelsey: my isolation04, isolation08, isolation13, shakugan12, shakugan17 for filler00

October 16, 2015 ------------
- Traded Cami: my corn01, corn02, corn05, corn09, corn11, corn13, corn14, corn16, corn17, corn19, corn20, blackknight01, blackknight03, blackknight04, blackknight05, blackknight16, primo19, piano01, piano03, piano06 for filler00
- Traded erin: my b-rabbit07, bull09, cologne16, crucify18, cheese04, cinema01, cipher01, cipher02, cipher03, cipher05, cipher06, cipher07, cipher08, drossel01, heaven01, heaven13, ise20, krita-yuga16, no703, spandex16, wait07 for filler00
- Traded Samichan: my adolescent17, antisocial06, appraiser15, ashcat06, benevolent09, birdcalls02, bodyguard05, bokken14, cuarta11, dango18, darkflame08, delinquent15, fruitist01, futon01, genome06, hitsuzen15, horatio17, lolita03, mp315, sealed07 for filler00

October 15, 2015 ------------
- Traded Kippi: my boar06, boar09, bluescarf09, bluescarf10, duty01, elrond10, elrond15, fists06, introvert01, introvert11, introvert17, kiseru06, likedad13, peachpie19, thiers04, hamha01, prophecy15, prophecy17 for filler00
- Traded Nova: my 3moles12, blueeyes05, cheerio03, cheerio11, chu-hi07, countryboy01, countryboy17, darkness14, diary12, dice12, fashion10, lenshunter10, light01, light03, light06, light07, light20, raw20, redeyes06, scout05 for filler00
- Traded Aru: my asgard17, badgrades16, badgrades19, bass02, bass07, bicycle12, bicycle20, bluebeard04, bluebeard16, bluebeard20, blueimpulse09, blueimpulse15, cellphones15, forward01, forward03, forward04, forward06, forward10, forward11, forward12 for filler00
- Traded Jen: my idol13, hacker08, hacker14, hacker17, admin04, admin12, admin15, ancestor18, knife07, labestia11, pk11, pk13, udonge20 for filler00
- Traded Anna: my 1000th02, 1000th04, 1000th08, 1000th09, aitakatta14, all-knowing09, aunt04, certainty17, cyborgidol17, decalogue02, diclonius14, fangirl16, grumbly16, lethargic01, megu11, moe03, onewing04, psychology09, purple19, white18 for filler00
- Traded Styx: my crybaby19, ensign08, ensign11, ensign13, ensign16, ensign17, seconds05, seconds20, spirit06, twili09, weasel15, west06, west08, west15, west20, nature01, nature06, nature16, nature18, police13 for filler00
- Traded jailynn: my blogger10, headphone03, icearrows14, icearrows15, icearrows19, kindness20, pillar04, pinkbow04, redjewels18, redjewels20, stone-face18, zearth02, zearth16 for filler00
- Traded Aletha: my amphilyon01, amphilyon20, artist11, artist13, artist14, artist18, artist20, candystore02, candystore06, candystore18, dranzer01, dranzer06, honnoji06, mjolnir01, nyanpasu03, nyanpasu14, rank14, thriller09, wolborg10, wolborg17 for filler00
- Traded Jun: my andromeda03, andromeda06, apos11, aqua12, aqua13, aqua14, aqua20, athena08, azoth05, azoth07, blossom06, brahms15, bsaa10, bsaa18, gabcom15, holywar11, icy20, imperfect12, infected02, screams20 for filler00
- Traded Raie: my whipsmack04, whitesilver07, whitesilver14, zora08, sneeze02, sneeze03, sneeze05, sneeze07, sneeze08, sneeze09, sneeze11, sneeze13, sneeze14, sneeze15, sneeze16, sneeze17, sneeze18, sneeze20, yondaime07, yondaime11 for filler00

October 14, 2015 ------------
- Traded Chives: my inabox16, icebeam11, carrot18, crossdress10, crossdress17, makaiju13, crossdressm18, tarotcards09, rebel04, rebel08, boxcutter02, boxcutter03, woman03, princesslike07, otomeroad14, nico-nii18, satchel16, seifuku03, shutter16, sweets20 for filler00
- Traded moe: my antisocial03, antisocial06, antisocial07, antisocial14, antisocial19, aristocracy04, barrettes12, bound17, bravior03, bravior16, ciaossu18, classical15, cowardly20, determined08, garouga03, garouga16, gekkooin07, gentle06, gravity14, hamlet06 for filler00
- Traded Chi: my cage04, cameraman05, cameraman08, dango11, dango13, dango17, dote19, frail05, g-1201, graduate19, investigate19, kataomoi02, kataomoi05, kataomoi15, library14, library18, library19, library20, medicine13, memorybug03 for filler00
- Traded Jane: my strongest16 for filler00
- Traded Dialny: my anterograde16, bubble02, childofgod05, cleanfreak10, cleanfreak17, copy15, dadadadan09, electric18, glacier19, lovestruck12, martillo09, oldest12, papa05, papa15, plants04, plants14, suicune03, tennyo18, yami-nabe16 for filler00
- Traded Sammich: my starfox06, dalmasca13 for filler00
- Traded scblakdrgon: my kiyohime02, kiyohime04, kiyohime06, kiyohime08, kiyohime10, kiyohime12, kiyohime16, kiyohime17, resolute03, resolute04, resolute06, resolute08, resolute09, resolute11, resolute12, resolute13, resolute14, resolute17, resolute18, resolute19 for filler00
- Traded admiral: my anchor18, apple02, apple20, benefits04, causality10, deus15, fierce06, fierce10, insurance20, kicking13, landis01, landis13, osaka02, osaka20, wolfman02, crossdressf15, royalty06, royalty07, usagimimi17 for filler00
- Traded byakkun: my america05, anti-hero03, anti-hero08, appraiser19, arranged03, badboy11, badges07, bark08, blackbelt10, bridge18, calligraphy12, calm03, calm06, calm09, calm10, calm12, cetra05, classy15, composed05, composed16 for filler00
- Traded kureto: my ariadoney05, countrygirl16, katsudon06, piercing15, plasmagica06, tableware04, tableware10, tableware17, clergy18, gramarye17, nekotalia19 for filler00
- Traded sujini: my hiroshima17, nanamin20, necessarius02, necessarius12, necessarius16, necessarius17, nekopunch03, nekopunch07, nekopunch08, nekopunch17, raildex01, raildex03, raildex05, raildex11, raildex12, raildex13, raildex14, raildex15, raildex20, swimtrunks13 for filler00
- Traded vethica: my furpelt01, sechs18, travel17 for filler00
- Traded scblakdrgon: my 10join04, 10join09, 10join12, broadway18, brute07, d-hero04, dantalion10, jester05, jester13, jester18, niconico11, polite13, satisfaction05, security09, tomb12, totem-pole02, undead03, entei05, forazsaiqa05, zagan02 for filler00
- Traded moon_wolf: my abu14, adieu17, batanima06, centurion09, dedication16, mamushi01, mamushi04, mamushi05, mamushi06, mamushi09, mamushi10, mamushi13, mamushi15, mamushi17, mamushi19, monster03, monster10, monster15, romaantiqua09, romaantiqua10 for filler00
- Traded inventrix: my seconds03, seconds04, seconds05, seconds06, seconds08, seconds09, seconds11, seconds12, seconds14, seconds15, seconds16, seconds20, steiner07, steiner13, steiner15, steiner17, steiner18, uniforms01, uniforms04, uniforms09 for filler00
- Traded sujini: my accomplice14, admiration09, amita13, automail02, awaken03, awaken04, awaken06, ayesir15, baldy11, eyepatch07, gekko02, gekko08, gekko09, lessons16, magical17, nirvash10, pure12, umbrellas02, zangetsu20, swimtrunks03 for filler00
- Traded scblakdrgon: my admiral08, armadillo20, barefists06, beastking14, broccoli18, candy15, drumisland15, dwarf04, flamingo02, ghost13, kind03, loveyou20, magicalfire11, mermaid09, modo-modo17, reliability08, smelt20, strategist18, thunderbolt17, changshan17 for filler00
- Traded sinew: my astraphobia03, astraphobia05, astraphobia08, astraphobia09, astraphobia15, astraphobia16, aura03, aura05, aura07, aura08, bikinis02, circus01, dogtags19, fullbloom14, glasses16, gransys06, gransys13, ironfist16, mid-childa17 for filler00
- Traded vulpecula: my emishi01 for filler00
- Traded vulpecula: my belderiver04, belderiver17, bentenmaru02, birds04, birds06, birds19, daru06, daru10, delusions05, delusions19, dyaus17, eternal05, feiris01, forgotten09, abilities18, gakuran09, moogles08, thieves19 for filler00
- Traded utsuwa: my kindhearted12, klutz07, lawyer12, mako14, mako15, mask12, mask16, odessa02, odessa06, odessa17, odessa20, onlyreason10, oolong11, origami12, versicolor02, versicolor04, versicolor09, versicolor13, versicolor19, younger17 for filler00
- Traded magaru: my chromatus19, curesunny02, curesunny07, dimension14, ducati01, ducati02, ducati15, empowering02, empowering04, falling09, falling19, feminine08, feminine14, honeytachi18, invisible05, invisible07, invisible15, jumbo07, jumbo20, julia05 for filler00